Top 10 Best Mirror Dash Cam – Complete Guide and Reviews 2021

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Last updated on May 20th, 2021

Today, we are coming with the best HD mirror cam reviews. Because while listening to the TV news or browsing through the paper, we often come across accident reports most of which are caused by the negligence of the driver.

At times, even the best of drivers falter as they have no clue what is happening behind them especially while moving their vehicle in the reverse gear.

Keeping such things in mind, we are today going to discuss how to find the best dash cams that can provide you with a clear front and back view of the road as well as approaching vehicles.

How to find the best dash cams and have them installed in your vehicle can be of great help in avoiding critical accidents while driving your vehicle or parking the same.

It is also possible to document your entire road trip in its built-in storage space so that you can refer to the same whenever required.

Other options available are the nextbase 522gw, the vantrue n2 pro, the viofo a129, the blackvue dr900s,  and much more, they also have varying specs to offer such as; 1440p resolution, 4k dash cams with high frames per second which makes for an amazing video and image quality. We just couldn’t fit all of them on our list!

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Enough said, let’s now take a look at ten of the best mirror dash cam available in the market as well as a buying guide for helping you in taking a well-informed decision.


Things To Consider While Purchasing A Best Mirror Dash Cam


    • Resolution serves as one of the primary factors which needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing a mirror dash cam as there is no point in recording footage if you cannot make anything out of it. You should never settle for anything below 720p as this is the bare minimum resolution that is required for making out license plates, faces, and car models. Although 4k UHD video quality is always recommended.
    • Your rear mirror dash cams should not obstruct your line of sight so that you can have a proper view from all angles. It should ideally occupy less space than a traditional rear mirror while providing you with a crystal-clear view of the recorded footage. You can opt for models mounted high on the windscreen for ensuring that it does not create any obstruction
    • Loop recording is another such feature that can help in preserving the memory space of your dashcam by overwriting the oldest footage with the newest ones. This attribute to a dashcam mini ensures that your camera never runs out of memory and keeps on recording indefinitely.
    • While traveling at night, it becomes essential to have the backing of a night vision dash cam so that you can rely on the illumination provided by your camera even if the street lights go off.
    • Some other features which can add to the versatility of our best dash cams are motion detector, G-sensor, and auto on/off. However, it is imperative to note here that such features might cause the price of your dash cam to rise substantially. But when it comes to road safety, it is impossible to measure it with a specific price tag.

    Other options available are the nextbase 522gw, the vantrue n2 pro, the viofo a129, the blackvue dr900s,  and much more, they also have varying specs to offer such as; 1440p resolution, 4k dash cams with high frames per second which makes for an amazing 4k video and image quality. We just couldn’t fit all of them on our list!

Top 10 Best HD Mirror Cam Reviews 2021

1. KDLINKS R100 

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD 1296P Front + 1080P Rear 280° Wide Angle Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror Dual Lens Dash Cam with IPS 5' Screen, Superior Night Mode, Advanced Dashcam Parking Mode, Support 64/128GB

High image quality IPS screen and premium build quality have helped the R100 mirror dash cam from KDLINKA in carving out a niche for itself amongst driving enthusiasts around the globe.

You can find a 16GB microSD card, some literature, and the required connectivity cables in the box to get you started almost instantaneously.

Although the included storage can cater to your shorter recordings, it is recommended to opt for a bigger one since the full-HD video quality clippings of the R100 can eat up its storage space pretty fast.

Coming to its design aspect, the R100 looks more like a rear-view mirror.

The front mirror houses a few navigation buttons and is covered with mirrored glass panel through most of its circumference.

Connectivity and ports have been kept relatively simple for nailing an unobtrusive look that can blend in seamlessly with your car interior.

The Auto-Off feature is another unique addition that shuts down the dash cam automatically when your car engine is turned off.

Some other features which deserve special mention are Accident Auto Detection, built-in G-Sensor, and emergency video lock button.

  • Stellar customer care team which can cater to all your worries.
  • 800mah battery can keep your mirror dash cam running for long without the requirement of any external power source.
  • Premium IPS screen is comparatively better than its TN screen contemporaries.
  • Can render support to both 64 and 128GB cards for better storage.
  • Unique auto-off feature to help with power savings.
  • The rear camera is not weatherproof and thus cannot work outside the car.


2. Pruveeo D700

Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Channel with Rear View Reversing Camera

The Pruveeo D700 offers a waterproof rear camera option so that you can be tension-free while using the same during the rainy season.

It can capture videos at the stellar resolution of 1080p Full HD so that you can make out everything from number plates to road obstructions with utmost clarity.

This mirror dash camera can also come to your rescue if you wish to record the footage of an accident scene for future evidence.

Its rear 90-degree angle lens can also capture 480p video recording and image quality so that you can focus on the road ahead as a layer of protection buffers you from accidents.

Even top-notch drivers face difficulty while parking their car as they can hardly make out what lies behind. This also leads to various crashes and accidents.

Keeping such things in mind, the manufacturers of Pruveeo D700 have included a special parking mode that shows the parking image in full view when the reverse gear is engaged.

Installing the mirror cam is also an extremely easy affair as you just need to fit it over your existing rearview mirror followed by the installation of the cable inside the car cabin and plugging it into the cigarette lighter.

It is advisable to use either the SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD Card or Samsung EVO for making the most out of this stellar mirror dash cam.

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • You can either opt for a picture-in-picture display or footage from a single camera for being viewed on the 7” touch screen.
  • Weatherproof rear cam to keep your back at all times.
  • The parking image gets displayed automatically without having to press any button once the vehicle starts moving in reverse gear.
  • The built-in battery is not of much help.


3. YI Mirror Dash Cam

YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with Touch Screen, Mobile APP, Front Rear View HD Camera, G Sensor, Reverse Monitor, Loop Recording

The Y1 mirror dash cam has been specially designed to ensure that it can be mounted easily following which it stays in its place while you drive around the town.

It also does not require any professional help during the installation drive. You just need to mount it over the original rear-facing mirror coupled with its adjustable elastic straps.

The emergency recording gets activated automatically by the built-in 3 axes adjustable G-sensor in the event of a collision for protecting the entire footage inclusive of the moments leading up to the mishap for future reference.

Reverse motion can also be seamlessly detected by its simple auxiliary line setup of the 720p camera which fits discreetly into your car’s rear.

You can thus switch your mirror display for having a closer look at what is being recorded by the rear cam having an IP67 dustproof and rainproof rating.

The accompanying Y1 Dash application can be installed on your smartphone for viewing videos as well as browsing through playback history on a real-time basis.

You can even share these videos with your friends and family through its built-in 2.4GHz wireless module.

The driver fatigue feature stands out as another interesting aspect of this versatile dashboard camera which sends a prompt every two hours for checking your level of alertness while on the road.

  • 138° all-glass-front facing camera lens with f/2.0 aperture for ensuring wide coverage in high resolution.
  • Infrared filter on four full-glass lenses delivers clear optical capabilities during both day and night.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to help with the usage of its accompanying application.
  • The rear-facing mirror lacks any dimming option.


4. TOGUARD Backup Camera

No products found.

It is now possible to get the best video quality during both day and night coupled with the versatile wide dynamic range mirror dashboard camera from TOGUARD featuring a 1080P full HD front camera and 480P waterproof rear cameras.

You can also view video laterally coupled with its 7 inch IPS touchscreen which has been accredited for providing a wide visual angle and video quality.

On connecting the red wire of the rear cameras with the power positive wire of backup light, the rear camera image along with 4pcs of night vision lights will switch over automatically to full view mode.

Once the reverse gear gets engaged, the parking guide line is displayed by the mirror dash cam to help you with parking in tight spots having insufficient lighting.

Both the front and rear cameras get switched on automatically and enter the recording mode when you try to park your car.

On detecting a collision, the integrated Gravity sensor shall auto-lock all recorded videos. Coupled with such stellar attributes, the mirror dash cam can serve as your ultimate ally which can guarantee you complete peace of mind while out on the road.

It also becomes extremely convenient to toggle between the five different view modes with its one-key switching design.

You can also use it as a regular rear by turning off the screen display. In stark contrast to traditional physical buttons, it is easier to set up the concise 7-inch sensitive touchscreen.

  • Features a 2.5D advanced anti-glare mirror.
  • Exquisite screen edge design paves the path for clearer and more seamless viewing in comparison to traditional mirror dash cams.
  • Easy to navigate interface coupled with a multi-function menu.
  • Software causes changes in the aspect ratio.


5. TOGUARD Touch Screen Lens Car Camera

No products found.

Add some additional visibility to your vehicle with this versatile mirror dash cam from TOGUARD which has been crafted by keeping in mind that accidents do not happen with a warning.

You can however keep yourself safe from the hefty insurance and lawsuit claims coupled with the correct footage of the incident which gets recorded automatically by its Gravity-sensor in the event of any emergency or collision.

The footage stays locked in the “SOS File” for preventing the same from getting overwritten. Its intuitive touch screen allows you to switch between the four different view modes.

It is also possible to use it as a regular rearview mirror by turning on the screen save function.

A 32GB MicroSD card that is a Class 10 memory card is recommended for recording all the roadside as well as car interior footage.

You also don’t need to worry about storage space crisis as the seamless loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest one once the memory card gets filled up to a particular capacity.

The 170° front and 140° rear mirror can capture video of all the clippings with a stellar resolution of 1280x720P and 640x480P respectively so that you never miss out on the minor details.

Its parking assists feature can be of great help when you are trying to park your vehicle into tight spots or moving in reverse under limited visibility conditions.

The mirror front and rear dash cam switches to reversing mode along with a full view of the parking guideline on the engagement of the R gear.

Installing and setting up the mirror dash cam is an extremely easy affair as you just need to tie the RED wire into your backup lights.

  • Comes with an 18ft extension cable for the rear camera.
  • One-touch switch design to bring in easy-to-use features and activation.
  • Front and rear cams offer excellent coverage while ensuring the best footage.
  • SD card has to be purchased separately.


6. PORMIDO OEM Mirror Dash Cam

PORMIDO 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 12' Large Full Touch Screen Front and Rear View Camera HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera 170° Wide Angle,GPS,Starlight Night Vision,Parking Monitor,SD Card

The PORMIDO OEM Mirror Dash Cam allows the front and rear cameras to be viewed simultaneously with a 12″ rearview mirror equipped with the smart spit screen function.

It comes with a 32-foot connecting cable that allows it to fit most vehicles with ease. It also provides a small reverse camera that is less likely to get damaged or be in the way when utilizing your vehicle’s rear space.

A 32-GB SD Card is included with the device, and the camera can support up to 128-GB to ensure you have space for all the media you need. With features such as Loop Recording, Parking Monitoring, Gravity Sensor, Parking Guide Lines, Adjustable Brightness/View Angle, and GPS, this dash cam will support and record everything imaginable.

Recording in 1080p at all times, simultaneously on a dual-channel screen, allows you to catch even the smallest details no matter what the weather. Even in low light conditions, license plates and faces can be seen with ease. The optional image mirroring allows you to see things in real-time just as you would see them if you were looking straight at them; this is extremely helpful for license plates, make and model of a vehicle, and much more.

While not included in the packaging, the PORMIDO OEM Mirror Dash Cam can also be hardwired to the battery for continuous power features such as Parking Monitoring.

Installation is easy and seamless and gives the option to mount your camera to the inside or outside of your vehicle. An Anti-reflective coating, matte-night vision, and weather-proof camera all ensure that you can record video footage and forget about your dash-cam until you need it most.

The reverse aid system, Gravity Sensor, and Loop Recording are incredibly beneficial, especially to new drivers. The built-in gravity sensor detects a collision immediately and will lock and store video captured during that time to make sure it is not overwritten or lost. A continuous loop feature allows for continuous recording even if the MicroSD card is full by overwriting old, unlocked files.

The fantastic features compiled with hardy hardware make this a great dash cam for any vehicle. Eliminating blind spots and giving you an extensive and crystal clear screen to ensure you are driving safely and able to spot and record any incidences with ease. Place the camera and the mirror-dash cam and forget it until you need it.

  • Split-screen option to watch dual channel at once.
  • Weatherproof, so installation is wherever is most convenient.
  • Provided in packaging is enough cable and hardware to fit even the larger vehicles.
  • Up to 128 GB SD Card is compatible with a 32-GB MicroSD card included.
  • The packaging is a little messy, and the removal of the blue film over the rear camera is not explained in the instructions.


7. iMirror 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

iMirror 9.66' 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam for Cars with Full IPS Touch Screen, Waterproof Backup Camera, Rear View Mirror Camera, Enhanced Night Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor, Parking Assistance


Equipped with dual 2.5K cameras with a wide-angle field of view, this iMirror Dash Cams will capture your surroundings with a crystal-clear picture and a total of a 270-degree field of view.

With a 130-degree adjustable front camera and a 140-degree rear lens, this dash camera covers blind spots and captures the area around your vehicle with impeccable clarity and detail.

Loop recording, a Gravity Sensor, night vision, wi-fi, and a parking monitor and assist are all included in this bundle. The backup camera displays high resolution in real-time, and if you choose the function, guidelines will appear when in reverse to guide you safely in or out of a parking spot day and night.

The Gravity Sensor automatically registers when a collision had happened and locks the recordings that happened when the crash occurred. Until you clear that recording, it is locked in the memory and will not be over-written during the continuous recording loop.

A responsive, 9.66’ IPS touch screen gives you real-time, no lag traffic monitoring and an easy-to-use interface. The simple interface ensures that you can access any part of your monitoring system with ease and a fast response time.

Built-in Wi-fi connection allows you to download a smartphone app and not only see the recordings in real-time but store the recordings in the app, so they are accessible and stored in the app, giving you cloud connectivity anytime. Meaning even if your rear cam or dash camera gets damaged, the video will be accessible over wi fi.

A “Starvis” sensor created by Sony provides HD recordings and clear night vision. The full 4k video recording captures fast-moving scenes and clear pictures with the best video recording, no matter what speed you are moving or how dark it is.

Simply turning off the screen provides you with a standard rear-view mirror for those times you need an ordinary driving experience.

  • Clear, quality video quality recordings day and night and in any weather
  • Wi-fi connection, smartphone app, and cloud storage
  • Touch screen
  • The simple, easy to use interface and easy to maneuver through the settings
  • No GPS version is currently available.


8. VanTop H612

No products found.

With the stunning 2.5K Ultra HD video on the front camera and a 1080P full HD waterproof rear camera, you can catch vivid photos and excellent video resolution on this dash cam bundle. The touch-screen design allows for easy transitions through the interface and options available.

Equipped with advanced GPS support and an “Intelligent Escort Partner,” you can launch easy-to-use, essential operations with voice commands. The advanced GPS also continues to monitor the trajectory, speed, and location, which makes this one of the best dash cams to have in case of an accident.

With a 170-degree front camera and a 160-degree field of view for the full HD rear camera, the VanTop H612 has an ultra-wide view, which is incredibly convenient in parking mode. Parking mode assists you in supplementing your field of view and guides you into a parking spot with ease using both front and rear dash cams.

Of all the dash-cam reviews I have read, this is the first one with such a wide array of options. With modes like voice control that allow you to start recording as soon as the dashboard camera senses vibration, continuous recording in front and rear-facing cameras, voice control, GPS tracking, touch screen,  personalized options for recording times and so much more.

The fantastic video quality is also an excellent asset, especially considering that instead of dashcam video, time-lapse photography is also an option.  With the ultra-wide-angle lens, dynamic range, and the image quality and video quality of the fantastic frames per second rate, you will be able to enjoy a broad field of view with a video quality that is crystal clear.

The VanTop H612 Mirror dash cam supports up to a 128 GB MicroSD Card, which can provide hours of video footage. If you choose to use it as a video-surveillance device, this dash cam will overwrite old video, unlocked footage to ensure the most up-to-date video is being stored. Not to worry, you can lock video footage through the settings or with voice control to make sure important video footage does not get overwritten.

The rear camera is weatherproof and produces 1080p video resolution. The dash cam video quality, wide dynamic range, low-light adaptation, and ease of use make this a top contender for the best dash cam, comparable to big-name brands, without the hefty price tag.

  • High video quality
  • Voice-controlled
  • Touch screen
  • Advanced GPS Support
  • No memory card included



CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen ; 1080P 170° Full HD Front Camera;1080P 140°Wide Angle Full HD Rear View Camera;Time-Lapse Photography

Driving at night gets easier with the CHICOM dash cam featuring F2.0 6-glass lens which accentuates the image clarity especially while reversing your vehicle.

The high-end CMOS sensor ensures that you get a clear picture by preventing overexposure of videos.

You can benefit heavily by saving the SD card storage space coupled with its time-lapse mode.

This is especially helpful when your car has been parked at the same place for days.

However, the dashcam has to be hooked up with your car’s fuse box using a hardwire kit for availing of the time interval mode.

New video recordings automatically overwrite the oldest video with the loop recording feature.

This keeps locked video safe and proves to be helpful especially when the memory card becomes full.

The rear-view camera automatically gets power on while shifting into reverse gear to provide you with 140-degree video viewing flexibility.

This in turn ensures that you get an adequate view of what’s lying behind your car thus minimizing chances of collisions and accidents.

You can easily toggle between the rear and front cameras by swiping right and left on the screen while the angle of both the cameras can be switched by sliding up and down.

Coupled with an IP67 waterproof rating, the backup camera can keep on recording video footage even in rainy weather.

  • The device shuts down within 5 seconds if it is unable to establish a connection with the external power supply.
  • The device turns on automatically on detecting collision to record 30 seconds long-locked video files.
  • The rear-view camera has an extra-wide viewing angle of 140 degrees which helps in improving traffic safety to a great extent.
  • The Loop video recording function makes it redundant to invest in expensive memory cards.
  • The front camera records crystal clear video and images at 1080P irrespective of the surrounding light.
  • SD card has to purchase separately.


10. Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin 010-02062-00 Dash Cam Mini, Car Key-Sized Dash Cam, 140-Degree Wide-Angle Lens, Captures 1080P HD Footage, Very Compact with Automatic Incident Detection and Recording

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini is a tiny, car key sized camera that goes virtually unnoticed on any windshield. This little dash cam mini automatically video records incidences and saves them to your micro-SD Card. With built-in wi-fi connectivity, you can download the smartphone app, and it can also save video footage to your phone with auto-sync features that allow you to playback video footage from up to four cameras.

Instead of a standard suction cup, the Garmin dash-cam mini comes with a low profile adhesive mount that allows your Garmin dash cam to stay in place longer and provides you with a safe and non-obstructed video view.

Although tiny, this dash cam gives you a big picture! A 240-degree wide-angle lens captures 1080P HD video footage that uploads straight to your smartphone app or Micro-SD Card.

Discreet enough to mount behind your rearview mirror or windshield, but with significant features. Built-in Bluetooth, built-in wi-fi, and part of the Garmin dash cam family, which can sync with other Garmin dash cams and become part of a complete network instead of monitoring your dash cams separately, are just a few of those features.

A convenient choice if you already have a Garmin dash cam network or if you need a low profile and reliable dash cam without all the bells and whistles.

Included in the Garmin network of dash cams are dash cams of all sizes with all types of amenities. Providing everything from 4k uhd video, motion detection, rear-view, lane-departure warnings, and so much more.

  • Small size
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped
  • Garmin App for Smartphones
  • No rear camera monitoring


How To Find The Right Dash Cam For You


When you search for the best dash cam for you or a loved one, it is essential to choose the most important functions for you.  While all the bells and whistles of some of the most expensive dash cameras are nice, they may not fit what you need.

First, one of the most important steps is deciding what kind of dash camera you want. Will it bother you to have a dash-camera display on your rearview mirror? Will you be distracted by a bright display? Where would you place your dash cam that wouldn’t distort your view of driving?

These are all critical questions to ask yourself because it still only boils down to what works for you, even with so many options on our list. Ensuring where you want your dash cam is crucial for how to mount your dash camera as well. You want to use the functions you longed for without strain, but you also want a secure mount. Some suction cups do not stick for prolonged periods with temperature changes, and some magnetic mounts can fail if jostled too roughly. The last thing you want is to be in a critical moment and not have access or view of your dash cam due to a failed suction cup.

Other options available are the nextbase 522gw, the vantrue n2 pro, the viofo a129, the blackvue dr900s,  and much more, they also have varying specs to offer such as; 1440p resolution, 4k dash cams with high frames per second which makes for an amazing 4k video and image quality. We just couldn’t fit all of them on our list!

Another critical issue is, of course, what do you want to see? If you need assistance with parking or maneuvering your vehicle in reverse, you must have a second camera. Many dash cams come with only a forward-facing camera, but a preference is paid to those with dual cameras, as you can see from our list. The more coverage you have, the more protection you have.

Dual cameras also provide you with many different options. Lane departure warnings,  parking assist, and more features come along with some of our dash cameras with rear video. Also, it dramatically increases the coverage of your vehicle that is recorded in the event of a collision.

Storage is an important consideration when deciding what kind of dash camera you want also. Do you want a constant recording? Do you want access to the recordings without being near the vehicle?

If you are only using a dash cam in the chance of a collision, a small storage space with a short time frame of recording works out just fine. But in the likelihood that you want parking monitoring for your vehicle all night, small storage space will not provide you with coverage for a full night unless your dash cam comes equipped with something like motion activation.

It can be challenging to choose which dash cam is correct for what you need with so many different options. Determining what is a priority is one of the most essential parts. Bells and whistles are nice, but if they do not perform the most assistance you need, then is it worth it.

Reading reviews of products can be challenging, but is also one of the best ways to ensure you are getting a good product. Lack of reviews does not always mean the product is terrible; it can just mean that it is a new product or is being sold by a new seller.

Bad reviews should be repeated. If something is wrong with a product or the product does not work as it should, there should be multiple reports saying so. If not, you may just have one person who didn’t read the directions and is disappointed in the product because they don’t know how to work it correctly.

One great example of this is a review I read on one of the dash cams mentioned above. There were very few bad reviews and only one horrible review. This review stated the camera showed a blue hue, was unclear, and you were barely able to make out what was directly in front of it. After some short research and reading other reviews, it was pointed out. This buyer never took off the protective film over the lens.

Most people read the bad reviews first. In this case, I might have missed out on a great product strictly because I read one bad review. When reading the reviews, pay attention to detail, and much like the bad reviews, if a product is excellent, it should be repeated to explain why it is great.

Unfortunately, people tend to leave a bad review more often than they leave a good one. Think of it like this: when you get something terrible, you want to complain. You would rather spend your time using that product when you get something great.

Finding the right dash cam is definitely a chore, especially when weeding through all the options on the market today. Narrowing down your options, features, and needs helps make sure you are getting the product you want. Reading reviews and paying attention to company warranties helps to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

It is also important to look at seller information and warranty. Some offer a money back guarantee, but this isn’t always the case. What is important is whether technical support is available, if anyone has had a problem with defective equipment, and is the seller true to their word.

When putting a dash cam on your vehicle, it is important to follow directions and ensure you know what you are doing. Some dash cameras require wiring to the battery and some do not. Some dash cameras need mounting brackets, they are not sold with. Some require batteries and extra hardware needed to equip the dash cam to your specific vehicle type.

If in doubt, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to install the camera, especially when it comes down to electrical and wiring work. This should also factor into your decision when deciding what dash cam is right for your vehicle, as it could not only add in extra difficulty but could also result in extra expenses.

With all the options to factor in, we have created this list in hopes that bringing some of the highest-regarded contenders for the best dash cam, helps you with your choice.


Modern-day vehicles are coming stacked with advanced features and 4K UHD images, which are functioning with the sole aim of bringing along improvements to your driving experience.

GPS and built-in reverse cameras are thus becoming a must-have feature of all the latest cars. But these features might not be present in your old model. They can thus be separately added in the form of a mirror dashcam.

With an array of mirror dash cams available in the market, taking the final call might prove to be pretty difficult for you.

However, all your queries are bound to get sort once you go through our best mirror cam buying guide. And recommendations that can help you in taking the best step forward.

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