Best Plasma Cutter Under $1000 Review 2021

Plasma Cutter

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Plasma cutters utilize an extremely hot gas termed as plasma for transferring energy to a metal surface hence resulting in a clean cut.

Gases such as nitrogen and oxygen are forced through the torch by making use of an air compressor.

Thereafter the gas is ignited under high pressure through an electrical arc which is supplied by the power source of the machine.

The resultant plasma jet which oozes out of the nozzle or tip emitting about 40000 degree Fahrenheit of heat can easily penetrate through metal bodies.

Thus, it is easily understandable that this wonder tools can yield great results if operated in the right manner as the resultant frustration and potential damage just keeps spiralling up the ladder if by chance you stumble upon an ill-suited plasma cutter.
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Name Image Input Weight Price Check Price
Lotos LTP5000D 110V/220V
26 lbs
Check Price
Everlast SuperCut51P 110V/220V
24 lbs
Check Price
Biltek 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter 110V/220V
20 lbs
Check Price
Super Deal DC 110V/220V
24.4 lbs
Check Price
PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A 110V/220V
22.5 lbs
Check Price

Selecting The Right Plasma Cutter To Serve Your Requirements

The following factors need to be taken into account for benefitting the most out of the plasma cutter purchase:

Duty Cycle:

This refers to the quantum of resting time required by the cutter before resuming back work again. Hobbyists usually make use of the plasma cutters very sporadically that is when they have spare time for themselves to engage in things they love doing. Thus, the duty cycle of plasma cutters does not matter much in such cases. However, when you are using the plasma cutter for industrial purposes, the duty cycle surely serves as one of the most important pre-requisites.

Cutting Speed:

Professionals engaging in hard core metal work require a device which can help them in unleashing maximum speed while taking up the cutting function. This is the reason behind experts advising users to have a look at the inches per minute (IPM) covered by a plasma cutter which can take on maximum inches in minimum time.

Steel Thickness:

The market is filled with an array of options for taking on metals having differing levels of thickness. Your ultimate purpose shall determine if a beginner’s model can suffice your requirements or you need a heavy-duty model. Although some might be satisfied with a smooth clean cut of ½ inches, others might be looking to pierce through 3/4th or even a whole inch to mark a clean cut. Every machine cannot do the same making it essential to find out which one can before taking the purchase call.


Finding easy replacements for machine spare parts hold equal importance amongst both professionals and amateurs. There is no point in bringing home an extremely costly model which does not have a ready market for its accessories if thesame malfunction with time.

Power Output:

For operating in full throttle, you need to determine the quantum of output your plasma cutter requires. Standard cutters running typically on 40 to 100 Amps are perfect in places having power supply of 220 watts. Coming to specialised industrial products running over 100 Amps, you need to first guarantee the availability of power supply.

If you are surfing through our blog, chances are high that you are in dire requirement of a plasma cutter. Today we shall talk about five of the best plasma cutters belonging to the below 1000-dollar price category to aid you in proceeding with the purchase call.

1– Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

The Lotos plasma cutter makes use of the pilot arc torch for penetrating rusty, painted and rough surface with zero slag.

This highly durable product bearing the brand logo of Lotos also does not require touching the surface thus providing users with unbridled flexibility.

This perfectionist cutter has a severance cutting range of three-quarter inch and normal clean cutting range of half an inch making it perfect for being used both for light construction work and house workshop repair while dealing with alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and copper.

Braced with steady flow of plasma, this cutter brings along premium performance when loaded with the duty of cutting comparatively thin plates.

This light weight model uses advanced German cooling system to bring along consistent performance which is worth every dime spent.

The highly effective inverter power source technology helps the LTP5000D weighing just 22 pounds in bringing along maximum output.

The unit can be operated at the dual voltages of 110 and 220 but is perfect for being set up under the latter if you wish to benefit from maximum amperage and make cuts ranging 1/4th inch or more.

Airflow remains as one of the determining factor in all forms of plasma cutter and Lotos recommends clean dry air of 65psi for maintaining the cleanliness of the nozzle during operation which in turn has a big impact on its consumable life.



  • Compact sized unit ranking high on portability.
  • Convenient top handle for being tugged around.
  • Small sized torch perfect for working in tight spaces.



  • The short sized ground cable.
  • Flimsy torch trigger devoid of any guard.

2- 2017 Everlast SuperCut51P 110v/220v Dual Voltage 50 Amp

As an able successor to the popular line of SuperCut 50P plasma cutters, this device ensures minimal start delay paired with the high frequency arc instilled in the machine.

This in turn is perfect for users who are on the lookout for a cutter making low and clean dross incisions ranging from 1/4th to 3/8th inch.

Thus, if you wish to bring home a basic plasma cutter which can serve your hobby or on-job requirements, then the SuperCut 51P can surely be an excellent addition to your tool kit.

It is however not recommended to use the SuperCut 51P featuring a high frequency design in close proximity with sensitive electronics.



  • Improved MOFSET design more superior when compared with earlier versions.
  • 3-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Short time required for arc welding through ionization of inert gases.
  • Supreme energy efficiency with less requirement of power.
  • Highly reliable product bearing the brand name of Everlast manufacturers.



  • Pricing not as competitive as its peers.

3- Biltek 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter

The Biltek 50Amp Air plasma cutter can open up newer possibilities ahead of you as it effortlessly welds through mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, sheet metal and alloy steel having different thickness levels.

It does the same by producing minimal slag even while dealing with rusty, rough and painted surfaces.

Compressed gas is blown through a focussed nozzle towards the work piece at high speed for accomplishing the same.

This in turn leads to the creation of an electrical arc within the work piece itself, the gas or in between the electrode.

This relatively quiet device does not create a big commotion while being used either at your home garage or factory shed.

Your colleagues and family members can thus easily carry out their normal work proceedings without getting disturbed by the same.

Heavy-duty materials which go into the construction of this dynamic welder can easily sustain normal wear and tear which can accompany its normal course of work.

It offers severance cut through 12mm steel, maximum cut through 10mm thick steel andoptimal cut through 8mm thick steel.



  • Has an output current ranging between 15-50A.
  • Non-Pilot Arc helps in increasing the longevity of its consumables.
  • High performing cutting torch can easily work through ½ inch thick steel.
  • Accompanying instruction manual makes it extremely easy to set up the portable plasma cutter.
  • Comes packed with a plethora of accessories for initiating your welding operations almost instantly.
  • Better duty cycle and longer running time is promised by its Advanced Inverter Technology.



  • Requires separate air supply from an air compressor.

4- Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter 

This highly affordable and easy to use plasma cutter is perfect for people whose job involves piercing through metals having an array of thickness, shape and size attributes.

The auto dual outlet cutter comes loaded with features and can be used in two different ways.

Its cutting performance depends upon the type of metal you are dealing with since thinner metals can be cut with enhanced precision.

Running on 220 volts, the Super Deal plasma cutter featuring a digital readout can be accessed in a seamless manner.

Although it does not come with a plug or air hose, the same can be bought separately within the voltage range of 110 to 220.

The device can cut through an array of metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper etc. having thickness between 1 to 12 mm and comes with accessories such as grounding clamp, pressure-reducing valve,two plasma tips, cutting torch LG-40 and welding face mask.

The cutting torch is attached to a heavy-duty cord measuring 7-8 feet and comes with a switch which can delay the process from 2.5 to 5 seconds.

Featuring PRO technology, this plasma cutter made of heavy duty iron is much more efficient compared to the traditional cutting machines given its less power consumption.



  • Greater reliability courtesy the solid construction.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Over-voltage and over-heat protection.
  • Pilot arc-striking system aids in easy machine initiation for getting a clean cuttime and again



  • User manual does not help out newbies much.

5- PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

Designed to deliver utmost precision, this cutter is economical and extremely portable at the same time.

This dependable and durable product can deliver the power required to penetrate about half an inch of alloys such as copper, aluminium and stainless steel in a hassle-free manner.

Designed in line with state-of-art MOSFET transistors the Primeweld 50A premium Air Plasma Cutter meant for both hobbyists and professionals, comes with a three-year warranty.

This rugged and premium cutter operates automatically on dual voltages of 110 and 220 at 50A current.

The Primeweld model can become cheaper to use compared to oxyacetylene after a few cuts.  This high-frequency plasma cutter cuts through relatively thicker materials with greater accuracy.

The second to none customer service of the Primeweld plasma cutter quickly responds to customer complaints for maintaining its strong foothold in the market.

The user-friendly device requires less cleaning and maintenance and emits lesser quantum of noxious gases which are infamous for aggravating fire hazards.

This ten-foot-long assay brings under its purview more area for helping out with bigger projects.

The immense air pressure of 65 psi can get the plasma cutting job done much more easily paired with the long air filter cable which maintains clean supply of air.



  • Lightweight ergonomics leading to extreme portability.
  • Minimal maintenance requirement.
  • Dual voltage support.
  • High on reliability and endurance.



  • Air circuit might require a few trials for being set up.
  • Instruction manual cannot be of much help.
  • Safety grip is cheaply made.

Final Thought

Whether you are working as a mechanic at a shop or just taking routine repairs around your house, your life is bound to be made easier coupled with a plasma cutter.

Compared to grinding, these devices work much more smoothly paving the way for cleaner and precise edges with minimal usage of metal.

The plasma cutters are however more technically involved and expensive when compared to a metal grinder.

These highly technical gadgets loaded with an array of intricate features and specs can be pretty daunting for non-engineers to operate.

There also exist certain plasma cutters which are earmarked against specific forms of metals and projects.

Thus, it is crucial to determine the one which will be in sync with your individualistic requirements for benefiting the most.