Top 10 Best TV Under $200 – 2021 Reviews and Comparison

Best TV under 200 usd

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

The TV industry is bubbling with wall-filling panels, 4K resolution and fancy features. However, the budget segment of the population still resorts to the models having a low-price tag for catering to their entertainment requirements. So have a look at these best TV under $200 and get buying.

If you think that you will be giving up a lot by keeping the price tag low, then you have come to the right place as today we are going to talk about ten such models who are winning praises with stellar features in spite of belonging to the budget category.

Whether it is streaming online content via Amazon Prime and Netflix or browsing of the world-wide-web, these modern televisions are opening up newer ways of entertainment on the go.

But if you don’t want to compromise with the size then you may also check our list of top 10 best 55 inch tv under 600 which consists of some of the best high-quality TVs of 2021.

Top 10 Best TV Under $200

Image Name Price  
TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV $$
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LG LJ400B 28LJ400B-PU 27.5" 720p LED-LCD TV $$
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Sceptre X328BV-SR 32-Inch 720p LED TV $$
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TCL 32D100 32-Inch 720p LED TV $$
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VIZIO 32" 720 p LED TV D32HN-E0 $$
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LG 24-Inch 720p LED TV 24LJ4540-WU $$
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LG Electronics (22LJ4540) 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV $$
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Sceptre E205BV-SMQC 20" 720p 60Hz Class LED HDTV $
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Sceptre 24 Inches 720p LED TV E246BV-SR $
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Pyle 23.6-Inch 1080p LED TV (PTVLED23) $$
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1. TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

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The TCL 32S305 is sure to keep you gaping at the absolute brilliance it lights up the screen with characterized by sharp and vibrant images, advanced refresh rate and state of art technologies which help users in accessing a plethora of contents using the power of the internet.

Its dual-band Wi-Fi of this best TV under $200 ensures that you get your hands on all the trending scoops of entertainment while the sleek and modern design imparts a premium aura that is bound to turn heads on your next weekend party.

The intuitive interface of the TCL 32S305 allows instant access to more than 4000 streaming channels, gaming consoles, cable TV and other devices without having to flip through complicated menus.

You can make use of the Roku Search to browse through streaming channels and categories them in accordance with the director, actor or title. Voice search available in the free of cost Roku mobile application seems to be a fast and easy way to search for your desired content.

2. LG LJ400B 28LJ400B-PU 27.5″ 720p LED-LCD TV

LG LJ400B 28LJ400B-PU 27.5" 720p LED-LCD TV

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You can customize to the maximum possible extent for fine-tuning the video settings of the LG LJ400B without having to worry about the graphics getting distorted.

The tuner can catch the signals of all local channels without succumbing to much digital breakup.

The dual HDMI ports of this best TV under $200  offer single-cable convenience and incredible audio/video quality while you hook up your DVD player and mini PC at the same time without having to worry much about switching sources which can be done easily through the remote.

Both component, as well as composite video, is supported by this TV thus offering complete value for money spent.

In spite of being nicely styled, the LG model misses out on the inclusion of any earphone or output jack which might otherwise have been helpful in establishing connectivity with a soundbar.

This problem can, however, be corrected by going directly to the soundbar and out of the cable box.

Amazing image clarity and exceptional brightness are delivered by the LED backlighting technology of LG which paves the path for deeper blacks and richer colors while LEDs bring along greater energy efficiency when compared to the conventional LCD monitors.

Its 720p picture quality is best suited for small spaces such as a bedroom or dorm room where you can make the most out of its stellar contrast and brightness.

3. Sceptre X328BV-SR 32-Inch 720p LED TV

Sceptre X328BV-SR 32-Inch 720p LED TV

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Dive deep into a world filled with extravagant color and clarity by bringing home the Sceptre X328BV-SR television. You can enjoy all action-packed sequences in a smooth manner without any motion blur coupled with the MEMC 120 or Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation feature which optimizes every single frame for the maximum effect.

This Energy Star V7.0 qualified television prevents the emission of greenhouse gases by adhering to strict guidelines placed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Mobile high-definition link helps in streaming contents directly to the Spectre TV from your tablet or smartphone while capitalizing on the visually augmented picture quality.

Simply by inserting the flash drive into the USB port, you can take your favorite pictures and music to the big screen. Clear QAM tuner eases out the cable connectivity without the requirement of an antenna while HDMI input offers the killer combination of clear audio and HD video to take your entertainment drill to a whole new level.

4. TCL 32D100 32-Inch 720p LED TV

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Bring high-end entertainment to your house coupled with the TCL 32D100 which merges sophisticated design with tremendous functionality. This flat-screen LED HDTV tags along with excellent contrast and color accuracy as the LED backlighting delivers luminous brightness without losing out on the energy efficiency parameter.

The quad pedestal stand and slim frame design impart a premium feel to the TCL model as you plug in your favorite devices using the three HDMI inputs which retain the content quality.

It feels more like an exquisite piece of art sitting pretty at a corner of your living pad while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house. Its ultra-thin bezel helps in making the most out of the big screen experience without sacrificing on the wall or screen space.

An immersive sound experience is guaranteed by the Dolby Digital speakers to match up to the vibrant and crystal-clear screen content. Its built-in digital TV tuner helps in accessing live sports as well as popular network TV in high definition mode.

5. VIZIO 32″ 720 p LED TV D32HN-E0

VIZIO 32" 720 p LED TV D32HN-E0

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Featuring a wide color gamut and loud sound, the VIZIO model can serve as the perfect pick to satiate your entertainment needs. It can be set up easily by just putting on the feet.

An array of Smart TV apps come pre-installed in this model so that you can unleash its fullest potential from the very first use. Further applications can also be added easily given its user-friendly interface which can also be operated by an amateur.

VIZIO also stands out with its stellar customer service which can cater to your problems in no time with its executives having high levels of technical-knowhow.

Its full-array LED panel distributes LEDs behind the entire screen to deliver superior picture performance and light uniformity.

You can thus make the most out of 720p HD viewing as the all-new 32-inch stunner from VIZIO imparts optimum beauty into every single pixel.

Connecting high definition entertainment devices also becomes easier through its USB and HDMI ports.

6. LG 24-Inch 720p LED TV 24LJ4540-WU

LG 24-Inch 720p LED TV 24LJ4540-WU

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Wall-mounted televisions are the latest rage and the LG 24LJ4540-WU has evolved into a potent competitor of this segment which is highly demanded by the modern millennial who are running short of apartment space.

Its triple XD Engine brings greater precision to image processing and delights with deeper contrast and more natural color expression which comes together to paint the 24 inches LED with lifelike visuals.

HDMI cable retains the quality of both audio and video files and establishes hassle-free connectivity with a true high-definition source like next-generation video game console, Blu-ray player and a high-end computer.

With a refresh rate of 60Hz, the LG model retains the sharpness of fast-moving objects. Thus, you can enjoy soccer games with minimal motion blur.

This gorgeous milky white TV ranks high on aesthetics and can serve as the perfect addition to your living room without disrupting the harmony amongst existent gadgets.

7. LG Electronics (22LJ4540) 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV

LG Electronics (22LJ4540) 22-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV

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The LG 22LJ4540 strikes the right chord of harmony between size and functionality without crossing over the affordability parameter which often serves as one of the principal factors to consider before purchasing a branded television.

Its In-Plane switching technology enhances the performance of liquid crystal displays by improving color reproduction and shortening response times so that users can make the most of the 22 inches from every possible angle.

Visuals having deeper contrast and true-to-life colors are processed by its Triple XD Engine which brings greater precision to every frame.

Single cable convenience pairs up with incredible audio and video quality as you make use of the High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI cord which aids in establishing connectivity with a high-definition source like Blu-ray player, high-end computer or next-generation video game console.

Amazing image clarity and exceptional brightness follow as a direct effect of stellar LED backlighting which paves the way for richer colors when compared to conventional LCD monitors.

8. Sceptre E205BV-SMQC 20″ 720p 60Hz Class LED HDTV

Sceptre E205BV-SMQC 20" 720p 60Hz Class LED HDTV

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Sceptre has revamped this product to tag along with the look and feel of its brand-new peers. The renovating process has included basic cleaning, functionality testing, inspection and packaging to provide you with the absolute means of bringing theater scale entertainment within the four walls of your living room.

The 20-inch panel of this LED HDTV lights up the screen as it plays 720p videos in its screen supporting a maximum resolution of 1366*768 pixels and aspect ratio of 16:9.

This compactly designed TV has been crafted keeping in mind the ever-diminishing size of modern-day apartments without compromising on the style factor. You are bound to be showered with compliments as the sleek TV turns heads on your next friends’ get-together.

In spite of having a sleek built, the E205BV-SMQC checks all the right boxes when it comes to connectivity options in the form of HDMI input and USB, VGA and headphone output.

The Sceptre model also supports 178-degree vertical and horizontal angle viewing so that you can get a clear picture from all the sides.

9. Sceptre 24 Inches 720p LED TV E246BV-SR

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Sceptre Inc. has been delivering quality products at affordable prices to cater to the USA market and its 24 inches E246BV-SR stands true to this general philosophy.

Its stunning LED display paves the way for sharper contrasts and an array of the vibrant color palettes which helps you make the most out of your cinematic experience.

Moving images come off as crisp and well detailed which never fails to please your eyes. Built-in USB slot helps in easy viewing of pictures and enjoying audio files as you insert a flash drive in the port to dive deep into a world of unbridled entertainment.

HDMI cable maintains the quality of both audio and video content as you get ready to immerse yourself in a delightful extravaganza. The Sceptre LED TV can even be mounted on the wall to bring along greater convenience.

In this way, you can save an ample amount of space while viewing the screen from a position which guarantees optimum visibility.

10. Pyle 23.6-Inch 1080p LED TV (PTVLED23)

Pyle 23.6-Inch 1080p LED TV (PTVLED23)

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The 23.6-inch television from Pyle comes with a 1080p widescreen display which paves the way for a realistic picture with an expansive color spectrum. The HD TV compatible with both PC and Mac can be used to view image collections easily as well as stream audio in a seamless fashion.

Its removable base stand helps with the wall mounting process to bring along optimum space-saving. Boasting of full-range stereo speakers and multi-viewing modes, the PTVLED23 can take your cinematic viewing experience to a whole new level.

It is accompanied by a fully functional LED remote control which sports an intuitive interface for exercising easy control over the TV’s operations. You can exercise further customization coupled with the RCA and HDMI inputs.

With a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and brightness of 250 cd/m2, the Pyle television paints visuals with a lifelike flair to help you experience a burst of colors like never before.

Last but not the least, a vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees and a horizontal viewing angle of 170 degrees aids in easy screen sharing with optimum visibility even when you have a bunch of friends over for the soccer cup final.

11 Things you Must Know Before Buying a TV

Some of us aren’t familiar with the terminology associated with TV. If such people decide to buy best smart TV for the money, they might get overwhelmed. So we have shortlisted all the major points that will assist you in getting to know about TV.

With options like smart TV, LED, HDR, 4K and OLED the world of TV is getting better and confusing day by day. With the vast variety of options available in the market, you might have a problem with distinguishing what is best for you.

So don’t fall in the fall of big screens and high-end displays, instead, read the TV buying guide below and then make a decision.

1. Screen Size

Your first and foremost selection should be the size of the screen you want to have.

It’s essential that you consider the number of people in your family that will watch the TV together. Next have a look at where you want to place your TV.

Now you have to select a screen size which will fit easily in the place you have selected. Make sure that you have enough budget to buy the screen selected.

What is the best screen size for the TV?

If we keep the average budget under consideration and suppose the living room space is also of reasonable size, then the best selection will be between 55 to 65 inches.

What does screen size depend on?

Other than budget and space you also have to take into consideration how close you are going to sit on the TV.

The way to go about is that your sitting place from the TV should be at a distance which is 3 times the height of the HD TV.

In the case of 4k Ultra HD TV the sitting place should be at a distance 1.5 times the height of the TV.

This general rule of thumb will help you find the perfect distance to watch TV with ease.

If you plan to sit real close to the screen, then a TV with a higher resolution will suit you.

Let us end this topic with a recommendation that starts with a 55 inches’ screen size. In case you live in a small apartment or room then select a TV which is way smaller than 55 inches.

2. Screen Resolution

Resolution is actually a measure of how many pixels make up the display picture. These are described in terms of rows and columns. To help you differentiate between 4K, HD, etc. we have listed them all below with their respective resolution.

Comparison of TV pixel:

  • DVD: 720×480
  • HD 720p: 1280×720
  • HD 1080p: 1920×1080
  • 4K/Ultra HD: 3840×2160

The more pixels a TV can offer the finer and better the picture quality will be. In other words, higher resolution equals to best TV picture quality.

For the past few years, the standard resolution was HD. With the newest innovations, 4K HD got introduced to the world. With 3840 vertical pixels and 2160 horizontal, this offers 4 times the number of pixels as compared to HD TV.

Thou HD is still very common but people are shifting to 4K HD and it is expected to become replace HD as standard screen resolution.

Why are 4K TV better?

Even the smallest of the object will be displayed clearly. The text will be sharper and the images will be richer. Overall, 4K HD displays images in a more lifelike manner.

With the sharper image, you can comfortability view any top-rated flat-screen TVs, even from a shorter distance. 4k display makes it more comfortable to view larger TVs.

4K resolution isn’t hard to find it is now available in every other store. Plus, major streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon video have started offering their services in 4K.

So now you can watch 4K content even on your phone.

Live television has also joined the 4k hype. Channels like DirectTV and Comcast Xfinity are now offering 4K movies.

Is 4K the highest resolution?

Samsung and LG have introduced 8K TVs which display a resolution quadruple of 4k. This is a great leap forward in terms of picture quality.

But 8K content isn’t that common now so we recommend sticking to 4K resolution at the moment.

The best investment is the 4K TV. With streaming services and live TV offering 4K content, this is the best pick.

3. HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range and is actually a new feature of 4K sets. HDR has the ability to offer more colors, increased brightness and extra contrast levels.

You can consider HDR as an upgraded version of 4K. TV makers are now assigning new names to the HDR 4K sets in order to be able to distinguish them.

Remember HDR isn’t available in another resolution other than 4k.

The high-dynamic range has a basic standard of content which is referred to as HDR10. A lot of companies are now manufacturing TV sets that support HDR. These compatible sets will have HDR10 or Ultra 10 Premium written in the specifications.

Another version of HDR is the Dolby version. This version has been created and licensed by the same people that revolutionized the world with Dolby noise reduction. In order to display HDR content, Dolby vision set has to meet stricter criteria.

What is the difference between HDR10 and Dolby vision?

All the best televisions on the market that are HDR enabled are actually compatible with the HDR10 feature. Dolby vision is only found in TV sets that meet the technical standards set by Dolby and also pay a licensing fee.

Regardless of this Dolby Vision is on the rise. It is becoming the standard version of HDR content and can be found on premium models of major brands.

Plus, Samsung has introduced a premium HDR format that is referred to as HDR10+. This feature is included in all its smart TVs.

This HDR10+ format is esteemed as it offers a superb viewing. It isn’t as common as Dolby Vision.

Thou there aren’t many HDR programming accessible but it is on the rise. With a few dozen movies now available in 4K Blu-ray disc format and the growing trend of HDR shows streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, some 4K players are now being upgraded to be compatible with HDR discs.

Are cable and satellite now HDR compatible?

The HDR on satellite and cable is referred to as Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG). You are likely to see HDR pop up during live TV and in movies.

Thou HDR support hasn’t been fully established but if you want to buy the best TVs for the price then do purchase an HDR set.

We recommend that you buy an HDR set that has Dolby Vision compatibility as this format is gaining more momentum.

4. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is conveyed in terms of Hertz(HZ). It is used to denote the number of times a picture is refreshed on the TV screen.

A standard refresh rate is 60 Hz; this means that your picture will get refreshed 60 times per second. Thou this unit seems more than enough but if the objects are moving rapidly during the scenes a refresh rate of 60 Hz will make the image look blurry.

This case is especially prominent if you have an LCD HDTV.

Best flat-screen TV brands took note of this and to produce solid and clearer images they increased the refresh rate to 120Hz. While some companies enhanced the refresh rate to 240Hz.

So, to create a more solid picture, manufacturers doubled the refresh rate to 120 Hz (and in some cases up to 240 Hz).

How is video-processing done when the TV has a faster refresh rate?

As there aren’t that many per-second images to display in original video content thus TV has to handle the refresh rates.

Most of the time the TV will just display a black image between the original picture. This way we led to see less blurry images.

The second technique is to make and show new images. These images support the movement of the objects that are in the picture and the result is that the video seems more realistic looking.

Poor video-processing can make the video seem dull and flat.

What is a High-Frame Rate?

High-Frame Rate (HFR) support means that it offers both a higher refresh rate and can supports content higher than 60 Hz.

Best rated big screen TVare already boasting HFR support and movies plus live broadcastings are set to offer content that is compatible with HFR. So it is an amazing feature to keep an eye out for.

If you are looking for the best TV for the money to watch live sport on with amazing quality, then this feature will definitely assist you greatly.

If you are a gamer, then higher refresh rates will give you an amazing output. In the case of a gaming console, 60 Hz is perfect for you.

Gaming consoles usually have 60 frames per second. Even some of the best gaming 4K TVs offering the finest performance is usually below 120Hz.

What is Effective Refresh Rate?

Stay clear of the term effective refresh rate as it means that the original frame rate is actually half the stated rate. For example, if the effective refresh rate is 120 Hz then the actual refresh rate is 60 Hz.

Thou 60 Hz TV is best for gamers but we recommend that you don’t buy a TV that has a refresh rate less than 120 Hz.

5. HDMI and other connections

It’s important that you pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs the TV set has. Some TV cost lesser as they have fewer HDMI plugs on it.

You might think that you don’t require that many inputs but ports can be used up quickly. Add a sound bar, Chromecast, Roku plus gaming console and all your ports are utilized.

In case you have decided to get a 4K Ultra HD then we recommend that you take a minute and make sure that TV set supports HDMI 2.0. This would help accommodate any future Ultra HD sources that you might want to add.

Majority of the top of the line televisions available on the market are only equipped with one port which supports 4K copy-protection schemes this is known as HDCP 2.2. Here HDCP stands for high-bandwidth digital content protection.

The newest format is HDMI 2.1. This format has started coming up on TV’s recently. The main benefit of this new standard can be seen in full effect when watching 8K content.

What is Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support?

VRR support is the same as the frame rate we encounter in AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia G-sync technologies.

By matching your TV refresh rate to the frame rate of your content (TV or gaming console) you will be able to get a smoother quality and will have minimal to no screen tearing.

We recommend that you lookout for a set that has minimum four HDMI port and the latest HDMI 2.1 format.

6. Types of TV

There are two types of TV available on the market. These types are referred to as OLED and LCD. Unless you have a lot of money to spare you are most likely to buy an LCD TV.

What are LED and LCD TV sets?

These sets are HD or Ultra HD and they make use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to brighten the LCD. These TV sets are very thin so you can place them where ever you like.

With the majority of the TV sets being LED or LCD, you need to get some idea as to what these are. Most of these best TV on the market are equipped with a technology that would illuminate a specific region of the screen while dimming other regions.

This displays the images with a mixture of little and dark areas. This feature is referred to as local diming or active dimming.

i. LCD TV set

The cost of a 32-inches LCD screen is usually more than $200. While a high-quality 90-inch model is as much as $8,000.

The majority of LCD sets have LEDs only on the edges of the screen. Some top-notch TV sets support active dimming with these LEDs along the edges.

What is a full-array LED?

A full-array LED set has the light-emitting diodes installed directly behind the screen. They formulate a grid of zone which and darken or lighten individually. Such set up helps makes the backlight more precise and displays a more detailed image with amazing contrast.

This full-array backlight technology was once only reserved for the best models. Over time with the mainstreaming of Ultra HD sets, this feature became more customary. Now you can find full-array LEDs at a very reasonable price.

What are quantum dots in LCD TVs?

This technology produces a wide array of colors and offers more brightness.

Any LCD that is equipped with quantum dots has an extra layer of different sized nanocrystal dots. These dots light up as the LED backlight hits them. The result is that you get an image with a wider color spectrum and enhanced brightness.

What does QLED refer to?

QLED and OLED sound similar but these are quite different terms. OLED is another type of TV set while OLED is the name used by TV brands to denote quantum dot LCD TVs.

Samsung was the first to start using this confusing label and other companies followed.

The display of quantum dots still hasn’t been able to match the level of OLED TVs but manufacturers are on a roll and the quantum dot technology is improving.

An affordable solution between the basic LCD set and the expensive OLED one, are the set equipped with quantum dots.

What the best qualities of LCD TV sets?

LCDTV sets are available in a variety of sizes, prices and features. Some companies offer 4K LCDs at a very reasonable price.

Your LCDs can display bright images even in sunny rooms. Plus, the qualities of the images are increase thanks to full-array backlighting and the latest technology of quantum-dot.

But there are also some drawbacks of owning an LCD set. It lacks when displaying rapid motions and it also loses some details of shadow as it can’t display complete black. Lastly, the images of these sets fade when you view them sides.

ii. OLED TV sets

OLED TVs offer better quality as compared to a full-array LCD TV.

Instead of a backlight, these sets are equipped with a layer of organic LEDs. This layer is controlled at a pixel level, it can achieve complete black and spectacular levels of contrast.

You might have seen the footage multicolored fireworks against a completely back sky being displayed in TV stores. This is one of the most common demonstrations of OLED technology.

Major brands like LG and Sony are actively pursuing this technology and are now offering it in wider and larger screens.

The best form of this technology can be experienced on 4K and 8K TV sets. The best TV for your money ranges in size from 55 inches to 75 inches or above.

Over the years OLED TV sets have become more affordable. 55-inches TV sets are now being sold at rates less than $2,000. While models sizing 65-inches cost between $2000 up to $3000.

What are the best qualities of OLED TV sets?

OLED offers the best picture and the colors truly pop. With deeper backs screens, enhanced contrast and improved shadow details OLED is far better than LCD TV’s. Plus, these models continue to retain the image quality even when you view the screen from the side.

On the other hand, OLED TV sets are expensive and their brightness is lower peaked.

7. Smart TVs

Top of the line television sets now come with built-in Wi-Fi which helps you connect to streaming services like Netflix.

Using the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can run apps on the TV in order to watch programs. You can also download movies, post on popular social media sites like Facebook and play games.

The latest models are even capable of searching content for you across live broadcast (via satellite or cable) and on multiple streaming services.

The interfaces are now more user-friendly. Major brands like Samsung, Vizio and LG have added an icon at the end of the display screen so that you can easily access this feature.

Roku and Google are now providing their intuitive interferences to TV companies. So now you can purchase android TVs at affordable prices.

Roku has collaborated with TCL, Hisense and other low-cost brands. Google is working with Westinghouse and Sony. Amazon has launched Amazon Fire Edition TVs with Insignia and Toshiba.

So if you want to purchase a smart TV according to the company that backs it up then these choices are excellent.

Generally, smart TVs have services like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora included in the setup. But we recommend that you double-check while purchasing.

How to find HDR and 4K content?

The best way to look for HDR and 4K content is via the streaming applications which are accessible on the smart TV.

With Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu offering content in 4k and HDR resolution you are bound to find shows and movies in higher resolution. With such streaming services it is easier to find HDR resolution then it is to find a Blu-ray format.

Make sure that your internet connection is able to provide ample bandwidth for the TV to function properly.

What to check when buying a smart TV?

Some cheap smart TV offer limited applications.

Some TV brands will not mention the platform that they are using and thus the user is bound to come across some limitations.

These sets also have security holes and suffer from a sub-par performance.

We recommend that you purchase a smart TV, as this is becoming quite a standard feature and will not affect your budget

8. Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is used to define the range illumination that a set can offer.

If a set has a superior contrast ratio that means that it can display shadows plus hues subtly. In other words, your display image will have greater details.

The thing to keep a check on here is that different companies use different ratios to measure contrast. So stay clear of salesmen or descriptions that try to overemphasize specifications.

What is the best way to examine the contrast ratio?

The most effective way to inspect the contrast ratio is by seeing how TV displays the shadow details present in the image.

So find yourself a movie that has some dark scenes and play that on the TV set. You have to focus on the shadows and see how well the dark and white images are being displayed.

Don’t hesitate in checking out the sharpness, brightness and other relevant settings before you purchase a set.

What are elevated black levels?

Cheap TVs display a dark grey color where they should be showing black. These regions of gray are referred to as elevated black levels.

The finest TV models will display a dark and deep black shade.

So stay clear of these cheap LCD TVs as they will ruin your movie experience.

We recommend that you test the contrast ratio yourself and not believe the measurements claimed by the manufactures.

9. Audio

On purchasing a soundbar you can create your very own theater.

Even if you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on purchasing an expensive TV the sound quality still might be poor. This is one major downside of flat screens.

With the design being sleek there isn’t room for installing huge speakers. So if you want to watch TV with a richer and fuller sound then purchasing a sound system might be the right call.

How to improve the sound quality of flat-screen TV?

The best way to go about this to opt for one solution out of the followings:

  1. Get yourself a pair of headphones
  2. Purchase an entire sound system
  3. Buy a soundbar

The first option would make it difficult for an entire family to watch TV together. While the second one is full of hassle and necessary clutter.

The conclusion being that the soundbar is the best option.

What is a soundbar?

Soundbars are actually loudspeakers that have a stereo effect.

They are quite a popular option because they cost less than $300 and enhance the experience. Plus, they are very easy to install.

The latest models are super thin so you can fit them in your TV stand and get a full cinematic experience. The soundbar can also be mounted off a wall.

Some companies are now offering stands or boxes for you to use. You can slide these under your TV set and enjoy amazing audio.

We recommend adding a soundbar to your setup as you will benefit greatly from the improved sound quality.

10. Extended Warranties

TV sets are made with durable materials and hardly require warranties.

A major revenue generator for electronic stores are warranties. As the warranties for LCD TV sets are hardly ever required so stores end up pocketing all that cash.

Even LEDs are made to be shockproof. So there isn’t any need to spend money on warranties.

Even if you end up purchasing a defected set, all the faults and flaws will surface in the initial 30 days. This duration is usually covered by the return policy. So there is no need to buy an extended warranty.

Companies also offer a year warranty with the purchase and you can also contact your credit card firms to get information regarding price protection.

We recommend that you stay clear of extended warranties as return policies and manufactures one-year warranty are more than enough.


A whole bunch of companies are working day and night to manufacture the finest technology. So you are bound to encounter some exciting new features when you go out TV shopping. For details about prominent TV features make sure to read the list above.
Instead of selecting a brand make a choice based on the merits of the TV set. So ignore the general reputation of the brands.


While shopping for a television in the budget segment you might be required to make a few compromises here and there. To start with, the TV size gets limited and you will have to make do with Full HD 1080p panels or standard HD ones at 720p.

However, rapid advancement in technology is infiltrating the TV market to delight us with cool new models featuring slim body and stellar functionalities such as built-in Wi-Fi. Connectivity options are usually limited to a USB port and around 2 to 3 HDMI ports.

Some devices even come packed with smart TV features although the same needs the backing of strong internet service to unleash its full potential. Bargain hunters are advised to double-check the specifications of the model they wish to purchase as even the basic features should not be taken for granted.

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