How Do I Use An HD Mirror Cam?

Mirror Dash Cam car

Last updated on March 18th, 2021

The HD Mirror Cam is a unique dashboard camera unit that you can directly attach to the rear-view mirror of your car. It can be fitted onto rearview mirrors of all sizes and you can begin recording instantly in any vehicle. It has full HD recording capability and also features an adjustable wide-angle lens helping you to take beautiful videos of your travels.

Basic Features

This mirror cam features an inbuilt LCD screen, which is 2.5-inch in size and either works with AA batteries or runs on the vehicle’s power supply. You can capture audio, photos, and videos with the HD mirror cam. The HD mirror cam also has a mode to shut the screen off that prevents the driver from getting distracted while driving.

Continuous loop recording is another function on the HD mirror cam. This records on newer footage over older ones and helps you in saving precious memory space. This ensures that your camera never runs out of memory and you keep on recording indefinitely.

The HD Mirror Cam also features a nifty motion detection function. This lets you record even when no one is present in the vehicle. Another favorable feature is the automatic ignition start function, this automatically begins recording as the car is put into the ignition and stops recording as soon as the car ignition is switched off. This provides a seamless video recording experience and makes sure you never miss the action.

It is equipped with a high-definition resolution of full 720P and wide-angle lens which lets you record beautiful scenic travelogues. Unlike other similar products on the market, the HD mirror cam comes equipped with high fidelity night vision mode. This special night vision function of the camera can be automatically adjusted according to different light levels. This helps you record at night whether street lights are there or not.

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Using an HD Mirror Cam

To get your HD Mirror Cam up and running, you need to first insert the micro SD card in the given slot in the camera. This is usually on the top of the mirror cam. Using the soft elastic bands provided with the set, position it over the standard sized rear-view mirror. After this you need to attach the adhesive clips on your front windshield’s edge and plug its adapter on the power port of the camera. Once you run the wire via the clips, Your HD Mirror Cam has been successfully installed and is ready to use.

The HD mirror cam can be used to view the recorded footage along with other media instantaneously. This is helpful in case you’ve either been in an accident or are witness to one. This is also useful in case you’ve captured a funny incident while traveling. The HD mirror cam can rotate 360 degrees which lets you record fun family moments on the road. With the help of an integrated SD memory card reader, you can directly download the media to your computer.

Overall HD mirror cams are useful devices that can do a range of functions easily providing you with a great driving experience, precious memories, and keeping you and your family safe on the road.

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