Top 10 Best Inflatable Floating Island of 2021

Inflatable island lounge for sea holiday

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Summer seasons are synonymous with frivolous pool parties for beating the heat in style.

And one of the party essentials which can help you in unleashing your inner water-baby is an inflatable floating island which is designed for partying to the fullest in the cool waters of river, lakes and even your backyard swimming pool.

Some of the biggest inflatable floaters can accommodate as many as 12 people together so that you can invite your entire bunch of buddies for limitless fun.

They are also designed to usher in optimum comfort while you relax and destress over glasses of sparkling mocktails. If you are on the search for a high quality floating island, then you are bound to feel confused by the large array of options available readily.

Choosing the right model is extremely important so that you can have fun in the sun with all your friends and family in the most comfortable manner.

Keeping such things in mind we have brought forward a list of top ten inflatable floating islands which can guarantee optimum value for money spent.

Image Name  
Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island Check Price
Sun Pleasure Giant Party Bird Island Unicorn Check Price
Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge Check Price
Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat Check Price
Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island Check Price
Intex Key Largo Inflatable Island Check Price
Bestway Lazy Days Inflatable Island Check Price
CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable Check Price
Intex Relaxation Island Check Price
Intex Oasis Island Inflatable Check Price

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Size & Capacity

The more is always the merrier while organising a party. You can rarely have the fun all by yourself when there is an option of multiplying the same by bringing your friends along. Herein lies the importance of the size of the floating island so that you can carry your entire brigade along. While most of them can accommodate in between 3 to 8 people, you can also seek out the bigger 12 seater ones if you have a bigger group to cater to. The weight considerations also need to be catered to along with the capacity which varies in between 175-200 pounds per person.

Material Construction

Most of the floating islands are crafted using vinyl PVC having high thickness for resisting chances of punctures. Pool floats are usually made using 11 gauge PVC while island rafts require a minimum of 17 gauge for efficient functioning. It is imperative to note here that salt water does not affect PVC. However, you will require a 25 gauge and 30-gauge floating island for being used in a river and sea water respectively. Vinyl PVC construction also aids in easy inflating and deflating. You also need to ensure the UV resistance of your PVC floater as it might otherwise break down under direct sunlight. Some floaters are even constructed using foam but these models cannot be deflated post usage and hence require a huge storage space.

Special Features

Special attributes can add a fun element to your floating island in the form of luxurious cup holders with deep designs for preventing your drinks from spilling over and many more. Some even feature built-in coolers for adhering to the adequate level of chill so that you can quench your thirst after hours of swimming in the sun. Modern day floating islands are even offering a wading pool in the centre so that you can dip your feet and cool off while enjoying the serene view all around. Many floaters are accompanied by a mesh wading pool for extra safety especially when you have children and pets on board. Some floating islands are specifically designed for being towed but you should not try to do the same unless it has been mentioned by the manufacturer anywhere in the packaging or in the instruction manual. Some other super-cool features which can delight your vacation are canopy for staying out of the sun, handle grips for getting in and out, cushions and dedicated seating as well as steering wheels for imitating the feel of riding an actual boat.

Easy Of Use

It becomes easy to carry these floating islands once they have been deflated and folded properly. Big sized floats might require extra assistance from your friends for being carried to the water body once it has been inflated. It is also advisable to keep an electric pump handy so that you can inflate the floater just next to the pool.

1. Sun Pleasure Party Bird Island

Make the most of your laidback summer holidays by lounging at the pool with the giant party bird island from Sun Pleasure.

This super impressive pink flamingo float can easily hike up the fun quotient as you enjoy the company of five other people given its spacious build.

It surely winds top points in the design department with intricate white detailing around the neck and wing region.

The wide backrest and seats of this inflatable lake float can keep you comfortable for long as you engage in chit-chats and have a rejuvenating time with sunshine on your shoulders.

You can even take a short nap either before embarking with your swimming activities or after the same.

Its mesh flooring can also be filled with water to soak your feet and keep cool even when the mercury rises outside.

This can also serve as the perfect recreational option for people who are not very keen about getting into the water but wish to be a part of the fun activities nonetheless.

The accompanying mesh carry bag helps in taking the taking the pool float along to all your vacations while the pump helps in inflating the same within just a few minutes of time.



  • Features a built-in cup holder and cooler so that you can store your drinks without having to worry about spillage.
  • Crafted using durable materials which ensures that the floating flamingo retains its balance and buoyancy even while performing at full capacity.
  • Can comfortably seat 6 adults for greater fun.
  • Attached dock helps in climbing in and out of this giant floater.
  • 8 cup holders and built-in cooler helps in storing your beverages.
  • Durable PVC construction makes it ideal for being used in pool, river, lake or ocean.



  • Accompanying rope is just 8 feet long.

2. Sun Pleasure Giant Party Bird Island Unicorn

Summer pool parties will never be the same coupled with this super-cool giant unicorn floater which is bound to transform you into the star of the party as you drift around the pool.

Six adults can be seated comfortably in it with ample space for carrying your refreshments and entertainment avenues along.

You can easily climb into and out of this giant unicorn floating island coupled with the built-in grab handles which is especially helpful if you wish to rest your limbs in between swimming sessions at your neighbourhood lake.

An impressive built-in cooler along with 8 cup holders can keep your refreshment quotient high at all times as you sit back and sip on your favorite cocktails.

The durable PVC construction of the unicorn floater assists in its hassle-free usage in river, lake, ocean or pool with utmost ease.

The anchor bag and tether rope ensures that the majestic creature does not escape while taking it out into the open water. It also provides the option of adding some water to the bottom of the floater for keeping your feet cool and making the most of the sunny weather.

Whether you are deciding on the décor for your daughter’s upcoming pool birthday party or just wish to relieve your childhood dream, this majestic creature having a white body accented with vivacious rainbow hued wings, mane and tail can serve as your ideal pick.

Every single giant unicorn party floater is accompanied with mesh accessories and its own pump which is powerful enough to inflate the entire floater within a couple of minutes.



  • Extremely easy to inflate.
  • Comes with a rope which can be used for fixing it to a stable structure for preventing the same from floating away.
  • Accompanied by a big carrying bag and high speed pump both of which serve as priceless additions.
  • Built-in cooler is extremely handy if you wish to store drinks and other perishable food items.
  • Double valves accentuate the deflating process.



  • Cup holders are a little shallow for holding full cans of drink which become prone to being spilled away.

3. Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

The Intex Canopy island can easily fit two adults as you stretch out your legs and make the most of those laidback summer holidays.

And if the sun starts to burn, then you can readily use the canopy as a shade. The canopy can also be detached if you wish to enjoy the delightful evening breeze in an uninterrupted manner.

Stability in water is guaranteed by the dual air chambers crafted out of PVC vinyl which prevent the chances of the floater being flipped over even in the presence of big waves.

The lower compartment even features a canvas bottom for rendering protection from uneven ground surfaces. You can inflate or deflate this white beauty within a matter of just few minutes coupled with a pump.

The weight limit listed out by the manufacturers is 400 pounds. Thus, if you are more than 6 feet tall, then you can be guaranteed that your feet wont hang off the edge while you doze off.

It also becomes easier to get into a comfortable position coupled with a relaxing backrest. You might feel the plastic sticking to your skin while drifting around in direct sunlight. However, you can overcome the same by splashing water on the floater every now and then.

The loops and rope on the outer edge assist in tying up the floating island with other objects such as a jetty, boat or even an anchor. In this way, you can also safeguard the lounge from blowing off suddenly if a violent gust of wind sweeps by.

The Intex canopy island is perfect for being used at the beach, in a pool, on the lake or at a calm spot in the river which is away from the current.



  • Dual built-in cup holders to keep your beverage nearby.
  • Detachable fabric sun shade providing just the right amount of protection from the heat.
  • Does not require deflation every other day.
  • Dual air chambers pave the path for low center of gravity which prevent the floater from flipping over.



  • Cup holders are positioned at the outer rim and not at the end of the armrests. Thus, you will be required to stretch a lot for reaching them while being seated.

4. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

The new and improved design of the Intex Giant Inflatable floating mat makes it the perfect choice for spending a laidback afternoon in the pool wrapped up in plush comfort.

You can easily connect this water mat with others through the float connectors and Intex connect for making the most out of a large floating pad which can easily accompany all your friends and family members.

Once you are done with your pool escapades, you can easily fold it into a small shape for being stored away efficiently. The twenty-gauge Vinyl construction imparts greater durability to this floating mat which can be expected to last long enough for satiating your pool party needs.

The high-quality construction also helps in preventing skin allergies so that you can enjoy having sunshine on your shoulders without having to worry about any skin conditions.

Each such mat can sustain the maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. You can also tether it to a boat from any of its four corners for preventing it from drifting away amidst heavy winds.

This mat has been designed ergonomically so that you can relax on the same with your entire family and rejuvenate your senses.



  • Greater safety ensured by the dual air chambers which prevent the floating mat from flipping over.
  • Can be folded easily for being stored away when not in use.
  • High-quality vinyl construction helps in keeping chances of allergies at bay. Its velvety nature also does not stick to the skin unlike its contemporaries.
  • Can be connected easily with other floating mats for accommodating all your friends.
  • Conforms to your body pose by sinking in a little at spots where water gets accumulated for preventing the floating island from feeling dry and stiff.
  • Can be inflated and deflated easily.



  • Might feel cumbersome to roll and place it on a boat.

5. Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

This impressive “floating island” can house up to six people for your upcoming summer pool party. The CoolerZ can thus serve as your ultimate choice if you wish to make the most of the beach fun with your friends and family.

The package also includes one cooler bag, six cup holders and a removable sun shade so that you don’t end up tanning yourself more than what you had initially intended.

However, while relaxing at the beach it is advisable to keep the CoolerZ Tropical Breeze properly anchored to prevent the strong winds from sending it astray coupled with the shade which acts like a sail in such a case.

Some of the extra features offered by the Tropical Breeze Island float are extra wide pillow backrests, mesh bottom seating and much more. Its centre opening also helps in dipping your feet in the water for feeling nice and cool.

This versatile lounging party island offers ample open environment for allowing conversation while you relax and destress. The handles around the climbing platform makes it easy to board the floating island.

Its high-quality plastic construction can easily withstand the impact of sharp objects such as rocks and sunken logs which are found drifting around the water. The minimal inflation and deflation time has also garnered positive feedback from customers around the globe.

The usage of anchor is recommended alongwith the floating island as otherwise you will feel the requirement of a pair of paddles for rowing the same.



  • Extra wide pillow brackets for guaranteeing topmost comfort.
  • Removable sun shade.
  • Cooler bag and six cup holders to take care of your beverages.
  • Lots of tie down points.



  • Doesn’t come with paddles.
  • Might prove difficult to climb into.
  • Canopy can blow you off course by acting as a sail.

6. Intex Key Largo Inflatable Island

If you are thinking of hanging out with your near and dear ones during the summer vacation, then nothing can beat the excitement of riding a floating island.

The Intex Key Largo inflatable island raft is constructed using PVC which imparts optimum durability and comfort to the same. Some of the other attributes which deserve attention are its 4 handles for security as well as 6 cup holders and built-in coolers to stack up your refreshments.

With an overall loading capacity of 6 adults, the Intex inflatable float can serve as the perfect get-away for your group of buddies. In spite of being a penultimate model for relaxing in lakes and similar places filled with muskrats, you need to be extremely cautious as the floating island is not muskrat proof.

The simple build of this floating island has won accolades for its smart overall layout plan which has been designed to maximise open space and making it easy to move inside the floater.

The conveniently placed coolers make it easy for everyone aboard to access refreshments and have a great time marvelling at the beauty of sea, sun and sand.

It also features a lower surface area and multiple tie down points all around the island raft for being hooked up with other Intex floaters.



  • Crafted using highly durable material.
  • Features six cup holders which provide added convenience.
  • Offers optimum durability and comfort.
  • Has a smart layout.
  • Well-designed climbing platform.



  • Lacks a canopy.
  • Boston Valve makes it difficult to get the floating island in the water.

7. Bestway Lazy Days Inflatable Island

The inflatable river island by Bestway can comfortably seat 6 adults as it provides us with the ultimate means of relaxing in the water while watching the sky turn into a rainbow of colors as the sun sets in the horizon.

Its inflate-shield puncture resistant material construction does not sag even when three or more people are seated on the same. Neither does it cause everyone to come plummeting down to the same spot like its contemporaries.

You need to inflate its chambers separately which might feel cumbersome at times but ensures optimum firmness which is bound to delight you to the core.

You can store the beverages of your choice in the six cup holders while ultimate relaxation on the water stands guaranteed by the 3 extra wide pillow backrests which can cater to you as well as your friends.

You can even beat the heat in style coupled with the mesh bottom which aids you in feeling the cool waves brush past your skin.

The safety grab ropes and heavy duty handles makes getting into the floating island an extremely easy affair. It is also accompanied by an anchor which prevents it from floating away due to unruly wind force.

The easy in and out access of the river island makes it unnecessary to drop in from the top which can become a cause of concern while you are carrying a drink.

Its bench style backrest also stands out as an USP allowing you to sit wherever you wish to.



  • Constructed using puncture resistant material.
  • Simple social structure.
  • Has wide and comfortable pillow brackets.
  • Netted center part can free you from worries about accidents.
  • Can be inflated easily.
  • Accompanied with an anchor bag and rope.



  • Huge size makes it cumbersome to be transferred to the water body once it is inflated.
  • Lacks cooler compartments for carrying beverages along.

8. CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable

The first thing which is going to delight you about his inflatable pool is its quirky color combination of yellow and black which screams out ‘hello summer.’

However, in stark contrast to most of its peers, the CoolerZ island tube can house just four people at once which surely can pose as a cause of concern if you have a bigger party of house guests.

The manufacturers have paid special attention to the safety parameters which is why they have included heavy handles and two air chambers.

You can also relax and sip on your favorite mocktails by resting on the three comfortable backrest cushions.

The Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable Floating Island can serve as an excellent choice while at the lake or river with a bunch of friends.

Its high-gauge PVC material construction can easily resist minor wear and tear thus adding to its longevity.

There is also a grab rope running through the circumference of this inflatable island which makes it easy to mount the same from water.

Dual built-in coolers make it the perfect choice for storing all your favorite snacks and beverages so that you can carry out your pool party in style.

The coil beam construction prevents this inflatable island from losing its shape if less than four people board it.



  • Comfortable backrest cushions which can wrap you up in the arms of plush luxury.
  • Durable construction adds to its longevity while you enjoy the pool party or get your tanning game on point.
  • Heavy duty handles impart an extra level of security.
  • Features two separate cooling compartments and multiple drink shots to keep the party going.
  • Open bottom at the center helps in enjoying the cold water by dipping your feet especially when you don’t wish to get all drenched.



  • Can cater to only 4 people at once which is lesser than most of its peers available in the market.
  • Might get too cramped if tall people get into the same.

9. Intex Relaxation Island

Get your summer party started in style with this inflatable water raft by Intex Relaxation which can hold up to 6 adults for a great day at the lake. You can also keep your drinks handy coupled with the built-in cooler and 6 cup holders.

The serene combination of white and blue makes this floating island stand out from the crowd whether at your backyard swimming pool or the neighbourhood lake. The perfectly contoured 3-person lounger can serve as your ultimate pick if you wish to get your summer tan on point.

Hopping in and out of the island lounge gets super easy courtesy the grab handles of the boarding platform which also offers you the flexibility of bobbing alongside the boat.

The floater comes with an anchor bag which needs to be filled with sand for keeping the floater secured as well as a repair patch kit which might prove to be beneficial if it encounters rough sea.

Another significant feature of the Intex relaxation raft is its four upright seats having comfortable back rests and open floor swim-through access.

All the seat backs feature separate air compartments to ensure optimum firmness throughout the boat’s circumference. However, you might require the assistance of your friends or family for carrying it to the water body and back into your storage given its bulky nature.

The floater can be inflated in minutes using a battery pump and can even be deflated in a hassle-free manner by removing the larger plug once you are done with its usage.



  • Keeps your feet cool.
  • Can cater to a large group of people.
  • Features wide backrests for wrapping you up in plush comfort.
  • Can suffice both indoor and outdoor usage.



  • Material construction is of mediocre quality.
  • Does not feature a mesh bottom for cooling off your feet.

10. Intex Oasis Island Inflatable

Float in style with the Intex Oasis Island Lounge Blue and White 58923EP which can comfortably seat up to five different adults. You can make the most of the serene water all around as well as dip your feet in the blue madness coupled with its mesh lounging bottom.

Some of the standout features of the Oasis Lounge are its four cup holders, cosy backrests and grab rope on two of its sides for getting into the floater easily. With a width of over 8” and weight capacity of 704 pounds, the Intex Oasis Island can serve as your ultimate pick for having fun in the sun.

Coming to the aspects of efficiency, convenience and design, the inflatable floating island ranks pretty high as the clever blue and white combination catches the heat during summer months and easily blends in to all types of hangouts.

The laidback design of this lounger will ensure that you do not miss the comfort of your drawing room while experiencing miles of blue all around you.

While its plush armrests and backrests keep your comfort meter satiated the Boston valves make sure that you can inflate and deflate this beauty in an easy manner within just a few seconds.

The floating island is accompanied with a repair patch kit and an anchor bag which needs to be filled in with sand or similar weights for keeping the floater moored especially if gets exceptionally windy.



  • Features an uber-stylish design.
  • Is very comfortable to use.
  • Has three air chambers, one in the base and two at the backrests for ushering in ultimate firmness.



  • Built material and seams are not of very high quality.
  • It is not towable.
  • Pressure pump has to be purchased separately.


A good floating island can present you with hours of fun and relaxation whether you are at your backyard pool or at the beach. Growing requirement of these floating islands amongst people have made manufacturers offer greater versatility in terms of seating capacity, cooler storage, cup holders and many more. The ultimate aim here is to provide the riders with plush comfort much like their living room while allowing the serene view of blue water all around. These island floaters are also hiking up the safety meter by coming up with more durable material construction which does not stick to the skin or cause any allergies even after hours of usage.