Top 10 Best Projectors Under $250 in 2021

Home theater projector

Last updated on March 24th, 2021

You can easily turn your house into a mini-cinema coupled with the state of art home projectors which can take your entertainment drive to a whole new level.

If you are thinking of bringing home a bigger TV this Christmas, then it’s time to reconsider your decision as a home projector can offer you all that and many more without burning a hole in your wallet.

You can also bid adieu to all those worries about your eyes getting affected by the glares associated with a television screen as the giant projection of a home projector brings your whole family together on holidays and weekends for your favorite movies.

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WiMiUS 3500 Lumens HD Video Projector Check Price
VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Movie Projector Check Price
DBPOWER Mini Projector Check Price
Wsky 2019 Video Projector Check Price
TAINIDI Video Projector Check Price
VIVIMAGE C580 4000 Lux Movie Projector Check Price
RAGU Z400 Mini Projector Check Price
Gaoag Portable Mini Video Projector Check Price
Abdtech LCD Portable Projector Check Price

Advantages Of Using A Projector


Televisions simply cannot match up to the screen size of a giant projector which can easily convert your drawing room into a mini theatre. The real picture size can extend up to 300” from one corner to another. However, the light yield of the projector acts as a blockage in its path of attaining topmost picture quality. Projectors can create lovely pictures in between 90 to 120 inch from one corner to another which easily surpasses the offerings of back projection or flat screen TVs.

Comfort Factor

The big screen projection does not harm our eyes in a way which the television screen infamous for blue light emissions can. Bigger screens are not as bright as their television peers thus decreasing the amount of strain on one’s eyes and making it much more relaxing to watch the screening.

Space Savings

If you cannot afford a big screen television then just paint the wall in white hues and bring home a projector to enjoy amplified viewing. These versatile gadgets can also be hung on the wall where it can roll back inside its casing post usage thus diminishing the space requirement.

Easy To Set Up

The establishment metrics of a projector is extremely straight forward. You can place these lightweight gadgets on a back bookshelf or a foot stool and connect it with your content source to enjoy the big screen extravaganza.

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1. GooDee Video Projector

The compact and hand-held GooDee video projector can help you in bringing the stellar cinematic experience within the four walls of your house without having to spend a fortune.

It tags along 80% more brightness than the standard projectors available in the market so that you can enjoy a clearer picture whether indoors or at the backyard.

GooDee manufacturers have packed in a large number of connectivity features in the form of two USB 2.0 ports, two HDMI ports and one VGA port.

The last option can prove to be exceptionally helpful for people who wish to use it as a data projector. Users can also enjoy RCA audio as well as composite input for analog videos.

Audio can be supplied both though the analog 3.5mm input and HDMI port.

The HDMI port supports MHL so that users can opt for a streaming stick such as Chromecast or Roku while directly playing videos from theirsmartphone.

In the absence of an MHL adapter, the files can be placed directlyonto an external hard drive or USB drive. Most of the common video formats such as AVI, MP4 and MKV are supported by the GooDee projector.

You can very well expect a vivid as well as ultra-accurate video quality with the 1280*768P resolution offered by this projector.

SRS Sound joins hands with the built-in dual stereo speakers (3W) to immerse you in an entangling auditory experience.

Sate of art fan brings down the projector noise so that you can concentrate fully on the video being played without being disturbed by an accompanying sound.


  • LED light helps in maximizing lamp utilization thus providing 30000 hours of lamp life.
  • Text direction can be adjusted for achieving multi-directional projection.
  • Fast heat dissipation helps in keeping the projector cool even after being used for long spans of time.
  • Adjustable foot pads help in adjusting the projector height for delivering optimal performance.


  • Speakers are not up to the mark.

2. WiMiUS 3500 Lumens HD Video Projector

Fill up your entertainment meter during those laidback weekends with the WiMiUS HD projector which utilizes the state-of-art TFT LCD display and LED light source for taking your movie viewing experience to a whole new level.

In comparison to ordinary home projectors, the WiMiUS model ushers in 80% more brightness which joins hands with a stellar resolution of 1080P for clear and ultra-accurate visuals.

You can enjoy big screen entertainment with this home projector which supports 50-200 inches of projection size from a distance of 5-18 feet.

However, optimum consistency is maintained in the picture quality irrespective of the projection size thus bringing cinema viewing experience within the comfort of your home.

The WiMiUS projector is equipped with dual USB ports, dual HDMI ports, one audio and one VGA port thus offering the flexibility of hooking up a greater number of multimedia devices with the same.

Its powerful cooling system paves the path for three times faster heat dispersion in comparison to ordinary projectors.

It is imperative to note here that every projector generates heat with its operation.

But the timely emission of heat can add to its longevity and that is where the WiMiUS projector wins brownie points in comparison to its contemporaries.

Its dual built-in speakers can stun all audiophiles with crystal clear audio making further investment in external speakers redundant.


  • Native resolution of 1280*800 pixels and contrast ratio of 3000:1 can light up the screen with vibrant visuals for guaranteeing a holistic viewing experience.
  • Clarity of image can be adjusted through the focus ring in accordance with your preference.
  • Can be set up easily following which you can toggle with its functionalities coupled with the accompanied remote without having to get up from your comfortable position.
  • Adequately descriptive and easy to understand manual.


  • External WiFi dongle is required for establishing connection with smartphones.

3. VANKYO Leisure 510 Full HD Movie Projector

You can now recreate the cinema like experience while being seated at your house and at just a fraction of the cost with the VANKYO Leisure 510 projector which delivers a flawless visual performance.

Weighing at 5.5 pounds, this projector cannot actually be termed as a portable model but it surely proves to be worth every penny paid with its stellar performance which makes it ideal for a movie night both indoors and outdoors.

Removal of its feet exposes four small M3 size screw holes which can be used for attaching a universal mount and suspending the projector from the ceiling.

The extra-large design of its distinctive front lens primarily highlights its white aluminium chassis.

Ample venting can be seen alongside the chassis for faster dispersion of heat.

This gets accentuated by its dual cooling fans which can maintain the projector temperature within a safe range in spite of coming off as relatively quiet.

The top portion of this projector features a manual focus wheel which renders tactile feedback while being operated.

The keystone correction wheel which is exactly half in size of the focus wheel rests behind the same.

Simple control buttons can also be seen along its topside in the form of directional keys whose intuitive layout ushers in greater simplicity to its operation.


  • Comes backed with 3-years of factory warranty against technical defects which can arise during the same time.
  • Projector is accompanied with a carrying bag which can help with its storage post usage.
  • It is compatible with a large number of multimedia devices such as PS3, PS4, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • Equipped with dual 3W speakers which pave the path for powerful audio for rendering adequate support to the visuals.
  • LED lamp can sustain for 50000 hours to keep your back over 15 years with 10 hours of daily usage.


  • Does not have built-in mounting brackets.

4. DBPOWER Mini Projector

You can now enjoy a big screen view of your favorite soccer matches and TV shows without having to visit the local theatre time and again with the versatile mini projector from DBPOWER.

At just 2.2 pounds, this ultra-portable model can be easily carried around the house and even to a friend’s place for enjoying those weekends together over a tub of salted popcorn.

Its extended LED lamp can keep your back over a span of 50000 hours to keep you buffered from the requirement of frequent lamp replacements even after watching a 2 hours’ movie on a daily basis for the upcoming 15 years.

A projection size ranging from 32-176 inches is supported by this mini projector by placing it at a distance of 1.3-5 meters from the screen however it is advisable to position it at a distance of 2-2.5 meter for deriving optimum viewing satisfaction.

The 6 high-transmittance and high-precision coating lenses of the DBPOWER projector prevents the interference caused by stray light and leads to enhancement of image sharpness.

The dual cooling system of the projector is extremely efficient in dealing with heat dissipation so that you can watch your favorite episodes without worrying about the projector getting overheated.


  • Lens cover helps in keeping the projector protected from daily wear and tear.
  • Extremely easy to setup by amateurs by following the detailed instruction manual.
  • Projector audio is ideal for being used indoor.
  • Compact sized projector requires very less floor space thus serving as the perfect choice for households having cramped area.
  • Detailed image remains evenly bright across the screen thus keeping your eyes protected from getting strained even after continuous usage.
  • Bright images do not get lacklustre even while being seen during daytime.


  • HDMI adapter has to be purchased separately for connecting it with your smartphones.

5. Wsky 2019 Video Projector

Enjoy crystal clear images with the Wsky 2019 projector whose enhanced LED technology and a stellar contrast ratio of 2000:1 can delight you with a visual extravaganza like none other.

The ultimate result being 90% brighter images than ordinary models available in the market. You can thus trust the image quality of this Wsky model to retain its brilliance even in the presence of ambient light.

The dual fan design of this versatile projector guarantee its silent operation so that you can levy your complete focus on the projected content.

Its innovative cooling system also assists effectively with heat dispersion which in turn adds to its lifespan while protecting the light bulb from getting damaged.

The low-voltage requirement of this projector leads to less energy consumption and more money saving benefits.

You can easily connect the Wsky projector with external peripherals through its VGA jack, HDMI slot, USB slot and Audio port thus offering greater versatility in terms of entertainment options.

Its built-in speaker can easily fill up your room with sonic audio waves while the powerful Dolby Audio technology backs up the magnificent visuals with breath-taking audio effects.


  • Extremely easy to install projector featuring all the requisite connectivity options in the form of USB, HDMI, SD card etc.
  • Intuitive remote offers a tactile feedback and can be of great help in adjusting the projector functionalities easily.
  • The picture quality seems crisp and sharp even during daytime.
  • Projector can easily be made wireless by connecting a Chromecast to its HDMI port.
  • Portable projector can be carried around easily for being placed around the house in accordance with your preference.


  • Projector is not ideal for conducting PowerPoint presentations.

6. TAINIDI Video Projector

If you are searching for a projector which can ring in all the bells and whistles in terms of cutting-edge features like its expensive peers without actually creating a hole in your wallet, then the TAINIDI CL760 can serve as your ideal choice.

MStar Advanced Color Algorithms Chips usher in 3600-lux of brightness and light up the screen with vibrant visuals which look elegant even in the presence of ambient light.

A contrast ratio of 2000:1 and maximum supported resolution of 1920×1080 pixels ensure that you can make the most of minute on-screen detailing even while projecting the same on large surfaces.

State-of-art fan design drastically diminishes the system noise so that you don’t get disturbed while watching your favorite suspense thrillers.

Updated cooling design also prevents the projector from getting overheated coupled with its fast heat dissipation even after being used for long stretches of time.

The horizontal sliding cover of the TAINIDI CL760 can protect its lens from getting scraped while being placed on the table.

Such attributes make this an ideal gifting options either to your friends and family or to yourself.


  • The projector is accompanied by a convenient case that assists in keeping everything organized.
  • It can be set-up easily even by amateurs by simply plugging in the power cord.
  • Bright and crisp visuals are devoid of any motion blur so that you can make the most out of fast action sequences.
  • Comes with a 3 years’ customer service and technical support warranty to keep you covered against all defects which might crop up during the same time.


  • Does not support Dolby video which needs to be converted to other formats using a software.
  • Not recommended for conducting business presentations.

7. VIVIMAGE C580 4000 Lux Movie Projector

Take your cinematic experience to a whole new level with the VIVIMAGE C580 projector which offers the unique blend of an aesthetically appealing design and state-of-art features without crossing over the budget threshold.

A touch of luxury is added by the brushed metal texture which also prolongs the durability of the VIVIMAGE C580 projector.

Brighter and clearer images are guaranteed by this 4000-lux movie projector which can easily suffice your cinematic requirements even in the presence of ambient light.

An advanced contrast ratio of 4000:1 and a maximum screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels ensure that the image does not lose its clarity even while being projected on a big surface.

The VIVIMAGE projector supports a display size ranging between 44-176 inches from a distance of 1.5-5.6 meter.

An innovative cooling system leads to effective heat dispersion while cutting down the fan sound to an exact half.

This feature can be of great help while conducting seminars as well as watching suspense thrillers.

The extended lamp life of the VIVIMAGE C580 projector can keep your back over a stretch of 60000 hours although it is advisable to take a break every 3-4 hours for adding to its longevity.

This versatile projector comes equipped with a plethora of connectivity options in the form of VGA, HDMI, USB and AV ports while its decoding skill renders support to most video formats for opening up more options.


  • Dual USB and HDMI ports imparts greater convenience of use.
  • Smartphone content can be enlarged via projection coupled with its Screen mirroring function.
  • Upgraded cooling system and dual stereo speakers guarantee an optimal watching experience.
  • LED projector lamp can sustain over a stretch of 60000 hours thus buffering its users from the requirement of frequent replacements.
  • Compatible with an array of multimedia devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, PS4 and Fire TV stick.


  • Lightning to HDMI cable/Micro USB cable has to be separately purchased for iOS and Android System.
  • Does not support Dolby sound.

8. RAGU Z400 Mini Projector

Entertainment knows no bounds with the RAGU Z400 projector which can be carried along on all your hiking and camping trips for a movie night under the stars.

Weighing at just 3.2 pounds and measuring 8.1×5.7×3 inches, this mini projector can easily fit inside your backpack without adding to its bulk.

The upgraded LCD technology adopted by this portable projector helps in adding 85% more illumination to its visuals in comparison to standard models coupled with constant research & development at its manufacturing base.

Square Pixel Imaging technology also hikes up the image clarity by 90% in comparison to diamond pixel imaging which can be seen amongst the traditional projectors.

Built-in stereo speakers come together with SRS Sound system for enhancing the audio quality of the source file.

The resultant being an immersive audio-visual feast which is bound to blow your senses whether you use it indoors or outdoors.

System heating is looked after by its efficient cooling system which ensures that the projector manages to keep its cool in spite of running for long stretches of time.

Its durable construction helps in effective maintenance of heat exchange without emission of any operational noise which otherwise could disrupt your movie viewing experience.

50000 hours of lamp life can keep the projector running for long thus saving your money as well as our environment.


  • Comes backed witha year’s warranty with refund or replacement within the time frame.
  • Contrast ratio of 3000:1 fills up the projection screen with vibrant visuals having true-to-life colors.
  • Sharp edges and corner-to-corner clarity stands guaranteed by its screen resolution of 1080p.
  • Projector emits 90% less noise in comparison to its peer models.
  • Renders 85% brighter images than its contemporaries for maintaining the vibrancy of its visuals even in the presence of ambient light.


  • The brightness level is not adequate for conducting presentations.
  • Does not support computational documents and text formats.

9. GAOAG Portable Mini Video Projector

This high-performance projector can be your perfect pick for both indoor and outdoor entertainment with its crisp and clear imagery.

By offering a display size of 50-130 inch, this movie projector can cater to all your home entertainment requirements like an absolute pro.

Its enhanced LED light technology paves the way for 50% brighter images than its contemporaries.

This versatile device is compatible with an array of interfaces such as HDMI, USB, SD and AV thus aiding in establishing connectivity with android smartphones, iPhone, tablet, Chromecast, laptop, iPad, DVD, Roku stick, TV box, Fire TV stick, Blu-ray player, MacBook etc.

Coupled with 30000 hours of lamp life, this video projector can be used for long spans of time without having to worry about frequent replacements.


  • Easy to setup and control.
  • The projector charges you phone while connected with the same.
  • Clear picture quality and option for adjusting the clarity level.


  • Does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

10. Abdtech LCD Portable Projector

The enhanced image focusing function of the Abdtech LCD projector helps in adjusting the focus level to enjoy a HD quality picture which is bound to take your movie viewing experience to a completely new level.

Coupled with a contrast ratio of 3000:1, luminous efficiency of 2600 and maximum screen resolution of 854*540 pixels.

The HD projector can be your ultimate salvation in the path towards unbridled entertainment as it radiates crystal clear images whether you wish to play your favorite movie indoor or take it outside on a bight sunny day.

Its big projection size can support 32-200 inches of screen from a distance of 4 to 20 feet although 32-120 inches is considered to be the best projection size for home theater.

Weighing at just 5 pounds, this light weight projector can be carried around easily on your camping trips and for backyard movies. You can also mount it on the ceiling coupled with the four threaded holes located at the bottom.

The new generation LCD projector comes equipped with an innovative heat dispersion and cooling system which aids in noise suppression and keeping the device cool.

The powerful built-in speakers can keep your back even when you wish to take your entertainment outdoors.


  • 20000 hours of lamp life while saving 70% energy.
  • Dual USB ports and HDMI ports for establishing multiple connectivities at once.
  • ±15°Manual Vertical Keystone Correction for getting the optimal angle.
  • Supports 23 different languages.
  • Contrast ratio of 3000:1.
  • 2600 lumens of brightness paving the way for a clear picture.


  • It is not WiFi enabled.
  • Colors look oversaturated at times.


If you thought that a projector’s utility lies only in the fact that it takes movies to the big screen, then you know only a part of the story as a projector brings along an array of utilities which extends over-sharing picture slide shows with the help of a laptop, engaging in hard-core gaming by connecting with your gaming console and even giving presentations to help your children in learning their lessons.

With an array of projectors available in the market, the final choice boils down to the model which will be in sync with your lifestyle since splurging out your kitty does not necessarily guarantee the best device available in the market at all times.

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