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Last updated on March 19th, 2021

Braced with a powerful welding machine you can ace extremely cosmetic applications demanding strict heat control. TIG welding is gaining enormous importance with the advancement in welding applications and technology given the minimal amount of smoke and splatter generated out of the same. Your TIG welder purchase decision can be triggered by an array of factors such as its durability and price tag to meet your overall budget. The art of TIG welding requires an unparalleled level of patience and skill for producing the best result within minimum time span. The market is filled with an array of TIG welders some meant for hobbyists whereas the other can serve the demands of professionals since the former shall require a machine which can produce fine welds at low amps.

Read here of the Best TIG Welders under $500

Name Image Input Price Check Price
Square Wave TIG K5126-1 115/230V


Check Price
Hobart 500551 230V

Check Price
2017 Everlast PowerTIG 250EX 220V

Check Price
2018 Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT 110/220V

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Firepower 1444-0872 115/230V


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Power I-TIG 200

Ideal for repair and portable fabrication, this TIG welder offers a stable DC arc and can be run on most of the modern-day generator welds. It can handle both stainless and mild steel while the pulse and full panel control makes the device perfect for functioning with extended length torches in every place. This type of TIG welder arrives with all the necessary accessories such as cables, regulator, foot pedal and torch and offers a substitute to TIG with the smooth and stable arc of the stick function and arc force control.

 Power TIG 200 DX

Perfect for both professional welders and hobbyists, the TIG 200 DX sets a benchmark with its power and performance. Its digital readout allowing precise amperage controls settings, stable arc, color-coded controls and adjustable weld parameters allowing both 4t and 2t operations, has helped it in evolving into an industry stalwart.

Power TIG 225 LX

This commercial grade TIG welder brings AC/DC pulse and Stick (SMAW) welding ability to the table. It stands ahead of its peers with a 60% duty cycle which has helped it in becoming the staple choice of welding professionals on the go. This lightweight and compact welder designed in sync with the IGBT inverter module does not require any large roll-around box or special wheel kit to function. You can move it through compact spaces such as narrow pipes and airplane fuselages by grabbing the large carry handle. This heavy-duty welder can easily handle aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Power TIG 250 EX

Riding high on easy arc starting stability, this type of TIG welder is well-braced to take on all forms of industrial as well as commercial applications. It can easily outpace all forms of transformer equipment with its IGBT lightweight module design and ground-breaking features such as spot weld timer, HF/Lift arc function, broad AC balance control, Arc Force control and High pulse frequency.

Power TIG 315 DX

This heavy duty and commercial grade welder comes equipped with features such as foot pedal controlled welding, AC frequency controls and pulse welding function.

Today we shall talk about the best ones belonging to the under 2000-dollar price category to help you in bringing home the one which shall serve you best after going through their combinations of functions.

1- Square Wave® TIG 200 TIG Welder K5126-1

Lincoln has outdone themselves with this TIG welder which comes well-stocked with modern day functionalities such as adjustable AC balance, high-frequency starting, inverter based design and an array of other features. This versatile welder making use of both AC and DC options is well-braced to take on a bevy of welding requirements including that of aluminium. It can also produce premium quality stick welds whenever you need to weld thicker materials. This rig can handle up to 3/8th inches on a single pass while the horizon gets broadened on multiple passes. Using the Square Wave, you can exercise comprehensive control over the weld by adjusting both the frequency and AC balance to be in sync with your exact expectations.

The AC frequency of the Lincoln Square Wave can be adjusted anywhere between 60-150 hertz with the bead narrowing down with increasing frequency. The control panel might look daunting initially with numerous blinking lights, buttons and knobs but you are bound to gain mastery over the same with passage of time. The Lincoln product can work equally at ease on both the standard 120V household outlet and 230V fully equipped shops with each input having its dedicated and easily removable power cord. Weighing below 50 pounds, this welder empowered by sophisticated silicone based technology and operated by an internal microcomputer can fit in both stick welder and TIG which can churn out an output power equivalent to 200 amps.



  • AC balance and frequency adjustment.
  • AC/DC TIG and stick capable.
  • Well-suited for weldingaluminium.
  • Solid warranty.
  • Included foot pedal control for adjusting amperage output.
  • High-frequency start.
  • Simple control interface.



  • Expensive model.
  • Minimum 10-amp output.

2- Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i AC/DC TIG Welder 230V

This user-friendly welder is tailor-made for those who are in the lookout of a welding device having easily understandable controls. The uncomplicated switching between AC and DC modes for aluminium welding can aid you in working with different metals without breaking a sweat. The highly powerful machine can easily weld metals having thickness of up to 3/16th inch making it a great option for both handy-men and hobbyists as well as beginners.

This versatile welder houses an inverter-based power source which consumes moderate power without compromising on the output quality. Weighing at just 23 kilos, the Hobart welder can be moved around easily without having to ask others for assistance. Termed by many as a complete welding package, the 500551 EZ-TIG 165i offers enhanced and consistent welding arc through its single knob control. It can be easily set up and operated by simply plugging it to the 230 VAC, connecting the shielding gas and selecting the thickness and material type.



  • Twin functionality giving it a greater edge over its competitors.
  • Lightweight design enhances portability of the device.
  • Flex head available with knob control.
  • Constructed using premium quality materials enhancing its longevity.
  • Offering amazing welding capability on a variety of materials without going overboard with the price.



  • Cullet shaped body.

3- 2017 Everlast PowerTIG 250EX

The Everlast PowerTIG 250EX comes as a versatile solution to both welding professionals and enthusiasts with 250 amps of hard-core TIG welding power from single phase 240V and duty cycle of 60%. Equipped with modern day features such as AC balance control, AC frequency, fully adjustable pulse, 2T/4T remote control functions and stick function having arc force control, the Everlast welder can operate with equal level of efficiency on both single and three phase power of 240V.

Its IGBT inverter design aids in enhancing the portability of the model by reducing its size while the spot weld timer brings satisfaction to those wishing to make routine and perfectly timed spot welds on sheets of metal. The low amp start capability of this model in both AC and DC modes ranging down to 5 amps is perfect for those who wish to weld thin gauge material. This capable and economical welder has curved out its niche in the welding industry and requires the backing of a 12000-watt generator to unleash its full potential.



  • Stable arc.
  • Superior pulse control.



  • Faulty foot pedal leading to sporadic low amperage.

4- 2018 Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT 210amp

This TIG/Stick welder from the house of Everlast benefits from its digital microprocessor control which increases its productivity, weld quality and ability of making precise settings which can be fine-tuned to the exact standard requirement. It also comes loaded with IGBT inverter technology which tags along best in class performance and arc stability while bringing down the product size and weight at the same time. Wave form control featured in this unit can be subdivided into three distinct forms of soft square wave, advanced square wave and triangular wave which aid in enhancing flexibility while welding aluminium.

This TIG/Stick welder also features adjustable AC balance control, adjustable AC frequency and programmable memory which allows users to save the parameters of up to 9 different programs. Attributes such as arc force control and adjustable hot start help this Everest offering in showcasing maximum welding flexibility. The welder toggles between AC and DC polarity in the advanced pulse mode thus allowing fine fast freeze control over thin gauge aluminium as well as greater penetration of thick plate aluminium. The HF arc start design of this heavy-duty welder reduces the maintenance issues faced by traditional HF components. Braced with its intuitive design and easy to setup feature, this welding device has already earned a top slot amongst welding aficionados and connoisseurs.



  • Portable and lightweight design.
  • Increases travel speed while reducing warping with the special advanced pulse for AC welding.
  • Works in sync with the optional finger amp control torch.



  • Short ground cable.
  • Tricky panel display.

5- Firepower 1444-0872 MST 220i 3-in-1

The 3-in-1 machine offering both 11 and 208/230V as well as Stick, MIG and TIG welding outputs for hassle-free usage rides high on portability for being carried around the workplace. This state-of-art TIG welder packs in enough power to meet the large job demands such as on-site repair and auto-applications by producing maximum output of 210 Amps. The MST 220i can help you in choosing the best process to follow in your applications by providing optimum productivity. While the Stick is best for outdoors work, TIG can take up welding applications requiring precise control. This Spool Gun capable “must have” powerhouse can also carry out Aluminium MIG weldinglike a pro.



  • Superb duty cycle.
  • Easy to service machine.
  • Three in one functionalities.



  • MIG and Stick do not have any AC capability.

Final Thought

While purchasing TIG welders, you should broaden your parameters to cover areas greater than just affordability. Durability, type of welding results, controls, amperage range and arc efficiency also needs to be considered while taking the final pick. Depending upon all these factors, the product price may vary across a few hundred to thousands of dollars. At the end of the day you should buy one which fits both your requirements and pocket seamlessly.

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