Ultimate Guide 2021 – Big and Tall Man Recliners

Recliner chair for tall men

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

An oversized recliner can serve as your ultimate nirvana in the path of experiencing unadulterated and pure comfort.

These pillow-soft and humongous relaxation stations come stacked with luxuriously padded arms and backs, long leg rests and high backs for providing everyone seated on the same with the feeling of bed-like comfort thus making it a perfect choice for being placed in dens, man caves or even upscale living rooms.

However, just like every other product available in the market, all the best recliners for big and tall man are not built alike.

Once you start browsing through the catalogues, you will come across a huge variety of options each having an individualistic style and size as well as varying features and functions.

Some people like to relax on their recliners while listening to music on a speaker or simply reading their favourite books. Others are looking for a space saving recliner.

We have prepared a detailed guide for buying and using a recliner for a tall and big man.

Now let’s first take a look at the points which need to be kept in mind while purchasing the best recliners for big and tall man.

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Points to Consider Before Buying Recliner for Big & Tall Man

  • The material serves as one of the most important considerations for shaping your purchase decision. You can take your pick amongst the two immensely popular styles of either textiles or leather. While textiles can usually be found on the lower-priced models, some of the high-end ones are also incorporating a quality textile into their design in modern times. The fuzzy and warm texture of textile fabrics do not feel too cold during the winter or hot during the summer. They are also much less expensive and can be easily covered using recliner protectors and slipcovers which might not be the case with leather sofas that feel too slippery for being secured correctly. Full-grain leather is usually used in the higher-end oversized recliners whereas the lower-end models make use of bonded leather. Maintenance gets easier with a leather recliner as you don’t have to wash the covers, remove stains or vacuum it every now and then. All it takes to wipe up stains and spills is just a clean paper towel or rag.
  • Recliners are available in a large array of sizes. While some are fairly small, others can be luxurious and spacious. Some of these dynamic resting pads can even suffice as a small love seat for two people to snug into easily for a romantic date night. But if you wish to bring home a recliner which is earmarked for being used by big and tall structured man, then you need to bank on a larger one. You should thus opt for a spacious one that has a wide and high back. It is always advisable to visit the furniture store and sit on the chair before taking the ultimate purchase call. If you have decided to purchase it from an online portal, then you will have to be extra cautious about its measurements.
  • When it comes to durability and comfort, every single recliner has a completely different story to tell. If you wish to make the most out of it, then you should invest in a model having plush pillows, armrest, backrest and footrest.

How to select a recliner that has dimensions which match your body?

To make the ultimate selection you will have to measure the distance from your knee to heel. You will also have to measure the length of your torso and your hips.

After you have all these measurements you can make a selection by checking out which reclining seat you will fit in.

If you are planning on shopping by visiting the shop and sitting in the big and tall man leather recliners available to see if they fit your body, then this section might be of no help to you.

But if you are ordering online then this section is vital for you. As you might not get to experience sitting in the recliner sit thus its always best that you order a seat that will fit you.

This precaution will save the hassle of returning.

What to measure?

Alright get your measuring tape out because we are going to break this down for you.

First and foremost, you have to measure the distance from your knee till your heel. Secondly measure the distance from the heal till your tailbone.

These two measurements will give you an idea as too what dimensions of reclining would suit you.

Next up you will have to measure your torso. This measurement will give you an idea as to how much of backing you want.

Do you prefer your head shooting over the top of the seat? Do you want a larger back?

In case you want a larger back its always best to measure the length from your tailbone to your shoulders.

Lastly measure the widest part of your body so that you would know how wide your body really is. For most people the hip is the widest region. You can so measure your shoulder length to get over all idea.

Now you are ready to order a lazy boy big man recliner that will fit your body horizontally and vertically.

How to get spot on recliner dimensions?

There are other regions too that you can check out which will make your big and tall recliner chair super comfortable. The basic dimensions to focus on have been discussed above. Below we have a few that will add an extra edge to your recliner seat.

Back and Feet

Let’s start with lumbar support.

Lumber support is meant to keep your pelvis, shoulders and ears aligned.  As it maintains the regular inward curvature of your lower spine thus it is essential to focus on it. Especially if you will be sitting in one place for a long time.

To get that extra support you can double check to make sure that there is absolutely no gap between your tailbone and lower back.

In terms of measurement the seat cushion of should be as long as your tailbone and knees. No more, no less.

Next up we have feet.

Your feet shouldn’t be in the air nor should they be dangling or touching the ground. Your heels should have a proper place to rest.

If your heels overpass the foot rest, then you are adding unnecessary strain on them and should get a proper seat recliner for yourself.


If you’re looking for best recliner for heavy person, then you need to pay special attention to minor details. We don’t want you to buy something that will not fit your body and be a waste of money.

Armrests are usually build keeping average length in mind but for you this average length might be small.  The end of the armrest should be able to encompass your palms while your fingers should hang over the arm rest.

We would recommend that the seat should have gap about an inch long between each armrest and hip. This would make the seat super comfortable.

Your living room space

You should dedicate a proper space for your big and tall recliner. It deserves all the glory so that you have a proper place to rest after the long day that you have had.

When buying online you can check out the measurements given and double check if you have enough space to place the recliner.

The width of the recliner will be the length between its armrests. While the length will be the length when the seat is fully reclined.

Remember to place your lane big man recliner at a position where you wouldn’t have to tilt your head to see the television or the entire living space.

For example, if the recliner measures 77 inches when fully reclined and is 35 inches wide. Then you will have to dedicate a space 80 inches long and about 40 inches wide.

 Why Does the Recliner Lean to One Side?

If your recliner starts leaning on to one side, then it can be because of the following reasons:

  • The mechanism that it linking it all might be leaning
  • Due to poor engineering, the chair might be constructed out of frame
  • Leaning frame of the owner might have effected the chair
  • The chair might have uneven padding
  • The unevenness of the floor might cause the chair to lean more on some spots
  • Due to old age
  • Due to rough handling or a lack of maintenance

Most recliners can take a beating but sometimes the outcome is that your seat starts leaning. If this happens then it can get super uncomfortable to use the recliner. But you don’t have to suffer such discomfort as we will guide you on how to fix this problem.

How to fix a leaning recliner?

Any of the above mentioned reasons can result in your seat getting leaned but using a few basic tools you can fix this problem.

90% of the time the problem is due to the springs mechanism at the bottom of the recliner. Even the best recliner for a tall person can lean on to one side because the tension in its springs is uneven.

These springs are present on the left and right of the seat rocker cam. The tension might be stronger on one side and lower on the other. This results in the reclining chair getting leaned on one side more than the other.

To fix this problem you need some basic knowledge regarding screws, bolts and nuts.

What do you need to do?

After making sure that the footrest is closed, you will have to tilt the heavy-duty rocker recliner forward. This would expose the underside of the recliner.

You will notice a pair of thumbwheels that will have adjustable recliner tensions. Some models of recliners have wingnuts instead of thumbwheels. So if you are unable to find thumbwheels do not panic.

Each of the wheels is located right at the end of bolts. These bolts are connected to springs.

What you have to do is rotate the wing nuts or thumbs wheels in order to adjust the tension in the springs.

If you turn the wheel clockwise the tension will increase and if you turn them anti-clockwise the tension will decrease.

Adjust the wheels accordingly until you get the desired tension on both sides. It’s always best to small increments when your evening out the tension.

You can use pliers if the mechanism is too tight and can’t be turned easily.

Remember to test the adjustment. If it is still not comfortable, repeat the process until you get the desired results.

How to fix screws, springs and padding of a leaning recliner?

Sometimes the spring of a recliner needs to be replaced. This doesn’t involve any rocket science all you need to is identify the point of attachment then remove the spring.

Remember to be super careful while you’re working with these heavy-duty springs because they tend to have high recoil.

In other cases, the point of contact among the screws and wooden parts might come loose. Again the method to fix this and get your seat fixed is super easy.

Use some wood fillings to fill the spaces so that the screws may fit snugly for a tight lock.

Padding issue is just a minor problem and only requires new cushions and your seat will be as comfortable as before.

Lastly, if your recliner has any broken a replacement will fix the problem. Follow the user manual to know the correct parts for replacement.

Even the best recliners for heavy person can encounter such problems.

Why you should fix your chair?

A leaning chair is super uncomfortable and fixing it is super cheap and easy. So instead of buying a new recliner, it is logically and beneficial to fix the one that you already have.

Remember to maintain your heavy-duty recliners for big men regularly and keep them in perfect working condition to increase their life span.

Why does your recliner keep sliding on the carpet?

Lack of friction can result in the recliner sliding of the carpet and causing discomfort.

We have suffered at the hands of furniture that keeps slipping off the carpet. We buy an amazing piece of furniture that we aim to make the focal point of the room. As soon as you place it on the carpet, it slides off.

What we require in such cases is some stability and friction so that the furniture would stick.

While some pieces of furniture remained fixed to the floor others tend to slide off. The reasons behind this are very mundane.

The major reason for this is that your carpet does not provide the right amount of friction. The carpet is smooth and isn’t saggy or rough. Thus the best big and tall recliners keep sliding on the carpet.

Also, wooden furniture is generally coated with primers that prevent the wood from rotting. This coating results in the furniture becoming slick and so they become unstable on surfaces that are smooth.

How to prevent recliners from slipping on the carpet?

We have two super easy and helpful methods for you, either you buy furniture grippers or create your own grippers using household items.

So you can either buy a specific product that will prevent your reclining chair from sliding or you can make some parts to attach to your recliner and stop it from sliding.

As both solutions sound interesting thus we are going to explain both in detail

  1. Furniture grippers

This product will affix your chair and you will never be bothered with the recliner slipping off the carpet.

This go-to option can be bought from any hardware store or ordered online from amazon. In short, they are super easy to get.

Plus, they are extremely affordable. You can get a set of four grippers in under dollar 15. Usually, they cost as low as dollar 3.

How to attach a furniture gripper?

The job starts with flipping your recliner upside down. Now make sure that the non-sliding part of the gripper is facing away from the leg of the recliner. The non-sliding part should be facing the floor.

All you require is some glue for this method. No need to get hold of your tools.

If you are able to attach the grippers properly the recliner will not slipper anymore.

What are the various types of furniture grippers?

Grippers are made of various materials. The majority of furniture grippers are made out of silicone or plastics.

Others might be made of softer wood or cork.

So it is vital that you select a material that will work perfectly with your carpet.

Let us assume that your recliner has wooden legs. In this case, the best option is to select grippers made of plastic or rubbers.

What are the different shapes of gripers?

Furniture grippers come in a variety of shapes. The most common shape is round.

Square and rectangle furniture grippers can also be found on the market. These shapes are commonly used for regular living room chairs for tall people.

Which is the best brand for furniture grippers?

In case you are looking for the best band of furniture grippers then the company Stay! will appeal to you. This US-based company specializes in a variety of grippers and has its products available in every other retail store.

Even recliners for heavyweight are no match for these grippers, so buy this product with confidence.

  1. DIY grippers

If you do not want to spend money on store brought furniture grippers, then you can use household items like cork to make your own grippers.

This method would not only help you save money but also give a new purpose to your old products.

Plus, it isn’t uncommon, many craftspeople utilize their old items to make new things from them. Also this is a super cheap and effective way to shop the recliner from sliding off the carpet.

How to make your own grippers?

First and foremost, you have to select a material that will keep the recliner from sliding off. The safest bet, in this case, is using a cork.

In case you don’t have any cork available at home you can refer to any DIY store near your house.

Or you can select another type of softwood.

Next up you have to measure the shape and size of your prospective gripper. You might require some tools for this.

You can use scissors, scalpels and hacksaws for this. Cut the item and glue it to the ends of the chair.

Which is the most effective gripper for recliners?

The most effective gripper will be the one that is made of the same material as the carpet. You would have some material laying around that is the same as the carpet. Cut out a portion that will be the same size as the legs of recliner and super-glue the piece. Once this piece hardens you can attach it to the recliner legs.

These techniques are not only effective in stopping your big and tall rocker recliner from sliding on the carpet but can also be useful for other pieces of furniture. For example, you can use it on tables, rocking chairs and wardrobes, etc.

Not only will they keep your furniture in place, but they also will not do damage to your carpet and add a few extra inches of height to your stuff.

What causes your recliner to squeak?

There are three major reasons as to why your recliner is squeaky:

  • Due to the tear and wear on the metal component
  • Recliner has loose joints
  • Upholstery

Squeaky noises from your recliner can be a cause of embarrassment and discomfort. So it’s a good option to fix this up. So that you do not have to extra careful just to avoid the squeaky noises and can use your chair with ease.

The initial step is to figure out what is causing the noises. After you have pinpointed the reason the remedies will differ accordingly.

How to fix leather squeaks?

The major reason behind leather squeaks is that it has dried out and needs to moisturize.

Leather is skin and it can dry out. So what you need to do is keep it moisturized in order to maintain the leather tip-top condition.

The level of squeak depends on the style of the upholstery of your reclining chair. For example, the leather of cheap big man recliners gets dried out faster.

What are the steps to fix squeaky leather?

  1. Vacuum the chair, as you need to clean the leather before applying anything on it
  2. Wipe the chair with a cloth, this is done to avoid your leather getting sealed in dust and getting eaten over time
  3. Dry the leather using a soft material and absorbent. Make sure that you focus on the creases
  4. Apply a good leather using a soft cloth. Remember to do this every 2 or 3 months

What are some useful tips for keeping your leather chair clean?

Always remember to keep the leather chair out of the reach of sun or heat. This would prevent the skin from drying out.

Plus, the major reason that you should keep the chair away from the sun is that this tip helps prevent cracks and tears.

If you have to keep it in the sun, then make sure that you cover the recliner up when you are not using it. This will save your chair wear and tear.

Secondly, you have to use good components to moisturize the chair. Try to avoid oil and oily products.

These items do not have lasting effects and will make your clothes oily too.

Remember, leather gets softer with use. So the older your leather recliner will get the more comfortable it will become.

How to fix squeaky metal components?

The squeak might be due to rubbing and scraping of metal components of the chair. Follow the steps to fix this problem.

  1. Recline your chair
  2. Flip the reclined chair over, so that the arms and back of the recliner are on the floor
  3. Remove the covering of the chair in order to reach the mechanism. Initially try to detach the covering by hand. If you are unsuccessful then unscrew the covering from the underside. Remember you have to avoid ruining the upholstery so do this step carefully
  4. Look for metal scraping or black runs. These indicate that there is something wrong with the chair
  5. Apply a coat of lubricant to the area that you have pinpointed. Also, apply lubricant to the springs as they might require some oiling.
  6. Remember to remove the excessive lubricant using a piece of cloth
  7. Occasionally, there might be some components that got bent out of shape. These components might be the reason for scrapes. In such cases use a hammer or pry bar to knock these parts into their right places
  8. You will also have to check for loose joints. Use a screwdriver to stiffen any lose joint. Make sure that you apply the right amount of pressure if you overdo it then you might end up having problems while reclining.
  9. Finally, close the rear up. Make sure to double-check if everything is fine. If the chair still continues to make squeaky noise repeat the steps or contact the manufacturer.

Following these steps, you will be able to deal with squeaky chairs easily even if the chairs are some power recliners for big and tall man.

As squeaks happen usually due to lack of maintenance of metal or leather. Rarely, you will have to get in touch with manufacturer. They will surely find the root cause for you.



The huge variation in the types of recliners available in the market might make taking the final call an extremely tricky task to perform.

This is where we come in to fill in the void and make life easier for you with our expert tips of choosing the best recliner.

We have taken a detailed look at materials used, recliner construction, size, style and features for coming up with the ones which can wrap you up and transform you to the world of ultimate relaxation.

Oversized recliners have gained an immense fan following due to its supreme versatility as it can be transformed and used as a plush bed whether for some power nap in between a gaming marathon or for accommodating the extra guests during the new year’s party.