Best 52-Inch Pool Cue

52 inch pool cue

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

Pool cue games are gaining record popularity in modern times thus taking the shape of a fully acclaimed sport.

Starting from their introduction back in 2005, billiard has evolved into a global favorite coupled with its versatility to cater to people of all ages.

Regular players will vouch for the role of a decent pool cue in making or breaking your game.

This is why it becomes absolutely important to have the backing of a stellar option.

However, before discussing further about the five hand-picked variants, we shall take a look at the things to keep in mind prior to making your purchase decision.


Pool cues usually weight between 18 to 21 ounces with the bulk of weight located at the bottom. This can actually make things difficult if you are a short heighted person. Thus, it becomes imperative to search for cues whose weight are shifted towards the forward areas. While you can alter the weight of some cues by either removing or adding weight from bottom, additional weight might move the balance towards the back whereas removing the same will shift the balance point forward.

Tip Type

The standard pool cue tip size ranges between 11 to 14 mm and has a very crucial role to play in determining the overall efficiency of the pool cue. A soft tip can provide adequate feedback every time it strikes the ball. However, some players opt for hard tips as they have a stronger built which leads to greater longevity.

One Vs Two Piece Cue

When it comes to playing basic games and home usage, nothing can suffice you as well as one-piece cues. However, you need to bank on two-piece cues while travelling to competitions or playing in pool halls. It is easier to assemble a two-piece cue which in most of the scenarios are accompanied by a storage case.

Wood Type

Cues made from maple provide adequate durability without going overboard with the price. This is the very reason behind most manufacturers opting for maple wood in the construction of pool cues. You will also come across cues made from darker and lighter woods as well as the ones having inlays and similar decorations. However, these cues cost comparatively more than their plain peers.


Whether you are playing in a pool hall or at home, it is essential to consider the color of the pool cue before purchasing the same. Fun designs and bright colors can help you in standing out amongst a crowd of fellow players.

Straight Design

The best pool cues are straight and this prevents them from rolling over while lying flat on the table.

Wrap Material

Manufacturers usually place a specific material around one end of the cue stick which makes it resemble a tap which is wrapped around its edge. The usage of this material imparts a solid grip on the pool cue and prevents it from gliding away while you concentrate on the game. While linen and nylon are ideal for amateurs whileprofessionals usually seek out leather wrap.

1. Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue

If you wish to feel like a professional while playing with your bunch of buddies at the home table or while participating at tournaments to take your skill to a notch higher, then the Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool house Cue can serve as your perfect pick.

With a variety of size options, this two-piece cue set is an absolute steal for players belonging to various age groups.


This highly affordable pool cue has earned the name of Sneaky Pete because of its supreme versatility as it can be used with ease at your home pool table.

In stark contrast to 1-Piece pool cues, carrying around this 2-piece model is easier as it also leads to mammoth savings in storage space.

The 13mm tip of this pool cue imparts utmost durability and strength to this model thus ensuring that players can strike the ball hard for reducing all probabilities of a long break-in period.

Wood Type

A combination of light and dark maple imparts a sleek and charming look to this pool cue which can serve the necessities of both amateurs and professionals.


The straight design of this pool cue prevents it from rolling while lying flat on the table.

A cyclone logo is embedded at the center of this cue whose flat construction joint resembles a seamless one-piece design.

Dowels, which go into the construction of these North American maple cues are shaved down to optimize its stability and straightness.

A rubber butt cap and glue tip serve as classic cue parts of its no-frills design which can allow your friends and family to engage in a game of pool without having to burn a hole in their wallet.



  • Budget friendly pool cue.
  • Offers a good grip.
  • Extremely easy to carry and store.
  • Durable design available in various sizes.



  • Suffers from shot deflection problems which prevents it from hitting accurate shots.

2. Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue

If you think that inexpensive pool cues might not suffice you well in the long run, then you need to try out the Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Maple Pool House Cue which offers the best of features without going overboard with the price tag.


Stellar construction of the pool cue ensures that the joint is tight and straight. This in turn prevents wobble so that you can hit the balls with complete accuracy.

Even the balance is nice due to its straight build.

You can thus place it on the pool table and refill your drink without having to worry about the pool cue rolling over and dislocating the pool balls.

Clear gloss varnish which stops halfway up the cue ensures that the pool cue glides seamlessly on your hands as you concentrate on hitting the target.

Wood Type

Hardrock maple goes into the construction of this pool cue for imparting adequate level of durability to take on hard strikes.

Premium grades of wood are kiln dried for stabilizing the same prior to final assembly.


The one-piece design of this pool cue makes it ideal for playing basic games.

Thus, if you are an amateur, who is trying to pick up this game, then the Imperial Eliminator can serve as your ideal choice.

The compact build also makes it tailor-made for being stored in houses having limited floor space.

The cue gets further highlighted by the beautiful wood grains appearing in the handle along with an inlay 4-prong design.



  • Features a beautiful design crafted out of wood.
  • No imperfections or dents can be seen in the finish.
  • Great stick for tighter spots.
  • Solid and straight built.



  • Shaft diameter is too big.

3. Players Y-G06-52 Flower Skull Cue

Players cues have served as the top favorite of pool players on a global scale for the past 25 years and the Y-G06-52 stays true to this general consensus.

Coupled with uber-stylish designs which were previously reserved for higher priced models, Players have managed to win over the pool cue market by delivering products which are all backed by robust manufacturing warranty.

Cutting-edge models are released every year by Players for pushing the bar of designing higher thus come up with tailor-made solutions to cater to more users on the go.


The high-impact ferrule comes with a lifetime guarantee against all chances of cracking and chipping.

Greater shot consistency gets delivered by the top-quality French Le pro leather tips while the high-gloss “Super UV” finish protects the pool cue from getting lacklustre over time.

The dual aspects of a professional taper and French cue wax ensures an effortless stoke by keeping your cue looking brand new over years to come.

Wood Type

The North American Grade-A Hard Rock Maple cues and shafts have been completely hand selected for ensuring optimum straightness as well as quality prior to turning.

The cue blanks are turned and dried numerous times during the curing process to prevent any chance of warping.

These are then treated using Nelsonite, a patented stabilizer to render adequate protection to the wood from atmospheric alterations.

Lastly, they are sealed using proprietary epoxy for rendering an additional layer of moisture protection.


The Y-G06-52 Flower Skull from Players comes coated in midnight black hue with pink and silver flowers as well as silver girly skull graphics lining its circumference.

This spunky and pretty cue is ideal for that feisty girl who likes to win over opponents with her strong game and effervescent charisma.



  • Comes with a year’s warranty against all manufacturing defects.
  • Warp less handle guarantees uninterrupted stroke and a smooth feel.
  • Maintains greater consistency during gameplay coupled with Premium Le Professional Le Pro tip.
  • Threaded joint pin and implex joint collar ensures a firm hit time and again.



  • Not ideal for professional usage.


Whether you are taking baby steps in the world of pool or trying to become the Johnny Archer of your country, our list of top five 52-inch pool cues is bound to cater to your needs in the best manner possible by providing optimum value for money spent.