Best Commercial Ice Maker Machines

Ice maker machine

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

A commercial ice maker becomes an absolute necessity whether you are running a bar, cafeteria or restaurant serving food and drink.

And if you think that getting hold of a machine which can freeze water is an extremely easy affair then you are in for a pleasant surprise as the plethora of machine available in the market are there to confuse you to the core.

While the modular ones need to be used with a separate unit storing and dispensing ice, undercounter ice machines combine a storage bin with the ice machine.

Countertop ice dispensers can produce up to 400 pounds on a daily basis and have small storage bins thus serving as a great commercial solution.

Combination models can dispense both ice and water and serve as the ideal choice for break rooms, healthcare facilities as well as cafeterias, and if your work requires to to blend the ice then you may check quiet blenders list too.

Today, we are going to take you through five of the best ice maker machines available in the market but first we are going to take a look at the points to consider while purchasing such a device.

Image Name Price  
ROVSUN Built-in Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker $$$$
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Costway Commercial Ice Maker Machine $$
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Costway 100LB/24H Commercial Ice Maker Machine $$$$
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VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker $$$
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Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker Machine $$$
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Since ice storage can be pretty space intensive, you need to strike the right cord of harmony in between your available space and requirements at any given point of time.

Modular ice machine having a sizeable storage bin can serve as your ideal choice if you have large storage requirements.

Undercounter and countertop machines have less space requirements but might not be able to cater to your large-scale requirements.


An ice maker having high production rate can churn out ice blocks faster to suffice your supply requirements even during rush hour.

The production rate is mentioned by most of these ice machines thus informing you about the quantum of ice they can produce over a span of 24 hours.

However, in most of the cases, such calculations are based on operating the machine in an ideal environment.

You can thus expect the production to decrease if you store the same in a place which is hotter than 70°F.

Water Source

Your ice machine needs to be connected to the water source which in turn needs to have a shutoff valve.

Power Source

Maintaining the temperature level which can keep water frozen needs the backing of some heavy-duty power.

The voltage requirement of commercial grade ice makers easily surpasses the one offered by your typical wall outlets.

Thus, it might be required to converse with an electrician before installing the ice maker.


Every machine needs to be located in close proximity with the floor drain for its hassle-free functioning.

It becomes imperative to check your local requirements in such a scenario as most cities have specific codes defining the position of your drain.

Condenser Type

Air-cooled machines rank high in the department of energy efficiency and require much less water in comparison to water-cooled variants.

Here air circulation is used for maintaining the necessary temperature level. Water-cooled ice machines are ideal in scenarios having high temperature and inadequate air circulation.

Remote condenser serve as the third option and make use of the same technology as that of air-cooled variants.

However, in this case, the condenser is moved away from the machine to the building’s exterior so that you don’t get disturbed by the emitted noise.

1. ROVSUN Built-in Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker

This ETL certified ice maker comes in a sleek and compact package which can either be built-in under the counter unit or serve as a standalone-freestanding model.


Coupled with a storage capacity of 33 pounds, the ROVSUN ice maker can cater to the diverse requirements of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, supermarkets and cafes.

Its stainless-steel body can guarantee your greater longevity with its rust proof attributes.

An anti-fingerprint panel having black frosting beautifully complements its high-end look and feel.


You can expect the ROVSUN model to produce 100 pounds of ice on a daily basis over 12-18 minute cycles.

Ease Of Use

Setting up the smart panel seems like a breeze given its easy dynamics.

The automatic cleaning function further adds to its overall lucrativeness.



  • Constructed using stainless steel which imparts utmost durability to the model.
  • Accompanied by a water inlet hose, ice scoop, drain hose and dual connectors so that you can start with your ice making activities instantaneously.
  • Hooks directly to the water line.



  • Ice bin lacks a freezer making the ice melt almost instantly post production.

2. Costway Commercial Ice Maker Machine

If you are on the lookout for a device which can provide you with 88 pounds of ice on a daily basis in 12-18 minute cycles, then the Costway ice maker can serve as your ideal pick.


The sleek black freestanding ice maker from Costway features corrosion resistant copper nickel plating grid which adds more speed to the ice production process.

You can also gauge the entire ice-making process without having to open the ice-maker time and again coupled with its viewing window featuring in-box lighting.


The machine stops automatically once the ice bin gets filled up for proceeding to cold preservation stage.

It switches back again to the ice production mode on removal of ice from the bin.

Ease Of Use

LCD indicator makes it easy to gauge the water level so that you can add in more according to your requirement.



  • Produces crystalline square ice cubes.
  • Comes with a water shortage auto-detection system.
  • Has a free-standing design.
  • Remaining time for beginning with the succeeding ice making cycle is displayed by the LCD screen.
  • Has self-cleaning capability.



  • The ice bin is insulated but not refrigerated.

3. Costway 100LB/24H Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This free-standing ice maker from Costway can serve as your ideal choice if you wish to churn out chunks of ice within a short span of time.

Its built-in compressor cooling system helps in operating the portable ice maker without emitting any disturbing noise.


This cubic shaped ice maker features an elegant black front panel which is bound to enhance the aesthetic appeal of restaurants, houses, hotels, bars, grocery stores etc.

Food grade ABS and stainless steel which goes into its construction ensures optimum durability without causing adverse side effects on human body.

Its rust resistant nature further adds to the device longevity and premium looks.


The front panel of this ice maker features a digital meter which conveys information regarding low water level, full ice bucket etc. so that you can conserve energy and reduce your electric bills.

You can expect the ice maker to operate automatically on being connected to a water source.

However, the ice making procedure comes to a halt and transits to the cold preservation stage once the storage bin becomes full.

100 pounds of ice is churned out over a stretch of 24 hours by this heavy-duty machine which operates in 12-18 minute cycles.

Ease Of Use

A plethora of indication lights as well as buttons make it extremely easy to operate this professional grade ice maker.



  • Modern look which can blend in easily with the rest of your kitchen dĂ©cor.
  • Crafted using stainless steel which is adequately durable and resistant to rust.
  • Can churn out 100 pounds of ice over a span of 24 hours.
  • Automatic operation which ceases the ice maker’s operation once the storage bin gets filled up.
  • Operation display panel features various buttons and indication lights thus making it extremely easy to operate.



  • Manufacturing warranty is just a year from the invoice date.

4. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker

The stainless-steel model from Vevor has found wide acceptance in a plethora of commercial applications ranging from supermarkets to bars, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and even snack bars.


The stainless-steel construction of this ice maker makes it resistant to rust which in turn adds to its longevity.

Bacterial growth stands prevented by its dry filter and Nano antibacterial liner which presents its users with healthy and clean ice for safeguarding the health of their family.

It also becomes extremely easy to clean the ice maker which reassures top-notch quality with its environment friendly and safe food grade water inlet as well as rubber tube to ensure unobstructed draining.


You can blend in efficiency as well as convenience in your ice making activities with the Vevor commercial grade ice maker which can churn out 40 clear ice cubes every cycle comprising over 12 to 18 minutes.

Thus, 88 pounds of ice can be expected over a span of 24 hours which can be stored in its 90-pound storage seamlessly.

The powerful 235W SECOP compressor keeps the device cool thus serving as a potent addition to your bar counter.

Coupled with an advanced microcomputer control system, the ice making and collecting process gets automated while rendering adequate protection to the entire drill.

Its refrigerating capacity is not affected by ambient temperature so that you can make ice leisurely even during the scorching summer months.

Ease Of Use

You can easily set the ice making time in advance coupled with the intelligent panel.

Automatic cleaning is also supported by its one-touch button following which an insulation is provided over a stretch of 5-7 hours even in the face of power failure.



  • Rings in 35% more energy savings in comparison with its peers.
  • Supports Auto Clean function to enhance your time savings.
  • Digital control panel sends a reminder whenever the ice storage bin gets filled up.
  • Offers insulation over a stretch of 5-7 hours to keep the ice cubes intact in case of power failure.



  • Ice tends to melt when kept in storage.

5. Happybuy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Hike up the efficiency of your dessert parlour with this versatile Happybuy ice maker which can churn 132 pounds of ice over a span of 24 hours.

Coupled with such supply, you can definitely cater to all your culinary requirements be it bubble tea or that perfect café frappe.

Its built-in air cooled condenser helps in ensuring rapid ice production as well as high quality output time and again.


High grade stainless steel ensures optimum durability of this commercial ice maker which can easily withstand heavy-duty usage.

It also becomes easy to clean this model which features a digital control panel for setting the time in advance.

Both the rubber tube as well as food grade water inlet guarantee top-notch quality, longevity as well as unobstructed draining.


You won’t have to worry about power failure while using the Happybuy commercial ice maker as it can guarantee heat insulation over a stretch of 5-7 hours to constantly cater to your requirements.

You can even toggle with the level of ice thickness in accordance with your preference and for serving diverse cuisines.

While thin ice can be manufactured within 5-8 minutes, it requires between 8-11 minutes for making medium ice cubes and 11-15 minutes for thick ones.

Ease Of Use

The dual functionalities of cyclopentane insulation layer and super-thick foam layer brings along a premium insulation effect making the Happybuy ice maker ideal for being used in hotels, coffee shops, supermarkets, bars, bakeries, KTC, cold drinks shops, restaurants, hospitals, schools and similar places.



  • Offers versatility in churning ice of varying thickness.
  • Crafted using food-grade stainless steel.
  • Digital control panel aids in setting the ice making time in advance.
  • Ranks high in the department of insulation to keep your back in the case of power failure.
  • Easy to set up.



  • Lacks automatic cleaning cycle feature making it mandatory to clean the same manually.


While purchasing a commercial ice maker, most of us have a budget to cater to. Models churning out ice flakes might thus burn a deeper hole in your wallet in comparison to the basic ones.

The models we have mentioned in the list above have received rave reviews from its users and are bound to usher in numerous benefits from the very first usage.