Best Electric Bathroom Scrubbers For That Squeaky Clean Toilet

Last updated on March 1st, 2019 at 11:17 am

Previously, overall body exhaustion was deemed as a direct result of scrubbing the bathroom floors and walls.

Things have however changed a lot in modern times with the advent of bathroom power scrubbers which are empowered to slash down the cleaning time to an exact half.

All it takes now is just a couple of minutes for removing even the most stubborn stains in an effortless fashion.

Today we are going to take a look at five best electric bathroom scrubbers available in the market and the types of brushes you can consider while taking your buying call.

ImageNamePriceCheck Price
Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber$$Check Price
Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush$$Check Price
Electric Spin Scrubber ELLESYE$$Check Price
Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Cleaning Brush$$Check Price
Alldio Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Power Scrubber$$$Check Price

Types Of Surfaces & Brush

  • Nylon brush is ideal for parking lots as well as concrete-floored surfaces as they are highly-resistant to corrosive surfaces while imparting greater longevity.
  • Poly brush can assist you in cleaning the bathroom tile and floor with grout lines making it ideal for general scrubbing.
  • Strip grit brush can be used for removing stubborn grease from hard floors as well as tiles.
  • Scrub grit brush can be used on non-slip epoxy finishes, tile and terrazzo.

1. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

If you are on the lookout for ultra-gentle and effortless cleansing within just a matter of few minutes, then your search is bound to come to a halt once you come across the electric spin scrubber from Homitt.

The best thing about this scrubber is that it can be used without having to bend down.

Thus, the cleaning job becomes both easier as well as faster with the Homitt scrubber having a 21-inch extendable handle which can serve as the ideal gift for your husband, mom, friends or even elderly relatives.


The three detachable parts of the Homitt tile and tub scrubber makes it easy to install as well as store in a convenient fashion post usage.

A powerful 3.65V battery can keep the spin scrubber running over a stretch of 50 minutes following a 3.5-hour fast charging session.

Its 360-degree high rotating speed can wipe clean the dirt in a thorough fashion and without any interruption.

Brush Heads

Its interchangeable brush heads can be used for getting rid of mildew, soap scum as well as grime in your ceiling, wall, window, toilet, baseboard, grout, shower, kitchen etc.

The durable and flexible bristles can exercise supreme effectiveness by getting inside crevices and cracks for holistic cleaning.

While the round bristle head is ideal for cleaning the sink or bathtub, flat brush head can cater to flat surface such as tile floor or patio furniture and the corner head brush is tailor-made for cleaning tight places such as bicycle wheels.


With mammoth power ranging up to 300RPM, this high-torque bathroom cleaner can be of immense assistance in scrubbing even the most stubborn dirt depositions.

The extension arm as well as adjustable brushes can be tilted by simply pressing a button for greater versatility.



  • Can serve multi-purpose uses on all forms of outdoor and indoor surfaces such as tiles, tubs, sinks and toilets.
  • Comes powered with a 4300 mAh rechargeable battery which can keep the device running through your day’s chores.
  • Does not emit any distracting noise.


  • Can prove to be too heavy for being moved around easily.

2. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush

The high-torque bathroom scrubber from Homitt can keep your back over a stretch of 60 minutes coupled with its built-in 2150mAh lithium-ion battery.

You can thus take on all the dust accumulations coupled with this strong cleaning solution which surely comes in as a mammoth improvement over its manual peers.


The tile and tub scrubber from Homitt is crafted using three detachable parts which make installation an extremely easy affair.

This cleaning gadget can also be stored with ease given its space-saving nature once you are done with its usage.

You can hand the spin scrubber on the window, wall or any other place of your preference coupled with its portable hook.

Brush Heads

While large flat surface area can be cleaned by the big flat head, its round brush head can cater to sink or bathtub by acting as a concave cleaner.

You can also get into hard to reach and tight places coupled with the corner scrubber head.

Thus, it becomes super easy to deal with mildew, soap scum and grime courtesy this versatile cleaning aid whose durable bristles can get into crevices and cracks with supreme effectiveness.


The Homitt electric spin brush is ideal for cleaning sink, bathtub, corners, grout as well as tight places such as bicycle wheels.

You can work either without the extension handle by connecting the brush head with the main body or with the same by connecting it with the main body and brush head.

Both the adjustable brush handle and extension arm can be tilted by simply pressing a button.

Gone are the days when you had to scrub stubborn stains by bending your knees as the 18.5-inch extendable handle can get it all done for you by catering to all your arthritis and back pain problems.



  • Anti-slip design guarantee improved ergonomics.
  • Can be dismantled easily by simply pressing a single button.
  • Features a waterproof charging cover for adding to the product’s longevity while keeping all chances of electrical troubles at bay.
  • Features three clean brushes for multi-purpose cleaning.


  • Spinning function cannot cover adequate floor area.

3. Electric Spin Scrubber ELLESYE

If you are tired of squatting on the floor and scrubbing the bathtub by your hand, then it’s time to bring home the dynamic electric spin scrubber from ELLESYE which tags along 15% more torque and 20% longer battery life.


The three different sections comprising the ELLESYE power scrubber can be extended for taking up various cleaning chores.

You just need to choose the scrubber length in accordance with the height of the place you wish to clean and rest can be done in a seamless fashion.

This electric scrubber is also accompanied with a bracket which assists in hanging the same at a fixed position near a charging socket.

Brush Heads

You can easily clean your bathtub and sink with the round brush while the flat brush is perfect for catering to a large flat surface such as glass shower doors, floor-to-ceiling window and ceramic tile ground.

It also becomes super easy to cater to corners, narrow spaces and similar hard to reach areas coupled with the pointed brush.

The dual forces of flexible bristles and extendable handle make it easy to get into hidden corners and tiny crevices without having to put in too much effort.


The electric spin scrubber can provide you with 70 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning following a 3-hour charging session.

You can thus carry out all the long duration cleaning activities coupled with this versatile cleaner which can assist you in bidding goodbye to elbow grease.

The powerful and lightweight model is bound to make cleaning chores seem easier with its high-torque scrubbing as it spins at 300 RPM.

You can even get into high areas such as AC vents and ceilings with its 41-inch extendable handle making it the ideal gift for your friends and relatives.



  • Cordless and portable design for greater versatility.
  • Space saving design which can be installed as well as stored with ease.
  • Can keep your back over a stretch of 70 minutes following a full charge.
  • Comes with a bracket for hanging it in a fixed position post usage.


  • Does not come with an AC plug.

4. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber Power Cleaning Brush

Blast through all your household chores with the cordless spin scrubber cleaning brush from Homitt which comes with a 2150 mAh rechargeable battery for opening up fresh new possibilities.

Thus, a three-hour charging session can keep the scrubber running over a stretch of 60-70 minutes making it ideal for everyday cleaning.


The ergonomic design of the Homitt electric spin scrubber can usher in greater comfort to your home chores.

It can also be stored in a convenient manner after usage coupled with its accompanying hook.

The user-friendly charging indicator flashes a red light while charging which gets turned off once its batteries get fully recharged.

Brush Heads

The three replaceable brush heads can take on different areas by bringing greater versatility to this spin scrubber brush.

While the round one helps in washing tank, you can clean your stove and tile with the flat brush and the cone brush is ideal for cleaning window edge.

Such targeted usage is bound to save your energy so that home cleaning doesn’t feel like a tedious chore.


You can now clean stove, countertop, glass, sink, cooking bench, tub and tile coupled with the mini electric power spin scrubber which tags along greater portability to your household chores.

Its short handle length of 14.17 inches ensures adequate distance in between you and the dirty area for preventing all chances of spillage.

The high-torque scrubber operating at 380RPM/minute can clean both dirty spots as well as stains with optimum ease.

All it just takes is the single press of a button and you can cater to calcium deposits, mildew, soap scum, hard water as well as lime stains in an effortless manner thus saving your valuable time for concentrating on your hobbies.



  • Cleaning becomes an extremely easy affair coupled with its ergonomic curved design.
  • Anti-slip handle helps in maintaining adequate level of firmness while scrubbing glass as well as the window edge.
  • Lightweight and portable model which can blast away all grime and water stains without actually scratching the surface.


  • Handle cannot hold cleaning fluid.

5. Alldio Electric Spin Scrubber Cordless Power Scrubber

This versatile cleaning solution from Alldio can guarantee you two hours of runtime following 2.5 hours of super-fast charging.

The minimal effort which is required by this electric spin scrubber makes sure that you don’t feel exhausted at the end of the cleaning session.


It’s time to bid adieu to kneeling and bending with the cord-free dynamic scrubber from Alldio which comes equipped with rotating heads as well as an extendable handle which can target those hard to reach areas.

In this way, you won’t have to deal with continuous purchase of batteries or extension cords while cleaning with this electric spin scrubber.

Brush Heads

Five different brush heads of varying sizes and shapes assist in tracking a variety of tasks ranging from exterior windows to gutters, auto wheels, bathtubs and dirty floors.


Durable ABS plastic which goes into the construction of its handle imparts adequate rigidity to the bathroom scrubber while the aluminium shaft adds an extra 28 inches to its length.



  • The IPX7 water resistant cordless mop shows equal dynamism in both dry and wet regions.
  • Extendable handle and rotating heads ensure maximum efficiency while cleaning the hard to reach spots.
  • Can keep your back over a stretch of 2 hours following super-fast charging.
  • Strong torque of 170 RPM can help you in scrubbing off all forms of dirt in the house.


  • Cannot be used while charging as the cord is not long enough.


With a wide array of brush sizes available in the market, you need to select the one which can be aligned to your requirements for guaranteeing an effective cleaning drive.

The brushes lined out above can assist in removing rust, grout, hard water stains as well as dust deposited in narrow crevices.