Best AHAVA products for Skin Treatment – You really need to know this!

Best AHAVA products for Skin Treatment

Last updated on February 27th, 2021

A brief introduction

AHAVA is an Israel based company that takes prides in manufacturing natural products for hair, skin and body. They claim that their formula can activate your skin from within.

On using eco-friendly and naturally extracted solution for skincare, AHAVA is able to provide safe formulas. They use minerals and botanicals available on the Dead Sea in order to treat damaged or dry skin.

There formula will help you obtain radiant and softer skin without exposing your skin to hash toxins and chemicals.

While majority of companies use extremely harmful ingredients in their products there are limited number of corporations that take an all-natural approach. AHAVA is one of these companies.

The trending companies are able to introduce new products every now and then with big claims that the product will revolutionize their skin. They hardly ever take under consideration the effects that toxic chemicals would have on the consumer.

With AHAVA you dot have to worry about such fake marketing. So if you are in search of products that will enhance your skin without using strong chemicals then products by AHAVA are ideal for you.

The history behind it all

Currently AHAVA is quite a recognized name. Their products are have made quite an impression on the consumers worldwide but the origin of this company was quite humble.

It was initiated by Ziva Gilad. She was a spa specialist in Israel who used to sell mud of the dead sea to travelers. This happened back in 1988.

Over time the business began to expand and products like mineral moisturizers and face masks started getting prepared. Soon these Dead Sea based products started to reach worldwide.

U.S and Canada were some of the first few countries to receive the products.

Since then the company has come a long way. The have shifted to scientific research now and are exploring the link between the components of Dead Sea and human body.

Their top-notch research even includes the application of nanotechnology.

All in all, they strive to decrease the risk on environment and establish eco-friendly methods. So if you are a hardcore environmentalist then this is definitely a company that you support and purchase from.

Top features of AHAVA products

Now that we have gotten all the formalities out of the way it’s time to introduce you to some things that you should really know about AHAVA products.

Let’s start off by three main characteristics of AHAVA products:

1. Composed of natural elements

All products are made out of undiscovered and natural mineral. The manufacturing of the products is led by nature rather than harmful chemicals.

2. Researching

People at AHAVA aim to understand human body so all their products are meant to match the needs of the skin.

3. Skin gets activated from with in

Their products assist the skin in taking care of itself.

What drives AHAVA

People at AHAVA are dedicated to protecting, studying and celebrating the wondrous miracles of nature.

After thorough research on how botanicals and minerals of the Dead Sea benefit skin they came up with Osmoter. Osmoter is a mineral catalyst that is utilized by in every AHAVA product or formula.

By utilizing the finest components of Dead Sea, AHAVA’s scientifically composed a perfect mixture of minerals. These minerals and Osmoter help keep the skin hydrated and extract nutrients that are already present in your skin.

Scientists working at AHAVA aim to minimalize environmental damage. The revolutionary water return process used at AHAVA helps restore sanitary water.

Claims by AHAVA

Keeping a balance between science and nature AHAVA has been able to revolutionize cosmetic industry. They claim that their products are free of some of the major chemicals that would harm your skin. Below are the some of things that you will and will not find in AHAVA products:

  • You will not find any parabens
  • You will notice that all products are vegan
  • All items have been tested for allergies and are ideal for super sensitive skins
  • All ingredients are derived from nature
  • You will not find harmful compounds like Triclosan, Phthalates and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

AHAVAs best sellers

Customers are fully satisfied with AHAVA. They have remarked that the ingredients of the Dead Sea provide major benefits. Listed below are some of AHAVA’s best sellers which have had incredible feedback:

1. AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

This will moisture your hand skin while keeping it smooth and protected throughout the day

2. AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion

The aloe vera extract will keep the skin of your body smooth and moisturized. Plus, its absorbent characteristics will nourish dry skin.

3. AHAVA Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

As this product is made by the mud of Dead Sea thus detoxifies and hydrates. It’s ideal for all skin types as it will not dry your skin

4. AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter

This lightweight serum will not only hydrate but also luminosity your skin. It includes x3 mineral catalyst which will activate your skins moisture

5. AHAVA Men’s Dead Sea Mineral Shaving Line

This product is quite a popular choice with men as it relieves and calms the skin after shaving.

Steps to follow in order to develop radiant skin

AHAVA products are designed to restore and keep your appearance youthful. All the product are super gentle and work on every type of skin, from oily to dry.

Incorporate the following steps in your daily routine to get the most out of the products

  1. Cleanse: remember to use a cleanser in the morning and evening to rid your skin of impurities and oil.
  2. Tone: Cleansing should be followed by toning to tighten and clarify pores.
  3. Serum: a light coat of AHAVA serum will brighten your skin up.
  4. Moisturize: on using a moisturizer or lotion you will notice that your skin stays hydrated the entire day
  5. Focusing on delicate areas: skin around areas like eye need more attention
  6. Hands: remember to use any hand cream by AHAVA to keep them from cracking or drying