Top 10 Best Brush for Waves of 2021 – Complete Guide and Review

Waves brush on bald hair

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Achieving ideal waves requires the combination of time, patience and an efficient wave brush which will be in sync with your hair type. Just like the five fingers of our hand, our hair textures also differ significantly.

While some are blessed with gorgeous Afro-American curls, others might be having extremely thin hair. In such cases, a wave brush can be a significant addition to your styling repertoire.

These inexpensive brushes can serve as an excellent choice for smoothing down your hair’s cuticles so that you can enjoy frizz-free tresses. Today we are going to take a look at ten of the best wave brushes available in the market.
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Image Name Check Price
Torino Pro Wave brush #350 by Brush King Check Price
Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 by Brush King Check Price
Authentic CQP 360 Gold Premium Crown Wave Brush/ Med. Boar Bristle Check Price
360 Waves Brush by Brush King Check Price
Wav Enforcer "Spin" Wave Brush Check Price
Crown Quality Products 360 Gold Ceaser Wave Brush # 7760B Check Price
Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush, Medium and Firm Bristles, D8115 Check Price
Diane 100% Boar Wave Brush Check Price
Torino Pro Medium Wave Brush #530 By Brush King Check Price
Diane Wave Firm Brush (reinforced Boar) #9007 Check Price


Detailed Guide to Wave Brushes

Let’s firstly look at some useful information about the best brush for waves:

Types Of Wave Brush

Wave brushes come in an array of styles and shapes. You should make the final selection depending on the combination of classy style and maximum comfort rating.

The Round Brush

It can be the perfect pick if you wish to maintain the smoothness of your waves while adding volume simultaneously. It can maintain the neatness of medium to long hair while making you stand out of the crowd with that wavy crown. These smaller sized brushes rank high in portability given their small size and are perfect for users who travel pretty often.

The Paddle Brush

This is comparatively larger in size and is perfect for keeping your waves free of frizz. These versatile brushes have a flat and wide design making it easy to be held and used.

The Vented Brushes

These brushes speed up the hair drying process by allowing air to pass through. You can create long lasting waves with these brushes which are perfect for shorter manes.

Double Sided Brushes

It can cater to versatile requirements with its 2-in-1 architecture which helps users in switching between bristles on the go without having to carry along an extra brush.


Difference of A Wave Brush From An Ordinary Hairbrush

Although a wave brush and hairbrush might look similar, the point of distinction lies in the softness of bristles. The wave brushes usually feature natural boar bristles which can keep your hair well moisturized at all times. They also will not inflict any damage to your hair by pulling or snagging your hair strands. The wave brushes are also known to distribute our hair’s natural oils and thus acting as an effective conditioner. This is the very reason why experts prescribe the use of wave brushes for making your hair look shinier and lustrous. The natural bristles can also make your hair smoother by helping frizz lay flat and preventing static.


Difference Between Hard & Soft Wave Brush

As the name suggests, the basic point of difference lies in the quality of bristles. Hard bristles are infamous for irritating the scalp. Thus, it is advisable to opt for the soft one if you have short and wavy hair. Lengthy hair, on the other hand, require hard brushes as they can get through the strands without having to apply excessive pressure which might result in damage. Hard brushes are more effective in holding your hair in place as compared to soft brushes making them the perfect choice for making waves.

  • Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A wave Brush
  • Paddle wave brushes are perfect for thick and long hair.
  • Natural bristles help in effective distribution of hair oil to keep it well-lubricated.
  • Hard bristles can cater to thick and long hair.
  • Soft bristles suit short hair without inflicting any damage to the scalp.
  • An ergonomic design ensures that you do not face any discomfort while usage.
  • Compact size helps in exercising greater control.
  • Palm brushes are meant for training hair into wave formation.
  • Tips Of Using A Wave Brush
  • Having a short haircut can be of great help in encouraging short waves. However, you should make sure that your hair doesn’t become excessively short which can reveal your scalp.
  • Start the grooming process by using a wave brush over your hair for a stretch of two minutes and follow it up with a moisturisation process.
  • Place a washcloth under hot water and squeeze out some water. This needs to be placed on the top of your hair for wiping it gently. This step can also be completed while you are at the shower.
  • Find the crown of your head and follow your hair growth pattern. Make 15 to 20 outward strokes in a wave and carry out this step for a stretch of 15 to 20 minutes.
  • A wave cap has to be next placed on your head for thirty minutes. You should brush once again on removal of the cap. Make sure to place a du-rag on your head while sleeping for training your hair by keeping the waves in place.
  • You need to understand that waves do not appear immediately and you need to put in adequate amount of time and effort for bearing results. The whole process has to be repeated regularly for encouraging hair growth in wavy patterns. During this time, you shouldn’t shampoo your hair too frequently as that might disturb the wave pattern.
  • You can also have long waves. However, you will have to repeat the process until your hair reaches a particular length which makes you happy.
  • How To Soften A Wave Brush

How to soften up a hard wave brush:

  • Use high quality shampoo and conditioner for washing your brush.
  • Rinse it thoroughly using clean water.
  • Soak the wave brush in a mixture of hot water with three tablespoons of vinegar for ten minutes.
  • Shake it out of the mixture and rinse once again.
  • Finally, air dry the brush. This step might be a little time taking.
  • How To Clean A Wave Brush
  • You can use your hand or a slim comb for removing excess hair from the wave brush.
  • Wash the brush in a high-quality shampoo but make sure not to condition it as that might soften the bristles.
  • Rinse it thoroughly and air dry.

Things To Consider While Shopping For A Best Wave Brush

You can make your hair look and feel like oceanic waves by adapting the right waving technique. This style is already a hit amongst both men and women who are filling up their social media feeds with the wavy clicks. But for pulling it off like a pro, you need the company of the best wave brush. But make sure to consider the following points to gain the most out of your wave brush purchase:

  • Bristles come in an array of types and all of them cannot serve as the best friend of your waves. Brushes having medium to firm bristles can help you in maintaining neat and elegant looking waves. Extremely soft ones can cause your waves to become uncontrollable and frizzy while the super firm ones stand at high chance of scratching and damaging your scalp and hair texture.
  • If you don’t wish to let your wallet bleed time and again then it is always advisable to stick to durable brushes which won’t require frequent replacement. Cheap brushes might seem to be pretty appealing initially but with repeated usage the bristles shall fall off. Thus it is advisable to conduct necessary research before buying the brush which shall be in sync with your grooming needs.
  • The shape of the brush has a huge role to play in gaining the most out of its potential since there is no point in buying a brilliant brush if it cannot be held on to with comfort. A contoured brush works magnificently while combing through your hair from all angles.
  • Feedback of fellow users acts as a guidance since it can revent us from committing similar mistakes.
  • We all have a budget in mind when we think of bringing home a brand new wave brush. But the best thing about these grooming tools is that they are not overtly expensive and yet pack in maximum features and functionality in their compact frame.



Best Wave Brush 2020

1. Torino Pro Wave brush #350 by Brush King

This medium curve waves brush comes neatly packed in an exclusive box containing an instruction card for brush maintenance. The bristles are in place and extremely durable to take on heavy-duty usage.

You are bound to realise its strength from the very first stroke as the bristles grips, pulls and glides over your head. The brush has a wide coverage and can also be used on children without having to worry about chances of injuries.

The medium bristles can do a fantastic job of stretching your curls in the aftermath of a good brushing session. The curve is perfect for maintaining your connections while the pointed tip aids in working around the crown area.

Ranging from fresh cut to wolfing stage, the TP350 can cater to all stages of waving. You can expect faster results as the curve contours to the shape of your head for bringing along better action by isolating the crown of your hair.

So, bid adieu to spending hours in front of the mirror and make the most out of those oceanic waves much like the charismatic NBA players and rappers.

The natural boar bristles of the TP350 prevents splitting and breakage while promoting healthy hair growth which is bound to steal glances as you strut around like an absolute stud.


  • Medium bristles are a bit on the harder side and thus perfect for coarse hair.
  • Good length of the bristles help in imparting adequate pull.
  • Does not come off as excessively hard on your scalp.
  • Aids in spreading out waves by creating a nice pattern.
  • Can serve as the perfect tool for beginners.


  • Brush paint might start to chip pretty quickly.

2. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 by Brush King

Quality needs to be your topmost priority while shopping for a wave brush. This makes it imperative to invest in high-end padded brushes which can maintain the elegant look of your waves.

The TP490 can suffice all types of hair and works especially well on thick or coarse hair which is not easily manageable. Its 100% natural boar bristles can be of considerable help in improving blood circulation without imparting any damage to your hair or scalp.

Considered by experts as one of the best medium wave brushes, Torino Pro 490 can function effectively with straightening, detangling and settling your hair for making it look excellent each single day.

The brush also serves as a great exfoliator by removing undesirable build-up and keeping your hair clean for longer spans of time. It also redistributes oil thoroughly in your hair to keep it well lubricated for preventing breakage or split ends.

You also will not be required to shampoo frequently once you start using this brush so that your natural oils get retained while the Torino pulls out all the dirt particles from your hair.

Its ergonomic design can fit in your grip perfectly so that you can exercise maximum control while wolfing. This vented brush can also be used on wet air for boosting up the air drying process.


  • Brings an amazing pull while its vented stature allows for more air flow.
  • Ergonomic and attractive looking brush.
  • Prevents breakage and fizz.
  • Promotes scalp health and hair growth.
  • Feels good on your head and hand.


  • Bristles have a tendency of falling off easily.
  • Lacks the firmness of its contemporaries.

3. Authentic CQP 360 Gold Premium Crown Wave Brush/ Med. Boar Bristle

You can now flaunt your dressing kit with pride as the 360 Gold Premium brush having a rich burgundy hue and glossy finish enhances your style quotient to the top tier.

Its extra-long 100% medium soft bristles have been specially designed to usher in maximum comfort while minimising stress inflicted on your head at the end of a brushing session.

With such attributes, this wave brush has been certified as being appropriate for usage amongst children. You can easily brush away your day’s fatigue with the 360 Gold Premium which has already curved out a niche for itself in the market of wave brushes.

Its patented curved design contours to the shape of your head so that its extra-long bristles can maintain contact with your hair. This can ultimately result in natural waves with minimal brushing.

You are bound to feel the difference from the very first time as your hair shines and looks healthy from within. Customers have reported that their wave depth has improved rhetorically following just a week’s usage of this brush as its medium bristles does a fantastic job of stretching out curls and smoothing out coarse hair following a good brushing session.


  • Can be used for imparting more definition and depth to your already trained hair without messing up the pattern.
  • Soft bristles do not cause any damage to your scalp.
  • Durable in nature to keep your back for long.
  • Stretches your curls and polishes your hair.
  • Brush contour can fit perfectly to your head size.


  • Bristles have a tendency of falling off.
  • Cannot be used while taking a hot water bath.

4. 360 Waves Brush by Brush King

The 100% natural boar bristle construction of the Torino Pro 8551 ensures that your sensitive scalp does not get hurt at the end of a brushing session. In a stark contrast to its contemporaries, the Torino model feel extremely soft and comfortable to use while helping you in creating stylish waves which can last round the clock.

Its wooden handle can be manoeuvred easily for exercising control while grooming your locks. Everyone is not blessed with luscious tresses and a stiff brush might trigger the hair loss process of those who only have very few strands left.

This amazing boar bristles brush can be of considerable help in such a case as it tags along all the benefits without inflicting any damage to your hair or scalp. You can even style your moustache or beard using this versatile brush.

Experts also recommend using the same while dry brushing as it removes dead skin cells without scratching your skin. Although it might not be of much help in detangling coarse hair, it can serve as the perfect pick for hose having thin or damaged tresses as it redistributes the natural oils efficiently for maintaining the sheen and promotes hair growth by enhancing blood circulation.


  • Crafted using 100% natural boar bristles.
  • Can be used for styling your hair, beard or even dry brushing.
  • Comfortable handle which helps in exercising optimum control.
  • Gently massages the scalp for promoting hair growth.
  • Soft bristles which will not damage hair or scratch the scalp.


  • Won’t work very well on coarse or tangled hair.

5. Wav Enforcer “Spin” Wave Brush

If you have naturally thick hair, then you would require the backing of a high-end brush for keeping it in shape. The Wav Enforcer “Spin” brush can serve you wonderfully with its 100% natural boar bristles which will not fall out even after continued brushing through your coarse tresses.

The stiff bristles will style your hair without inflicting any damage to your scalp making it the perfect pick for tackling unmanageable hair. The compact brush features an ergonomically designed wooden handle which makes it easy to use as you opt for low to medium cuts.

The thick bristles are sufficient for removing excess oil and product build-up which is infamous for damaging your hair’s overall look. It also works extremely well in removing flakes and dandruff while creating perfect waves to bring you to the spotlight time and again.

The bristles can also improve blood circulation by stimulating your scalp which is an absolute must to keep your hair healthy.


  • Extremely durable design featuring a wooden handle and 100% natural boar bristles.
  • Can be used for styling both low and medium cuts.
  • Distributes natural oils and stimulates scalp for healthy hair growth.
  • Deep bristles for styling coarse hair.
  • Offers complete value for money.
  • Has a great pull.


  • Might not be recommended for usage amongst children and adults having sensitive scalp.
  • Might be difficult to fit the long handled brush in your travel pouch.
  • Women having curly hair might face difficulty in slicking their hair due to the wide brush head.
  • Not meant for heavy wolfing stages.

6. Crown Quality Products 360 Gold Ceaser Wave Brush # 7760B

You can now get the stunningly well-groomed look which you had always desired with the 360 Gold Ceaser wave brush which comes with extra-long bristles to detangle your unruly tresses and creating a charming wave pattern.

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours ahead of the mirror for nailing the perfect look. It can all be managed now and that too with minimal effort as the wave brush contours to the shape of your head for greater efficiency.

Crown has served as an epitome of comfort and quality with its offerings and the 360 Gold also sticks to the general rule with 11 rows of reinforced Flex bristles which can assist both beginners and professionals in generating quick wave formation.

The bristles have been specially designed to promote healthy scalp by triggering blood circulation while exfoliating dead skin cells and distributing oils along your hair shaft which is imperative for hair growth.

Its lightweight and compact build ensures that you don’t end up straining your arms at the end of a brushing session.


  • Medium brush which can catch dust particles easily for cleaning your locks.
  • Lays down waves in a smooth motion.
  • You are bound to see considerable improvement in your wave pattern within a matter of just few days.
  • Contours to the shape of your head.
  • Sturdy brush which fits perfectly to your hand.
  • Bristles wont loosen or fall off even after being used in a hot shower.


  • Bristles are made using synthetic fiber.
  • Your natural oils won’t get redistributed while brushing your hair using the same.
  • Has a tendency of becoming soft at random intervals throughout the day.

7. Diane 100% Boar 2-Sided Club Brush, Medium and Firm Bristles, D8115

Create stylish waves while ensuring adequate protection of your hair stands coupled with the budget-friendly DS115 brush by Diane. Making effortless waves does not get simpler than this as you smoothen out your hairstyle and nourish it to the core at the same time.

Blood circulation will be improved through the positive stimulus sent by its medium and firm bristles which ensure the health of every single hair follicle. You can even use it for styling your beard as the 100% natural boar bristles bring precision to your grooming session.

This dual sided brush has been designed specifically for catering to medium and coarse hair. You can choose the side which is in sync with your requirements and maintain your elegant and stylish look like an absolute pro. Coarse hair as we all know requires special attention as it gets unruly and unmanageable at times.

But with the backing of this wave brush by Diane, you can very well bid adieu to those bad hair days. The bristles are also known to remove dirt and excess oil from the hair follicles which otherwise might cause your hair to look lackluster.

The durable brush has been crafted using advanced implantation technology which minimizes bristle loss and ensures that the hairbrush doesn’t crack even after heavy-duty usage.

In spite of such robust attributes, the brush does not inflict any damage on sensitive scalp thus making it the perfect choice for daily usage.


  • The dynamic combination of natural boar and nylon bristles help in catering to diverse needs.
  • Features a protective UV coating which can safeguard it from daily wear and tear.
  • Medium and firm bristles aid in creating perfect waves.
  • Keeps your hair shiny and healthy by improving blood circulation.
  • Prevents hair-splitting by removing product build-up and excess oil deposition.


  • Base might crack while washing this brush using water.

8. Diane 100% Boar Wave Brush

Finding the right brush for making waves is anything but easy. The Diane Wave brush however stands out from the queue as a hands-on winner with its ergonomic design and high-quality construction which can cater to your hair grooming needs with much perfection.

You won’t have to spend much time on brushing or styling your hair as this 100% boar bristles brush paves the way for deep and defined waves.

The premium quality boar bristles can penetrate to the root without causing any harm to sensitive scalps. Its advanced UV coating imparts adequate protection against water and moisture for making the brush tailor made for everyday usage.

Coupled with advanced implantation technology, the Diane model reduces bristle loss for adding to its longevity.

This brush can also cater to your exfoliation requirements by removing undesirable build-up and keeping your hair clean for longer. Thus, you won’t be required to shampoo regularly which can otherwise result in stripping the natural oils from your hair.

The Diane wave brush redistributes the oil on your hair thus lubricating it to the core and preventing breakage or split ends. This vented brush can also be used on wet hair for speeding up the air drying process.


  • Perfect for all hair lengths.
  • UV coating provides superior protection against wear and tear as well as moisture.
  • Aids in forming and maintaining wave styles.
  • Can untangle and smoothen out curly beard.
  • Feels good against the skin under the beard.


  • Bristles bend over on being barely touched.

9. Torino Pro Medium Wave Brush #530 By Brush King

Your search for the best wave brush is bound to come to an end once you stumble upon this dynamic offering from Brush King which features 100% natural boar bristles to cater to the requirement of both men and women.

You can thus bid goodbye to the worries regarding synthetic fiber or nylon getting tangled with your hair or causing damage to your scalp. You can carry out your hair care and grooming simultaneously as the bristles boost up blood circulation through its gentle massaging action.

Its contoured curved design can fit in your hands easily and cater to your scalp shape. Your brushing time is bound to get easier regardless of your hair texture. The brush is highly durable and can thus be used along with an array of styling products.

The boar bristles have been extra reinforced to keep you going for long as it helps you in making waving patterns without damaging the hair shaft.

Coupled with such attributes, the all-purpose wave brush can serve as the perfect alternative for those suffering from annoying scalp flakes which can damage your entire look.


  • Elegant and compact design.
  • Medium stiffness for keeping your hair frizz free.
  • Travel friendly brush which comes with an ergonomic wooden brush featuring 100% boar bristles.
  • Versatile brush which can be used for grooming both your hair and beard.
  • Easy to hold and has a lot of pull.


  • Faulty placement of bristles.

10. Diane Wave Firm Brush (reinforced Boar) #9007

From straightening to detangling and setting, you can get it all done with the Diane 9007 wave brush which has been crafted to pamper your scalp while imparting extra care in getting your stylish hairdo right.

Seven rows of 9-inch-long boar bristles of this brush has already emerged as a top pick of hair stylists around the globe. You can also benefit out of an improved grip whether you are rushing for office or leisurely pampering your tresses.

The varnished dark blue handle helps in exercising supreme control while you are waving like the B-town rappers or the NBA stalwarts. Although the reinforced boar bristles have been earmarked to suffice experts, it can also satiate the requirements of first timers.

If you want shiny and healthy locks, then the Diane wave brush can serve you well by preventing hair splitting or breakage even when it makes its way through coarse and unruly hair strands.

They can also make your hair much more manageable and flexible by distributing oil along your hair shaft and promoting blood circulation. Coupled with such attributes, you can keep your hair looking shiny without have to shampoo it frequently.


  • Can de-tangle thick and long hair instantly.
  • Packs in a solid punch in spite of being extremely light weight.
  • Great for wolfing.
  • Can help in nailing the perfect look with bare minimum efforts.


  • Might cause discomfort if you have sensitive scalp.


Wave brushes come in an array of styles and shapes. You can take your final pick depending upon the attributes which can make you feel most comfortable while keeping your hair looking stylish and elegant. A round brush is perfect if you wish to keep your waves looking smooth. They can deal with both medium and long hair types. The round brushes are usually smaller in size than the other models and can thus be carried around easily while you are travelling.

A paddle brush is larger in size and can keep your waves frizz-free at all times. These versatile brushes feature a flat design and are wide in nature. The vented brush allows air to pass through thus speeding up the air-drying process and works best with short hair as you get to create long-lasting waves. Last but not least, double-sided brushes can help you in toggling between two different sets of bristles without having to carry around an extra brush.