Best Paintball Gun Under $300 Review of 2021

Paintball gun

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

The real-time paintball game can be the perfect stress buster for you and your fun-loving friends on weekends. It is bound to keep your adrenaline all charged up as you run, dodge and shoot at your opponents much like a real battle.

Advanced players often splurge out their kitty on bringing home the best quality paintball guns although some of the budget models come packed with stellar features to strengthen your gaming prowess.

While simulation or tactical style gear might suffice the woods ball players, the speed ball ones will be the most satisfied with a fast firing model having rapid fire e-trigger and an autococker. While choosing a marker for your device, you need to remember that electronic ones’ power up the firing mechanism using 9v battery in the place of extra gas thus consuming less propellant.

They have also been accredited for accentuating the speed of single shot firing while allowing for fully automatic and burst firing modes. Mechanical markers on the other hand are easier to maintain and feel cheaper on one’s wallet.

Enough said, let’s take a look at some of the best budget paintball guns which can offer the perfect balance between quality, security and gaming bliss at one go.

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Image Name Price  
Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker $$$$ Check Price
Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun $$
Check Price
Tippmann Cronus PowerPack Paintball Gun $
Check Price
Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker $$$
Check Price
TTippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball $$$$
Check Price
Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun $$$
Check Price
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun $
Check Price
Tippmann Cronus Basic Marker $ Check Price
MAddogAzodinKaos Paintball Gun $$
Check Price
Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun $$
Check Price

1. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire products have been at the receiving end of positive customer feedbacks for long and the Mini GS Marker also stands true to this general consensus with its stellar functionalities.

Just a few minutes of warm-up can help you in reaching a consistent FPS of 292. You can thereafter modify the velocity using an Allen wrench tool.

Once you have entered the paintball field with this marker, you can fire 110000 paintballs in total before your tank runs empty.

This can definitely position you advantageously over your peers while engaging in a game of colors.

The Mini GS Marker also stands out with its less than one inch kickback and maintains its level of consistency in performance whether you are right or left handed.

It doesn’t take much time to master the Mini GS which performs more like the expensive and sophisticated ultra-guns available in the market.

Superb level of comfort is guaranteed by its rubber grips which will never slip out of your hands while at the field.

The quiet operations of this paintball gun help in sneaking up easily on opponents for firing-off without creating any ruckus.

The innovative micro-switch trigger of this marker makes a distinctive click every time the trigger is being pulled.

You can thus feel every shot made which makes it easier to master the art of paintball.

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2. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

This fine model is perfect for players who are learning the art of paintball. The brand-new Cronus model has adhered to its classic elements to provide us with an extremely durable and reliable paintball gun which can shoot at targets with spot-on accuracy.

Its two-piece handle design having vertical grip feels pretty comfortable to use and offers minimal recoil. Banking on a mechanical trigger system, the Cronus Paintball Marker might not pump out rapid bursts of 15PS but surely fills in the gap with decent range and utmost speed which can withstand long-term usage in external environments.

This lightweight gun can be carried around in a hassle-free manner and requires minimal maintenance to stand the test of time.

Featuring an in-line bolt system and internal gas line, the Tippmann marker has evolved into one of the most in-demand paintball markers available in the market.

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3. Tippmann Cronus PowerPack Paintball Gun

Combine both durability and performance in a sleek body coupled with the Tippmann Cronus PowerPack Paintball gun which serves as a great entry in the realistic looking and tactical paintball models plying the market.

Its high-impact composite body and reliable in-line bolt system having soft and moulded rubber grips make it easy to use.

The four picatinny rails on the marker help in mounting an assortment of accessories. The Cronus looks a lot like a 98-custommodel wrapped up with a modern twist. In spite of being a gravity fed hopper, the Tippman Cronus shoots reliably straight.

The gun features a rubber moulded forward grip and comes with a mask which is much better in quality than its peers.

You can make the most out of its mask even if you are wearing glasses and stay in a tropical region where humidity is a regular characteristic.

Maintaining this paintball gun is also extremely easily given its robust core which adds to its longevity.

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4. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

The Tippmann TMC MAGFED paintball marker is crafted using high-quality material which can take on rough handling.

The rubber grip also feels extremely comfortable to use as you fall, crawl and roll without having to worry about any performance deteriorations.

The trigger can serve as the perfect size for both smaller and clumsy fingers so that you can shoot away to glory. The paintball marker comes with two magazines to impart greater benefit while you shoot at your targets with utmost accuracy whether you are a seasoned paintballer or just trying out this exhilarating game for the very first time.

With a carrying capacity of 19 balls, both of its magazines can be loaded with 38 paintballs.

Requiring minimal maintenance, the Tippmann paintball marker promises high-end performance and efficiency even if you cannot manage to clean it properly on a regular basis although it is advisable to lubricate the same prior to every battle to adhere to its aesthetic appeal.

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5. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball

Spice up your holiday plans with a session of paintball with your bunch of buddies as Tippmann TMC MAGFED takes the entire gaming experience to a whole new level.

The gun feels extremely study to use and might come off as a bit bulky even before the paint balls are inserted in them. However, it fails to hit the bulls eye when it comes to the department of accessories as the mask might not adequately cover the back of your ears and its foam padding might feel like rubber pad.

You can either opt for traditional loader or go for MagFed with this paintball gun to benefit from the best of both worlds in one awesome device.

Tippmann understands very well that customization is the key to functionality and thus offers the same to the maximum extent. You can thus throw on a hopper by foregoing your magazines whenever you feel necessary.

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6. Action Village Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun

The Action Village Foxtrot Paintball Gun has been modelled after the m4 Small Arms Rifle used extensively by the US Army to tag along a feel which is similar to being on an actual war arena.

The gun boasts of stainless steel gas line, all-aluminium die cast receiver and quick release feeder elbow to bring in optimum comfort while being used. Assembling this semi-automatic gun can be pretty easy thus serving as an ideal starters package.

Although the CO2 tank does not come filled in, you can do the same from a local shop without having to spend much.

The red dot sight works beautifully while the gun promises maximum accuracy even when you are shooting with cheap dimpled paint.

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7. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

This robust paintball gun is bound to take you by surprise with the massive surge of power it brings to the gaming arena.

Given its budget price range the fact that it allows aiming of shots from a distance of 75 feet can surely stun you. However, you might feel the requirement of a barrel upgrade if you demand more accuracy on crossing the 75 feet threshold.

You can now shoot throughout the day without chops coupled with the tried and tested in-line bolt system of Tippmann even while using dodgy paintballs which are not in pristine condition.

The gun is accompanied with oil, o-rings, Allen keys and a barrel sleeve which can be of great help in assembling the same. Its ergonomic gas intake angle helps in keeping the tank out of the way while the gun comes off as much more lightweight when compared to other peer-class mechanical guns.

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8. Tippmann Cronus Basic Marker

This hard-core paint balling equipment can serve as a tailor-made gadget for beginners with an array of features which can help you take your gaming to a whole new level. Its two-piece handle design and verticle grip promises minimal recoil while making it easy to hold.

The mechanical trigger of the marker which shoots 15 BPS make it easy to fire paintballs with optimum accuracy over a moderate range.

You can expect greater accuracy by lining up the targets at a distance of 75 feet although a barrel upgrade might be required for shooting beyond this level.

In spite of being coupled with such sophisticated features, the marker comes with a pretty inexpensive price tag thus adding to its affordability.

You can also keep on using this gun for a long span of time courtesy its durable build and high-end design. It is also accompanied by a 2-years warranty from the manufacturers.

You can modify the Cronus Basic Marker into an advanced tactical edition and upgrade it with as many rails as you wish.

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9. MAddogAzodinKaos Paintball Gun

The signature Kaos Series of Azodin gets a modern-day makeover in the form of Kaos 2 which is much more ergonomic and sleek in comparison to its predecessor.

However, such advancements have not caused any compromise in the department of simplicity and durability which remains one of its strongest points even till now.

Streamlining of receiver has made it lighter which in turn has led to better acuity while sighting potential targets.

The Kaos 2 also features the latest parts of Azodin in the form of a slim dovetail ASA, a screw-lock feed-neck and a 12” multiphase honed barrel apart from the 45-degree gas-thru grip which has been accredited for ushering in improvement in handling during firefights.

Proven reliability and modern aesthetics gets merged beautifully in this paintball gun package which has already curved out its niche amongst paintball enthusiasts around the globe.

The package is accompanied with 200 round paintball loader, jerk barrel squeegee, 4 heavy-duty 140 round pods, 4+1 deluxe paintball harness, anti-fog paintball mask and a 20 oz. CO2 tank so that you can start with unbridled gaming instantaneously.

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10. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

The revolutionized and improved Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun can be the perfect choice if you wish to leg up on the competition with greater accuracy.

Customized with various upgrades to fit your individual style, this paintball gun starter package can suffice both beginners and seasoned players. Featuring minimal recoil, the two-piece handle design of the Tippmann paintball gun is pretty easy to handle for players who are learning the basics of this game.

Coupled with a mechanical trigger which allows shooting 15 BPS, this marker is extremely effective when it comes to firing paintballs over a moderate range. Its comfortable moulded rubber grip helps in enhancing the level of accuracy when you are aiming for targets within a range of 75 feet.

It can be modified into an advanced tactical edition and upgraded with many rails in accordance with your needs and experience. This exceptionally durable gun also packs in a two years’ warranty from its manufacturers.

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While purchasing a paintball marker, thickness serves as a focal point of importance as thick steel provides added protection. You also need to be aware of its feeding system, lock system and internal mechanism before you head out to the field.

The kind of marker being used can have a great role to play in deciding whether the game will prove out to be enjoyable or not. For tagging along greater efficiency, a paintball gun needs to be lightweight and easy to use.

You need to strike the right cord of harmony in between your level of experience, preferred way and style and the price paid.

There is no point of purchasing a high-end gun if you play just once or twice in a month. Alternatively, an upgrade can prove to be ideal for a hard-core player.