Top 20 Best Coffee Maker Under 50 USD for Morning Caffeine Dose – Buying Guide 2021

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Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Won’t it be lovely if you could brew steaming hot cups of coffee at your house or office emitting a rich and intoxicating aroma just like the frothy beverages served to you at cafes? Well, coupled with a stellar coffee maker you can satiate your caffeine hunger be it any time of the day.

Extracting the best flavor out of coffee beans can be a cakewalk with these dynamic devices by your side which can get the work done for you and keep your charged round the clock.

So, whether you are drinking it to ward off tiredness or simply because you are craving for the strong flavor, the coffee makers will surely have your back at all times. Today we have collated a list of top ten budget coffee makers for you to take your pick from.

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Best Coffee Maker Under 50 USD

Image Name  
Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Make Check Price
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee Maker Check Price
Capresso 426.05 5-Cup Drip Mini Coffeemaker Check Price
AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker Check Price
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker Check Price
Mr. Coffee JWX27-NPA 12-Cup Progammable Coffeemaker Check Price
CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Check Price
Hamilton Beach 46310 Coffee Maker Check Price
AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker Check Price
Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker Check Price
BELLA Scoop One Check Price
KONA French Press Coffee Maker Check Price
Homia Electric Brewer Check Price
AmazonBasic 5-Cup Coffeemaker Check Price
BLACKDECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker Check Price
BLACKDECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Check Price
Casara Single Serve Coffee Maker Check Price
Dnsly Coffee Maker Single Serve Check Price
Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker Check Price
Presto 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Check Price

1. Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker

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Whether you are having friends’ over or drinking coffee alone, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker can serve as your ideal companion with its capacity of brewing 12 cups at a time.

It offers an extremely convenient one-hand dispensing without the conventional glass carafe to buffer you from the occasional spills and pouring.

The fresh-tasting coffee prepared by this coffee maker courtesy its internal tank mechanism is devoid of the scorched flavor and can be enjoyed multiple times during the day.

Its keep-warm heater and enclosed brewing system ensure that the flavor and heat of the coffee linger on for hours. The BrewStation provides an array of options including small batches, bold, regular and even iced coffee to help you customize your cup.

The brew basket and internal tank can be removed easily for cleaning and refueling. The stainless-steel control panel adds to its style quotient while the programmable timer having auto-shutoff time keeps you covered especially when you have other errands to run.

2. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Coffee Maker

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You can now brew rich-tasting coffee at the comfort of your house coupled with Mr. Coffee’s 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Wake up every day to the delightful aroma of a fresh pot by using the Delay Brew feature and setting it ahead of time.

The Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause can serve as an ultimate lifesaver if you require a cup before the brew cycle is completed. It ceases to brew for you to pour freely and completes the brewing cycle once the carafe is placed back in position.

This programmable coffeemaker can cater to your single or double serving amidst your busy schedule. You can program the device 24 hours in advance for brewing a fresh hot cup of coffee at a stipulated time schedule.

You can gain a clear understanding of whether the machine is turned on or off from its light indicator which turns off automatically on the passage of an hour. Its filter basket can be removed easily for quick cleaning and filling.

In accordance with your preference, you can use the same coupled with a permanent basket filter or paper filters. You can gain a clear understanding of the quantum of water in the reservoir from its dual water window which reveals the water level from both sides for being filled up accurately.

Its smaller shape makes the coffee maker perfect for being used in modern apartments having pint-sized kitchens.

3. Capresso 426.05 5-Cup Drip Mini Coffeemaker

Capresso 426.05 5-Cup Drip Mini Coffeemaker

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For most of us, the day simply doesn’t start unless we boost up our senses with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

This intelligently designed mini coffeemaker from the house of Capresso can assist you with the same as it helps in making 5 cups of coffee at once.

The thorough manual accompanying the coffeemaker makes its learning curve an extremely easy one.

You can thus easily gift it to yourself or your elderly parents without having to worry much about understanding its operation.

The Capresso coffeemaker can be programmed at night so that it starts brewing at the stipulated time every morning.

Cleaning this coffeemaker also seems like a cakewalk as its carafe can be easily washed in the dishwasher with the remaining of your daily use utensils.

Its GoldTone filter eliminates the usage of paper filters which in turn diminishes wastage and your environmental footprint.

The 24-hour programmable timer makes sure that you can have hot brewing coffee ready round the clock.

Its drip-free spout helps in pouring down the coffee safety by staying buffered from all chances of spillage which can actually increase your kitchen chore.

The glass carafe features one to five cup markings so that you can get your measurements right while pouring in water and other ingredients.

4. AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker

AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker

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If you are on the lookout for a simple coffeemaker that will cater to your basic caffeine needs without burning a hole in your wallet, then the AmazonBasics 5-cup coffeemaker can serve as your ideal choice.

To start off, this model does not take up much kitchen space which is definitely a piece of very good news for those feeling handicapped due to limited kitchen space.

In spite of that, it can serve you with five steaming cups of coffee to get you started with your morning routine.

All you will have to do is place the coffee grounds in the machine and add in some water.

Even the water level can be easily gauged by just taking a look at the level indicator at its side.

The coffee thereby gets filtered into the attached carafe. You can reuse the filter for ‘n’ number of times which serves as a great cost-saving means in stark contrast to the disposable paper filters.

After pouring in your first cup of coffee, you can replace the carafe on the base of the coffee maker and keep it warm through the place it is resting on.

The brewing process stops as and when you lift up the carafe from the machine.

This helps in avoiding drips and keeping your kitchen squeaky clean at all times. Both the carafe and the filter can be cleaned easily to keep it looking like new for long stretches of time.

5. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

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Rich tasting coffee brewed like the experts at your favorite is just a finger click away coupled with the Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker.

Its Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature can provide you with a cup of steaming hot coffee even before the brewing session is over especially on those mornings when you are in a great hurry for reaching office before time.

The brewing cycle resumes once the carafe is placed back in its position.

You can also gauge the water level while filling through its dual water windows which helps in bringing more accuracy to the coffee-making process and a simultaneous reduction in chances of overflowing.

The power on/off indicator light reminds you to shut off the device and display the coffee maker status. Its filter basket can be lifted and cleaned in an easy manner thus adding to its overall efficiency.

6. Mr. Coffee JWX27-NPA 12-Cup Progammable Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee JWX27-NPA 12-Cup Progammable Coffeemaker

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Strike the right chord of harmony between style, taste and functionality coupled with the Mr. Coffee JWX27-NPA coffee maker which concocts a rich and aromatic blend that is bound to delight you and all your house guests.

Featuring an array of programmable options such as Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause and Delay Brew, the Mr. Coffee model has garnered a wide audience base for itself.

Its double-walled, thermal and stainless steel carafe has been designed to adhere to the freshness and flavor of coffee for long spans of time to charge you up whenever felt necessary.

You can take your pick amongst the brew strength selector dials and opt for a stronger flavor if you wish to encompass your senses with a bolder taste.

While the lift & clean filter basket guarantees fast and easy clean-up, its 2-hour automatic shut off feature ensures that the coffee maker ceases its operation in time even when you are not around to supervise the same.

7. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker

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The CHULUX coffee maker can serve as the ideal pick for people who are always on the move. Its compact stature acts as a welcome addition to your kitchen without adding to its clutter.

The K-Cup pods used by this versatile coffee maker for brewing provides you with an array of flavor options to choose from.

You can also treat your taste buds to other forms of drinks like cider and tea. Cleaning the CHULUX coffee maker gets extremely hassle-free coupled with its removable drip tray.

You can even fit in your travel mug in the coffee maker for enjoying fresh brews on the go. Its single cup design is compatible with most coffee filters and coffee pods.

Optimum safety gets ensured by its automatic shut-off function which flashes a light once the water starts boiling and initiates the brewing cycle.

It shuts off automatically on completion of the brewing process and retains a cool exterior so that you don’t succumb to burns on touching its body.

The total brewing time of the CHULUX Coffee Maker ranges between 1-2 minutes and can be sped up by pouring hot water inside the reservoir beforehand.

8. Hamilton Beach 46310 Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 46310 Coffee Maker

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This portable coffee maker is ideal for modern-day kitchens which are shrinking in size with the rhetoric rise in real estate rates. You can use it to satiate your caffeine hunger and tuck it neatly inside the cabinet thereafter.

Gone are the days of maneuvering back and forth with the arrival of the Hamilton Beach Programmable Easy Access Coffee Maker which packs in a front access brew basket and water reservoir.

The swing-out brew basket can be filled in and cleaned much easier compared to a top-load basket. While the tank can be filled up to suffice 12 cups at once, the 1-4 cup option optimizes the brew cycle efficiency for smaller servings.

Its automatic optional cleaning cycle reminder ensures that the best-tasting coffee gets brewed by your device time and again.

You can set your brew strength and time in advance coupled with the programmable clock which features a 2-hour automatic shutoff to provide additional peace of mind. You will receive a cleaning reminder after every 30 cycles if the unit is plugged in.

9. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker

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The eco-friendly coffee maker from AdirChef has been crafted using premium materials which can offer you complete peace of mind regarding its durability even after being used for long stretches of time.

The 15-ounce travel mug is constructed using stainless steel whereas the external coating is of durable plastic to impart greater peace of mind.

The portable build of the coffee maker helps in transporting it easily from one place to another for being stored in counter spaces of your kitchen or office.

The easy to use the mechanism of the coffee maker makes its operation a seamless affair. You will just be required to open its top portion and pour in water with coffee grounds.

Next, you will have to click on the single button switch which initiates the brewing process instantly. The coffee maker shuts down automatically for saving power once the 15-ounce cup gets filled in.

Whether you are taking your kids to school, running errands or driving to the office, you can now enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee in the stainless-steel mug which can retain the heat and aroma of your coffee like an absolute pro.

The mug has been specially designed for ensuring a perfect fit in most vehicle cup holders while its insulated engineering keeps the coffee warmer for longer spans of time. The very fact that the coffee maker comes equipped with a permanent filter completely eliminates the usage of paper filters.

The entire package is accompanied with a lid, travel mug and holding basket so that you can start brewing a steaming cup of coffee by simply plugging it in. Its dishwasher safe components can be hand-washed for added convenience.

10. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

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With the Mr. Coffee’s 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker, you won’t have to spend your mornings waiting for the coffee to get brewed as the device does all the hard work to freshen you up and keep you charged throughout the day.

The Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature ceases the brewing cycle mid-way so that you can pour yourself a rich-tasting cup. The cycle completes once the carafe is placed back in its position.

The Lift and Clean Filter can be pulled out and washed off easily thus saving time and adding to its overall efficiency.

Whether you are trying to serve coffee to your house guests or recharging your tired nerves after a hectic day at the office, this dynamic coffee maker can surely serve you well.

Its glass carafe comes with an outer water gauge so that you can fill in water with utmost accuracy.

The warmness of the coffee is ensured by its non-stick coated plate while the carbon and gold-tone filter eliminates impurities from unfiltered water.

11. BELLA Scoop One

BELLA Scoop One

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This coffee maker is super easy and efficient. As it has a permanent filter, thus you don’t have to use paper filters and the filter is dishwasher safe so you can pop it into the washer. These earth-friendly reusable filters are beneficial in the long run.

Its 14-oz water tank and the adjustable drip tray are super helpful. You can now brew a delightful cup of drip coffee within minutes with the limited cleanup

Its compact and streamlined design makes it a space saver thus your countertop wouldn’t get cluttered.

As you need a convenient and quick tool to simplify your hectic routine. A quick and delicious cup of coffee is the right way to go.

As you are in search of ideal pick-me-ups, this single-serve coffee maker will brew a generous coffee cup for you.

12. KONA French Press Coffee Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Maker

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Next up we have an item for those of you that love French press coffee. At a very reasonable price, you can get one of the best and efficient French press coffee maker.

Turn your ordinary coffee into a delicious cup of gourmet coffee by brewing and extracting the coffee beans using this coffee maker.

The design of this machine is attractive and unique. Its otter shell not only adds to the look of the coffee maker but also protects the metal from rusting.

This French press coffee maker has a comfortable handle that you can use to pour. All in all, the machine is sturdy and durable. Plus, its lid is BPS / BPA free so your coffee will not come in contact with plastic.

With over 11,000 plus satisfied reviews this is surely a good machine to opt for.

13. Homia Electric Brewer

Homia Electric Brewer

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If you are anything like me, then you would have little to no time in the morning. To speed things up you need fast machines to handle stuff for you.

This brewer is ideal for people like you and me. Being a powerful 800W machine it will get a hot cup of coffee ready for you in under 3 minutes. Plus, the coffee maker proves a rich taste coffee so you don’t have to worry about the taste.

All you have to do is push the button and the machine will do the rest. Plus, it will automatically shut-off when it’s done. This feature will save you time and electricity.

As it is small thus you can carry it with you. It comes with a full year warranty.

The machine is FDA approved so you don’t have to worry about your health on using this machine.


14. AmazonBasic 5-Cup Coffeemaker

AmazonBasic 5-Cup Coffeemaker

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One of the most basic and cheap machines out there is this one by Amazon itself. You already know that any product by amazon will be backed up by their one- year warranty and amazing customer support.

You can use this coffee maker to make coffee for your entire family as it brews 5 cups of coffee at a time. Technically this equals to 25 ounces of coffee.

This productivity saved time and electricity.

Plus, you can pour yourself a cup mid-brew and then keep the remaining coffee warm. The machine will not turn off and turn your coffee will remain warm and nice.

This machine has a reusable filter so you don’t need to buy yourself paper filter and it has a removable filter basket that you can easily wash.

15. BLACKDECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

BLACKDECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

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These amazing selection of 5-cup coffeemakers are perfect for small families that are always on the run. They don’t have time to waste and need an instant cup of coffee.

This coffee maker has been designed for drip-free pouring so that you make less of a mess and don’t have to bother with cleaning your shelf first thing in the morning. Its handle is comfortable to hold. Its lid is removable which makes it super easy to clean it.

This coffee maker has a feature that will temporarily stop running the coffee. Thus you can pour yourself a cup and the brewing will continue after you are done pouring.

Its small design makes it perfect for a dorm room, apartments, etc. Plus, you don’t need paper filters with this machine.

It’s super easy to operate as you only need to switch it on and off.

16. BLACKDECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

BLACKDECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemake

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This coffeemaker has QuickTouch programming. As you have a super busy day planned ahead of you wouldn’t remember to start the machine thus you can program it to automatically start brewing coffee when you wake up.

In doing so you wouldn’t have to start your coffee maker as soon as you wake up. Your machine will start itself and keep your coffee warm by the time you get ready.

This coffee maker comes with digital controls. Plus, these controls are large and made of rubber. The display screen will show you the clock, programming options available and brewing time.

With its sneak-a-cup feature, you can pour yourself a cup as the machine will stop the flow of coffee. Later it will continue to brew.

This machine has an auto-shutoff feature. So if you leave the house in rush and forget to turn off your machine then it will turn off automatically after 2 hours.

17. Casara Single Serve Coffee Maker

Casara Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Next up we have a machine that makes delicious coffee that is ready to go. As this product comes with its own travel mug and holding basket, so you just have to set the travel mug up and your coffee will be poured right into the mug.

You can grab the mug and be out of the house. This is perfect for those of you that have coffee in their car or via they travel to work.

This machine is eco-friendly a sit has a permanent filter. This filter saves money and reduces waste.

This machine is made of durable and high-quality plastic. Plus, its design is universal, thus it will fit into any cup holder. As the travel mug is well insulated your coffee will stay warm.


18. Dnsly Coffee Maker Single ServeDnsly Coffee Maker Single Serve

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This machine allows you to easily choose from the two types so brewing options available. You can select ground coffee or k-cups. Plus, you can place a larger cup as there are no restrictions regarding that.

You can select the amount of coffee you want to brew from 6 oz up to 14 oz.

Plus, it has a programmable auto-off feature and automatic cleaning. These features save time and energy. The self-cleaning feature makes it easier to get a fresh and clean cup of coffee each day.

The machine can provide you with a cup of fresh coffee within 3 minutes. Just add water to the machine and attach the k-cup or add a ground cup.

The compact design of this machine ensures that it doesn’t take up space.

19. Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee MakerBean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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We haven’t forgotten those of you that love to drink cold brew coffee. This product has been designed to deliver flawless coffee.

It makes coffee that is 70% less acidic than any traditional hot or cold coffee. On using this machine, you will get smooth and rich concentrated flavors that you can use in coffee and drink recipes.

Plus, on buying this product you will get a free silicone cap that you can use for your coffee.

This product has been designed with one major thing in mind that is that the customer deserves the best product. The fact that this methodology was implemented can be proved by the durability and quality of the machine.

The filter is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of silicone rings which are BPA-free. Plus, it has a thick shock-resistant carafe made of borosilicate.

Its non-slip base is patent pending and makes it unique as compared to the Cold Brewers available on the market. Thus you will be getting a commercial quality machine at a reasonable price on buying Bean Envy’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

20. Presto 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Presto 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

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Lastly, we have a product by Presto that brews amazing coffee that is rich, flavorful and hot.

One of the most soothing sounds is the bubbling of coffee in the coffee machine. This sound followed by a toasty aroma makes the perfect combination. Percolators are trending again and with this machine, you can make 12-cups of coffee.

This coffee maker is made of stainless steel and has an elegant design that gives a touch of luxury to the everyday task of making coffee.

It can make 2 cups of coffee out of a total of 12 in under 2 minutes. Plus, it keeps the coffee piping hot.

Its traditional design makes it easy to pour the coffee. The signal light on the machine turns on when the coffee is ready so don’t have to check the machine yourself again and again.


All percolated coffee machines might not come with similar features thus making it mandatory to go through the product description prior to purchasing any one of them. For churning out a smooth and velvety coffee, you should bring home a coffee maker which will be in sync with your requirements.

The heating plate is a very important feature of modern-day drip machines and can be of great help in keeping the coffee warm for long spans of time. The best coffee makers brew at the optimal temperature so that you don’t end up burning your tongue.

However, some of the coffee makers provide an “extra hot” function if you want your morning cup ready before getting out of bed. In this way, the coffee gets some resting time to get into the “right temperature.”

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