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Lawnmower lift

Last updated on March 17th, 2021

Lawn mowers have served as an extremely important gardening machine which helps in beautifying our garden by keeping the growing turfs neatly trimmed.

However, you need to maintain this gardening equipment for retaining its workability whether you are using the same for residential or commercial use.

This is where lawn mower lifts come in for easing out the repair mechanism of lawn mowers.

However, there is no universal style which can cater to all lawn mowers and you shall have to specify your mower type along with its total weight.

Today, we are going to take you through the five best lawn mower lifts along with the things to consider while purchasing one.

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Thing To Keep In Mind

While Purchasing A Lawn Mower Lift


Lifting Height

You can gain a broader perspective on the under parts of your lawn mower coupled with a tool having high lifting height.

This makes it easy to clean the same and carry out repair works whenever felt necessary. In most of the cases, lawn mowers have lifting height ranging up to 22 inches although this can vary from one brand to another.

Lifting capacity

This is the primary attribute of a lawn mower lift. Manufacturers usually specify the lifting capacity of their models.

Choosing a lift which is not compatible with your lawn mower might increase the chances of further damage thus resulting in grave accidents.

Ease Of Use

Heavy-duty models are specially engineered for guaranteeing hassle-free use.

You can easily lock it in a particular position coupled with its built-in levers for either lifting or lowering the lawn mower which are usually pretty heavy.

Thus, an ideal lawn mower lift should be able to make its lifting more manageable and easy.


The material construction of the lawn mower lift should be such that it can easily sustain thorough usage.

Apart from guaranteeing the obvious safety, a durable device also reassures you of reliability in the years to come.

1. MoJack PRO

With a lifting capacity of 750 pounds, the MoJack Pro can help you in gaining an edge above the maintenance of your lawn mower.

You can maintain your lawn tractor is a safe and easy fashion with the MoJack Pro which can accommodate mowers whose outside front wheel measurement ranges between 31.5– 62.5 inches.


The front load lifting capacity of 750 pounds opens up new possibilities for the MoJack Pro lawn mower lift.

Both your ZTR mower or riding tractor can be safely lifted up 28-inch-high to access its undercarriage in an easy fashion.


The MoJack Pro is perfect for lawn mower maintenance, debris removal, blade sharpening, routine repairs and belt replacement.

In comparison to concrete blocks, car ramps and makeshift mower jacks, the MoJack Pro is much safer.

Its ratcheting safety-lock and self-braking winch buffers the machine from becoming unstable or slipping out while carrying out maintenance works.

You can easily lift up the MoJack pro coupled with the winch several times during the day without having to worry about any deterioration in its quality.


The MoJack Pro Mower Lift can be folded flat for being stored away safely post usage.

Coupled with this tool, you can either lift up your lawn mower manually or with a power drill wherein the hand crank can assist you in manual lifting.

This universal tractor is compatible with all zero turning radius riding mowers and law tractors available in the market thus adding to your versatility.

What We Liked:
  • Can lift up all riding mowers up to 28 inches.
  • Has up to 750 pounds of lifting capability.
  • Mower blades can be changed safely for performing routine maintenance work.
  • Lawn mower can be raised easily using a power drill.
  • Can be stored in easily post usage by folding it flat.

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2. MoJack EZ MAX

The innovatively designed MoJack EZ MAX makes it easy to carry out repair and replacement to your mower in a hassle-free manner.

Its wheel span measurement makes it ideal for being used on residential mowers such as tractors and zero turn mowers.

Although this lawn mower lift looks pretty bulky, it can be stored easily post usage. You can pedal it for reaching your desired height by spending least possible energy.

The locking mechanism ensures the safety of its operation during the entire drill.


This versatile lawn mower has a lifting capacity of 450 pounds and lifting height of 24” wherein the front of the mower can be lifted.


The manufacturers have packed in all your requisite tools and accessories with the MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift so that you can start with the maintenance work almost instantaneously.

It comes with one lift arm, one tower assembly, one base, one base floor tube,one base support channel, one hardware pack, two wheels, two safety straps and two wheel pads.

This makes it ideal for undertaking routine repairs apart from belt replacement, blade sharpening and debris removal.

You can either lift up the lawn mower manually coupled with its hand crank or opt for a power drill.


You can store the MoJack EZ MAX Mower Lift easily post usage by folding it flat.

This versatile mower lift is compatible with both ZTR mowers and residential tractors. It has a wheel span measurement ranging from 18.5 to 47.5 inches.

What We Liked:
  • Can be assembled pretty easily courtesy its patented design.
  • Much more convenient and safer in comparison to car ramps.
  • Perfect for undertaking repair and maintenance works.
  • It is compatible with most ZTR mowers and residential tractors.
  • Can be lifted easily either with a powered drill or manually.

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3. Pro Lift Lawn Mower Jack Lift

The Pro Lift lawn mower jack lift is crafted with heavy-duty steel which makes it ideal for undertaking repair and maintenance work.

Its hydraulic foot pedal also makes the whole process extremely simple as you can easily lift up your lawn mower without having to undergo any physical strain.


This 300 pounds’ lawn mower lift can offer you with the flexibility of lifting up the lawn mower about 22 inches from the ground.

This in turn provides you with adequate space which is required to undertake necessary maintenance activities.

It can also hold between 14.25-41.25-inch span mower for that effortless functioning.


You can raise the lift by turning its release valves in a clockwise direction until you can feel adequate resistance.

The height chosen by you needs to be in harmony with the locking teeth present in the height locking lever.

The lawn mower lift can be lowered by pumping its lift pedal several times after which the height locking levers get disengaged. Next you will have to turn the release valve slowly in a counter-clockwise direction.


You can remain free from all worries about supporting the load coupled with its safety locking lever.

All you will have to do is turn the release valve in a counter clockwise direction until the height locking levers are engaged by the lift platform locking levers.

Next you will have to turn it in clockwise direction for closing the release valve until you can feel firm resistance.

What We Liked:
  • Rubber padded platform keeps the lawn mower lift buffered from scratching.
  • Can be adjusted and maneuvered easily for catering to various types of machines.
  • It becomes very easy to lift the load coupled with its non-slip foot pedal.
  • Solid steel construction imparts optimum durability to this lawn mower lift.
  • Can lift up to 300 pounds of weight.

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4. Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

The T-5305 lawn mower lift can serve as the ideal solution for those on the lookout for a heavy-duty tool.

The solid steel construction, dual locking mechanism and safety latches further add up to its lucrativeness.

The wider baskets design of the T-5305 can retain the stability of the system while undertaking maintenance work.

Lowering and lifting the lawn mower also becomes extremely easy with the T-5305 model as it incorporates a hydraulic cylinder for gliding smoothly during its operation.

The height locking lever imparts greater safety and stability to this lawn mower lift.


Pro Lift has emerged as a popular brand in the sphere of mower lifts and this specific model also stands true to this general consensus with its lifting capacity of 500 pounds.

It can lift up to 26 inches which makes it ideal for undertaking oiling and cleaning work.


The adjustable wheel span makes this versatile lawn mower lift compatible with riding mowers, garden tractors, push mowers and ATVs.

The Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift provides optimum space which can help you in carrying out routine maintenance works like oil change, blade works and cleaning debris.


The mower tires have to be securely positioned on wheel baskets for catering to the load on lift. You can raise the lift platform slight for lowering the lift and disengaging the height locking levers.

The release valve has to be turned in a counter clockwise direction to slowly lower down the load.

This versatile lawn mower lift comes backed with a 90 days limited warranty starting from the purchase date for catering to workmanship defects which can arise during the same.

What We Liked:
  • Non-slip foot pedal makes it extremely easy to lift up the load.
  • Can cater to the maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Can be maneuvered and adjusted easily for fitting various forms of machines.
  • Hydraulic foot pedal operation aids in lifting up the mower in an effortless fashion.
  • Welded solid steel construction imparts adequate durability to this lawn mower.

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5. MoJack ZR Mower Lift

The MoJack ZR lawn tractor lift has been designed in such a manner that it can raise the front portion of most residential zero turn mowers available in the market.

Its manufacturers have combined the MoJack wheel pad design along with the stability of a scissor lift in this particular model.

Such attributes make the MoJack ZR lawn tractor lift ideal for carrying out routine repair and maintenance.


The ZR Lift can cater to a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds wherein it can raise the front portion of a residential zero-turn mower or a residential lawn tractor up to 20 inches.

You can even adjust its wheel pads between 17.5-43.5 inches in between the outside front tires.


This dynamic lawn mower lift is perfect for undertaking blade sharpening, repairs, debris removal and blade replacement jobs.

Its versatile compatibility helps in adjusting the same to all small zero turn radius mower and residential lawn tractor available in the market.


You can either lift up the lawn mower manually using the hard crank or opt for the power drill.

Once you are done with its usage, you can either hang it on the wall or fold it flat for hassle-free storage.

What We Liked:
  • Can be lifted easily either manually or through a power drill.
  • Comes backed with two years’ warranty to keep your back in the cases of manufacturing defects.
  • Can lift 250 pounds of weight.
  • It is compatible with both small ZTR mowers and residential lawn tractors.
  • The wheel pads can be adjusted between 17.5-43.5 inches of the outside front wheels.

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Proper maintenance stands out as the pre-requisite of adding to the longevity of your lawn mower.

Although every single machine wears out with passage of time, you can diminish its speed through timely checkups.

A lawn mower lift is one such tool which can help out rhetorically with the cleaning and maintenance drill.

Although the market is filled with various options regarding the same, you can shortlist it by specifying the type and weight of your lawn mower.

Settling for the best lift can make your maintenance job hassle-free and more efficient.

This is why we have come up with five best heavy-duty lawn mower lifts which can assist you with the same.


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