Top 12 Best Paper Shredders Under $100 in 2021 Reviews

Paper shredder cutting paper

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Shredding important files, confidential documents or any of the private and professional papers is often a tedious task. But paper shredder makes it easier.
Paper Shredders are available in different types, depending on their usage. The differences are in size and features. Small units of paper shredder can be employed for limited or personal use that is available at low rates. There are big and expensive paper shredders also available that can shred thousands of bulk documents in no time.

We have listed below the best Paper Shredders Under $100.

Best Paper Shreder Under  $100

Name Image Price
Amazonbasics 12 High Security Check Price
Bonsaii Docshred C156-D Check Price
AmazonBasics Paper and Credit Card Shredder Check Price
Fellowes Powershred W11C Check Price
Swingline Paper Shredder Check Price
AmazonBasics 6 Paper and Credit Card Shredder Check Price
Fellowes Powershred 60 Cs 10 Sheet Cross Check Price
Royal 112MX, 12 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder Check Price
Aurora AS1018CD Check Price
Aurora AU1230XA Check Price
Bonsaii 14-Sheet Cross C169-B Check Price
Dahle ShredMATIC 35120 Check Price

1. Amazonbasics 12 sheet high security micro cut paper, CD and Credit Card shredder

This shredder is available with amazing features. The shredder can handle as good as 12 pages per pass. It is one of the most recommended paper shredder in this range.
This is highly secure to use and attached with a pull out basket of high capacity. It is good to cut around 6 ft / minute. Not only papers but it can easily destroy compact discs and credit cards too. It converts paper into tiny bits of 5/32 by 15/32 inches and the information in paper can be completely destroyed. It is very fast and can work continuously for around 8 minutes.

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2. Bonsaii Docshred C156-D 12 sheet cross cut shredder

This is a great shredder with extraordinary features. It easily shreds and secures all your documents including CD’s, DVD’s and credit cards. It is convenient for user to use and portable.
Bonsaii Docshred is available with a basket for the waste and a transparent window to check if the basket is full. It has a great feature call “auto start mode” that lets it work automatically on insertion of papers. The maximum time it can work continuously is 3 minutes. If it exceeds its safe time limit, then the overheating protection mode turns it off automatically for a span of 40 minutes and lets it cool down.

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3. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

The AmazonBasics 8-sheet cross-cut shredder can serve as your ideal choice if you occasionally wish to shred some documents whether at office or home.

It can even cut staples and paper clips easily to keep your back even when you completely forget to remove the same.

You can insert credit cards in its exclusive card slot for being shredded to protect your sensitive information.

Being a cross-cut shredder, the AmazonBasics model can easily shred multiple documents simultaneously into small and diagonal pieces.

However, for best results, it is advisable to feed in 4 to 5 pages in the shredder at a time.

The security guaranteed by this shredder makes it ideal for dealing with financial bills, ATM receipts and similar personal documents carrying sensitive information.

This compact and lightweight shredder can easily fit in houses and office spaces having limited floor area. Its professional and attractive design can also usher in an aura of sophistication and professionalism to your workplace.

However, this small size leads to a small waste basket capacity making it necessary to empty the same every now and then.

While under auto mode, shredding starts once something is detected by the shredder.

The paper strips are thereafter stored in the 4.1-gallon bin for keeping the surroundings neat and tidy.

Paper jams if any, can be easily cleared through manual reverse.

This cross-cut shredder can operate over a stretch of 3 minutes before requiring a cooling down period of 30 minutes.

The unit automatically shuts off for buffering the motor if it shreds beyond the max running time and gets excessively heated.

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4. Fellowes Powershred W11C, 11 Sheet Cross Cut Paper And Credit Card Shredder

This is a highly secure and reliable 11 sheet power shredder. It can run safely for a time span of 5 minutes continuously and then cooling is required for minimum half an hour.
It is very useful for desk side use. Shreds staples, discard credit cards and removes staples too. 11 sheets can be shredded in a single cross. Additional safety is assured due to presence of safety lock. The lock can be patented as per your choice.

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5. Swingline Paper Shredder, 14 Sheet, Super Cross-Cut

This compact and stylish paper shredder can serve as a welcome addition to your home and office setup.

With the supreme versatility of separate cutters for dealing with paper and CDs or DVDs, this dynamic shredder can open up greater possibilities ahead of you.

You can easily feed in 14 sheets of paper at once along with un-opened junk mail for being subjected to cross-cut shredding.

Paper gets finely shredded in two different directions making it almost impossible to be pieced back together.

This particular shredding style can cater to your daily security requirements thus keeping you buffered from the probability of an identity theft which is increasing at a rapid scale.

The shredder is also accompanied by a 5-gallon pull-out bin which can be emptied in an easy fashion.

Another unique aspect of the Swingline paper shredder is its cool-down indicator which can inform you about its resting and running episodes.

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6. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

This dependable little performer from the house of AmazonBasics can shred up to six sheets at a time which has helped it in becoming one of the top scorers in the department of speed testing.

Although its blades lack the power of its bigger peers, the AmazonBasics shredder can cater to all your requirements concerning credit cards and small stacks of paper without crossing over the affordability threshold.

It can easily handle the maximum capacity of six sheets of paper at once although it might have to struggle while dealing with thicker fare of junk mail envelopes.

The AmazonBasics shredder is tiny enough for being tucked away anywhere without actually occupying much space. It’s simple interface comprising of a solitary switch makes it easy to turn on the shredder as well as place it on auto mode for clearing the occasional paper jams.

Feeding paper into the shredder also becomes a hassle-free affair coupled with the small opening above the shredding slot which helps in inserting papers from an angle rather than directly from above.

The AmazonBasics shredder sits on top of a dustbin and has to be lifted for emptying the paper shreds. Although it cannot actually be branded as a bulky model, the lack of grabbing handles might make it difficult to move around.

Although the AmazonBasics model lacks a bin full indicator, you can gauge the same by taking a look at the small gap in between the bin’s edge and shredding unit provided you have placed the same in a well-lit area.

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7. Fellowes Powershred 60 Cs 10 Sheet Cross – Cut Paper And Credit Card Shredder

The shredder is designed with Safe sense technology. As soon as the human touch is sensed on the paper it stops automatically. It shreds paper clips and staples easily.
It can be use continuously for 6 minutes with a span of 20 minutes recommended for cool down. This is very useful as far as personal use is concerned.

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8. Royal 112MX, 12 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder

The entry slot is designed for 9 inch paper. Supports cross shedding with 12 sheets in a single go. It is a multipurpose shredder good for personal, home and office use. Shreds credit cards and dvd’s too.
The powerful motor of about half HP makes it good and fast to use. It’s user friendly and highly convenient. The attached bin can carry about shredded 220 sheets garbage.

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9. Aurora AS1018CD 10 Sheet Crosscut Paper , Credit Card/ CD Shredder

The shredder is designed to function in three modes that is safety mode, switch mode and convenient. Designed with safety interlock, if the head unit is removed off the basket it automatically shuts down.
Available with spacious bin and crosscuts paper precisely to keep your data safe and out of reach of criminals.

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10. Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam 12-Sheet Crosscut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

The Aurora AU1230XA Anti-jam shredder can serve as the perfect choice for people who wish to bring home the best paper shredder without burning a deep hole in their wallet.

This beast can tackle 12 paper sheets at once while destroying small clips and staples along the way.

In this way, you won’t have to manually remove those staples before feeding the documents to the machine.

Credit cards and paper is shred into small 3/16 by 1-9/16 inches by the Aurora shredder which operates with P-3 level of security.

You can thus carry on nonstop shredding over a span of 5 minutes with this tough guy which is ideal for being placed at your office workstation or home.

Users are buffered from all chances of accidents by its safety angled feed entry while paper jams are prevented by its Overload Auto reverse functionality.

The 5.2-gallon wastebasket having LED indicator lights can store all the paper shreds in one place and features an integrated lifting handle which helps out with the emptying function.

Although it cannot be branded as a heavy-duty product, the Aurora AU1230XA Anti-jam shredder can easily take on your regular requirements.

Given its compact build, you can even tuck it away when not in use.

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11. Bonsaii 14-Sheet Cross C169-B

The second last product that we are reviewing for you belongs to Bonsaii again.  This heavy-duty paper shredder has the ability to work for 30 minutes straight.

Without any break, you can get 3500 sheets destroyed within no time. You can easily use them at the house and office.

With the letter size 20lbs, it has the ability of 14 sheets of paper shredding capacity. This product is jam-proof along with the auto start and stops button which is easily cleaned.

The 45-gallons of the pull out allow the user to easily empty as the transparent window indicates you when the bin gets full. The good part about this model is that it has the thermal protection that prevents overheating.

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12. Dahle ShredMatic 35120

Last but not hot the least, we have Dahle ShredMatic 35120. It allows the user to auto-shred 120 sheets at the same time. Whether your sheets are single or they are stapled, it can shred them all (15 per minute).

This shredding machine can work for a long time without any maintenance.  The compact design makes it easy to put it anywhere and the best part about this machine is that it is user-friendly.

Sound of shredding could be deafening but with Dahle ShredMatic 35120 it produces less noise.

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