Top 8 WiFi Spy Camera with Audio – Buying Guide 2021

Wifi spy mini camera with audio

Last updated on March 18th, 2021

In today’s day and age, peace of mind is most valuable. Having security gives assurance that your safe and away from harms way. Using WiFi spy camera with audio in risky situations would definitely put your mind to ease.

Everyone wants to be assured that while they are away their belongs, work space, home and kids are safe. That’s where hidden cameras for your home and office use come in handy. They get the work done without drawing any attention.

You might have any reason to use a camera. For example, you may want to check how the nanny treats the baby while your away. In this case you can use the best hidden nanny cam with audio.

No matter what your need is, we have shortlisted the best multi-purpose 8 WiFi Spy Camera with Audio.

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Image Name Check Price
Relohas HD 1080P Check Price
EZVIZ HD Camera Check Price
Best hidden nanny cam with audio Check Price
Ring Stick Up Cam Check Price
HD spy camera by Facamword Check Price
Blink XT2 wireless spy camera Check Price
ZTour Wi-Fi spy camera Check Price
Mooncity Wi-Fi spy camera Check Price

Top 8 WiFi Spy Camera with Audio

1. Relohas HD 1080P

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Our top choice for the WiFi spy camera with audio is an amazons’ best seller. More than 50% of the users have rated this item 5 star. So without further ado let me present to you one of the finest wireless spy camera with audio.

This spy camera with live transmission can stream the recording anywhere in the world. So you can keep a check on your precious items even if your half way around the world.

Unlike other WiFi spy cameras for home, this can also work without a wifi. It will continue to record even if there isn’t WiFi available.

Its portable size makes it easy to carry around. Its unique design makes its unnoticeable. Being one of the smallest spy cameras for sale it can be hid in the tiniest of places.

This device can compete with other high quality hidden security cameras due to its zoom in feature. The zoom feature of this camera helps you see distant things easily.

This HD spy camera with audio will transfer sounds and images to your phone in case of an intruder. With its Motion detection feature it can sense any unnecessary movement and alert you via a notification on your phone. This hidden camera with audio recording will never let you get robbed.

Other features:

Not only does this hidden WiFi camera with audio has a night vision. It also has both Auto & Manual settings to turn it on or off.

To facilitate the owner this hidden spy camera with audio comes with 4 recording styles. Thus you can select the style that satisfies your requirements.

You can either record 24/7, record during a specific time duration, only record motion or control your recording via your phone.

Together these features make it an amazing hidden surveillance camera for home.

Key features:

  • 1.41oz cube size
  • Is extendable 8.47in
  • 1080P HD streaming
  • Built-in rechargeable 800mAh battery
  • Hook can be used to hang it anywhere
  • Four Recording Modes
  • Auto & Manual Night Vision

2. EZVIZ HD Camera

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Some of you might not be home all day or might be away from home for longer periods of time. Leaving your home unattended in such cases is not a good option.

In such cases, devices like EZVIZ IP66 come in handy.

This wireless spy camera with audio works remarkably during day and night. So you will continue to get excellent footage throughout the day.

The night vision of this hidden surveillance camera for home is up to 100ft. Features like: combination of infrared lights, ICR infrared filter and an anti-reflection panel provide exceptional night vision. Thus you can keep it all under check even during the night.

To tackle intruders, this spy camera for home with audio comes with motion detectors. In case of intrusion it will notify you. Plus, it will activate strobe lights and loud sirens that will scare the intruder off and keep your house safe.

Ranked as one of the best hidden security cameras for home, this device is jam packed with exciting features. To enhance the durability of this product it has been manufactured to withstand harsh weathers. Furthermore, it is compatible with ALEXA, IFTTT and Google Home.

So get yourself one of the finest WiFi spy camera with audio to keep an eye on your home.

Key features:

  • Day and night vision
  • HD vision
  • Wide angle view
  • Has siren alarms and strobe lights
  • Package includes free cloud storage for one whole month
  • Water and dust protection
  • Can be synced with smart home systems
  • Has two-way audio

3. Best hidden nanny cam with audio

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Next on the list is this small spy camera for home use. It is also the best choice for concerned parents that are worried about leaving their kids alone with a stranger.

Like all the other small spy cameras for home mentioned above, this streams in HD too. Plus, it has motion detection, loop recording, time display and infrared vision. So don’t get deceived by its small size.

With this WiFi spy camera with audio you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. This device can work an entire hour on a fully charged battery. You can also attach it to a power outlet. As it can charge and record simultaneously.

Plus, if you want to store your recording, you can insert a 32GB memory card. The device will automatically over write your old video files in the event that the drive gets full. It will also continue to record even if WiFi isn’t available.

This nanny cam with remote viewing wouldn’t disappoint you even in the dark. It has 6 hidden infrared LEDs that help enhance vision during the night.

This small spy camera for home has been developed keeping the needs of the user in mind. Automatic settings that allow you switch on and off the night vision are proof that this device is user friendly.

You can install the smartphone app of this nanny cam with remote viewing. Plus, using the internal magnet you can attach it on any iron surface.

So don’t bother setting up some hidden security camera systems for home, just buy this.

Key features:

  • Records video in outstanding 1920X1080P HD at 30 frames per second
  • Best hidden nanny cam with audio
  • 150° wide angle view
  • Continues recording without WiFi
  • Built-in Battery
  • 5-meter night vision

4. Ring Stick Up Cam

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For those of you that are searching for wireless spy cameras for home. This right here is just the product for you.

Unlike other hidden cameras for your home available in market this device incorporates all the major features that one needs.

This WiFi spy camera with audio eliminates all the unnecessary hustle of wiring and setting up. You can read the instructions manual and set it all yourself.

Being a battery-powered wireless mini spy camera with audio you can mount it anywhere you like. It works perfectly indoor and outdoor.

As compared to other hidden cameras with audio for home, this device supports two-way audio. So you can not only hear what is going on but also communicate back.

Using the Ring app, you can check the live streaming any time of day. Insisted to getting paranoid about what would be happening back home. You can log in to the application to see and speak through the camera.

Furthermore, by paying a minimum amount of 3 dollars you can buy the basic plan. This plan will record and save videos of total 60 days. You can easily review the recordings online.

Being one of the best hidden cameras for home, this device has a resourceful mounting bracket. You can mount it up on the wall or place it on a flat surface. It functions perfectly either way.

Being one of the major mini spy cameras for home, its functionality isn’t limited. You can use it to keep an eye on the front door, install it inside to keep the house in check or use it as hidden car camera with audio.

Formulate a network of hidden surveillance camera for home:

Using multiple Ring Stick Up Cam you can set up the best hidden security camera systems for home. With each device being connected via the app you can watch the live stream from multiple angles.

With your entire house under surveillance, you will never have to worry about intruders or accidents. Thus can spend your days away from home in peace, knowing that all your belongings are safe.

Key features:

  • Easily setup
  • Has its own application
  • Can be paired with Alexa
  • Has two-way audio
  • 5 versatile verities to choice from
  • Has amazing picture quality and night vision

5. HD spy camera with audio by Facamword

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You know how all the cool spy movies have the tiniest most efficient camera to record villainous activities. And you wish that you had something half as cool as that to record any mischief around you.

Well today your wish comes true.

This hidden camera with audio recording is the most unique and cool spy cam out there.

Its small size makes it super easy to hid, even in plain sight. And its unique design makes it easy to hang with just about anything.

Like all the other notable high quality hidden security cameras, this provides images and recording in HD. So don’t doubt for a sec that this little device isn’t worth the money.

This device can also function as one of the small spy cameras for home use. Its build in battery will last for 3 hours. Plus, you can attach it to a power socket if you want to record 24/7.

Its remote viewing features allow you to live stream the recording via the application. You will of course have to connect this wireless spy camera with audio to the WiFi. In case you don’t have a WiFi you can simply insert a SD card, and view the saved recording later.

As this device belongs to the category of mini spy cameras for home and outside use. Thus its night vision is manufactured in order to record in the best possible quality even during the night.

Not only does it have automatic night vision it also has a high powered infrared light. This infrared light is invisible even in the dark so now one will ever suspect that the camera is recording them.

Key features:

  • Phone application supports android and iOS system
  • Has motion detection and push alarm

6. Blink XT2 wireless spy camera with audio

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If you’re looking for the best HD spy camera with audio and don’t want to compromise on quality. Then this item is perfect for you.

On installing this wireless spy camera with audio, you will help protect your home. Its small size helps you hid it away easily making it one of the best hidden cameras with audio for home.

If you want your security system to not be obvious this here is the go to product.

Its two-way audio feature will give your hidden surveillance camera for home and office use the extra edge. As you can easy communicate via the camera.

Unlike other small spy cameras for home, you can customize where you want motion detection to be live. So you don’t have to worry about getting unnecessary alerts throughout the day.

Just select the zone where you want to keep an eye on and let this, small spy camera for home and outdoor, do the work.

On buying this hidden WiFi camera with audio, you get free cloud storage space. It’s the perfect deal folks!

You can storage hundreds of clips without having to worry about installing SD card or paying monthly fee.

Blink XT2 is not restricted to being used as hidden spy camera with audio. Its weather resistant features make it an outdoor camera too. Such you can use this device as a hidden surveillance camera for home.

Its features like these that make this device one of the best spy camera for home with audio.

Key features:

  • 2 years battery life
  • Super easy setup
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Has cloud storage
  •  Day and night coverage
  • HD recording and infrared night vision

7. ZTour Wi-Fi spy camera with audio

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While looking for WiFi spy cameras for home you might have come across this item. If not, then let me introduce to you the best WiFi spy camera with audio.

This camera has all the basic features required in hidden security cameras for home. Plus, it has much more. As a result, it is a quite popular seller and is used for many purposes.

Not only does this camera have motion detection but also can recognize human body. The alarm is trigged when the device detects that there is a human figure present.

Such advance technology eliminates unnecessary alarm notifications and only sounds the alarm when a human being is present.

While other wireless spy cameras for home can only support 16 GB or 32 GB SD card. Which in turn and only store data of 4 or 8 days. This camera can support an SD card of 128GB

So you can store recording of up to 30 days with ease. In case you want to store the data online for future reference you can always purchase extra storage and upload it all to the cloud.

This spy camera with live transmission doesn’t discriminate between android, windows or IOS users. Anyone can install the app in any device and watch real time streaming via the camera.

Like other two-way audio wireless hidden cameras for home, this device has a speaker and a microphone. But unlike others it is equipped with an extremely useful feature of voice prompt.

Thou by attaching it to a power source you can get transmission and recording 24/7. But has a built in battery that can get 15 hours of recording during the day and 8 hours during the night.

Key feature:

  • AI human body recognition function
  • Cloud storage
  • Built-in 3300mAh battery

8.Mooncity Wi-Fi spy camera with audio

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This smart wireless mini spy camera with audio is the perfect tool to keep an eye on things while your far away.

You can easily monitor all that’s going on in your house through live streaming via app or by the watching the recorded video. Its unique design makes it versatile. Thus it can be used for surveillance monitoring or baby monitoring.

Being one of the best hidden cameras for home and office use, it has a powerful a lens and built in infrared light. These features help provide sharp HD images during the day and night.

With Mooncity producing such unique and helpful products you don’t have to waste your time looking at other hidden cameras for your home. So get yourself this device and experience superior service.

Key features:

  • 350-degree rotation
  • Has status light to show if Wi-Fi is connected
  • Has a pan tilt zoom
  • Motion Detection
  • Two-Way Audio Communications


1.Where to buy spy camera?
Online stores like amazon are the easiest places to buy spy cameras from.
You can go through hundreds of products from the comfort of your house. 
In case the product isn’t up to mark you can always return it will a full 
Plus, you can check out stores that have secret hidden cameras 
for sale.
2. How much do hidden cameras cost?
In case you’re worried that buying hidden security cameras for home will
cost you a lot. 
Then let me assure you that this isn’t the case.Take for example all the 
devices mentioned above. They range from as low as $30 to a maximum $90. 
If you consider the specs that you will be receiving, then this amount is
pretty appropriate.


For those of you that are looking for cheap hidden security cameras for your home, the products mentioned above are perfect.

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