10 Best Short Throw Projector – 2021 Review and Comparison

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Last updated on March 16th, 2021

While trying to purchase the best ultra-short-throw projector which shall be in sync with your requirements, you shall have to consider an array of factors such as the projector brightness, maximum resolution supported by the same, mounting options and many more.

But one of the pivotal points which needs to be considered before anything else is the throw distance of the projector as that will ultimately determine the projection size depending on your floor space available. Today we are going to take a look at ten such best short throw projector but first lets go over the basics:

What exactly is an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

Ultra Short Throw Projector
Multimedia Projector Isolated on White Background. Side View of Cinema and Video 4k Home Theater Projector for TV Movies and Mobile Gaming. 3D Rendering

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Not everyone has the luxury of owning a huge room that is dedicated to watching movies. Some of us out there live in small spaces. But this limitation shouldn’t stop one from getting to experience movies on the big screen. Using Ultra Short Throw projector, you can watch movies and play games on the big screen. This projector has been made especially for small rooms.

But one might ask how small the room can be? Ready to be surprised as this projector can operate within 2 feet and even less than that. Even in such a limited space, these projectors can display videos in high resolutions and up to 100 inches.

Plus, these best short throw projectors offer multiple benefits. They wouldn’t only assist you in providing solutions for small spaces but can also minimize the impact of projector in the meeting room and classrooms.

The lens assembly in these best Ultra Short Throw projector has been designed in a unique way. While the lens of Long Throw projectors throws lights directly onto the screen. But in the case of a Short Throw projector, the light from the lens is concentrated away from the screen. The projector can do this due to the mirror that has been attached to it. This mirror reflects off and directs the image on the screen that you have set up.

But what exactly does all this mean?

Well in simple terms it means that you can place the projector real close to the screen and sit get the amazing image quality

Now we are going to discuss in detail the difference in between “long” and “short” throw projection which can surely come in handy during your purchase. One Important factor which you always needs to consider is budget, and if you are short on budget then you may also check our list of the best projector under 100 which consists best projectors at affordable rates.

Comparison Between “Short Throw”, “Long Throw” and “Ultra-Short Throw” Projectors

Long Throw Projector

Irrespective of the brand, all short and long throw measurements are categorized by the distance required to be maintained by the projector for creating a 100” image. Around six feet or more gap might be required by the long throw projectors in between the screen and the place where it sits for reaching the 100” mark. Apart from the obvious affordable price factor for these projectors, these long throw projectors can serve as the perfect pick for being used in exhibition spaces or large halls such as while conducting concert visuals or business presentations. It is imperative to note here that the size of the image shrinks the closer you move the projector to the screen making it redundant in home projection setups which aim to cater to smaller rooms.

Short Throw Projector

On the other hand, short-throw projectors are equipped with lenses that can conjure a larger picture even from shorter distances of just four feet or even less in some models. One of the biggest benefits of bringing home a short-throw projector is the requirement of less floor space which can come in as a breather for modern-day millennials living in pint-sized apartments.

Ultra Short Throw Projector

Lastly comes “ultra-short-throw” projectors which can create a 100” image from a meager distance of just 15”. They are mostly used in enterprise or commercial applications and can even be installed in square-footage challenged houses. But all these come with a hefty price tag which is the biggest reason behind its usage in business applications.

Top 10 Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Image Name Native
Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Projector 1920x1200
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LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector  1920x1080
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Optoma GT5500+ 1080p 3500 Lumens 3D DLP Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector 1920x1080
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Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector 1920x1080
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LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector 1920x1080
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ASUS P3B 800-Lumens 1280 x 800 Ultra-short-throw LED Projector 1280x800
Check Price
Optoma Ultra Short Throw 3D 1080p Projector (EH320UST) 1920x1080
Check Price
ViewSonic PX800HD 1080p Ultra Short Throw Home Theater and Gaming Projector 1920x1080
Check Price
Optoma GT5500 Ultra Short Throw Projector 1920x1080
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Nierbo Ultra-Short Throw Projector 1024x768
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1. Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Projector

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It’s time to take your favorite games to the big screen with the Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw projector which can present you with crystal clear visuals. A contrast ratio of 20000:1 makes the frames come to life as the advanced optical lens paves the path for deep shadows, detailed graphics and astonishing textures.

You can easily conjure a super-sized 100-inch image coupled with the ultra-short throw lens of this versatile projector. This makes it the ideal choice for being placed in a room having cramped floor space. Weighing at less than 4 kg, this lightweight projector can be easily carried around the room and installed as per your preference.

Long-Standing lamp life of 15000 hours keeps the projector running by buffering it from the requirement of frequent lamp replacement. However, it is advisable to play your favorite games in the Dynamic mode for benefitting out of the same. This best ultra-short-throw projector has an integrated speaker which can easily fill up the room with sonic waves.

However, it also provides the flexibility of being hooked up with a set of external speakers thus adding to its versatility. 3600 lumens of brightness light up the screen magnificently and ensures the stellar image quality even in the presence of ambient light.


  • Trouble-free setup so that you can carry on with hard-core gaming.
  • The auto keystone correction feature makes the projected image rectangle even when the projector is placed on an undulating surface.
  • It can also be used for enjoying TV shows and live sports in full 1080p mode.
  • Each corner of the image can be individually adjusted to eliminate crooked projections even in restricted spaces.
  • 4 different images can be projected simultaneously for enjoying split-screen viewing with your group of family and friends.
  • The free HDCast Pro mobile application of Optoma helps in hooking up the projector wirelessly with your laptop to eliminate cable clutter.


  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity.
  • User interface might seem a bit confusing.

2. LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector 

LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector

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Weighing at less than 5 pounds, the LG PF1000UW can be carried along to your office presentations or a friend’s house for a late-night movie as its ultra-short throw nature aids in easy placement for producing 1080p images spread across a 100” screen.

While being viewed in a dark room, the picture quality seems utterly gorgeous. It is also imperative to note here that the contrast starts fading with the introduction of ambient light especially at larger screen sizes.

Thus, if you are planning on watching a movie having a large number of reflective or white surfaces, then you should keep the image size within 60” to 80” for benefitting out of its true flavor. No DLP rainbow artifacts could be seen which surely comes in as a thorough surprise from such an inexpensive DLP cinema projector.

You can also make the most out of 3D content viewing coupled with the DLP-Link glasses which have to be purchased separately. However, 3D is comparatively dimmer than standard 2D projection.

The dual 3W onboard speakers can satiate your basic audio requirements but it is always recommended to opt for an external soundbar or surround sound system for enjoying an immersive theater experience.

The 30000 hour LED light engine is another unique feature of this versatile projector which can free you from having to worry about frequent lamp replacement.


  • Can project up to 100-inch picture with a crystal clear Full HD resolution.
  • Natural and rich colors displayed by its LED light source which can last for an estimated 30000 hours.
  • Supports wireless content sharing with a Windows or Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Can stream sound directly to a Bluetooth compatible sound system.
  • Navigation becomes super easy coupled with the magic remote.
  • Picture quality retains its stellar attributes even in the presence of subtle ambient light.
  • Can be hooked up with a Chromecast or amazon fire stick.


  • Does not support 3D projection.

3. Optoma GT5500+ 1080p 3500 Lumens 3D DLP Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector

Optoma GT5500+ 1080p 3500 Lumens 3D DLP Ultra Short Throw Gaming Projector

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You can now make the most out of big-screen entertainment without actually having to undergo a fancy installation coupled with the Optoma GT5500+ ultra-short throw projector which can create a 100-inch screen even when placed at a distance of just a single foot from your wall or screen.

Its 3500-lumen lamp guarantees optimum brightness and vivid imagery which is bound to stun you to the core. The easy setup of the device which has been designed for hassle-free plug and play lacks any fancy software configuration. You can take your pick amongst the myriad connectivity options although any one of the two HDMI ports can get the ball rolling for most of the consumers.

You can also benefit out of the ports supporting MHL as well as an USB outlet which can help those who wish to use a streaming stick. A VGA port can also keep your back if you wish to hook up an older computer peripheral.

The pass-through connection of this projector comes in handy during presentations where you wish for both the projector and the computer to display the images. Both RCA and 3.5mm audio inputs as well as an analogue composite input can suffice the requirements of users trying to connect older consoles.


  • Can display true 3D content from an array of 3D sources including latest generation gaming consoles, 3D Blu-ray players and a lot more.
  • Super-sized 100-inch image created by the ultra-short throw lens of the GT5500.
  • Advanced optical lens and stellar contrast ratio of 25000:1 paves the path for deep shadows, highly detailed graphics and astonishing texture quality.
  • ‘Place and play’ option aids in making the most out of stunning colors and visuals without having to install mounts or struggle with its optimal positioning in the room.
  • Features a wide range of connectivity options including dual Audio-In, VGA-In, dual HDMI and many more.


  • Poor remote control design.
  • Disturbing fan noise.

4. Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector

Epson Home Cinema LS100 3LCD Ultra Short-throw Projector

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This all-new projector comes with all the requisite bells and whistles for imparting a whole new meaning to your home entertainment. It can be the perfect pick for those who wish to experience the flavor of home theatre even in the presence of minor ambient light. The compact projector can be easily placed anywhere around the room as it guarantees 20000 hours of laser light while running on full lamp power mode and 30000 hours while running on a lumen reduced mode.

The 1920*1200 maximum screen resolution of the Epson LS100 natively accommodates both WUXGA and Full HD 1080p signals. Some other features of this dynamic projector are simultaneous multiple image projection, wired and wireless networking, split-screen using two sources, etc. The light output delivered by the Epson LS100 is perfect for producing a highly engaging picture having a solid contrast level.

While operating in the Quiet mode, the fan speed gets decreased although the laser power consumption remains the same for maintaining similar brightness levels as that of the Extended mode but completely eliminating the fan noise.

The sound waves emitted by its built-in 16-watt speaker can easily fill in a small to medium-sized room. But it is advisable to install a surround sound system for making the most out of an audio-visual cinematic experience.


  • Extraordinary contrast ratio of 2500000:1 resulting in exceptionally vivid colors.
  • Versatile connectivity with gaming consoles, cable/satellite boxes and streaming devices.
  • You can bid adieu to rainbow effects, white segments and color wheels coupled with its 3LCD technology.
  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • Modest fan noise which does not cause much distraction.


  • Instruction manual is not up to the mark especially when it comes to keystone control and image adjustment.
  • Lacks frame interpolation.

5. LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

LG HF85JA Ultra Short Throw Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

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The versatile LG HF85JA can be your perfect ticket for upgrading the flat screen entertainment to a whole new level. This ultra-short throw projector requires minimal mounting space while delivering theater-like experience at your drawing-room.

You can use it along with LG’s exclusive Smart TV platform for accessing premium content coming from most popular providers. The intuitive remote control which accompanies the projector makes navigation an extremely easy affair.

It is imperative to inquire about the bandwidth requirement of streaming videos with content providers since smart services change often and some apps appearing on the image screen might not come pre-installed.

The large-scale viewing experience receives the potent backing of dynamic sound emitted by its internal dual 3-watt speakers which are also equipped with Bluetooth audio output thus eliminating the requirement of a cable.

Alternatively, you can also opt for external audio amplification through the optical digital audio output. Its laser light source guarantees a diagonal frame ranging from 90-120” as well as 20000 hours of viewing time which can keep you going for long without having to worry about changing the lamp.

The Magic Remote is another handy feature that displays an easily maneuverable cursor on the image for a hassle-free selection of the projector modes and menu functions. A contrast ratio of 150000:1 guarantees the brightest of whites and darkest of blacks while also ensuring that you can clearly make out the text section in presentations. You can even share the screen of your Windows and Android operating system with the projector over Wi-Fi for enjoying photos, videos and apps on the big screen.


  • Ultra-short throw projector can deliver vivid imagery even from an extremely short projection distance.
  • 20000 hours of laser lamp life can keep you free from worries for a long time.
  • Supports full-HD resolution of 1080p which in turn retains the picture clarity even when it is projected across a 120-inch screen.
  • Accepts universal mounts.


  • Might take considerable time and effort in getting the picture right.

6. ASUS P3B 800-Lumens 1280 x 800 Ultra-short-throw LED Projector

ASUS P3B 800-Lumens 1280 x 800 Ultra-short-throw LED Projector

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The super-portable ASUS P3B is compact enough for being carried along in just one hand so that your entertainment meter keeps rolling at all times. Its metal body features a silver and white combination with a wheel at the top which aids in adjusting the degree of screen sharpness.

You can alter everything from brightness to screen size and volume with the 12 physical buttons. The projector bottom features a kickstand having rubberized edges that prevent it from slippage while a protective lid buffers the lens from any external damage.

You can also easily mount the projector on a tripod coupled with the small screw located at the bottom. The back panel hosts an array of connectivity options such as MHL, HDMI, USB 2.0, VGA, microSD and microUSB which can be of great aid in both connecting peripherals and charging other devices.

Coupled with the dual attributes of 100% NTSC color gamut and 800 lumens of light output, the Asus P3B can deliver razor-sharp output ranging up to 1280*800-pixel resolution along with accurate color reproduction.

The automatic keystone functionality of this versatile projector aids in aligning the output correctly irrespective of the angle at which the projector is resting. Setting up the Asus P3B seems like a cakewalk and the built-in speaker paves the path for an immersive audio experience coupled with its very own SonicMaster technology.

The 12000mAh battery of the projector can deliver 3 hours of non-stop entertainment following a single charge. It can also function as a powerbank and aid in fuelling up other devices such as tablets and smartphones even while being used.


  • 30000 hours of LED lifespan.
  • Lightweight projector weighing just .75 pounds to usher in utmost portability.
  • VGA and MHL/HDMI port ensures optimum compatibility with a variety of sources.
  • Authentic sound reproduction guaranteed by the built-in ASUS Sonic Master enhanced-2W speaker.
  • 12000 mAh internal battery providing 3 hours of cable-free projection.


  • Finicky physical keys making it imperative to keep the remote control handy at all times.
  • Included carrying case is too small for carrying the bulky power adapter.

7. Optoma Ultra Short Throw 3D 1080p Projector (EH320UST)

Optoma Ultra Short Throw 3D 1080p Projector (EH320UST)

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If you are on the lookout for a short-throw projector which can seamlessly blend in with your existent living room aesthetics, then the Optoma EH320UST can serve as the perfect pick as it can fit into even the smallest of spaces.

The image retains its stellar quality irrespective of the throw distance and image size. An incredibly bright image results out of its 4000-lumen lamp which can easily overcome strong overhead lighting.

Its actual color vibrancy cannot be termed as great as the projector levies greater priority on the contrast and brightness for easy viewing even in difficult environments which in turn causes bright colors to appear a bit washed out.

You need to keep the “BrilliantColor” mode switched on at the highest level for enjoying the most eye-catching colors. The claimed contrast ratio of 20000:1 makes it easy to read the text during presentations.

The rear mounting of the projector lens places all the connectors at the front which in turn leads to minimum cable mess since the cables can be easily routed from the projector without having to obscure the lens.

You can take your pick in between ceiling or wall mounting as well as table placement options with the Optoma EH320UST which ranks high in connectivity coupled with a composite connector, two VGA ports, two 3.5mm audio jacks, two HDMI ports, an USB port and a network cable to help with monitoring. It is imperative to note here the USB port can only be used for establishing connectivity with computers and controlling the projector but not for natively opening files or playing media.


  • It can display true 3D content.
  • Up to 6500 hours of lamp life.
  • Can project a 100” image from a distance of just 21 inches.
  • Features a 16W built-in speaker.


  • You will see noticeable distortion around the edges if you do not project against a 100% perfectly flat screen.
  • Difficult to focus.

8. ViewSonic PX800HD 1080p Ultra Short Throw Home Theater and Gaming Projector

ViewSonic PX800HD 1080p Ultra Short Throw Home Theater and Gaming Projector

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The ViewSonic PX800HD can serve as your perfect pick if you are on the lookout for striking the right cord of harmony in between versatile connectivity options, ultra-short throw distance, optimum color accuracy and affordability.

The ViewSonic model is best suited for high-quality home theatre usage coupled with 2000 lumens of brightness and a stellar contrast ratio of 100000:1. It can thus optimize shadow detail, black levels, color saturation and overall dynamic range rather than being limited to just lumen output.

You can benefit out of best picture quality while viewing it in dark surroundings although it can also suffice your requirements on a 100” screen with subtle ambient lighting. The ultra-low input latency of 16ms provides faster frame-by-frame action which can help you in experiencing the true flavor of intense action-packed gaming as seamless images get delivered devoid of any delay.

You can also expect penultimate color accuracy as the ViewSonic abides by the international HDTV standard of Rec. 709 which can pave the path for true-to-life images. Optimized color is delivered in both dark and bright environments through the ISF Certified Day and Night modes.

On-site tuning of these settings are also taken care of by the ISF-certified technicians who help with customized image calibration. Compared to an average projector screen, the optional BrilliantColorPanel of the ViewSonic achieves 4-times higher contrast ratio which produces immersive images by enhancing even the most delicate of shades. You can set up the projector easily as its ultra-short-throw lens aids in projecting a huge image even when placed at a stone’s throw from the screen.


  • Renders flexible connectivity to most of the PCs, media players, mobile devices, MACs.
  • 23 Ultra-short throw lens which helps in using the same even in small apartments.
  • Amazing 2000 lumens of brightness.


  • Onboard speakers lack adequate bass dynamics making the installation of an external soundbar necessary.
  • Lacks frame interpolation.

9. Optoma GT5500 Ultra Short Throw Projector

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The Optoma GT5500 stands out with its deadly combination of super affordable price, 3,500-lumen brightness and ultra-short throw nature which has made it a global favorite of people running on a strict budget as well as limited floor space.

You can thus easily place it at just a few inches from the wall-mounted screen for enjoying a bigger view when compared to a HDTV. You can also sit close to the screen without having to worry about casting any shadows courtesy its ultra-short throw nature. 3500 lumen brightness can easily make the recommended maximum 100-inch image stand out even in the presence of minimal ambient light.

You can also trust its 16-watt mono speakers to deliver an immersive auditory experience which can easily fill in a small to medium-sized room. Six predefined picture modes are offered by the GT5500 projector although none of them are customizable.


  • 3500 ANSI lumens paves the path for super bright frames which retains its vibrancy even in the presence of ambient light.
  • Has a contrast ratio of 25000:1 which can help you in enjoying the picture quality in its truest sense.
  • Comes with 90 days’ warranty on the lamp and a year’s limited warranty on parts.
  • Features strong connectivity through VGA-In, HDMI, dual Audio-In and similar ports.
  • Ultra-short throw lens can project giant size images on flat surfaces from a distance of just 13 inches.
  • Vivid color mode brings out the detailing of every single frame so that you can both play games and watch movies with stunning colors.
  • Can display true 3D content from a diverse array of 3D sources such as 3D broadcasting, 3D Blu-ray players and even latest gaming consoles.
  • Supports refresh rate of 144Hz for smooth and flicker-free images.


  • Bulb life is comparatively less in comparison to its peers.

10. Nierbo Ultra-Short Throw Projector

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The NIERBO UT300 short-throw projector can deliver vibrant imagery as it renders support towards a wider color gamut in stark contrast to the average DLP projectors. The dual capacity of its 260W lamp and 6 primary color management paves the path for immersive visuals and stellar brightness which can cater to your projection requirements in a school, church, wedding, office or back in your house.

You can easily hook it up with a computer through its VGA and HDMI ports while remote control can be exercised over the projector by connecting it with the computer through its RS232 port. The versatile projector is referred to as the best ultra-short-throw projector and  can render support to 28 different languages including German, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian thus adding to its functionality.

Coupled with a throw ratio of 0.565, the NIERBO UT300 can display clearly from a distance of just 4.3 feet. Some other features of this projector that are worth mentioning are its sequential framing, active 3D shutter and top to bottom display coverage frame packing technology which can help you in making the most out of your viewing experience. The package also includes an android stick and a wireless keyboard to assist in its hassle-free usage.


  • Renders support to 28 different languages.
  • Features an active 3D shutter.
  • Powered by the latest DLP technology.
  • Features both side-by-side and top to bottom display.
  • It comes with a stellar 30 days’ easy return warranty coupled with replacement over a tenure of 60 days.
  • Supports both ceiling and back projection.


  • It does not zoom in and out much.
  • Lacks any built-in speaker.

What are the Major Benefits of Using an Ultra Short Throw projector?

Benefits of Using an Ultra Short Throw projector

On getting familiarized with the Ultra Short Throw projectors you will encounter some major benefits that other projectors can’t offer. But for those of you that haven’t ever experienced best short throw projector 4k we have formulated these top reasons why you should be buying an Ultra Short Throw projector instead of a normal projector.

1.No room, no problem!

We can’t stress this point enough that you will get to experience a big screen even in limited space. In current times space is limited and the more you learn to utilize the limited space you have the more relaxed your life will be. Have a date night planned in the dorm room? Well, this Ultra Short Throw projector has got you covered.

Want to deliver an engaging presentation in a small space? Don’t sweat because with this projector you will not only be able to deliver the presentation but also you wouldn’t have to worry about people walking across your projector light. So give a new life to small and unused rooms.

2. Nothing will get in your way!

Haven’t we all had those awkward moments in which someone just to get up and leave mid-presentation? They disturb the entire room by stepping in front of your projector. I will say this only once: get rid of such problems Upgrade and get yourself Ultra Short Throw projectors 1080p that will stay out of your way and will eliminate the unnecessary leads and power cables.

3. Cut the shadow out of your life

Ultra Short Throw projector home theater reduces glare and shadow by a big margin. This is all due to the fact that an Ultra Short Throw projector is set up in close proximity. This proximity reduces that shadow and eliminates glare.

This plays a huge rule in keeping the focus of your audience on the screen. The audience can interact with you while the projector is in use. Plus, when you’re watching a movie the lack of glare ensures that you get to experience the video in amazing quality.

You can also read this for daylight viewing projectors.

4.Finest interaction

Not only do these amazing features enhance the level of interaction among the presenter and audience, or keep the focus maintain while watching movies. Best 4k short-throw projector support tablets and smartphones. So even if you have complied with something on your phone you can display it on the big screen.

So if you have downloaded a movie on your phone you don’t have to watch it on the small screen of your smartphone. Instead, you can connect your smartphone with the projector and get to see the video in amazing resolutions.

5. Save some cash

The installation cost of the best Ultra Short Throw projector 4k is comparatively less. As you don’t need to mount the projector to the wall, instead you have to attach it to the ceiling, a lot of cost and hassle is saved. So you don’t have to dedicate a whole day and a big amount to install a projector.

How to Select the Right Screen for an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

How to Select the Right Screen for an Ultra Short Throw Projector

A frequently asked question is which material would be the best for setting up as a projector screen. In the case of Ultra Short Throw projector selecting a good screen is vital. As the projector will be at close proximity so if you don’t get a compactible surface the image quality will suffer.

We read Ultra Short Throw projector review in order to get the remarks of the users before suggesting something to you. If you want to get the ultimate performance and a great experience, then you need to buy a matte and smooth projection surface for your Ultra Short Throw projector.

Some materials are a definite no for Ultra Short Throw projector. The top of the list is non-tensioned and drywalls. As mentioned above you have to look for smooth projection screens. The slightest imperfection in the texture of the screen can cast a shadow and ruin the entire view. You have to be careful as the source of light is sharply angled and requires a good screen for display.

Another major material to avoid while using small short-throw projector is those that reject ambient light. The sheen of Regular Ambient Light (ALR) material can end up displaying uneven brightness. So don’t be a fool and stay clear of these materials.

If we talk about screens that are ideal for Ultra Short Throw projector, then FlexiGray and FlexiWhite materials are top selections. As these materials are matte and smooth thus you will get to experience amazing video quality via your Ultra Short Throw projector. It is always a good option to select a material that is specifically designed for Ultra Short Throw projector instead of buying a cheap short-throw projector and screen.

Ultra Short Throw Projector Vs Big Screen TV

Thou the giant image projection of Ultra Short Throw projector is the envy of every TV watcher, but projectors require a dark room and a huge amount of space. Ultra Short Throw projector has been successful in overcoming all these limitations. Major brands like Song and LG have launched great substitutes for TV screens. These projectors can deliver an image up to 100 inches in great resolution.

An affordable projector like the Optoma GT5600 uses a traditional bulb and DLP projection technology. While expensive models like Epson LS500 use LED bulbs and LCD technology. Thou traditional bulbs are brighter than any LED bulb, but they need to be replaced after 3000 to 6000 hours. Traditional bulbs also require a minute or two to reach a maximum level of brightness.

On the other hand, a short-throw laser projector has a life span of 20’000 hours but they can’t be replaced. So if the LED dies your projector dies and is of no use anymore. On the plus side LED projectors turn on instantaneously and produce less heat. Thus they don’t require a noisy fan to keep them cool (fans are usually installed in standard TV’s)

Some of the products that we have mentioned offer an ambient light rejection screen with their Ultra Short Throw projector. This screen is usually 100 to 120 inches in size. So don’t waste your time and get yourself a free screen on buying an Ultra Short Throw projector.

Some models mentioned above also have a streaming platform and an integrated TV tuner. So you don’t need to attach a separate source to the projector and can watch TV on a huge screen. To summarize Ultra Short Throw projector are a good alternative to your standard TV and is twice the fun.

What to look for in Ultra Short Throw projector?

It’s important that you fully understand what you are purchasing. To achieve that level of understanding you need to be able to get a hang of what features are generally offered in Ultra Short Throw projector.

Once you have understood the general terminology you can decide for yourself that which features and characteristics will suit you. Once you have shortlisted the features that appeal to you selecting an Ultra Short Throw projector will get simplified. Without further ado let’s get you acquainted with the terms that you are most likely to see on Ultra Short Throw projector packaging.

1.Throw Ratio

Hope you are good at mathematics because this is a bit of a head-scratcher. Throw ratio is actually a measurement of how far you can place the projector from the screen in order for the image to get displayed.

Take for example a traditional projector, it has a throw ratio of 1.5. This means that if you want to project the image on a 10-foot screen you will have to adjust your projector at 15 feet. What you have to do is multiply the ration with the size of your screen i.e. 10 × 1.5 = 15.

In the case of the Ultra Short Throw projector, the throw ratio is lesser, for example, LG HF85JA has a throw ratio of 0.19. So if you want to a projector on a 10-inch screen you will need to place the Ultra Short Throw projector at 1.9 feet. This is super useful for people that have limited space and need to adjust the Ultra Short Throw projector. So take a look at the throw ratio and see which measurements work for you.

2.Screen Size

When buying an Ultra Short Throw projector, it’s important that you consider a screen that will can be adjusted in the room you have. We recommend that you take a minute and measure where you want to project your image. This will save you time and money while purchasing an Ultra Short Throw projector.

3.Display Technology

Don’t get overwhelmed, there are only two terms that you need to know here: LCD and DLP. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Using LCD technology is super easy. Plus, it allows you to adjust the screen brightness and contrast according to your preference.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing technology. These projectors use mirrors to reflect the images. Plus, DLP technology offers high contrast, lack of pixilation and is lightweight. You can always visit a local shop to get a live idea of the image quality of each of the technology.

4.Native resolution

Let’s move on to some exciting feature. Native resolution is the maximum size of an image that can be displayed using a particular Ultra Short Throw projector.

This number is displayed in terms of horizontal and vertical pixels. For example, Optoma GT5500+ has resolution of 1920×1080 this is also known as 1080p. In other words, this is the best short throw 1080p projector.


You deserve the best so buy the best. So buy yourself a high lumen short throw projector. We don’t want you to squint while using Ultra Short Throw projector that’s why have included projectors with amazing brightness.

In case of Ultra Short Throw projector, brightness is measured in terms of Lumens. Again we will give explain you using Optoma GT5500. It has a brightness level of 3500 lumens. While traditional projectors have only 450 lumens level of brightness.

6. Contrast ratio

We hate doing this to you but this is another math term. Contrast ratio is actually a measurement of how much brighter a white image will be displayed as compared to a black image.

Let’s do an Ultra Short Throw projector comparison. Optoma GT5500 has a lower contrast ratio of 25,000:1. Here 25000 is the level of brightness of a white image and 1 represents the brightness for a black image. On the other hand, LG HF85JA has a contrast ratio of 150,000:1. That’s amazing if you ask me.


We all like to have a secure backup. Warranty is super helpful for non-tech individuals. So is you order the wrong products the companies that we have recommended will be happy to give you a full refund.

Plus, they also offer customer support and repairs. So purchase with ease. In case you are worried sick that you will need to constant assist if you buy an Ultra Short Throw projector then you can purchase optional warranties.

8.Extra features

Look out for those extra candies. I guess we all know that the more you spend on buying an Ultra Short Throw projector the more jam-packed it will be with features. Let us help you example using examples. The LG HF85JA has a laser lamp which has a life span of 20’000 hours.

While the Optoma GT5500 is equipped with a 3D sync port. this means that you can watch 3D movies using this Ultra Short Throw projector. So you can play immersive games with the projector and 3D glasses.

Make sure that you keep an eye out for wireless compatibility. This will be super helpful in the future. You wouldn’t have to fiddle with wires and cable and can attach your device with ease. So even if you have a presentation or movie on your phone you can display it on the Ultra Short Throw projector. There isn’t any peer pressure, so buy something that you can afford and suits you.

How to Caretake of an Ultra Short Throw Projector

An Ultra Short Throw projector should be treated like any other electronic device that you own. Keep it away from water and don’t throw it around. As Ultra Short Throw projector can get heated so make sure that you leave room for ventilation. You don’t want to overheat and ruin your projector.

Handle your Ultra Short Throw projector with care. Don’t drop it or shake it unnecessarily. These best ultra-short-throw projector are sophisticated pieces of technology and should be treated with care.

How to Install Ultra Short Throw Projector?

After you have bought 4k ultra-short-throw projector the next step is to install it. What you will require is a frame to hold the projector.

Next up you need to attach signal and power cables with your short-throw home theater projector. What you can do is run conduits. So instead of ripping the drywall, you can set the laser projector short throw up easily. Or you can eliminate all this hassle and just live with the exposed cables. This is easier especially when you have to remove the projector.



While describing the capabilities of the best ultra-short-throw projector, manufacturers usually refer to the amount of distance that shall be required in between the screen and the projector for the “throwing” of an image before you get the display size desired by you. In most of the cases, you can easily make out whether a projector belongs to the short-throw or long-throw category by looking at the two letters at the very end of the model number like Optoma EH320UST wherein “ST” stands for “short throw.” The type of lens used creates the main point of difference between throw distance of projectors. Long throws also come along with a budget price tag in comparison to short-throw given the quality of glass which goes into its construction.

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