5 Best Riding Mower for Steep Hills – Buying Guide 2021

Riding mower for steep hills

Last updated on March 17th, 2021

Hilly yards and lawns have a very appealing look, but this kind of setup takes more effort to maintain, and this is why you need the best riding mower for steep hills mowing.

These machines are intended to deal with steep landscape, so you can trim your garden with less time and exertion.

Slopes and hills pose an issue for certain cutters since they don’t have the ability to get all over them. Essentially, the uneven surfaces make it trying to cut grass equally.

Lawn mowers for steep hill look and work like the typical ones for flat terrain. In any case, they will, in general, have more capacity to handle, the slope or incline is also more maneuverable.

While there are particular cutters accessible for cutting absurdly steep hills, their value range puts them out of the domain of plausibility for a great many people.

Fortunately, if your hills are steep yet not very steep, you can even now take care of business on a sensible spending plan, you simply need to give extraordinary consideration to the mower you purchase to get the job done.

So, Ready for your perfect guide? Here you go and find out the Best Riding Mower for Steep Hills!

Image Name Check Price
Husqvarna Z254 Zero Check Price
Greenworks GLM801600 Cordless Lawn Mower Check Price
Ariens Zoom 42″ Check Price
Troy-Bilt TB330 Check Price
Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Check Price

What to Look for in Best Riding Mower for Steep Hills?

Before we start our rundown for the best picks we would like to tell you the important things to take into consideration while buying a lawn mower.

#1. Rear vs. Front vs. All-Wheel Lawn Mower

The main thing you should search for is a rear-wheel drive cutter. Front-wheel drive basically won’t cut it on anything slanted over a couple of degrees.

It’s not prescribed to try and attempt with front-wheel drive; you’d be in an ideal situation with a trimmer that must be pushed.

All-wheel drive is very decent in a ton of circumstances, however, on slopes, back wheel drive cutters will demonstrate themselves to be an unrivaled choice in pretty much every case.

It’s extremely about the footing, in the event that you lose grasp on the cutter it’ll go lurching off and you’ll need to begin the line once again at the absolute best and may endure some damage at the very least.

The rear-wheel drive lawn mower is the best lawn mower for steep banks as it provides excellent traction which is crucial in case you lose control when mowing.

#2. Deck Size

The deck size decides the mobility of the lawn mower on slopes and hills thus it is constantly a significant factor to consider.

On the off chance that you are managing an enormous open grass, a deck size of up to 54 inches is an extraordinary decision as it gives you all the more cutting width so you can complete the process of cutting quick.

In any case, the enormous deck sizes probably won’t be suitable for restricted gardens. For tight gardens, something shorter is progressively fitting as it gives you better control and mobility.

It is essential to measure the size and shape of your sloping garden and utilize this information to pick a fitting deck size.

#3. Weight

A lightweight lawn mower will be increasingly perfect for uneven landscapes. Heavy lawn mowers are more enthusiastically to deal with and will require more exertion to go here and there the slope.

In any case, as much as you may need a light and simple to-utilize riding mower, it is essential to ensure that you strike the correct harmony among weight and power.

Most lightweight garden cutters won’t have a ton of intensity thus they probably won’t be exceptionally effective for cutting steep slopes.

Thus the correct thought is consistently to search for the most powerful however lightweight soak slope grass trimmer.

#4. Ease of Use

Any lawn mower for steep hill cutting that you purchase ought to be anything but difficult to utilize in light of the fact that cutting is as of now a stressful task, and you don’t need something that solitary exacerbates the situation.

With regards to the usability, you should pay special mind to things like how simple the cutter is to begin and the mobility.

Likewise, assembly ought to be simple on the off chance that it requires any, and it ought to do different undertakings like mulching, packing, and side release to make it progressively helpful.

Fortunately, most current riding mowers are made in light of convenience.

Thus in the event that you get something from one of the top brands, you can make certain that it will be direct to utilize regardless of whether you are a learner.

#5. Warranty

You do not want to have to buy a new lawn mower for mowing your steep hill yard every other season, and so you need to buy something that comes with some durability assurances.

A warranty is this assurance that you need and it also helps to protect your investment for a particular period.

While the longer the warranty the better, the best lawn mowers for steep hill come with an average of 2-year warranty which is still good enough.

Now Onto the List!

5 Best Riding Mower for Steep Hills-Buying Guide 2019

1.Husqvarna Z254 Zero

Our first choice for best riding mower for steep hills is HUSQVARNA Z254 ZERO.

The mower is among the best one can apply to acknowledge elite performance on sloping yard. Utilization of air induction mowing technology makes it exceptionally dependable when dealing with the inclining garden.

The nature of cut is amazing causing numerous individuals to lean toward landscaping business.

With a 26 HP, the mower works very well in cutting grass quick. One can rapidly move tough because of the powerful engine in the mower.

Park brake mechanism automatically activates and deactivates in light of the development of the cutting edges.

In the event that you totally should have a ride-on tractor for mowing steep slopes, at that point you’ll need control and a variable transmission to deal with you and guard you.

The 18.5HP contained inside this mower should deal with most yard slopes with an astonishing measure of straightforwardness, and the tractor itself is intended to deal with like a vehicle as opposed to a trimmer.

Air induction mowing technology makes it highly reliable on different types of lawns. Reinforced steel stamped cutting deck assures me great durability.

It works very well in securing great performance on different lawns. Three in one design allows to mulch, bag and even side discharge the clippings.



  • 26 HP engine
  • Park braking system
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Reinforced steel deck



  • Mulching and bagging kits sold separately

2. Greenworks GLM801600 Cordless Lawn Mower

Our runner up on the list of best riding mower for steep hills is GREENWORKS GLM801600. Landscaping has never been easier with GreenWorks Pro 80V Max System.

The most powerful cordless battery platform in outdoor power equipment, you can now breeze through homes, corporate parks and entertainment venues with zero gas, zero-emission, and zero maintenance.

In the event that you incline toward the quiet activity of a battery-fueled lawn mower, the Greenworks GLM801600 will be an extraordinary pick.

At 80 Volts, it is the most dominant battery-controlled mower on our rundown, and it is likewise an overly quiet unit with negligible vibrations.

This mower likewise gives longer run occasions to each charge as you can utilize it for as long as one hour without reviving. Furthermore, it likewise uses Smart-Cut tech to improve performance and runtime.

The brushless engine gives more torque and capacity to make cutting a snappy and simple undertaking. Likewise, it requires negligible support and has zero emanations.

With the 21-inch deck size, this mower has a large enough cutting width to speed up mowing and the deck is also 3-in-1 which means it will mulch, side discharge and has a rear bag capability.

From the fact that it’s cordless, you can use this riding mower far from the power source.



  • Relatively affordable
  • Longer run times
  • Minimal wear and tear
  • Easy to start
  • Less noise and vibrations



  • Does not come with the battery or charger

3.Ariens Zoom 42″

Next we have ARIEN ZOOM 42 which is the best zero turn lawn mower. It is an incredibly designed lawn mower.

It has a fantastic design which makes it profoundly dependable. With the utilization of 42 inch wide edges, it accelerates the way toward cutting grass on my yard.

One can use it to acknowledge elite performance on the steep lawns. Subsequent to attempting the mower, it is easily prescribed as various parts have been profoundly tried before fitting making it a tough mower in the market.

With the 19 HP motor, it can serenely cut grass on inclining garden. The incredible design of the mower makes it profoundly dependable when working on different lawns. It would be of great service to all the seekers out there.

The toughness of the mower is ensured because of the stupendous plan of the trimmer. You do not need to think twice while buying ARIEN ZOOM.

It features a padded seat with a high comfortable back and armrests. Another benefit is its compatibility with multiple optional accessories – a mulch kit, a bagger, and a dethatcher.

Due to its outstanding features it can happily be considered the best commercial zero turn mower.



  • Easy to steer
  • Durable steel deck
  • 42-inch cutting deck
  • 19 HP engine



  • Gas powered

4. Troy-Bilt TB330

Troy-Bilt makes some of the top-rated lawn mowers for steep hill and this is more so when it comes to the gas-powered models. And their 163 cc TB330 self-propelled model does not disappoint.

It is a variable speed drive control unit with four top speed settings and with a solitary switch control for helpful and agreeable activity.

This 3-in-1 mower has mulching, side release and back sacking which are a portion of the fundamental highlights that numerous clients are searching for in steep hills mower.

The ergonomic and flexible handle is likewise exceptionally helpful as it will oblige various types of clients however the main inadequacy about it is that you need to expel the carriage jolts totally to crease it.

It has enough drive to get you up the slope, an entirely decent estimated base to cut with, and it should hold footing.

The main problem here is that you should be more cautious since every one of the four wheels are a similar size.

In light of that safety measure, in any case, you’re taking a gander at outstanding amongst other lawn mowers for steep slopes period.

The high performance and durable 8 x 8 wheels also move through the lawn with ease and it will be a long time before you need to replace them.

It is considerably the best self-propelled lawn mower.



  • Variable speed drive control
  • High-performance wheels
  • Adjustable ergonomic handle
  • Self-propelled
  • Easy start engine



  • Folding the handle takes longer and more effort

5.Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series

Last but not the least,we have the amazingly robust Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series as our another best mower for steep banks.

The performance of this Cub Cadet riding cutter on slopes and hills is extraordinary gratitude to its brilliant attributes.

This is a ground-breaking, vigorous, and flexible vehicle outfitted with a 24-HP motor. Hydrostatic transmission gives smooth execution and exact speed guideline.

With the journey control include, it is simpler to keep up the required speed. On account of a 16-inch turn span, the mower is incredibly maneuvering. Over this, the tractor is perfect with different attachments, including a snow thrower.

Cub Cadet is one of the most versatile riding mowers around: you can use it all year round as a full-featured utility vehicle.

With a 42-inch cutting deck and 12 height positions, it is perfect for handling most medium-sized and large lawns. Its minor drawbacks include an inconvenient operator’s seat and the lack of the front protective bumper.



  • A multi-purpose vehicle
  • Excellent mowing capabilities
  • A powerful 24-HP engine
  • Smooth and fast grass cutting
  • Precise regulation of the cutting height



  • Operator’s seat needs improvement

Safety Tips When Using Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

It is crucial to understand how to make a riding lawn mower safer on hills and lawns. To avoid traumas and injuries follow basic safety tips.

  1. Don’t ignore the manual – it contains all the information about the mower’s characteristics and rules of operation.
  2. Put on protective clothes and glasses; otherwise, you can be hurt with small stones, debris, and thorns that are thrown from the wheels during mowing.
  3. Inspect the lawn for potentially dangerous objects and obstacles that can cause damage to you or to a mower.
  4. Try not to work at nighttime or in rainy weather. The risk of injury increases when the grass is wet and slippery and you can miss an obstacle or a danger in the darkness.
  5. Always turn off the mower when you need to go away for a while and never try to cross the road or stay in front of the working mower, even if it is not moving right now.


You will need the best lawn mower for steep hills to keep your lawn well-kept. When buying a lawn mower for steep hills, ensure that you do enough research to ensure that you get only the best.

We have enlisted some of the best riding mowers for steep hills after thorough research and survey. We hope this would be of great assistance to you.


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