Top 20 Best Projector Under $100 – Buying Guide 2021

Home cinema projector

Last updated on March 16th, 2021

Projectors offer extremely high screen size to money ratio compared to a traditional television that never fails to delight gaming and movie buffs. So refer to these best projector under $100.

However, you need to pick the right type of projector for benefiting out of the best picture possible. Supporting images which are 36 times larger than a 50 inches HDTV, the home theater projector helps us in scrutinizing even the smallest of details on the vibrant screen.

They emphasize a lot on high contrast, image quality and rich color saturation since a dark movie theater environment is simulated by these home projectors.

They work best in a dark room where you can exercise control over the entry of outside light. Otherwise you can compensate for the same by bringing home a projector having a high-end reflective screen and top-notch brightness.

Things To Consider Prior To Purchasing A Home Projector


Lumens are used to measure projector brightness with a directly proportional relationship existing between both. White brightness refers to the total amount of white light which is emitted by the projector without measuring color whereas Color brightness refers to the radiance of red, blue and yellow hues. You should compare both these brightness measurements prior to deciding which projector you want. Images and details might prove out to be dull or dark if the color brightness is lower than its white brightness.


This refers to the total number of pixels which is displayed by a projector. As a rule of thumb, the images appear sharper and more detailed coupled with the number of pixels which you can fit in the display. It is imperative to have higher resolutions for home theater projectors since the viewer will be seated pretty close to the screen where lack of adequate resolution can present them with a pixelated image. Resolutions usually range from 480p to 1080p for HD viewing and 4K for Ultra HD viewing. For benefitting out of the best image quality, it is imperative to match the projector resolution along the resolution of the video source which you plan to use.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast refers to the quantum of difference between the brightest and darkest areas of the picture. You can clearly view shadow detailing and deep black levels coupled with a projector having high contrast ratio which adds a sense of dimension and depth to the picture. The difference between contrast of projectors can get washed out in the presence of greater amount of light in the room. Thus, you need to pay special attention to the contrast ratio while purchasing home theater projectors.

Throw Ratio

This depicts the width of your image when the projector is placed at a certain distance from the screen. It is extremely important to calculate the throw ratio if you intend to mount the projector permanently. You might require a short throw projector if you have space limitations.

Lens Shift and Keystone Correction

If you cannot place your projector in an exactly perpendicular manner to the screen, they you can utilise the keystone correction feature for digitally adjusting the image so that it is perfectly square to the wall or screen. Lens shift on the other hand helps in adjusting the lens angle mechanically by shifting it up, down or sideways. It is advisable to correct distortion rather than keystone since 100% of the resolution is retained by lens shift.

Lens Zoom

You can exercise control over placement or screen size by utilising the lens zoom function. In this way, you will not be required to move the projector farther or closer to the screen for adjusting image size which is directly proportional with the zoom ratio.

Best Projector Under $100

Image Name Check Price
DBPOWER GP15 Projector Check Price
iDGLAX iDG-787W Check Price
DR.J 2600 Lumens Home Theater Mini Projector Check Price
APEMAN Video Mini Portable Projector Check Price
DracoLight Portable Projector Check Price
Crenova XPE496 Check Price
RAGU Z400 Mini Projector Check Price
Vankyo Leisure 3 Check Price
BIGASUO Projector Check Price
T TOPVISION 2400 Lux Projector Check Price
J Professional HI-04 Check Price
Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector Check Price
QKK Mini LED Projector Check Price
Jinhoo, WiFi Mini Projector Check Price
GooDee Portable Mini Projector Check Price
ELEPHAS Mini Movie Projector Check Price
CiBest Video Projector Check Price
POYANK 2800Lux LED Wireless Mini Projector Check Price
Crosstour Video Projector Check Price
AZEUS RD-822 Video Projector Check Price

1. DR.J 2600 Lumens Home Theater Mini Projector

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You can now actually enjoy the bombastic sound without having to visit the theatre with the Dr.J mini projector which comes loaded with dual built-in stereo speakers.

It also offers the flexibility of hooking up the projector with a set of external speakers if you wish to enjoy a holistic auditory experience via its headphone jack.

The WTD4.1.1 dual-fan cooling system of DR. J mini projector can lower down fan noise to 45.3dB so that you can enjoy your favorite shows without getting disturbed by sound interferences.

Advanced cooling technology also helps in keeping the projector cool over long stretches of time to reduce the chances of mishaps which crop up with prolonged usage.

Five layers of well-grinding LCD lens offers crystal clear resolution so that you can make out even the most intricate visual details.

It becomes possible to set up the projector anywhere any enjoy top-notch images with its ±15° Keystone correction and focus adjustment.

The projector can also be hooked up with iOS devices using lightning HDMI adapter.

A Type C/Micro USB to HDMI adapter will be required for establishing connectivity with your Android smart devices.

Large screen display comes together with LCD diffuse reflection light source for presenting rich frames which also won’t inflict any strain on your eyes following prolonged usage.


  • Comes equipped with a plethora of ports such as USB, HDMI, VGA, TF card and AV interface.
  • Upgraded cooling system emits minimal noise when compared to its peers.
  • Diffuse reflection technology protects your eyes from glares even after watching the projection for long stretches of time.
  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1 paints the projection surface with vivid and true to life visuals.
  • Supports maximum display size of 170 inches from a distance of 5 meter.


  • A separate adapter has to be purchased for connecting it with iOS devices.

2.  BIGASUO Projector

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Enjoy superior projection experience with the BIGASUO portable Bluetooth projector which offers the unique blend of premium looks and efficient attributes at an affordable rate.

Square Pixel Imaging Technology ushers in 90% more clarity in comparison to its peer projectors running on diamond pixel imaging.

It can also deliver 70% more brightness than ordinary projectors both in terms of screen illumination and color vibrancy.

However, it is advisable to use this projector under dark environments for making the most out of its sheer versatility.

Extended lamp life of 50000 hours can keep your back for long even with five hours of usage on a daily basis.

This, in turn, can protect you economically from having to invest in frequent lamp replacements.

An amazing sound quality stands guaranteed by its built-in stereo speakers which makes this projector ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Its exclusive dual-fan system reduces system noise while preventing overheating so that you can enjoy your favorite TV series, gaming sessions or music concerts without having to worry about the projector getting too hot.


  • Ushers in 40% more brightness in comparison to ordinary projectors available in the market.
  • It is compatible with Laptop, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PCs, Chrome Book,TV Box, Tablets, SD Card, Blue-ray DVD player, USB Flash Drive, iPad, iPhone, Media players and Android Smartphones.
  • Comes backed with 3-years of manufacturer warranty against all technical defects.
  • Intricate sound details get restored by its built-in stereo surround speaker.
  • Newly enhanced fan system brings down system noise drastically.


  • Does not support Dolby sound.
  • Does not have autofocus feature.

3. T TOPVISION 2400 Lux Projector

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The most unique thing about the TOPVISION projector is that it delivers equally vibrant images both in darkness and in the presence of minimal ambient light.

This Full HD professional video projector which has been recently upgraded to 2400Lux of brightness can thus serve as the ideal choice for your home entertainment.

A projection size of 50-176 inches can be enjoyed from a distance of 1.5-5.2 meters although the recommended viewing distance is 3 meter for making the most out of its versatility.

Latest noise-reducing technology brings down the fan noise drastically in comparison to other LED projectors while its innovative cooling system ensures that the projector does not lose its cool in spite of operating over long stretches of time.

The powerful built-in speakers of this projector can definitely delight all audiophiles as it entangles them in mesmeric sound waves which can easily suffice you during outdoor use.

Greater thermal stability is guaranteed by its tempered glass lens which can resist high temperature with greater efficiency in stark contrast to resin lens.


  • Aspect ratio of 16:10 and contrast ratio of 2000:1 makes it the ideal choice for home entertainment.
  • The environmental lamp has longevity of around 50000 hours to keep your back over a stretch of 30 years without facing any requirement of replacement.
  • This projector comes backed with more than two years of warranty guaranteed by its manufacturer.
  • It can be hooked up with a laptop or smartphone directly through USB cable without the requirement of a Wi-Fi environment or HDMI adapter.


  • This projectort does not run on a rechargeable battery and has to be plugged into the power outlet at all times.
  • It does not support Amazon Video, Netflix or Hulu.

4. APEMAN Video Mini Portable Projector

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Nothing matches the sheer happiness of enjoying those laidback weekends with your friends and family over a tub of caramel popcorn and your favorite movies projected on the gigantic drawing-room wall.

Gone are the days when we had to run to local theatres for enjoying big screen extravaganza as now you can enjoy the same without leaving the comfort of your home with the affordable and versatile APEMAN LC350 projector.

3500 lumens of brightness ushers in 80% more illumination in comparison to its peers.

You can project 34-180 inch images from a projection distance of 3-12 feet.

You can either mount the LC350 projector to your ceiling for saving floor space or place it on a standard tripod in accordance with your requirements.

The adjustable footpad assists in toggling with the projector height for benefitting out of top-notch viewing performance.

You can also keep the projector running for long without having to worry about the same getting overheated courtesy its advanced cooling technology which also drastically brings down the fan noise.

Thus, it becomes possible to make the most of its audio clarity without getting disturbed by system noises.


  • Extremely easy to set up and operate.
  • Offers a variety of connectivity options through its USB, VGA, HDMI, AV and Micro SD interface for being hooked up with various multimedia devices.
  • Low fan noise and high cooling efficiency enhance the bulb life to 45000 hours for keeping your back over a stretch of 10 years.
  • 3500 lumens of brightness offer a clearer and brighter image in comparison to its contemporaries.
  • Excellent sound quality is guaranteed by its built-in speakers making it the ideal choice for being used during a gathering with family or friends.


  • The USB port does not support data transfer and cord connection.
  • It does not support Dolby sound.

5. DracoLight Portable Projector

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If you wish to enjoy big-screen home entertainment but are suffering from lack of floor space and adequate funds, then the DracoLight portable projector can serve as your ultimate pick.

DracoLight has for long been delighting us with budget models that offer uniform illumination and eye-protective brightness and their GC333 model also stands true to this general perception.

The combination of matte and polished exteriors hike up the aesthetic value of this projector and improves its texture thus making it ideal for being placed at any corner of your drawing room.

You can also bid adieu to all worries about the projector getting overheated courtesy its innovative cooling system which also brings down the system noise.

This in turn can prove to be particularly helpful while playing games or watching movies.

The screen synchronization feature of the DracoLight projector can be availed easily by hooking it up with a HDMI adapter and enjoying greater versatility at your fingertips.

Dual stereo speakers pave the path for accurate and powerful notes so that you can enjoy every inch of this fabulous audio-visual feast.

Optimum light transmission supported by its glass lens impart greater clarity to the picture quality coupled with brighter restoration of screen color.


  • Compatible with HD, AV, SD, USB and VGA inputs.
  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1 guarantees an ideal cinematic experience.
  • It can also be used outdoors with its optimum level of brightness which offers an eye-protective viewing experience.
  • A smartphone can be connected with the projector for making the most of its screen synchronization attributes.
  • Built-in HiFi speakers offer adequate backing to stellar graphics for a holistic viewing experience.
  • It comes backed by a year’s warranty against all technical defects.


  • HDMI adapter has to be purchased separately.

6. DBPOWER GP15 Projector

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The GP15 Mini projector from DBPOWER comes equipped with an upgraded LCD and 50% more lumens to deliver expansive color and premium pictures which is bound to guarantee an optimum cinematic viewing experience.

You can even ensure that your enjoyment lasts long coupled with a stellar LED lamp which lasts for more than 50000 hours of usage.

This portable multimedia projector is compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, TV Box, PCs, Chromebook, Tablets, Laptops, SD Card, Blu-Ray DVD player, Media Players, iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

Coupled with 15°keystone support, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9, the LED projector is bound to help you make the most of a delightful viewing experience.

You can take your pick amongst adjustable watching size of 32-120 inches from a projection distance of 3.3-9.8 feet.

A state of art cooling system cuts down the fan noise to an exact half so that you don’t get disrupted while watching your favorite movies.


  • Volume is sufficient for smaller space. However, it can be connected with an external speaker for amplifying the sound waves.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Immense accessibility options at a cheap price.


  • Works only in complete darkness.
  • Lens incurs problems with focusing.

7. iDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Video Multimedia Mini Portable Projector

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Coupled with 2000 lumens, the iDGLAX mini projector can light up your big screen 70% more compared to the ordinary LED ones.

The upgraded LED source Display technology guarantees bright and accurate colors over a broader spectrum so that you can make the most of your movie nights and video games in a dark environment.

The iDG-787W can impart a whole new meaning to home theater with 30-100-inch projection from a distance of 3-10 feet for both video games and movies while images of sizes 70-90 inch are supported over a distance of 6-9 feet.

With 20000 hours of lamp life, the iDGLAX projector can guard your back for a longer span of time. The high soft brightness of its green LED lamp ensures that no harm is inflicted on your eyes even after elongated stretches of viewing.

The advanced cooling system coupled with dual ball-bearing fans keeps heat and noise at bay so that you can hear even the minutest of audio with optimum clarity.

Lifetime customer support and 3 years’ warranty is provided by the projector manufacturers so that you can exchange and repair all malfunctioning projectors without breaking any sweat.


  • The sound and picture customizations are pretty good.
  • Works brilliant while screening cartoons or other shows with optimum color saturation.
  • Comes with 3 years’ manufacturer’s warranty so that you can make the most of its top-end customer service.


  • Fan might seem to be a little loud but it won’t create much of a problem once you start playing video content at full throttle.
  • You might encounter a diagonal line at the top right corner of the screen while scrolling through cable menus.
  • Remote might feel unresponsive at times.

8. Crenova XPE496 1080P HD Home Portable Video Projector

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Enjoy the big picture in a small package courtesy the upgraded Crenova projector which features 80% higher lumens in comparison to similar HDMI projectors available in the market.

Its innovative square-pixel technology lights up the big screen with rich and vivid imagery having a maximum resolution of 1080p over a lamp life of 50000 hours while energy and money savings are brought about by its low-voltage requirements.

The vibrant colors retain its brilliance even in brightly-lit rooms thus adding to the versatility of this HD projector which can suffice all your entertainment requirements.

Its newly-enhanced cooling system generates the least amount of noise in comparison to its contemporaries by enabling outstanding engineering at an unbeatable price.

You can utilize the USB, HDMI, SD and MHL connectivity options to connect your projector with PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

With a contrast ratio of 1000:1, the Crenova home projector guarantees radiant and crisp image devoid of jagged and blurred edges which you simply cannot stop marveling at whether you are projecting it on a sheet in your backyard or the plain wall in your house.


  • The compact and lightweight projector which can be carried around easily.
  • Quick and easy to both setup and takedown.
  • User friendly controls and settings.
  • It comes with numerous cables to suffice your varying requirements.
  • Super bright display making it perfect for projecting shows, movies and games.
  • Lifetime customer service and replacement or refund warranty of 12 months.


  • The sound emitted is not loud enough to fill up a large room.

9. RAGU Z400 Mini Projector

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Z400 is a gorgeous projector from the house of RAGU which can fill up your screen with 85% brighter images courtesy its upgraded LCD technology.

The projector stability has also undergone a massive improvement in recent times coupled with constant research and development undertaken by its manufacturers.

This helps in maintaining the vibrancy of its images even under low-light scenarios. Latest Noise Suppression technology also brings down the fan noise by 90% in stark contrast to its peers.

You can thus experience a luxurious cinematic experience coupled with the RAGU Z400 projector while being seated at the comfort of your house.

Square Pixel Imaging Technology helps the RAGU Z400 in performing better than the diamond pixel imaging of its peer projectors.

SRS Sound System of its built-in stereo speakers delivers amazing sound quality which can cater to both your indoor and outdoor requirements in an efficient manner.

The exclusive dual-fan system helps in preventing overheating and brings down system noise so that you can concentrate fully on your favorite shows and music.

It is advisable to adjust the focus ring and 15° keystone until the screen is filled up with crystal clear images.

The projector is powered to the core by an upgraded lamp which can keep your back over a stretch of 50000 hours thus buffering you from the requirement of frequent replacements.


  • Supports a projection display ranging from 28-180 inches for a visual feast.
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio delivers ultra-sharp visuals which can take your cinematic experience to a whole new level.
  • Latest noise suppression technology ensures silent operation so that you can focus completely on your favorite movies and shows.
  • Brings in 85% more brightness in comparison to its peer projectors.


  • Doesn’t support Dolby sound or automatic focus.

10. Vankyo Leisure 3


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Big screen viewing gets a whole new meaning with the VankyoLeisure 3 Projector which is powered to the core by MStar Advanced Color Engine.

You can expect its latest 2021 model to light up your screen with 40% more brightness than the ordinary models.

A contrast ratio of 2000:1 and maximum resolution of 1920*1080 makes it ideal for home entertainment although it is not advisable to use it in conducting office or PowerPoint presentations.

You can easily hook it up with your X-Box ONE, PS3, PS4, smartphone and Wii for enjoying the thrill of playing your favorite games on a bigger surface area.

This portable projector also comes with a customized bag that helps in its easy storage post usage.

You can enjoy 32” to 176” images from a distance of between 4.9ft to 16.4ft although 6.5ft is considered ideal for enjoying the same to the fullest.

An innovative cooling system that accompanies the Vankyo Leisure 3 projector paves the path for effective heat dispersion while cutting the fan noise to an exact half.

It comes backed with 3-years manufacturing warranty which can keep you protected against all technical errors which might arise during the same time.


  • Projector hardware can be set up easily.
  • Hardware does not emit any noise during its running which is infamous for hampering your movie viewing experience.
  • It has excellent color reproduction which leads to immersive visuals.
  • The focus of output display can be adjusted easily coupled with ±15-degree keystone correction function.
  • Can deliver 40% more brightness in comparison to ordinary projectors.


  • It does not support Dolby audio.
  • Gets pretty heated on being used for long and have to be shut down every 3-4 hours.

11. J Professional HI-04


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To meet the needs of the customers not only has DR. J improved the brightness and contrast ratio of this portable projector but has also included a 100″ Projector Screen in the kit.

As this screen is portable thus you can enjoy watching the great movies in your yard or anywhere else.

This projector supports 1080P resolution. You can watch movies on 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. Plus, it offers a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

You can attach this multimedia projector with a variety of devices, for example TV boxes, computers, laptops, DVD players, SD cards, smartphones and etc.

Thou the package doesn’t include a HDMI cable and you might have to purchase that yourself.

This projector is ideal for using indoor and outdoor. If you are ever in the mood for watching a movie on a bigger screen, then set up a home theater using this protector. Or if you ever invite a friend over to play video games then you can set the display via the projector and set up a sound system for audio.

12.Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector



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If you ever want to give an extra edge to watching a movie at home or viewing videos, then this projector is the right pick for you.

It allows you to link your smartphone via a MHL cable. In doing so you can share photos and videos. Plus, the projector is compatible with many devices, such as Wii, PS4, TV, PC, USB disk, PS4, Wii, DVD or any other multimedia devices.

This product makes use of the latest noise reduction technology. This technology makes you focus on the movie.

Its small size makes it easy for you to carry it. It’s so compact that you can place it in your handbag when traveling.

Its support 1080P high resolution makes it comparable to a movie theater. You and your family will get to experience a whole new feeling while watching movies using this device.

The projector lamp has a lifetime of 50,000 hours. This means that you can use the projector for 30 years without have to replacing the light bulb.

This movie projector has 3600 lumens and 2000:1 contrast. This means that you watch bright HD movies at home and have a blast playing games on big screen games with your friends.

The company offers 2 years of customer service and free replacement policy.

13.QKK Mini LED Projector


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This latest mini projector is designed for watching movies in the dark be it indoor or outdoor. Its 1080p quality will surely make movie night a special occasion.

Plus, it offers 16:9 aspect ratio, 50’000-hour lamp life and 32-176” display.

The projector has been designed with a double USB Port. QKK mini projector mechanical team worked hard and were successful in adding another USB port.

This is the only mini projector on the market which has this feature. Thus you can utilize both the USB thumb drives together.

This Multimedia Mini Projector also has VSA, AV, HDMI and SD Card port. Thus you can use the projector with Laptop, TV Box, Tablets, Computers, DVD players, Media players and Smartphones

The kit includes a universal tripod so that customers can set it up and watch movies with ease.

14.Jinhoo, WiFi Mini Projector

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This mini projector has a convenient WiFi feature. This means that the projector is compatible with android and IOS system.

So you do not need a cable instead you can use the Wi-Fi connection. Plus, if you have connected your phone once, the device will remember you.  You can connect your device with the projector whenever you want to use it.

The projector is equipped with the latest 4200 Lux Brightness. This brightness is higher than any other projector available in the market.

It supports both 720p and 1080p resolution. Plus, it has a contrast ratio of 2000:1. A 100” projector is included in the kit and the projector has a built-in 2W*2 stereo speakers.

So you can set up the screen and enjoy watching any movie clearly and loudly.

15.GooDee Portable Mini Projector

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GooDee mini projector has a modern and stylish look that will add to the décor of your theater and home. This small and stylish video projector is a great option to watch a movie on with friends and family!

Its tripod can rotate 360 degrees, so you watch movies anywhere you like. Plus, the small size of the projector makes it super easy for you to carry it with you while you travel.

This portable projector includes a variety of inputs, like USB, SD, HDMI, AV. Plus it has a 3.55mm audio interfaces that can adapt to the settings of your home theater, party, video game and outdoor activities.

It also supports 1080P. So get one and don’t miss out!

Using an HDMI adaptor you can connect the projector with any laptop or phone. Its built-in speakers will amplify the sound effects and you will be hooked in no time.

The company offers a refund and exchange policy within three months of purchasing and offers 12 months of technical support.

16.ELEPHAS Mini Movie Projector

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This device can turn any space into a private cinema. Its 2019’s advanced imaging LCD 2.0 technology and 4000 lux brightness of the LED light source makes this projector 2 times brighter and better than ordinary projector.

Its lightweight and portable design make it easy for you to carry it with you. So set it up in any dark indoor or outdoor space and experience home theater like never before.

This affordable home entertainment projector supports the highest resolution of 1080P and also supports the native 720P resolution. In terms of contrast, its ratio is 3000:1. The most amazing thing out of all this is that is has a 200” big screen.

It is super easy to set up and is an ideal option for replacing the traditional TV.

Its built-in speaker is manufactured with an advanced fan system that reduces the noise by 50%. This mini projector will provide an exceptional sound quality of the Hi-Fi level.  We recommend that you attach external speakers when using this projector outside.

This multipurpose and multimedia projector has options for a variety of input and is compatible with many interfaces.

ELEPHAS guarantees that this product comes with a lifetime warranty and qualified technical support absolutely free.

17.CiBest Video Projector

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This video projector by CiBest is 80% brighter than any other mini projectors available in the market at the same price.

Its supports resolution of up to 1080p and has a contrast ratio of 2000:1. You can enjoy lifelike images while watching videos and movies. These features will give an extra movie time with family or friends at your home or outdoor.

Meanwhile, the diffuse reflection technology can make the projection image softer and protect your eyes.

This projector works well with PC, tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD card, USB flash drive, PS4 or any other media player. You can connect it to your smartphone and get the fun started.

It offers screen size ranging from 30” to 200” plus the built-in speakers provide stunning sound effects. So all in all you will get an amazing experience on using this projector.

The company offers lifetime warranty and a refund within the first two months of purchase.

18.POYANK 2800Lux LED Wireless Mini Projector

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This projector is definitely a people pleaser as you don’t need to buy any additional MHL connection with it. So you can deliver the smartphone screen on to the projector and get to experience videos on the big screen without having to look for adaptors.

What you have to do is refer to the Wi-Fi settings on the projector and then connect your smartphone directly to the projector.

Plus, you can use any USB cable and connect the phone directly. It’s that easy.

Thou the native resolution of this device is 480p but it can also support high resolutions up to 1080p. it also supports the ratio aspect of 16:9 and 4:3 while its contrast ratio is 2000:1.

Poyank WIFI projector is an ideal choice for your indoor and outdoor movie or video needs. Mount it on to ceiling and enjoy unlimited videos.

19.Crosstour Video Projector


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This HD projector has a screen-mirroring function, so you can connect it to your tablet or smartphone directly using a Wi-Fi connection or USB CABLE. You do not have to buy any extra HDMI converters for this.

This home movie projector supports resolutions up to 1080. It has 3500 lumens brightness and the color contrast ratio of this projector is enhanced. It’s realistic and clear picture quality gives a theater-like feel.

As the projector is small and portable thus you can easily carry it with yourself. The screen can be altered from 30 to 176 inches, so you and your family can enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen.

You can flexibly connect your laptops, USB drives, tablets, TV boxes and other devices to the projector via a variety of ways and enjoy watching videos on the big screen.

The company offers a 3-years money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support so make your purchase with confidence.

20.AZEUS RD-822 Video Projector

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This projector supports resolutions as high as 1080p and has a native resolution of 720p. It is color contrast ratio of 2000:1 offers color 80% sharper than other projectors. You so will get to see crystal clear images that are ideal for games, graphics and movies.

The screen experience with this projector is enormous and bright. It has 4000 lumens and display size from 40” up to 200”.

It utilizes LED light source and TFT LCD display technology that ensures that lower energy is used as compared to other conventional bulbs. Plus, the light has a longer life of up to 50,000 hours.

With 3 year warranty and 24/7 customer support, you can buy this product with the confidence that your money will not go to waste.


You will need to find out a way of hooking up your image source along with the projector prior to splashing your movie or slideshow on the big screen.

Home theater projectors are usually accompanied by one or more HDMI inputs meant for your satellite box, cable, gaming console, Blu-ray player and other devices.

Other ports like VGA, USB, SD card slot and component video might also be included in your home theater projector. You can hook it up with an external set of speakers using the audio outputs.

Thus, it is imperative to gauge the types of connections you will require and make sure that the home projector provides you with just the same.

For example, at least three HDMI inputs might be felt necessary if you wish to connect a gaming console, Blu-ray player and HD cable box with your home theater projector.

You will also be required to devise a way of running cables to your entertainment system from the projector since it will most likely be mounted on the wall or ceiling.


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