Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chair of 8 Feet, 7 Feet, 6 Feet and 5 Feet in 2021

Bean Bag Chair comfortable relaxation

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Bean bag chairs surfaced in home furnishings market for the very first time during the Italian Modernism movement of 1968.

It took inspiration from the post-war technology and presented sacks of polystyrene balls which were stacked on the floor in lumps.

Modern day designers have imparted a swanky makeover to this ancient idea for coming up with excellent bean bag chair options which can cater to the requirements of kids, teens, college students and even office goers who are looking to relax their tired nerves after a hectic day at work.

Affordability is one of the primal attributes behind the massive popularity of these chairs which can thus be replaced easily whenever it gets dirtied beyond cleaning or damaged beyond repair otherwise a good quality recliner might be a better option.

Today we are going to take a look at ten such bean bag chairs which can keep your comfort meter up and running at all times and that too without burning a hole in your wallet.

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Cozy Sack 8-Feet Bean Bag Chair Check Price
Large Bean Bag Chair 8 Foot Cozy Beanbag Check Price
David Faux Suede 8 Feet Lounger Bean Bag Check Price
Cozy Sack 7-Feet Bean Bag Chair Check Price
Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair Check Price
Cozy Sack 740-CBB-SKY Maui Beanbag Chair Check Price
Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair Check Price
Cozy Sack 640-CBB-GREY Maui Beanbag Chair Check Price
Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair Check Price
Lumaland Luxury 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair Check Price

This is one of the topmost characteristic which determines your purchase as bean bag chairs come in an array of sizes ranging from small to extra-large. You should consider your available floor space before bringing home a bean bag as the last thing you would want is to fit in an 8 feet lounger in your pint-sized bedroom already overstocked with furniture. Smaller bean bag chairs are ideal for children whereas adults require their sturdier contemporaries which can sustain their weight. Knowing the right size is essential while shopping online as in such a case you will not be physically present for measuring the length.


Round bean bags were the original versions which flooded the market years back. However modern day designers are experimenting with their creativity to come up with square types resembling cubes for taking the place of dining room chairs, ottomans and even a table. Gaming bean bag chairs are usually wide and round at the base and tapers towards the top for imparting adequate back support and preventing the onslaught of any pain or muscle stiffness.


Bean bag chair in the hues of buckskin, earth, cinnabar, chocolate, hot pink, grey, lime, hunter green, olive, navy blue, royal blue, purple, pumpkin and sky blue looks best in the rooms of teenagers and adults whereas the rooms of toddlers and kids look best with green stripe, tiger print, orange stripe, grey flowers, pink flowers and grey stripe bean bag chairs.


You will come across various fabrics such as denim, vinyl, khadi, cotton and many more while shopping for a bean bag chair. Your preference and usage will determine your ultimate selection of material as a stronger fabric will be required if you are planning on using the same for long stretches of time. In such a case cotton, denim and khadi can serve as ideal choices. Cotton can be the perfect choice for taking on wear and tear as it is extremely effective in transmitting moisture away from your body and keeping you dry and comfortable at all times. The earth-friendly khadi can also serve as a potent subsidiary of cotton and can serve you well if you have a history of skin irritations. However, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, then vinyl can serve you best as it features waterproof and sun-proof capabilities as well as wear & tear resistance. Irrespective of the quality of the fabric, it is imperative to opt for a zipped top cover so that you can wash the same whenever it gets dirty.


Modern day bean bag chairs come filled up with fire retardant polystyrene beads which are light, airy and compression resistant. They can easily contour to your body shape by creating a sort of nest. Some of the manufacturers are even opting for memory foam which enhance the comfort meter in spite of being heavier. You need to make sure that the fillers are stashed properly for providing requisite support to your body weight. A person weighing 200 pounds thus cannot use the same bean bag chair as that of a person weighing 80 pounds.Hypoallergenic fillers become necessary if you or anyone in your family is suffering from allergic or asthmatic troubles.


Last but not the least, your bean bag chair needs to blend in with your existing house aesthetics for evolving into a highly stylish component. You can brainstorm over various textures and colors which will look good in your house before initiating with the bean bag chair quest.

8 Feet Bean Bag Chair

1. Cozy Sack 8-Feet Bean Bag Chair

The Cozy Sack extra-large chair resembles a very thick oreo shape which can actually support an upright-slightly-reclined and back-supported position.

For this you will be required to place the flat side on the floor for using it like a round “platform” which can serve as your ultimate nirvana if you wish to lounge and chill like a boss.

Sitting upright on the seam which is nearest to you and setting the chair on the edge allows for most of the squish to be at your back thus rendering extra support.

It also conforms to your body posture so that your neck or back does not feel strained even after rolling on it throughout the entire evening.

Its 100% polyester material feels a lot like suede while the No.5 YKK zipper imparts extra strength to sustain the test of time and heavy-duty usage. The outer cover can withstand a lot of activity and can even be washed easily for maintaining its prim and proper look even after continued usage.

It is advisable to use cold water and a potassium-free soap while washing the external cover for preventing chances of shrinkage. While proceeding with the machine wash, you need to be cautious about closing the zipper as it might get struck in the machine when left open.

Spot cleaning is also possible with a mild soap and damp cloth. The foam is contained in an inner case which comes plastic wrapped and vacuum sealed in a polyester/linen cube.

The ultra-soft urethane foam filling of the Cozy Sack bean bag chair conforms to your sitting positions so that you don’t experience a single string of discomfort. In stark contrast to its traditional peers, the Cozy Sack stands out with its stellar ability of springing back to its normal size time and again.



  • Microfiber cover can be removed and washed separately.
  • High durability of the cover does not allow stains to show easily.
  • Filled with foam and changes size for conforming to your posture.
  • Polyester fabric feels super comfortable on your skin.



  • Can be extremely difficult to move once it fluffs up completely.

2. Large Bean Bag Chair 8 Foot Cozy Beanbag

The elegant and comfortable bean bag chair from Cozy Sack can blend beautifully to your existing living room décor whether you wish to keep it traditional or contemporary.

Its durable build is resistant to abrasion and also feels incredibly soft to touch. Cleaning the upholstery is also extremely easy as you can remove the external cover and opt for a quick machine or even hand wash.

This effective lounging solution provides adequate support to your back and can even conform to your body shape to engulf you in ultimate comfort.

This versatile furniture can either serve as a wonderful puffy as you fold its back inside, a cosy chair with a back if you rest it against the wall or another furniture and even a small lounge chair to relax on those lazy weekends.

You need to fluff the bean bag chair each time after usage to retain its soft feel and refresh the cushion. The strong and supportive chair is stacked with softest quality virgin polyurethane foam which imparts adequate strength and firmness for alleviating all back-pain issues.

However, its 8-foot stature might pose as a cause of concern if you are running short of floor space. Thus, it becomes imperative to conduct an area check prior to purchasing this comfortable lounger.



  • Offers optimum value for money spent.
  • Vacuum packed filler material can expand pretty quickly if you abide by the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Outstanding customer service for catering to your queries and concerns.
  • The external cover can be removed easily for being washed.



  • You need to rotate it every now and then since it develops a tendency of getting moulded in one position with continued usage.

3. David Faux Suede 8 Feet Lounger Bean Bag

This 8-foot lounging bean bag chair manufactured by Great Deal Furniture can serve as the perfect addition to your living pad provided you have ample floor space for accommodating the same.

It can easily sustain multiple adults simultaneously so that you can carry out those fun slumber parties with unlimited gossip and while binge watching your favorite TV series.

Its microfiber exterior feels extremely plush to touch and can even take on rough usage which is a common characteristic of households having pet and children.

The puncture proof cover can keep you free from worries even when your furry friends decide to take a nap on the same. Setting up the bean bag chair is also extremely easy as you just need to break up the memory foam chunks and the rest of the expansion takes place automatically.

The double zipper of the chair imparts greater level of durability and also makes it easy to remove the external cover.

The chair interior is packed with eco-friendly recycled foam which is bound to delight you on getting to fulfill your part of not harming mother nature for your own comfort.

You can easily play video games and even listen to music while lazing on this comfortable bean bag chair which can be placed both indoors and outdoors.



  • Micro suede fiber cover is highly stain resistant and easily washable.
  • Double layered zipper offers additional security.
  • Puncture proof material can keep you free from worries even when your pets develop a certain affinity towards the bean bag chair.
  • Economic chair which has been crafted using recycled and reusable material for leaving a minimal environmental footprint.



  • Might take a considerable amount of time in reaching its full stature.

7 Feet Bean Bag Chair

4. Cozy Sack 7-Feet Bean Bag Chair

The 7 feet Cozy Sack foam chair acts like a magnet for the sedentary as it offers top-notch relaxation to soothe your tired nerves. Its softest virgin urethane foam filling does not go flat like traditional bean bag chairs even after years of usage.

The chocolate hued item which can easily fit three average sized adults can blend in with your existing living room aesthetics in a seamless fashion. It comes tightly packed and weighs just a fraction of its size.

You will be required to fluff it adequately by turning and shaking to accelerate the whole process of the foam bag attaining its actual size. It is also advisable to roll it a couple of times followed by a good fluffing every time after use to maintain its original fluffy feel even after years of usage.

The well-stitched bean bag having foam filling in the place of beans does not feel hot even after using it for long. Its 100% external cover feels a lot like suede which surely is super velvety to touch and roll on.

The external cover can also be removed and cleaned although the same cannot be said about the internal layering which holds the foam as it is not waterproof. Thus, spillage might pose as a big problem especially when the drink leaks inside the foam layer.

The external cover is also notorious for picking up dog hair and dirt from wooden floor easily. You can however counteract the same by brushing it with a lint brush on a daily basis.



  • Extremely easy to put the bean bag chair together.
  • Comfortable enough for being used as a sleeping couch.
  • The external cover can be either spot cleaned or thrown inside the washing machine for a deep clean.



  • You might encounter a chemical odour during unboxing.

5. Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

This 7-foot lounger from Lumaland can serve as your ideal pick for round the clock comfort and relaxation. Its ultra-soft external cover feels extremely plush to touch and can even be cleaned from time to time to retain its radiant feel.

You can even use the inner beige polyester cover while the outer one is at the laundry. The durable zipper helps in removing the external cover in a hassle-free manner. Alternatively, you can also proceed with spot cleaning coupled with a warm cloth which is very effective for removing stains.

High-class foam material has been used by the manufacturers by strictly filtering away all plastic parts or remnants for retaining the comfort and cosy feel of this bean bag chair for long spans of time.

One of the best thing about this foam filling is that it reflects your body heat and even conforms to your natural shape so that you do not feel strained even after rolling on it for long stretches of time.

People who complain about back and neck problems most of which are associated with sedentary lifestyle can be catered to by this versatile chair which corrects your posture and thus eases your pain. The bag is shipped in a box measuring just a fraction of its original size.

However, it starts expanding once it is unpacked and can reach the full size within just a matter of three days. You can also accelerate this process by crushing the clusters and fluffing it up.



  • Crafted using highly durable materials.
  • Suitable for everyone including children, grownups and even pets.
  • Ultra-soft micro suede fabric which can be machine or hand washed.
  • Foam reflects body heat to keep you cool and comfy at all times.



  • Not meant for apartments having limited floor space.

6. Cozy Sack 740-CBB-SKY Maui Beanbag Chair

Experience comfort like never before with the Cozy Sack beanbag chair which can be setup easily for enjoying it to the fullest. It is always advisable to roll and re-fluff the bean bag chair every time you get up from the same so that you can once again dive into its fluffy goodness.

Many of its competitors make use of recycled foam for the filling which undoubtedly comes with a smaller environmental footprint.

However, when the immediate health and safety of your family comes to the question, it is always advisable to stick to the purest of materials and that is where the Cozy Sack manufacturers win it bigtime with their virgin foam construction.

Cleaning the chair is also super-easy as you get to remove the covers in a hassle-free manner and throw them in the washing machine. The foam filling of the chair can expand to its original structure within just 48 hours if you abide by the manufacturer instructions clearly.

Prior to putting on the soft cover you need to knead the internal grey sack and break up the big foam chunks. This massaging action on the external sack causes the foam bits to break up which in turn paves the path for its quick expansion.

The foam also conforms to the posture of whoever is seated on the same so that you don’t end up experiencing any stiffness or pain after some relaxing hours in the couch.



  • Features adequate child safety precautions such as a child safety zipper.
  • Microfiber protective liner can be removed and washed whenever felt necessary.
  • The foam inside the chair gets restored to its original shape each time after being used.
  • Foam conforms to your body shape increasing your comfort level.



  • Too large for fitting inside small sized apartments.

6 Feet Bean Bag Chair

7. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair

If you are on the lookout for a super-comfortable bean bag chair which can suffice the function of a full-size bed, then your search is bound to come to a halt once you stumble across the Cozy Sack bean bag chair spread over a length of 6 feet.

It can thus accommodate almost every customer irrespective of his size or weight. These bean bag chairs are filled with urethane foam which springs back to its normal size post usage.

You can thus be relieved from the worries concerning the foam becoming flat much like the traditional bean bag chairs in due course of time. Its 100% polyester exterior has been specially crafted to feel like premium suede.

You need to flip the foam bag regularly for fluffing up the foam and maintaining its comfortable stature.

The large bean bag chair can easily allow three adults to be seated together whether for watching TV or discussing about the upcoming holiday plans. Its tight packing makes adequate fluffing imperative for helping the bean bag chair in attaining its full form.

The foam filling of this versatile lounger in the place of traditional beads makes sure that you do not feel hot even after laying on the same for hours. While decompressing, it is essential to turn it over and over for aiding in the fluffing process. The foam moulds to the body shape of whoever sits on the same thus making it easy to get in and out of the lounger.



  • You can easily add in more filling through the zip area of the sack.
  • Covers can be replaced and washed easily.
  • Filled up with urethane foam which retains its fluffy nature even after long drawn usage.
  • Its surface cover is crafted using soft suede material which does not portray any discernible orientation.



  • Becomes pretty heavy once it attains the full size.
  • Fabric is not waterproof thus prohibiting outdoor usage.

8. Cozy Sack 640-CBB-GREY Maui Beanbag Chair

It’s time to bid adieu to those ancient Styrofoam pellet filled bean bag as Cozy Sack has come up with a foam filled bean bag chair which can encompass you in its wings of plush comfort.

Every bean bag chair is built to cater to specific functions and the Cozy Sack foam chair concentrates fully on providing topmost level of durability and comfort.

This 6-feet wide bean bag allows us to recline, sit and even lie down comfortably. Its removable outer upholstery crafted using micro suede material can be cleaned easily through a machine wash.

Its inner filling comprising of the softest virgin urethane foam paves the path for the chair’s longevity as it springs back to its normal size after every single use for fluffing the bean bag to its original shape.

The seams have been double stitched to sustain wear and tear and the No.5 YKK zipper imparts extra strength which can surely survive the test of time. The bag comes packed in a relatively small box and regains its actual size after the passage of few hours from unpacking.

It might also be extremely difficult to move it around once it starts expanding. The Cozy Sack bean bag chair will serve as a soft and welcoming pad time and again if you develop a habit of rolling and fluffing it after each use.

It can easily accommodate 2 adults and one child while laying down and 3-4 people while being seated in an upright manner. The soft foam has also been accredited for easing spinal injuries by rendering adequate level of support and firmness to all pressure points.



  • Durable external cover with an efficient zipper.
  • Removable cover can be washed easily making its maintenance a hassle-free affair.
  • Fabric is soft enough to guarantee optimum comfort.
  • Can expand to its full stature within a matter of just 48 hours although you can accelerate the process by kneading and separating the pieces.



  • The liner holding the foam is not waterproof.

5 Feet Bean Bag Chair

9. Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair

The 5-feet bean bag chair from Cozy Sack comes filled with the softest virgin urethane foam which springs back to its normal size post usage in stark contrast to the traditional bean bag chairs which tend to go flat with time.

Weighing at 55 pounds, this lounger cannot actually be branded as a portable addition to your living space but it surely doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to comfort and luxury.

One of its pivotal features is the stellar back support which can support you optimally while you laze around for hours reading your favorite novel or binge watching your favorite Netflix series without having to worry about your back or neck pain.

This happens as the microfiber conforms to your body shape without hitting any pressure points which might have otherwise caused excruciating pain. The grey beauty can easily become the central point of attraction in your apartment as it radiates a plush aura and invites all your guests with its comforting arms.

Maintenance also becomes a cakewalk with the Cozy Sack bean bag chair featuring protective liner, child safety zipper as well as a microfiber cover which can be removed and washed easily. You can either use a cloth along with warm water and mild cleanser for cleaning the bean bag chair cover or put it in your washing machine for a quick rinse.

You will feel comfortable laying down on the bean bag chair rather than sitting on the same due to the lack of any internal structure. You can however circumvent the same by placing it against another piece of furniture having non-slip feet or even a wall.



  • Extremely durable bean bag chair which can even take on rough usage of kids jumping on and off the same.
  • Microfiber cover does not feel hot even after laying on it for quite some time.
  • Pretty easy to setup.
  • Heavy duty zipper and bag seams.



  • They do not usually lay flat.

10. Lumaland Luxury 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair

This luxury bean chair spread over 5 feet can easily blend in to all kinds of bedrooms, living rooms and even children’s rooms as it wraps you up in utter luxury. Its ultra-soft micro-suede outer cover can be washed easily and also feels comfortable to touch.

You can also use its beige polyester inner cover while the external one is at the laundry. Thus, this 2-in-1 lounger offers ultimate versatility in terms of its usage round the clock. The cleaning chore becomes easier coupled with the zipper making it an ideal choice for households having children and pets.

The inner covers of the bag come filled with high-grade foam material devoid of any plastic parts for long lasting cosiness. The foam ensures the absolute well-being of its users by reflecting the body heat.

The bag is neatly shipped in a box measuring just a fraction of its actual size which conforms to its actual stature within just three days. You can also accelerate the process by fluffing it up and crushing clusters if any.

Lumaland chairs are popular for their luxury and comfort which has already become a global favorite of people of all age groups. This 5-foot chair is no different to this general consensus as it serves as a significant addition to your aesthetically pleasing home décor which is bound to win accolades from all your guests.



  • Cover can be removed easily.
  • High quality bean bag which can be availed without actually breaking the bank.
  • Tall height makes it easy to get in and out of the bean bag chair.
  • Is not accompanied by any packaging odour or musty foam even when it is taken out of the bag for the very first time.



  • Pretty heavy bean bag chair which might require a few extra hands if you plan on moving it much post unpacking.


Although bean bag chairs might not be of much help in rendering support to your neck and back, it can encourage you to sit evenly by conforming to your body posture. They are devoid of any inner solid frame thus allowing you to sink into the cushiony goodness of soft foam or beans whenever you feel like resting your tired nerves. Earlier buckwheat hulls and similar plant parts were used in filling up traditional meditation cushions which have been replaced in modern times with artificial beans which can last longer in comparison to the plant-derived fillers. These low heighted bean bag chairs propel us to use our muscles every time we sit and get up from the same. This small difference can actually yield brilliant results over the long term by preventing tight muscles and joint stiffness.