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Quiet Blender Fruits

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Blenders have a pivotal role to play in kitchen space coupled with their thoroughbred versatility which brings under its radar slashing through ice and frozen fruits and vegetables for preparing the perfect smoothies in the scorching summer season.

Today we are going to discuss in details about the best quiet blenders which have gained massive popularity off late with their extreme multi-functionality and

decent power. These devices have also gained widespread usage in restaurants where they aid in making some indulging milkshakes.

Our list has brought under its purview blenders which can serve your purpose whether you need to make some whipped cream for the weekend dinner or a perfect cocktail to stun your guests at that poolside bash.

You can control noise levels by moving the blender away from the wall by at least two inches. In this way, the sound won’t bounce off the walls any longer when the blender is activated in an enclosed space.

While in use, it is essential to set the blender on the counter’s middle part and away from the walls for reducing the volume. Alternatively, you can also make use of a silicone mat or dish towel for dampening the sound by absorbing the sound waves from the blender which would otherwise have echoed off the counter top.

Last but not the least, separate sound enclosures can be purchased to help with the sound reduction of your blender.

Image Name Price  
Hamilton Beach 53600 $
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Breville BSB510XL $$
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PopBabies Smoothie Blender $
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Epica Personal Blender $$
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COSORI Blender $
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Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender $$
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CHULUX Personal Blender  $$
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Ashata Hand Blender $
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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher $
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Hamilton Beach 54210 $
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Motor Size

The power and size of motor has an important role to play for you to successfully crush frozen ingredients with zero lag and minimal heating of the blender. Make sure to opt for the ones having a minimum wattage of 300 to 600 watts to blast through the ice cubes like a pro.

Pulse Feature

This feature can be of great help if you plan on mixing a lot of smoothies this summer as now you can mix harder while tackling the denser ingredients before re-powering the motor.

Blade Quality

Stainless steel can just get the job done for you. However, the hardened stainless steel ones are always recommended for maximum durability.


Some of the brands add a magnetic cover for reducing the noise level. However, these blenders need to be handled with care as rough usage holds the potential of damaging the same.

Tight Lid Fitting

This is extremely crucial for preventing chances of spillage especially from the sides and edges.


If something goes wrong, you need to have someplace where you can mend things. This is where a decent warranty comes into play by displaying the confidence of manufacturer in their products so that you can proceed with the purchase decision with optimum peace of mind.

Stable Base

Greater stability helps the blender in running better and reducing chances of breakage by falling down.

1. Hamilton Beach 53600 SoundShield Blender

The Hamilton Beach 53600 is quiet enough to let you carry the conversation while you mix margaritas or prepare dinner with your new-born baby sleeping upstairs.

Its two-piece sound shieldpaired with 950 watts of power can help you mix everything ranging from puree soups to that morning smoothie to get you going throughout the gruelling workout. Its power can be controlled via three different speed settings ranging from low to high. A high-speed pulse aids in exercising extreme control while blending with perfect consistency and no over-processing.

As the stainless-steel blades work to perfection while crushing ice quickly, its drip-free pour spout prevents milkshakes from creating a mess in your kitchen by running down the sides of the jar.

It is imperative to note here that both the jar and its blade is dishwasher safe thus helping you out with its cleaning drill once you are done mixing things up.

The Hamilton blender operates in a manner much similar to the commercial models by reducing noise even while blending frozen ingredients.

Its hinged engineering provides easy access to the blender and can be removed while cleaning. The quiet fan design and motor enclosure also work in unison to soften the sound waves.



  • Multiblend technology helps in mixing blending and even making purees.
  • Dishwasher safe and drip-free parts.
  • Comes with a 3 years’ warranty.
  • Smart engineering elements of the motor paves the way for a balanced and buffered sound.
  • Sized right to fit into almost all cabinets.



  • Might emit metal fumes at times.
  • Takes considerable time to blend the ingredients.
  • Does not come with a travel jar.

2. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

A good immersion blender is considered to be a must-have equipment by many cooks given its unbridled capacity of making sauces, pureeing soups and serving up homemade dressings with its powerful 280-watts base which can easily help you transform the dinner table to the lavish spread of a five-star buffet.

And the best thing about this countertop appliance is that it requires minimal time in being assembled or cleaned. The Breville BSB510XL comes with an ergonomically designed bell-shaped base, blending stick and a powerful motor which helps in imparting greater control while blending paired with reduced suction.

It also packs in a chopping bowl and a whisk attachment which can help out with whipping cream. The easy to use device also boasts of a simple setup process wherein the blending stick needs to be attached to the base and plugged in the electric socket for its operation to begin.

This Control Grip Immersion Blender has been designed with the consumer in mind for specifically catering to common problems such as scratching of cookware, suction at the bowl’s bottom and splatter which are usually associated with the low-range ones.

Its ergonomically designed handle also aids in reducing hand fatigue by helping us to maintain our natural hand position while offering supreme control. You can turn on the device by simply squeezing the trigger and directing the blender towards your ingredients paired with its 15 variable speed settings.

Its revolutionary design helps in working with large quantities with its 8-inch depth while the stainless-steel crushing blades handle tough ingredients such as ice in a hassle-free manner.



  • Bell-shaped design and internal ribbing aids in minimizing splatter and suction thus bringing along superb consistency.
  • Easy to crush ice with its powerful stainless steel blades.
  • Ergonomic pistol like design with trigger operation reduces hand strain while imparting greater control and stability.
  • Non-scratch base prevents scratching pots.
  • Adjustable speed and 8 inch immersion depth.



  • Needs liquid to function making it difficult to mix dry and whole ingredients.
  • Smaller containers might not be able to sustain its bell-shaped bottom.
  • Chopping bowl does not come with a locking mechanism for sealing in liquid.

3. PopBabies Smoothie Blender

This smoothie maker can be your ideal companion while you are travelling given its portable nature which can help you gulp down those protein shakes in style. You can easily drink directly from the lightweight bottle which comes with built-in lithium batteries for being recharged via USB.

The fast and powerful blender runs at 22000 rpm for blending ice and other frozen fruits, beans, veggies and nuts in a hassle-free manner. The package also comes with a small ice cube tray. This FDA, RoHS and CR approved BPA-free blender is crafted using safe materials.

Its blades are seized inside a cup to prevent accidents in the kitchen. The blender can be easily carried in your backpack so that you can enjoy the smoothies at absolutely any time of the day.

You can also be completely assured of leakage protection with the travel cup which is also well braced to prepare sauces, salad dressings and dips as per your fancy. You can also blend hot food using the PopBabies device but make sure that the same does not exceed 100°C.

This easy to clean blender can be put inside the dishwasher but should never be placed inside a microwave. Its battery lasts for 4 to 5 days and hence should be used every now and then to gain from its optimum functionality.



  • Uniquely designed with detachable bottle.
  • Rechargeable batteries which can be juiced through the USB slot.
  • Comes with a free ice cubes tray.
  • Versatile blender which is CE, FDA and RoHS approved



  • Is not compatible with the microwave.
  • Might reveal system glitches while blending frozen food.

4. Epica Personal Blender

This blender can make protein shakes, smoothies and cocktails apart from heavier foods such as soups although the latter is not much recommended since it can exert extreme pressure on the device.

Equipped with a highly powerful 300-watts motor, the Epica Personal Blender ushers in extreme mixing power as it turns its four stainless blades at a speed of 23000 RPM.

Paired with its operating temperature ranging between 40 to 175F, the blender can serve both hot and cold drinks in style. This classy looking blender stacks in an array of features which makes it both safe and easy to use.

Its suction feet aids in preventing the blender from tipping over accidentally which is synonymous with paving kitchen horror stories. And even if you drop the blender by mistake, then its extra strong jar will safeguard it from cracking open.

The easy to use blender can be started up with the simple click of a button and shut down in a similar manner. It is also pretty easy to clean by simply detaching the blending jar and throwing it inside the washing machine. The strong blending jar can also suffice as a take along water bottle devoid of chances of leakage.

The blender also comes with a warranty of two years since the date of purchase to keep you free from worries about the machine parts being damaged within the same time frame.



  • Easy to clean.
  • Long lasting device.
  • Paired with detachable travel bottle.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Is capable of making both hot and cold drinks.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel blades.
  • One-touch blending of beverages.



  • Not suited to blend thicker foods.
  • Shape of the jar might cause food to stick every now and then.
  • Moderate capacity jar.

5. COSORI Blender

Its time to unlock greater potential from your food with the powerful Cosori personal blender.

As you blend fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients full of vitamins and nutrition, your body imbibes the requisite benefits.

Everything gets finely mixed into a smooth consistency that’s easy for your body to digest and absorb.

With a robust power of 800 watts and 23000 RPM, you can expect the COSORI blend to easily pulverize even the toughest of vegetables and fruits for bringing you the most nutritious nut butters, shakes and green smoothies.

Its motor has been specially designed to impart utmost durability and safety while operating the same.

This is why it shuts down automatically on being overloaded or overheated.

You can place all its parts other than the base into the dishwasher for an easy clean-up.

The Auto-Blend mode works with 3 different buttons each having a different set of blend and applications.

It blends in all ingredients over an interval of 3 seconds having 1 second breaks.

The blender shuts down completely after working for 10 times to allow the device adequate resting time.

You can press the pulse button for your required time frame and blend in all ingredients at the highest speed level.



  • 3 button interface makes it extremely easy to operate the blender.
  • Silky smooth results are guaranteed by its removable stainless steel blades which also make cleaning the same an extremely hassle-free affair.
  • Automatic overheat protection keeps the blender buffered from all probabilities of mishaps while adding to its longevity.
  • It is accompanied with a recipe book, cleaning brush, travel lid, storage lid, 24 oz container and two 32oz containers.
  • Specialized blades which help both in pulverisation and chopping of food items.



  • Cannot be used for making hot beverages or smoothies.

6. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

The Ninja BL610 is a professional blender which brings along unparalleled finesse while making healthy juices, refreshing mocktails and even yummy sauces.

You can unleash your inner chef while preparing an array of drinks coupled with the 72-oz. goblet capacity of this robust blender. Its dishwasher safe parts make maintenance drill seem like a cakewalk as you de-assemble and clean the blender.

Its 1000 watts’ motor enhances its level of operational efficiency to a notch higher than its similarly priced peers.

Considering its horsepower and motor, the Ninja Professional BL610 offers complete value for money as it goes on for long spans of time without feeling the requirement to take a break.

The power-blending action of the heavy-duty motor gets accentuated with its ‘total crushing blades’ which can even slice through hard ice with absolute ease. Although the SharkNinja blender is not as lightweight or compact as your average home blender, the power it packs in makes up for the same optimally.

The vertical inclination of this model makes it tailor made for being adjusted even on a small counter top. But while washing or de-assembling the same, it is imperative to stack the blender in a medium–sized countertop.

You can take your pick from the three different speed levels while the instant ice-crushing feature adds some more sparkle in its crown.



  • Provides seamless blending with its 1000 watts’ motor.
  • Heavy-duty and BPA-free plastic components can be dish-washed easily.
  • Freeze blending option for serving velvety and chilled smoothies.
  • Ultra-smooth purees guaranteed by its pulverizing and powerful crushing function.
  • Maximum liquid capacity of 64 Ounce.



  • Heavyweight and noisy.

7. CHULUX Personal Blender 

Blending becomes super easy with the CHULUZ 2-in-1 coffee grinder cum blender which can serve as your ultimate nirvana for making juice, smoothies and baby food on the go.

Its super strong 1000W and 20000RPM copper motors bring along quiet processing so that you don’t wake up the whole house while preparing their favorite breakfast.

The joint forces of six stainless steel blades can effectively blend fruit into delicious juices within a span of just 30 seconds while you can grind coffee and similar beans into powder form coupled with its dual blades.

In this way, the versatile blender from CHULUX can improve your life quality by bringing massive time savings.

The smart one-touch operation of the blender makes it extremely easy to use.

You just need to add in the ingredients and push the button for blending everything in a smooth manner within a short time span.

All the detachable parts of this blender have been marked as safe for being used under a dishwasher.

It will also automatically turn off whenever it gets used improperly or becomes excessively heated to prevent burning.

You don’t need to worry about starting it once again as the same gets looked after by the device itself which restarts on being cooled down.

Its BPA free Tritan material construction can keep you free from worries about harmful chemical leaking into the food whose nutritious value is preserved with top priority.



  • Ventilation design and temperature control leads to extended service life while protecting the engine from getting overheated.
  • Safe lock and fit design ensures that the food doesn’t leak.
  • Smart one-touch operations.
  • Silicone pad at the bottom and heavy aluminium body imparts greater durability to the mixer.
  • Easy to clean up.



  • Does not have LED indicator lights like its peers.

8. Ashata Hand Blender,4 in 1 Immersion Blender

The Ashata hand blender is a new entrant in field of mixers which has already managed to accumulate a rich fan base with its premium functionality.

Whether it is used as a food processor or a blender, the Ashata model manages to perform all its tasks with utmost efficiency and is specially recommended for making soups, baby food and smoothies.

This versatile blender is powered by a 500W motor. Its ergonomically designed 360º motor body allows the unit in being inserted easily into the motor. The PowerBell technology provides up to 6 speed levels with 1 being earmarked as the lowest and 6 being earmarked as the highest.

You can also take help of the turbo mode for blending thicker ingredients like a pro. This simple product comes with a low learning curve with easily attachable and detachable parts such as the whisk.

This dishwasher safe blender should not however be washed in hot water as the thin plastic might break on doing so.



  • Multi-function blender.
  • Comes with an array of attachments.
  • Hand blender providing ergonomic grip and greater control.
  • 6 speed control and dual touch turbo control.



  • Plastic becomes brittle when exposed to hot water for long.
  • Overpriced model.

9. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender

This budget blender never fail to delight users with its wide array of accompanying functionalities such as 2 pulse options and 14 blending speed settings which can get your kitchen work up and running in no time.

The blender does not cross over the sound decibel limit other than when it is crushing ice. Underneath that calm and cute exterior the 700-watt motor of the Hamilton Beach Wave paves the way for unbridled power which lets you crush, mix, dice and puree the ingredients with utmost ease.

The dishwasher safe 40oz. glass jar can be cleaned easily while the mess-free spout aids in pouring without the risk of spilling.

There is also a three years’ warranty which will ensure that you can unleash the full potential of the device without worrying about the same breaking down.

Although the plethora of accompanying buttons might make the blender a bit intimidating to begin with, you can easily master the same by scanning through the user manual.



  • Extremely silent in its operations.
  • Compact and durable build.
  • Ample speed choices.
  • Devoid of burning motor smells.
  • Self-cleaning button.



  • Blender lid is extremely tight.
  • Might struggle a bit while blending frozen fruits.

10. Hamilton Beach 54210

The Hamilton Beach 54210 Multi-Mix blender can serve as your perfect choice if your day doesn’t start without delicious shakes or smoothies.

This multi-function equipment operates at the peak power level of 800 watts to effortlessly puree hummus, blend icy drinks, chop up salsas and a lot more.

The Hamilton Beach manufacturers have completely eliminated guesswork from its operation by clearly labelling each of its 14 different blending speeds.

You can also add in more ingredients as per your preference through its 2 oz. filler cap.

Be it more wine for your frosé, olive oil for dressings and pestos or a few teaspoons of protein powder to make your favorite smoothie, the Hamilton Beach blender can help you with the same.

The 12 different blending functions makes it extremely easy to find out the right setting while preparing a frozen daiquiri or creamy milkshake.

Its patented Wave-Action system pulls mixture down into the blades continuously for super smooth results.

The unique no-mess pour spout of the Hamilton Beach blender is accompanied with a hinged cap which assists in pouring.

Once you are done making your favorite smoothies, you can easily fold its cord at the bottom of the blender for being stored easily.



  • Delivers versatile blending with 800 watts of power.
  • Offers the flexibility of making cream butter, grinding grains, chopping veggies and a lot more.
  • Comes with 14 different speed settings each having both high and low pulse.
  • Shatter-resistant 40 oz. glass jar features stainless steel blades which can handle everything ranging from hot soups to icy milkshakes.
  • Dishwasher safe jar and blades make its cleaning an extremely hassle-free affair.
  • You can add in more ingredients while blending through the filler cap.
  • Both the blender and its accessories come backed with a 3 years’ warranty.



  • Cannot deal with bigger chunks of fruits and vegetables.


Blenders come stocked with an array of functionalities which can help you transform into a MasterChef instantaneously. Some even come with auto start and stop feature to buffer your ingredients from losing its consistency. While purchasing a blender, it is imperative to consider the individual requirements you wish to fulfil to gain the most out of the same. This will also help you stay within the budget by not exceeding the power requirements than what is required. There also exists utmost need of choosing the perfect accessories to serve the perfect mocktails and having profound knowledge of the same can help you towards being a kitchen pro in no time.