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Last updated on March 16th, 2021

The technology used by projectors can be broadly broken down into two types – reflective or transmissive.

LCD projects are considered to be of the latter category since they pass light through LCD panels rather than bouncing it away. A DLP projector on the other hand makes use of mirrors for directing the light in an image.

Thus, they are considered to be reflective. This leaves space for a third type termed as LED which is named after the light source rather than the type of projection technology.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best projector models available in the market.

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Image Name Check Price
ViewSonic PA503S Check Price
BenQ SVGA Business Projector (MS524AE) Check Price
DBPOWER Projector Check Price
ViewSonic M1 Check Price
ELEPHAS High Brightness Video Projector Check Price
PRAVETTE Home Theater Mini Projector Check Price
TAINIDI Video Projector Check Price
GooDee Video Projector Check Price
VIVIMAGE C580 Check Price
TANGCISON Home Projector Check Price

Now we shall discuss in brief about the types of projector technology.

Types Of Projector Technology

DLP Projectors

These projectors have a sealed chip and filter-free design which does not allow dust to settle on the chip which is infamous for causing an image spot. They are also immune to color decay and are not subject to misalignments which might occur in LCD projectors having a three-panel design. However, a rainbow effect might be experienced in DLP projectors having slower color wheels where you might come across bright flashes of color appearing on the screen in a way similar to rainbows. Most of the DLP projectors are not compatible readily with lens shift function or zoom lenses making them best suited for smaller environments.

LCD Projectors

Compared to film projectors, the technology embedded in the LCD models is much more reliable and established. However, dust particles might interfere with the image quality making regular maintenance essential. LCD projectors devoid of much moving parts might be cheaper than its DLP peers. They are also compatible with lens shift and zoom lenses thus supporting larger setups where greater projection distance is required. These attributes make the LCD projectors the ideal choice for at-home cinema projects if you can manage a smooth projection surface.

LED Projectors

These projectors are defined by the lighting used rather than the display technology. As a matter of fact, some DLP projectors running on “solid-state illumination” technology are termed as LED projectors. Compared to traditional projector lamps which run for 1000-5000 hours, the LED models can cater to your requirements for 10000 or even 20000 hours. This serves as a big advantage in multimedia setups since replacing traditional lamps can prove to be an extremely costly affair. The energy-efficient LED lamps also do not require any cool-down or warm-up time and are much quieter.

1. ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

This high-performance projector featuring a native SVGA resolution of 800*600 and 3600 lumens of brightness can be your perfect entertainment companion on the go.

Its intuitive and user-friendly design gets accentuated by the exclusive SuperColor technology with dynamic lamp control capabilities and 6-segment color wheel offering a wider color gamut which paves the way for beautiful image production irrespective of the environment.

Extensive connectivity including 2xVGA, HDMI, VGA out, composite video and audio in/out is featured by the PA503S projector. The SuperECO mode allows to reduce the projection brightness up to 70% which in turn reduces the lamp’s power consumption and the overall cost of ownership.

The lamp life thus gets extended by 15000 hours which can surely free you from worries of frequent lamp replacement. Flexible connectivity options and advanced audio-visual attributes of the PA503S at an affordable price makes it the perfect pick for both small business and educational environments.

The projector can be mounted on a camera tripod and does not emit any fan noise which otherwise would have hindered your viewing experience.


  • High contrast ratio produces bright images.
  • Ultra-low input latency of 16ms provides faster frame-by-frame action which translates into smooth images devoid of any delay.
  • Can project 120 inches of screen from a distance of 15 feet 8 inches.
  • Easy to setup and operate.
  • 1 year’s warranty on lamp life and 3 years’ warranty on labor coverage and limited parts.
  • Compatible with a wide range of PCS, media players, gaming consoles etc.


  • Built-in speaker is not up to the mark and you might be required to connect it with external speakers for deriving the desired sound output.

2. BenQ SVGA Business Projector (MS524AE)

This lightweight projector by BenQ brings ahead outstanding brightness and contrast making it perfect for both presentations and movie viewing irrespective of the environment.

The picture quality gets accentuated by 3300 lumens of high brightness which can allow you to conduct presentations in well-lit rooms so that your team members can take down notes and discuss important topics without facing any hindrance.

The powerful native contrast of 15000:1 coupled with state-of-art DLP technology and all-glass optical lens system deliver supreme clarity, razor-sharp readability and smooth gradational mid-tone color transitions to help with compelling corporate visual communication.

Optical widescreen image which can cater to commercial and business projection requirements is delivered by an aspect ratio of 4:3 and SVGA resolution of 800×600 pixels.

Dual VGA and HDMI inputs have been specially engineered for hosting multiple presenters and their peripherals at the same time without the requirement of time-consuming IT support and complicated adapters.

Additional flexibility is also imparted by the triple adjustment feet which in turn facilitates easy movement of the projector for getting the best possible view.


  • Supports 3D projection.
  • Can project up to 130” images without blurring the same.
  • Brightness is retained even in the Eco mode for clear projection of movies.
  • Quiet fan which does not disrupt the movie viewing experience.
  • Crisp image devoid of any light bleeding.
  • Features zoom and focus capabilities.
  • Eco-friendly model having low cost of ownership.


  • Digital keystone correction.

3. DBPOWER Projector

Whether it is your favorite soccer match or Hollywood blockbuster, nothing can match up to the glamour of watching it in a giant screen of a projector.

And when the projector in question comes with 27 different color enhancing technologies, you can surely expect images which are 50% sharper and 70% brighter than its peers.

Today we present to you the RD-810X portable mini projector from DBPOWER which has been crafted for catering to your entertainment requirements on the go.

The sleek design of this projector gets the backing of an extremely intuitive yet basic layout which can be figured out even by amateurs with utmost ease.

You can find a small checkerboard styled vent and lens at the front of the projector while its top features a dial for adjusting the focus level and keystone correction.

You can find an array of connection ports at its back ranging from HDMI to USB port, AV plug, headphone jack, VGA port and an infrared LED.

Five short rubber feet can be found at the bottom of the projector which prevents the same from sliding off smooth surfaces such as shelves and cabinets.

When it comes to compatibility, the DBPOWER projector offers supreme versatility for being hooked up with gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox 630 as well as tablets, computers, USB devices, HD set-top boxes, laptops and smartphones.


  • Upgraded LED source technology renders adequate protection from direct and blue light.
  • Double tube cooling technology aids in efficient heat dispersion while cutting down the fan sound to an exact half.
  • Gigantic display size ranging from 32-176”can be enjoyed by positioning the projector at a distance of 1.5-5m from the screen.


  • Might not be of much help in office presentations.
  • Doesn’t feature a built-in stand which could have otherwise been of great help in altering the projection angle.

4. ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector with Dual Harman Kardon Speakers

The ViewSonic M1 projector looks a lot like common household router with its professional silver and black exterior.

Weighing at less than 2 pounds, this portable projector can easily fit in the palm of your hand and be placed inside your backpack for a movie night under the stars.

Its built-in battery can keep your back over a stretch of 6 hours so that you can bid adieu to the tangles of wires.

An internal storage of 16GB also assists in storing up to 4 hours of movies and 4000 songs.

You can expect super-fast audio, data and video to be delivered through its USB Type-C port which also provides the advantage of convenient charging of connected devices when the projector is plugged on to a power source.

M1 can project optimally proportioned images irrespective of the angle through keystone correction which can automatically correct images irrespective of the angle.

The Smart Stand of the projector can also help out as a lens cover for turning off the projector automatically when closed.

Strong bass, balanced mids and vibrant treble gets delivered by its dual Harman/Kardon speakers for guaranteeing an immersive experience while listening to musical concerts or watching an action flick on the giant screen.

The M1 portable projector can also be turned into a wireless projector by hooking it up with wireless dongles like Amazon Fire TV Stick and GoogleCast.

The integrated USB power supply keeps the dongles powered on so that users can mirror videos and images from their tablet or smartphone for being shared on the go.


  • Provides auto keystone adjustment.
  • Comes with 16GB of internal storage memory.
  • Offers 30000 hours of lamp life which can buffer you from the needs of frequent lamp replacement.
  • On-board media player is extremely easy to use.


  • Battery drains rapidly when the projector is not in use.

5. ELEPHAS High Brightness Video Projector

This powerful and portable projector having high brightness and outstanding contrast can be your perfect option for both home and outdoor entertainment.

You can take your pick amongst Miracast, DLNA and AirPlay for connecting your iPad or iPhone via the lightning cable without the requirement of any other adapter for hassle-free usage.

The latest multi-screen technology thus assists in projecting the screen of your smartphone or tablet onto a 130” gigantic screen. A clear and comfortable listening experience is guaranteed by the built-in HIFI sound which is bound to delight audiophiles to core.

They can also connect external speakers for making the most out of a holistic audio-visual experience.

Its retrofitted and upgraded cooling system greatly reduces the fan noise so that you can cater to your entertainment needs without having to worry about the distracting fan noise causing any hindrance.


  • Works well even in the presence of ambient light.
  • Speaker is loud enough for covering the slight noise emitted by the projector fan.
  • Equipped with an array of ports such as VGA, HDMI, USB and AV.
  • Small size imparts greater portability.
  • 5200mAH battery can sustain 2 hours of continuous usage on full charge.
  • Long lamp life of 20000 hours.


  • Lacks ceiling mount.
  • Standard USB charger cannot be used for charging this projector.
  • Keystone correction could have been better.

6. PRAVETTE Home Theater Mini Projector

You can now enjoy brighter and sharper images accompanied with the portable projector from Pravette which has already curved out a niche for itself in the market with its versatile operations.

You can use this projector both for home entertainment and official usage as it supports everything ranging from movie files to PowerPoint presentations.

Its lightweight build aids in carrying around the mini projector in a seamless manner. The universal threaded mounting inserts support both upside-down and standard mount while the super resolution detail enhancement accentuates the final look and feel of a standard-definition video.

Last but not the least, its stellar after-sales support can guard your back if your projector faces any technical or quality issues.


  • Can be hanged from the ceiling through the connector at the bottom.
  • Adjustable throw ratio aids in altering the screen size without having to move the projector.
  • Supports rear projection.
  • Dual built-in stereo speakers which can churn out an excellent output.


  • Lacks lens shift feature.
  • Lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.
  • Does not have SD or Micro-SD slot.
  • Lacks 3D capability.

7. TAINIDI Video Projector

Experience superior clarity and contrast while projecting your favorite movies and TV shows with the TAINIDI video projector which can easily light up your screen with 3600lux of brightness.

Supporting a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and maximum resolution of 1920x1080p, this projector serve as your ideal pick for home entertainment.

It supports a projection size ranging from 44 to 80 inches over a distance of 4.9-18.4 feet although 10 feet is considered to be the best projection distance with a size of 98 inches.

The newly-enhanced fan and cooling system of the CL760 projector can effectively tackle heat dispersion with 50% less noise so that you can make the most out of your cinematic experience.

Natural and rich colors is displayed by the upgraded LED lamp of CL760 thus reducing losses and maximizing lamp utilization with 50000 hours of lamp life.

The horizontal sliding cover of the TAINIDI CL760 renders adequate protection to the lens from getting scratched while being placed on the table.

It also offers a diverse plethora of connectivity options in the form of dual USB ports, dual HDMI slots, one VGA, one AV and one 3.5mm headphone jack which can hook up the projector with PC, laptops, Chrome Book, TV Box, Blue-ray DVD players, Tablets, USB flash drives, iOS and Android devices.

Coupled with such attributes, the TAINIDI CL760 can serve as an ideal gifting option to your friends and family.


  • Renders HDMI, MHL and USB connectivity for hooking up greater variety of peripherals.
  • Comes backed with a 3-year warranty and round the clock technical support.
  • Accompanied with a convenient case which assists in keeping everything organized.


  • Might not serve you well during office presentations.
  • Doesn’t support Dolby sound.

8. GooDee Video Projector

The GooDee YG600 projector offers the unique blend of a pico and full-size model in terms of its compactness which tags along a greater amount of portability to the same.

This projector has been specially designed to guarantee an optimum movie watching coupled with 2200 lux brightness which ensures that the screen doesn’t get lacklustre even in the presence of ambient light.

Vivid and ultra-accurate projections are guaranteed by its maximum supported resolution of 1280*768 pixels making it the ideal choice for projecting games, movies, presentations and a lot more.

LCD display technology and LED lights impart greater longevity to this versatile projector while bringing down energy usage.

Lamp utilization gets maximized while reducing losses for offering up to 30000 hours of lamp life which can keep you buffered from the requirement of frequent replacements.

Text direction can be adjusted for achieving multi-directional projection thus providing you with greater possibilities and sufficing diverse requirements.

The fast heat dissipation technology of the GooDee YG600 projector helps in keeping the device cool for long spans of time.

Its updated fan also brings down the noise level drastically so that you don’t get disturbed while conducting a business presentation or watching a movie.

This projector comes backed with a 3-year manufacturer warranty which can keep you buffered from all chances of technical defects.

The product can be replaced or returned for a refund within the first two months following its purchase if you are not happy about the same.


  • Ushers in 80% more brightness than traditional models.
  • A variety of connectivity options in the form of Micro SD, USB, HDMI, AV and VGA port which further adds up to user convenience.
  • You are bound to feel stunned by the sonic soundwaves emitted by its dual 3W stereo speakers having SRS sound.


  • Projector does not have an audio out port for being hooked up with external speakers.

9. VIVIMAGE C580 4000 Lumens Movie Projector

Enhance your projection possibilities with the VIVIMAGE C580 movie projector which can assist you in bringing the exhilarating cinematic experienceto the comfort of your house.

You can surely expect brighter and clearer images while projecting your favorite movies in dark settings coupled with 4000 lumens of brightness which can definitely be termed as 80% more than that of ordinary projectors.

Advanced contrast ratio of 4000:1 makes sure that you don’t miss out on the minute on-screen details which can take your entertainment drive a notch higher.

By rendering support to maximum screen resolution of 1920×1089, the VIVIMAGE C580 movie projector can serve as the ideal pick for home cinema.

You can toggle between display sizes of 44 to 176 inches over a distance of 1.5-5.6 meters before deciding on the one which serves you best.

The innovative cooling system of the VIVIMAGE C580 movie projector assists with efficient heat dispersion while the noise suppression technology cuts down fan sound so that you can focus completely on the cinematic audio without getting distracted by external interference.

Its extended lamp can keep your back over a stretch of 60000 hours thus keeping you buffered from the requirement of frequent lamp replacement.

However, it is advisable to take a break every 3-4 hours for extending its working life by avoiding overheating.


  • Ceiling mount hole at the bottom further adds to projection possibilities.
  • Focus ring and keystone are both manually adjustable.
  • Offers 80% more brightness than ordinary projectors.
  • Comes with 3 years of manufacturing warranty against all defects and malfunctions.
  • Heat dispersion gets optimized by upgraded cooling system.


  • Doesn’t focus at top and bottom of the screen at the same time.

10. TANGCISON Home Projector

Coupled with 3300 lumens of brightness, the Tangcison home projector delivers a home theater experience like none other.

You can be guaranteed to enjoy crystal clear images as 1080 pixels light up the screen for a delightful experience which accentuates when viewed in complete darkness.

You can project images sized within 30-280 inches from a distance of 3.3-23 feet although 80-150 inches is considered to be ideal when projected from 8-16Ft.

More than 20000 hours of lamp life guaranteed by the projector can suffice your requirements for a stretch of 12 long years with 5 hours of daily viewing.

For making the most out of this projector, it is advisable to project the same on a highly reflective surface. You can easily establish connectivity in between your projector and an external peripheral through the HDMI adapter.

State-of-art cooling system along with noise reduction technology ensures that your movie viewing experience does not get disrupted.

Compared to its peers, the Tangcison home projector features a textured metal surface which brings ahead enhanced durability as you engage in front, rear and suspended ceiling projection.


  • Excellent picture and sound quality.
  • Lightweight and handy projector perfect for those who are always on the move.
  • Comes with a remote control, power cable, user’s manual and HDMI cable.
  • Offers complete value for money.
  • Extremely easy to adjust focus and keystone.


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth audio.


Projectors are opening up brand new usage avenues with each passing day coupled with advancement in technology.

Whether you wish to watch a movie at your drawing room, the backyard or even a friend’s house, the modern-day projectors ranking high in portability can keep your back at all times.

Manufacturers are also packing in a higher lumen count so that the projector retains its brightness and vivacity even in well-lit rooms.

This can be of great help during business presentations or class lectures where other participants wish to jot down important points.

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