Best Outdoor Projector Screen – Guide and Reviews 2020

outdoor projector screen

Be it home or outdoor entertainment, projectors have been delighting us with top-notch video quality spread over a giant screen surface.

Then again in most of the cases, the projector screens are fixed to the living room wall which makes it difficult if you wish to enjoy a movie night under the stars.

This is where outdoor projector screens come in to boost up your portability level while projecting stellar imagery once you are done with the basic installation process.

Your choice of selecting the ultimate outdoor projector screen depends on your purpose, i.e. whether you will be using the same for leisure, business or academics.

Today we will discuss the five best outdoor projector screen as well as the broad classification of the same which can assist you in taking your purchase call.

ImageNamePriceCheck Price
Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch Outdoor Projector Screen$$
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Visual Apex Projectoscreen144HD portable indoor or outdoor movie theater projection screen$$$
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Camp Chef OS144 Indoor or Outdoor Giant Movie Screen$$
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EasyGo Products 14' Inflatable Mega Movie Screen$$
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JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen$
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This depends entirely on your available space as well as your projector’s imaging capabilities.

However, most of the modern devices can throw an image which is about 100 inches large.

Your requirement in such a case should depend on the measurements of your viewing area.

Fixed Vs. Portable

While classrooms, conference halls and home theater rooms work well with permanent screen installations, they also come with a hefty price tag.

In such cases, the fabric is fixed inside a frame for being installed on the ceiling or wall. Portable options, on the other hand, are lightweight and highly inexpensive.

You can use them in various rooms as well as your outdoor backyard. These projectors are usually accompanied with a carrying bag and required accessories for being set up.


This refers to the projector screen’s ability of reflecting the light thrown at the same.

Hence, a projector screen having 1.0 gain is able to create an image which is equally bright as that of the light emitted from the projector.

Brightness of the image shares a directly proportional relationship with the gain figure.

This can prove to be highly helpful in scenarios when the ambient light cannot be reduced. In such a case the increased brightness paves the path for a sharper projected image.

However, it is imperative to note here that a higher gain can lead to “hot spots” in low light conditions.

These are the extra bright areas which might crop up at the center of the screen. Hence, high gain might not always be favourable for your projector screen.

Aspect Ratio

Most of the modern-day projectors employ an aspect ratio of 16:9 which also stands out as the preferred HDTV format.

This is compatible with 720p, 1080p HD as well as 4K resolution graphics. Most movie screens support 2.35:1 format and thus you might see black bars on your screen while proceeding with a higher aspect ratio.

Alternatively, if you are thinking about using the same for PC based presentations, then you need to proceed with a widescreen PC 16:10 format.

The classic video format of 4:3 can serve you well if you toggle frequently between widescreen and old-school full screen viewing.

Lastly, square projector screens running on 1:1 format are ideal for conducting data presentations in the office apart from doubling up as overhead projectors.

1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch Outdoor Projector Screen

When it comes to outdoor projector screen, Elite Screens Yard 2 definitely stand out of its peers with its high-quality projection and easy portability which can cater to the requirement of all your family members.


The lightweight aluminium frame assists the Yard Master 2 in being set up within just a matter of few minutes.

Its innovative single frame design can be set up by just one person by sliding all the pieces into place, folding out its legs and snapping out the screen.


Its CineWhite 1.1 gain and Wraithveil 2.2 gain front and rear matte white screens can serve as the ideal projector backdrop.

You can easily clean the screen surface using just soap and water.

The mildew resistant construction of the screen can also keep you buffered from discoloration in days to come as you make the most of 4K HD, Active 3D, & HDR projection with 160 degree viewing angle.


All it takes is a matter of just few minutes to assemble this versatile projector without the requirement of any extra tools.

Installation becomes easier due to its corner pull-tabs and snap button attachments on the material.

You can effortlessly fold and unfold the single-piece frame of the projector post usage.

Additional support and stability is guaranteed by the accompanying rope, stakes and support rings.

What We Liked: 


  • Lightweight yet study projector screen.
  • Can be folded up in a compact manner for being stored post usage.
  • The projector comes packed in a soft padded carrying case which hikes up its portability meter.
  • Can be setup within just 10 minutes.
  • The unit doesn’t wobble even when the weather gets slightly windy.
  • Supports giant screen viewing of 120 inches having an aspect ratio of 16:9 so that you can enjoy true to life photos and videos.
  • Flat projection gets ensured by its snap button frame.

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2. Visual Apex Projectoscreen144HD portable indoor or outdoor movie theater projection screen

Gone are the days when you had to confine yourself within the four walls of your living space for enjoying big screen environment.

You can now actually take it whenever you fancy coupled with rhetoric improvements in portability.


The ProjectoScreen144HD has been designed in such a manner that it can be easily set up, taken down and even stored away in a hassle-free manner.


The screen set is accompanied with a storage bag, optional legs for assisting the screen in standing by itself and ropes for added stability.

The aspect ratio of 16:9 renders support to both widescreen and standard screen movies.

It also comes in a plethora of sizes ranging from 100-144” thus providing you with greater flexibility of selecting the one which serves your purpose best.

Visual Apex has also catered to the longevity parameter of their projector by making use of high quality UV protected material which can be washed easily whenever it gets dirty.


The Visual Apex provides greater versatility with its anchor ropes and legs for being used either in the backyard or similar locations where hanging it might not seem like a feasible option.

However, the projector also comes with grommets which can cater to your requirements of hanging the same.

The projector is backed with a two-year warranty by its manufacturers to help you covered in the event of a manufacturing defect.

What We Liked: 

  • Snap-in legs and foldable frame makes the projector extremely easy to assemble.
  • The screen material ranks high in the department of color uniformity and brightness level.
  • All the pieces can be packed inside a convenient carrying case.
  • Extra stability is imparted through guard wires.
  • Screen fits tightly around the frame for preventing wrinkles which can actually ruin your ultimate view.
  • Flame retardant and mildew resistant screen which can be cleaned off easily with a hose spray.

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3. Backyard Theater Kit | Recreation Series System | 9′ Front and Rear Projection Screen with HD Savi 3000 Lumen Projector


In most cases, projector screens are hung from the walls of church or school auditoriums. However, if you are on the lookout for a screen which can be moved swiftly from one place to another, then you need to refine your search and concentrate on the Camp Chef OS144.


Its robust frame is crafted using heavy-duty material which can keep up with your entertainment requirements even when the weather gets windy.


It is now possible to enjoy the thrill of drive-in movies from the comfort of your backyard with the Camp Chef OS144 projector screen.

You can also experience enriched colors and high-resolution imagery for being projected on this premium projector screen crafted using grey hued oxford nylon reflective material.

Although grey does seem like an odd choice, it definitely works better in outdoor movie projection.

This HD widescreen projector having an aspect ratio of 16:9 can support most of the modern-day movies as well as live streaming of sporting events.


The projector can be setup within a matter of just few minutes by connecting the 1” gauge powder coated metal tubing frame and tightly clipping the screen.

Be it sporting events, business seminars or movie nights, this flat screen can serve all your requirements with similar level of efficiency.

This projector screen can operate without the requirement of any electric outlet.

What We Liked: 

  • Can be set up and taken down pretty easily.
  • Lightweight and portable projector which comes packed in a carrying bag.
  • Freestanding durable frame which can easily sustain light summer breeze.
  • Four tie-down guy lines accompany the projector to impart extra stability during those highly windy days.
  • You can easily block the ambient light with its accompanying back cover which can be folded down whenever rear projection is required.

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4. EasyGo Products 14′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

Watching your favorite movies while rolling on the lush green backyard grass is bound to bring back those delightful memories of childhood. And the EasyGo 14’ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen can serve as your ultimate buddy in this walk down the path of sheer nostalgia.


Weighing at just 11 pounds, this lightweight inflatable movie screen can cater to your outdoor entertainment needs in the best possible manner.

It is accompanied with a detachable screen, inflatable frame, ground stakes as well as tie-down strings which are connected to the D rings for imparting greater stability in windy weather conditions.


The 14-foot screen is crafted using waterproof polyester fabric which doesn’t reveal any signs of wear and tear even after being made subject to violent winds.

The 600-denier canvas can even be detached from the frame for cleaning.


The EasyGo inflatable movie screen does not support rear projection but can definitely withstand windy weather when placed properly.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a mid-sized screen option having plenty of viewing space, then you are bound to feel delighted with the EasyGo projector screen.

What We Liked: 

  • Can be set up conveniently in less than 2 minutes automatically with the noiseless fan.
  • Comes accompanied with a step by step user manual which assists with fast installation.
  • Detachable white display screen can be removed for cleaning.
  • Ranks high in portability thus making it ideal for picnics, camping trips, outdoor wedding and birthday parties.
  • Comes with a bag which assists in storage.

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5. JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen

If you are thinking of making a one-time investment in a portable projector screen which can thereafter cater to your entertainment needs in the best possible manner, then you need to bring home the JaeilPLM model.


The JaeilPLM projector screen features an all-aluminium frame which is made by hooking up lightweight poles which fit in easily with the accompanying plastic connectors.

This easy design makes its assembly an extremely hassle-free affair.

You can set the projector screen at your desired height by adjusting its legs and stable triangular prism.

In spite of being lightweight, it does not feel wobbly and thus serves as the ideal option for being used outdoors.


Its white matte screen is made of wrinkle free PVC and has a gain of 1.1 which enhances for the brightness level as well as image clarity.

Its black coating effectively diffuses the light for radiating bright images devoid of contrast variations.

You can also enjoy 160 degrees of wide viewing angle with the JaeilPLM projector screen which makes it ideal for those outdoor movie and gaming nights.


You will need just one single nail for installing this hanging type screen.

The 4-Hook Tension technology renders adequate tension on all its four corners for maintaining the flat texture of the screen so that you can make the most out of your entertainment drive.

What We Liked: 

  • Triangle base crafted using aluminium imparts maximum stability to the projector screen.
  • Carrying bag caters to your storage woes especially during those travelling trips.
  • Can be setup within just 15 minutes and that too without the assistance of any trained professional.
  • Premium screen crafted using PVC matte white material.
  • Supports 160° wide angle viewing.
  • Comes backed with a year’s warranty on manufacturing defects which might arise during the same.

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Electric projector screens can impart a professional look and feel to your presentations.

These elegantly designed projector screens can be operated via remote and are ideal for those who have a large semi-permanent area which can be ear-marked for its storage.

Manual projector screens feature a pulley at the screen bottom thus allowing the operator to pull the screen up and down manually.

Tripod projector screens are ideal for being used outdoors given its lightweight build.

They are also highly cost-efficient and can easily withstand the normal wear-tear which is caused by exposing the same to adverse weather conditions.

Fixed frame screens can definitely be termed as the most elite projector screen and are thus increasingly used for commercial purposes.

They serve as permanent fixture in a room and cannot be rolled up and down between uses.

Floor rising projector screens are even more lightweight in comparison to tripod screens and can be taken up or down pretty easily.

Most of them even don’t have a carrying case since the handle mounted to its base assists with easy accessibility.

Lastly, inflatable projector screens, are an extremely affordable option and can be adjusted for fitting a plethora of viewing angles.

Both the screen and base materials are specially crafted to withstand adverse weather conditions and allow magnificent projection at all times.