Top 12 Best Tens and Ems Combo Unit – Latest Models 2021

Tens and Ems Combo Unit

Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Talking about the best tens and ems combo unit? Well! Perhaps one of the most innovative methods of helping to relieve nerve, joint, and muscular pain is through the use of TENS and EMS units.

Being rare and a recent innovation there’s still a lot on board that people are unaware of. But what are we for? Our thorough research and study is your light through all the perplexities and just the perfect source of tens ems combo unit reviews.

TENS and EMS are under-utilizing resources in treatment and rehabilitation of common injuries. An EMS machine is a great tool and can be used in both a rehabilitation tool and a parallel training device.

This write-up reviews some of the best models currently available and includes a Buyer’s Guide to help you make an informed decision.

So here we go!

What are TENS and EMS Combo Unit?

Before we jump to our rundown for the best choices, we would like to explain what are tens and ems units and how do they work?

TENS and EMS units are a popular method of pain relief, offering safe, effective, and drug-free relief from a variety of musculoskeletal pain.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS):

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices offer pain relief by delivering an electrical impulse directly to the area that hurts by simple adhesive electrodes.

These electrical impulses signal the nerve endings to promote the release of endorphins and “reset” the pain signals in that region of the body. By “reset,” we mean that the nerve endings stimulate in such a way that the pain signals are lost for a time in the electrical impulse.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS):

EMS, or Electric Muscle Stimulation gadgets, work in all respects likewise to TENS gadgets. Just as with TENS gadgets, EMS gadgets send an electrical impulse through terminals that cling to the surface of the skin.

An EMS machine or Electric Muscle Stimulator is using to relieve pain, reduce spasms and edema, tonify weak muscles and assist the healing process.

It is known to ease muscle tension, stiffness in joints or back areas, and known for increasing motion restricts from disuse or atrophy, electronic muscle stimulation can also increase local blood circulation.

The muscle constriction brought about by EMS is powerful in treating swelling and aggravation, which can be pivotal in treating injuries or pain at the joints, specifically.

This can help diminish swelling and muscle expansion which can have a negative impact as stressed muscles can haul joints strange.

Best Tens and Ems Combo Units

Image Name Check Price
iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine Check Price
Zewa SpaBuddy Sport Check Price
Roscoe Medical TENS 7000 Check Price
Compex Sports Elite Check Price
Massage Therapy Concepts EMS Combination Stimulator Check Price
NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Check Price
TENS 7000 2nd Edition Check Price
FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever Check Price
Easy@Home TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator Check Price
HiDow Tens Unit Check Price
HiDow AcuXP Micro Physical Therapy Check Price
AccuMed AP212 Portable TENS Unit Check Price

1.iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine

Buy on Amazon

Our first pick for best tens and ems combo unit 2019 is iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine. The iReliev is an amazing 2-in-1 arrangement that consolidates the advantages of the two treatments.

It is probably the best gadget to get on the off chance that one is searching for a medication-free treatment for muscle and joint pain.

This EMS and TENS machine accompanies a fairly enormous display. It demonstrates the dynamic channels, current treatment mode, battery life, and treatment term.

This machine likewise exceeds expectations as far as battery life. It is appraised at 15 hours of treatment between battery changes, which is all that could possibly be needed for a viable treatment.

With a load of only two pounds, the gadget is battery-powered, which makes it more cost-proficient. Guideline speaking, it takes about 90 minutes to charge the beneficiary and more than two hours to charge the remote.

The unit accompanies a 1.22-inch LCD show that is illuminated for your benefit. The iReliev EMS and TENS machine is among the most durable. It is made of ABS plastic and comes with its own protective tote bag. The device is also easy to secure.

The package features a belt clip to safely keep the unit by your side while in use. This also allows you to stay active while receiving therapy. And at 5 x 2 x 7 inch, the machine is quite compact.

Since the device is designed to increase blood flow, it may work great for people with low circulation. And the pads are primarily designed to work on joints, upper and lower back, abs, legs, etc, making it the best muscle stimulator.

In addition, the iReliev comes with a 2-year warranty and a 45-day return policy in case you are not happy with the unit.

Add to that the unit’s portability and quick setup, and you have a really key TENS&EMS machine that you will need to have consistently close by. All such amazing features make it the best tens and ems combo unit.

2. Zewa SpaBuddy Sport

Zewa SpaBuddy Sport

Buy on Amazon

Our runner up is the tens unit for foot neuropathy and muscle stimulator Zewa SpaBuddy Sport.

This gadget is an amazing choice for the individuals who are searching for a budget-friendly TENS solution to relieve various muscle and joint pains. It additionally has superb treatment modes and intensity adjustments.

The Zewa SpaBuddy Sport includes a shockingly enormous screen for a gadget of its size. The screen takes up nearly ⅔ of the unit and it is extremely simple to peruse the projects and force levels.

With regards to treatment modes, this double channel TENS machine offers 8 distinct projects. There are 30 power levels and they can effectively balance for the left and right channels.

Another extraordinary thing about Zewa is the treatment time. You can browse 5 to a 95-minute treatment and furthermore a consistent mode for relentless electromassage incitement.

The Zewa SpaBuddy Sport accompanies a lot of 4 terminals that can utilize simultaneously.

This TENS machine is quite compact – it can without much of a stretch fit on your palm and you can even place it in your pocket. There is no danger of incidentally exchanging the modes since it includes a lock catch.

Obviously, this Zewa unit is likewise FDA endorsed. According to tens ems combo unit reviews, customers seem to fully satisfy with iReliev products and some of them have even purchase more units for their family members.

3. Roscoe Medical TENS 7000

Roscoe Medical TENS 7000

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This device looks progressively good as it takes after pro-medical equipment… A big screen supplants with a little specialize one with two segments. The streamlined plastic case is supplanted with elastic and metal components.

Every one of the four control catches secure by the defensive top on the backside.

The wires interfacing the sensors are more strong and thick than those of the contenders (they are made of lead). In any case, it has minimal measure of sensors in our audit: just four. A firm case can be utilized to ship the device.

This is an exceptionally incredible and reasonable stimulator. Note that inaccurate settings can transform it into an electric stunner, so the primary attempt of TENS 7000 can be excruciating on the off chance that you disregard the manual and don’t modify the settings.

This unit puts away to 60 arrangements of activity records, with the complete recorded time adding up to 999 hours.

There are five consumer modes available, which is less than in other products. However, each mode combines a predefined set of speed, intensity and power, so you don’t have to adjust them manually.

The powerful 9A battery is supposed to provide 48 hours of continuous performance. Its features summed up legit makes it the best-fit choice for best tens and ems combo unit list.

4. Compex Sports Elite

Compex Sports Elite

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Compex is probably the best brand in the business with regards to EMS gadgets. They have a bunch of various models on offer, of which the Sport Elite is their lead gadget.

What’s more, much the same as some other lead, the Sport Elite additionally gets the full treatment, with settings and presets for each possible wellness circumstance.

You have a sum of nine distinctive presets, extending from warmup and potentiation to quality, obstruction, continuance, and recuperation. Furthermore, the company additionally has FDA endorsement for EMS gadgets.

The recovery and warm-up settings are particularly valuable, with two distinctive preset each that give you much-require lifts in these significant stages when your exercise.

Those two phases alone make this EMS gadget worth the asking cost as we would like to think. The display is also pretty large and dishes out detailed information that is easy on the eyes.

And the controls also pretty in detail and easy to grasp. Since this is a bundle, you get four-electrode lead wires and twelve electrodes (eight small and four medium-sized).

This machine is a must-add on the list of best tens and ems combo units keeping in view the amazing features.

5. Massage Therapy Concepts EMS Combination Stimulator

Massage Therapy Concepts EMS Combination Stimulator

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Next we have the tens and ems combo of Massage Therapy Concepts EMS Combination Stimulator. This is one of only a handful couple of items that unmistakably shows the FDA endorsement on the item portrayal itself.

Past that, the enormous screen which takes up nearly the whole land on the outside of the gadget is the thing that gets the attention.

It is one of the features of this EMS gadget. This is a very portable device with professional-grade stimulation settings, with both EMS and TENS included for workouts and pain relief.

On the preset settings front, this gadget doesn’t disappoint, with 12 projects, and 20 distinctive power settings to look over.

The help with discomfort and unwinding settings merit an extraordinary notice. You also get features like movable clock, and auto shut down.

This is a two-channel gadget. This implies you can set the power levels in each channel independently. They have given four electrode pads in the package.

Despite some minor flaws, the Massage Therapy Concepts stimulator has a lot of things going in its favor. The build quality is respectable, and the display is one of the best we have seen around.

The combo of EMS and TENS works quite well and barring the issue with dual inputs; this is a very handy and compact stimulator for pain and workout recovery. We would recommend it, warts and all.

6. NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle StimulatoNURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

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Being one of the best tens and ems combo unit available on the market, this is a best seller. It’s easy to see why it is such a popular option to relieve pain. This machine delivers an extremely powerful massage plus it comes with 20 force settings and 16 pressure modes.

As the best tens unit for shoulder pain, it comes with 8 electrode pads. Yup, you read it right!! 8 electrodes to relieve your pain.

As the 4 pad pairs have different designs thus and you can utilize them for different purposes. The bulky pair is better suitable for covering huge parts of your body. So try them out at your back or chest muscles. So get your tens therapy for back pain started with this one of a kind device.

While the medium-sized pads are super effective at working on other muscle groups. These group muscles being: limbs and lower back.

In short, this tens device for back pain will provide a very soothing massage experience.

We consider it as a tens unit for neck and shoulder pain because the small electrodes make it easy to target these areas. You so can easily get massage therapy on any muscle group throughout the body.

Furthermore, to enhance the massage session you can make use of the 16 massage modes. Each mode will fuel your muscles in a new and different way.

The adjustable massage intensity feature of this best tens and ems combo unit allows you to alter the power of the massage. Thus you can select an intensity depending on your needs and the muscle you have placed the pad on.

So get you self this user-friendly and portable device and say bye to all your muscle aches.

7. TENS 7000 2nd Edition

TENS 7000 2nd Edition

Buy on Amazon

Another over the counter tens unit is this product by Balego. Plus, it comes at a very decent price so you don’t have to save up for this.

To enhance portability this unit is designed to carried and kept in the included plastic case. So you can easily carry your case with you while you travel. With your device and its accessories in place, you don’t have to worry about losing them or fuss about finding them.

Plus, you can incorporate the belt clip to keep the device in place. So there is no need to carry it in your pocket or hold it in your hand.

Furthermore, using the reusable four electrodes you can stimulate and reinvigorate your muscles. Don’t be fooled by its small size, the massage of this device is quite powerful.

This tens unit for back pain electrode placement has long lead cables. This length allows you to place the electrode plugs on any section of your body. With your belt clip in place, you can use the device anywhere and at any time. The ease offered by the design of this tens unit is amazing.

The fact that this machine runs silently makes it easy for you to use it anywhere, even at the office. To get geared up and make the most of this device while indulging in work.

With the capability of producing 5 different massage modes, this device gives an amazing massage experience. Plus, you can alternate the modes to increase the benefits and efficiency of the massage and to stimulate your muscles in a variety of ways.

Extra features:

The digital display of this tens unit for back pain will show you the settings you have selected and can select in the future. In other words, this device is user-friendly and you will hardly face any problem using it.

The rubber railings at the side of the device will help you hold your device securely. So you don’t have to worry about hands being sweaty and wet.

8. FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever

FDA cleared OTC HealthmateForever

Buy on Amazon

Next up on the best tens and ems combo unit is one of the most popular unit. Its rating and feedback is over the to.

This user user-friendly unit has 4 outputs which in turn allow you to operate up to 8 electrode pads at the same time.

Plus, regardless of the fact that you are using 1 or 8 pads, you will not feel any difference. So you can use as many electrode pads as you desire this device will continue to provide powerful and constant impulses to help stimulate your body muscles.

In the case of massage modes, this tens unit for neck pain placement will amaze you with a variety of 15 massage modes. 9 out of these 15 modes are auto-stimulated. This means that each of these 9 will produce a message sequence that is specially designed to stimulate your body muscles.

And in case of the remaining sequences you can customize a version that you prefer can thus create your own message sessions.

It is characteristics like these that make this device one of the major physical therapist recommended tens unit.

Its user-friendly design makes it quite a popular unit among the buyers. The large unit’s display will keep track of all the settings. Plus, it will keep track of what you’re using and all the variations you’re making to customize.

You can attach the electrodes to the regions that ache and select that part of the body on the device. The machine will take control from there and produce a massage session particularly for that part of the body.

Like said before, this is without a doubt the best tens and ems combo unit.

Furthermore, the non-woven flexible pads, belt clip attachment and long leads make the device a very practical option.

9. Easy@Home TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator

Easy@Home TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator

Buy on Amazon

I’m sure that everyone with muscle pain wants to speed up the recovery. This right here will assist you in that at a very reasonable price. A sweet deal, isn’t?

The double output feature of this tens unit for lower back pain, allow you to utilize 4 electrode pads simultaneously. So place the pads at different regions of your body and get the device started,

Not only will it provide a calming massage experience but also condense the time you have to use the device.

As this tens unit for muscle spasms comes with a rechargeable battery, thus all you need is a USB port or a power outlet. So use your device on the go throughout the day or the entire week.

This unit is packed with one of a kind features. For example, other devices will limit your massaging session to 60 minutes but with this, you can get a session of a whole 120 minutes.

So let’s take it all into perspective; 120 minutes with 4 electrode pads attach to you. It even sounds relaxing!!

Plus, you will be getting 5 predefined massage modes. So you can eliminate the hustle and get messaging. The remaining 3 modes are traditional but you can combine these with the predefined ones and create a new soothing session each time.

The compact design of this device makes it easy for you to carry it with you. As this tens unit for knee pain runs slowly you can use it even in crowded areas.

The LCD display of this device has its own backlight to help you see during the day and night. Plus, it shows all your saved and used settings.

10. HiDow Tens Unit

HiDow Tens Unit

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Another major contributor to the best tens and ems combo unit is this device by HiDow. It makes an intricate set of signals. These bio-electrical signals let you modify your therapy. So that you can make the most of your pain management therapy.

This FDA approved unit comes with a whole bunch of predefined modes. With the 12 massage modes, you don’t have to waste your energy in creating new session. On alternating these massage modes, you can personalize your overall massage experience.

So find a routine, by using these modes separately or together, according to the therapy you require. Plus, you can alter the session any or every time.

Or you can just refer to the combinations that are predefined. For example, this tens unit placement for hip pain has a predefined combination of tapping and grabbing massage techniques.

This technique will not only break up the lactic acid and muscular toxins but also help with your muscle contraction. The gist of it that you will encounter a truly innovative massage session.

Like the other best tens unit for shoulder pain, this has a dual output feature too. So you can use 4 pads simultaneous on different parts of your body with different intensity and mode on each pair.

It doesn’t get greater than this!!

This device comes with manual thou we feel like that you can easily understand how the device works on your own.

The built-in battery of this device can be charged up easily and will last you weeks.

This best tens unit for sciatica has a timer. So you can plan how long you want your session to last.


This device has 2 pairs of usable pads. One pair is smaller thus you can use it on specific smaller regions of your body.

11. HiDow AcuXP Micro Physical Therapy

HiDow AcuXP Micro Physical Therapy

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This device by HiDow will definitely enhance your overall muscle performance. It does this with the help of its amazing 8 predefined modes.

Being one of the major tens unit for knee pain, each of its modes will provide a completely different and essential benefit. Altering these modes will assist you in dealing with joint pain and relax every muscle.

This tens unit for lower back pain can send short impulses to your body. These impulses are super effective and will rejuvenate your back.

This device is equipped with messaging techniques like kneading and tapping. These techniques are a quite famous in relieving pain.

The predefined sessions make this the best tens unit for shoulder pain or any other muscle pain you might experience.

With the adjustable intensity of this tens unit for knee arthritis you can select an option that appeals to you. You can select any intensity from 1 – 20 for your massage session.

As you increase the levels the intensity will get higher. So we recommend that you don’t start from a higher intensity instead work your way up.

Thou this unit has only one output, it does have a pair of pads. With one pair being larger than the other you can use it on areas of your body that have larger mass like; chest, back, etc.

So get the ultimate tens therapy for back pain using this device.

In case you’re looking for tens unit for neck pain placement, then the smaller pads are perfect for you.

All the pads included are reusable, and you can use them for a long period of time if you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

The compatibility and lightweight of this model makes it easy for you to carry it with you.

12. AccuMed AP212 Portable TENS Unit

AccuMed AP212 Portable TENS Unit

Buy on Amazon

Don’t be fooled by the low price of this best tens and ems combo unit, it comes with 16 massage modes and a great muscle relief mechanics.

Its dual output design allows you to use two pairs of pads at the same time. This means that you can target two areas of your body at the same time.

Overall you will have to spend less time on the machine and your muscles will be relaxed in on time.

Like all other best tens unit for shoulder pain, this one too has intensity settings that are adjustable. There are 20 levels of intensity to choose from. For each output, you can select the intensity you prefer.

The result is that you can massage different parts of your body with different intensities at the same time. The fact that you can adjust the device to suit your needs and mood has received the best tens unit consumer reports.

The 16 massage modes in this unit will help stimulate your muscles in different ways. So alternating the nodes will bring a variety of benefits.

This feature ensures that you will be using the unit without getting bored. Plus, you can personalize the message sessions to get the most out of the unit.

The rechargeable battery of this unit eliminates the hustle of finding battery each time you have to use the device.

The unit’s charger can be used with the plug or with any USB-compatible device like; Pc or laptop.

Its compactable and small design makes it super portable. Thus you can carry it around your house to take it with you while traveling.

Plus, it operates silently, so you don’t have to worry about people finding out while you use it.

Customer Feedback of the Products Recommended

We intended to introduce to you units that would not only rid you of the pain but also assist you and this right here is the as best as it gets.

We went through the tens ems combo unit reviews to find out the products that appealed the most to users.

Plus, we looked at the characteristics and features that appealed to the users.

After much research, we narrowed it down to the top 12.

Thou some of these tens unit for back pain don’t come cheap, but they do remarkable work. Customers that were frustrated by using useless tens and ems felt like they stuck gold mine after using these unite.

So if you select out of this list you will be choosing an over the counter tens unit that wouldn’t fail you.

What features should I look for?

Naturally, there are a number of things to consider when purchasing an EMS or TENS unit. So it’s important to consider all of your options, making sure to pick the one that functions best in the role that you need it for.

1.    Intensity Controls

Most EMS and TENS devices will offer a range of strengths to determine the intensity of the electrical stimulation. Patients can then decide which level is the best for helping relieve their pain.

2.    Treatment Time

EMS and TENS devices often include predefined treatment times during which they offer relief and then automatically stop when the treatment time is complete.

The treatment time for different gadgets varies accordingly.

3.    Battery or Rechargeable

Battery-powered gadgets are more affordable at first and have the additional comfort of no charging time, while rechargeable devices are often pricier at first yet spare you the expense and bother of supplanting batteries after some time.

4.    Size and Weight

The size and weight of devices can vary depending on a number of factors, such as its battery size, for instance.

Because of this, it is important to review the size of a device to ensure that you will be able to transport it easily if needed.

5.    Combo Units

Notwithstanding picking between either TENS or EMS treatment, numerous patients think that it’s helpful to consolidate both of these modalities, sometimes along with even more options for an all-encompassing pain relief solution.

Along these lines, numerous units are accessible that incorporate the two EMS and TENS abilities, so if this is something that may profit you, a blend unit may be the correct decision.

6.    FDA approved

Virtually all commercial TENS machines are FDA-approve these days. The approval ensures you are buying a device that adheres to a set of rigorous standards and won’t cause any harm if used as prescribed.



There are TENS and EMS units for every budget and need in this write-up. But the iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Machine stands out as the best option.

Both modalities can use to treat a range of conditions. But EMS tends to be better for relieving inflammation and swelling in the muscles and joints.

While TENS can use for pain relief specifically on any part of the body. Our guide has covered all the aspects for your ease and availability.

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