Most Comfortable Tool Belts 2021 To Ease Up Your Work Routine

Tool Belt wearing

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

A tool belt can be suspender over your shoulder in the form of a harness or strapped around your waist for carrying all your tools in one place.

Whether you are working under the car or on top of the ladder, these dynamic tool belts can assist you tremendously by organizing all your requisites under one roof.

For making the most out of your tool belt, you need to place the most-used tools adjacent to your dominant hand and the less-used ones on the side of your non-dominant hand.

While going up a ladder it becomes essential to only carry along the bare minimum requirements as it gets tasking to go down the ladder with an overweight tool belt.

Today we are going to take a look at the things to keep in mind while purchasing a tool belt and the five most comfortable options available in the market.

Image Name Price Check Price
Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set $$$$
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TradeGear LARGE 36-40" Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo $$$
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DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Combo Apron Tool Belt and Yoke-style Suspenders $$
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LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Belt, Carpenter, Construction, Framers, Handyman - 100% LEATHER $$
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Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron with Polyweb Belt $
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Even the empty weight of the tool belt can significantly affect your overall comfort level.

It is imperative to note here than leather belts weigh more in comparison to their nylon peers whereas harness belts weigh greater than waist belts.

Waist Size

There is no point in purchasing a top-notch tool belt if it cannot fit your waist size.


Synthetic fiber, nylon and leather rank high in the department of durability provided you carry out routine maintenance.


Since you will be engaging in heavy-duty work with your tool belt, it needs to be robust enough for keeping up with the same.

For starters, you can enquire about the strength of its pockets for withstanding abuse as well as the neat embroidery of the seams.

It is also advisable to remove all tools from the bag while storing the same in a cool or dry place.


Wide tool belts are known to efficiently distribute weight all around your body so that you don’t feel the strain at the end of a hectic work day.

Some of the modern-day manufactures are introducing heavy padding in the belt so that you can rest in between tireless work schedules.


The number, depth and durability of the pockets also has an important role to play in determining the ultimate efficiency of the tool belt.

For this, you need to determine your ultimate work purpose and the tools you need to carry along with yourself.

Once you have done that, it becomes easy to select the tool belt for storing all your requisite tools in one place.

1. Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat Lip Tool Bag Set

Occidental has already garnered a rapid fan following around the globe with its top-notch offerings and the 9850-leather model also stands out as another jewel in its crown.

This bag has been built for specially catering to carpenters and electricians who are always on the run and do not get adequate time to clean the tool belt.


Electricians and carpenters often find it difficult to work with nylon bags.

Apart from the obvious maintenance, they deal with smaller tools which have a tendency of getting into finer areas.

This is where the leather model comes in to guarantee you top-notch durability.

The belt is crafted with full grain leather, rugged commercial nylon and high density neoprene by adhering to the trademark leather buscadero design of Occidental.


The 10 inch bags have been designed to cater to all the requirements of carpenters.

Its materials also feel pretty comfortable against the skin and keeps you buffered all the time from coarsely brushing your leg against the hammer by securing it tightly in one place.

Its leather FatLip™ mouth and full leather boot also imparts adequate protection to the bag against all chances of abrasion.


The signature tool bag comprises of 24 pockets and tool holders which can keep all your equipment properly organised.

The right bag comprises of a 2003 tool shield whereas the left one comprises of a 5020 tool and hammer holder.

What We Liked:

  • Belt can be adjusted to fit waist size ranging from 32 to 41 inches thus allowing you with the flexibility of adapting to seasonal clothing changes.
  • Maximum working rhythm is promoted by its hand-specific tool holders.
  • Pre-installed D rings can be used along with the suspension systems.
  • Dust accumulations can be cleaned off easily with a simple swipe of the hand to keep this tool belt looking new and for long.
  • The premium leather quality and unique craftsmanship is bound to attract complements at your workplace.
  • Helps with efficient storage of all work-related tools and that too in an organized manner so that you don’t end up wasting time looking for the same.

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2. TradeGear LARGE 36-40″ Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo

You can now experience maximum cooling and comfort coupled with the TradeGear tool belt which comes fitted with breathable and high-density memory foam padding.

It also becomes extremely easy to carry it around courtesy the carry handle and ergonomic design.


This heavy-duty tool belt comes reinforced with inner hard plastic lining.

A nylon web-core interior also adds to its agility along with tough metal rivets and bar-track stitching.


In spite of having a rugged look, the TradeGear tool belt rides pretty high in the department of comfort.

It is manufactured using high density memory foam padding which accentuates the comfort meter by a contoured back support and air-channel ventilation.

All of these come together to ensure that your comfort meter stays satiated at all times.

Its padded lower lumbar support will hardly make you notice that the belt is on even while stacking heavy materials and tools inside the same.


This versatile tool belt comes with 27 pockets of different sizes and dual heavy duty pouches which can be of great help in storing your wire strippers, torpedo levers, wrenches, screws, vise grips, screwdrivers, hammers, nut drivers, knife, pencil, cable cutters, electrical tape, lags, ¼” driver sockets, Allen wrench set, center punch and markers.

The bag seems pretty heavy on being fully loaded and that is why its manufacturers have included carry handles for adding to its portability.

What We Liked:

  • Ideal gift for all your electrician friends.
  • Crafted using heavy duty 1250 DuraTek nylonoffering supreme resistance against abrasion and adverse weather conditions.
  • Breathable padding guarantees optimum comfort.
  • Provides sufficient storage space for stacking all your tools.
  • Comes backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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3. DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt and Yoke-style Suspenders

If you are on the lookout for a tool belt which can offer you with a plethora of options concerning storage of accessories apart from effective distribution of weight throughout your body, then the DEWALT DG5617 can serve as your ideal pick.


An inner hard plastic lining reinforces the tough belt tool. Durable nylon which goes into the construction of the TradeGear tool belt doesn’t get lacklustre even after being exposed to heavy-duty usage in the dust.

This abrasion resistant material is almost impossible to tear. The tool belt also ranks high in the department of workmanship as you will hardly come across loose threads or seams on the belt.

Although its durability can in no way be compared to a pricier leather, it can definitely have your back for years at the workplace.


The belt is bound to feel extremely comfortable on your hips coupled with its padded back and wide straps which lead to effective weight distribution.

You can also get into and out of the belt with its large front clasp.

However, it becomes pretty tasking to carry the tool belt around once it reaches the upper ceiling of 5-7 pounds.

In such a scenario, you will feel the requirement of its attached suspenders.


You can easily adjust the belt with the patented pouch handle which also helps with single handed carrying of the belt.

The entire conglomeration of 20 small pockets and 9 main pockets can assist you with the storage of nail sets, tools, parts and pencils whereas a separate zippered pouch helps in keeping all valuables safe.

What We Liked:

  • Yoke style and heavily padded suspenders guarantee greater comfort.
  • Spacious bags allowing easy storage of your tools.
  • Hammer holder of the bag prevents the hammer from constantly brushing against your legs while in motion.
  • Can easily fit waist sizes ranging from 29 to 46 inches.

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4. LAUTUS Oil Tanned Leather Tool Belt, Carpenter, Construction, Framers, Handyman – 100% LEATHER

This highly useful apron is manufactured using the best in class leather which can definitely turn heads at your workstation.

Given its budget price tag, the features packed in by its manufacturers is bound to delight you to the core.


This convenient and durable tool belt is made using 100% oil tanned leather which feels extremely plush against the skin.


The wide belt fits snugly around your waist and leads to effective distribution of weight as you carry around those bulky tools with ease.


This tool belt can serve as your ideal choice for undertaking all forms of works be it farming, carpentry, construction, mechanical etc.

With a total of 11 pockets, it provides you with diverse options to stack up all your essential tools in one place.

What We Liked:

  • Comes backed with a lifetime warranty which can buffer you against all manufacturing defects which might arise during the same.
  • Heavy duty tool belt which can easily last the regular wear and tear associated with working under extreme conditions.
  • Ensures a flexible fit to all waist sizes ranging from 30 to 46 inches.
  • Crafted using 100% genuine leather which doesn’t get lacklustre even after regular usage.
  • Comes packed with a plethora of pockets for storing all your tools and devices in an organised fashion.

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5. Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron with Polyweb Belt

The Task Tools T77250 was designed to cater to the storage as well as protection requirements of workers.

The manufacturers were well versed with the fact that it becomes extremely difficult for carpenters as well as electricians to reach out for the tool table time and again.

This is why they came up with this innovative belt which helps in storing all the tools together and that too without having to struggle with its weight.


This tool belt has been specially designed to last the test of time as you inflict it to hard-core usage at work.

The rust resistant nickel-plated hammer holder and sturdy pockets can help you in securing all the tools in place and that too in a proper fashion.


High-quality materials go into the construction of Task Tools T77250’s split leather body. This makes it ideal for accommodating people having various body types.

In spite of having such a rugged look and feel, the leather feels pretty premium against the skin and even keeps you cool and comfy at all times.

The wide belt comes with a center pouch which can help with the safekeeping of nails and screws without having to worry about the same falling out.


The tool belt has been designed in such a manner that you can hardly notice the pockets which definitely serve as a very useful addition.

You won’t even face any weight issues while carrying around the tool belt stacked with all your requisites.

Its metal tool loop also assists tremendously while climbing ladders as it prevents hammers from banging into your leg for slowing you down.

What We Liked:

  • Crafted using durable split leather which can easily sustain heavy duty usage without showing any signs of wear and tear.
  • Quick release buckle makes it extremely easy to get in and out of the tool belt.
  • 2-inch polymer belt assists with equivalent weight distribution so that you don’t end up with a back strain after a gruelling work session.
  • Dual hammer holders and 5 differently sized pockets provide you with greater versatility.
  • Large pockets comprise of smaller ones which can be used for storing pencil, drill bits and knife.

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Wearing a tool belt can usher in time savings as you get to store all your necessary equipment in one place.

This can be especially helpful while climbing up the ladder when you don’t have an extra helper to hand things over to you.

It is also possible to keep things properly organized with a tool belt so that you don’t have to fumble around searching for the same.

Tool belts made of synthetic have a lightweight statute and can serve as your ideal pick while undertaking those first-time jobs.

Although they rank low in the department of longevity in comparison to their peers, the synthetic tool belts are pretty durable as well as affordable.

Nylon on the other hand makes maintenance an extreme easy affair and even hikes up the durability level.

Although polyester is not a very good option, it definitely can cater to your durability needs.

Lastly leather, stands out as the top pick of professionals as it ushers in optimum durability in spite of being a bit on the pricier side.