Top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 50 – 2021 Guide and Reviews

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Last updated on March 18th, 2021

A tiny wearable best smartwatch under 50 dollars can update you about everything starting from Facebook notifications to YouTube video updates. You can even keep a tab on your health parameters using its wide array of functionalities such as heart rate tracking, blood pressure mapping, daily active minutes, distance walked, calories burned and much more.

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This ardent multitasker is facing growing demand with every passing day which is causing manufacturers to come up with brand new options filled with more and more features and minimal lag. Today we have assembled a list of 10 best smartwatch under 50 that can cater to your daily technology requirements with much ease.

Top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 50

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Foronechi Smart Watch $$
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MSRMUS Smart Watch $$
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Goldt1 Smart Watch $$
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Aeifond Touch Screen Smartwatch $$
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321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch $$
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BLUEBONE Smart Watch $$
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MSRM Smart Watch $$
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CNPGD Smartwatch $
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Bravet Smart Watch $
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Lintelek Fitness Tracker Smart Watch $$
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1. Foronechi Smart Watch

1. Foronechi Smart Watch

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You can now carry the entire world in your wrist coupled with this Bluetooth smartwatch under 50 which has already evolved into the favorite of technical geeks running on a stringent budget. This smartwatch is compatible with various android models such as Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 and S6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge, S8 and S8 Plus apart from Samsung Note 2,3,4,5, HTC, SONY, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, Lenovo, Huawei etc.

It supports various functionalities like calorie count, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind, alarm clock, pedometer etc. thus aligning you with your ultimate health goals. Although you can enjoy all these functionalities on connecting the smartwatch with an Android phone, only partial functionalities are compatible with iOS handsets. The loud and clear voice quality of this Bluetooth smartwatch helps with placing calls in a seamless fashion.

While the stainless-steel surface of this watch makes it resistant to minor scratches, the Nano TPU85 material strap keeps you feeling comfortable even after wearing the same on a sweaty workout session.

Its long-lasting 500mAh battery can keep your back over a stretch of two days on being fully charged. The manufacturers also pack in an extra battery to keep your watch up and running even in those scenarios where you might not be able to recharge it frequently.


  • Features a high definition TFT LCD screen which helps in clearly making out time as well as important messages even under direct sunlight.
  • Supports multiple languages like English, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.
  • It is compatible with Android 4.2 and above as well as iOS 7.0 and later.
  • Powered to the core by a 500mAh polymer battery.
  • Features an OGS capacitive touch screen.
  • Stainless steel surfaces can keep it buffered from all chances of wear and tear for long.


  • Bluetooth notification application cannot be downloaded in iOS smartphones.
  • TF storage card has to be purchased separately.

2. MSRMUS Smart Watch

MSRMUS Smart Watch

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The multi-functional smartwatch from MSRMUS under 50 can open up diverse possibilities ahead of you with a detailed list of functionalities like remote cameras, steps counting, Bluetooth, sedentary remind, sleep monitor, audio player, anti-lost, calculator, calendar, Twitter etc. You can use this versatile smartwatch as a phone by installing a micro SD card and GSM micro sim in the same. Alternatively, it can be used by being hooked up with your smartphone through Bluetooth and without a SIM card.

The first method allows direct placement of phone calls, answering the same and even dialing fresh numbers. The second one allows either making a call or answering the same. You can easily synchronize the Bluetooth smartwatch by scanning the accompanying QR code. This allows both reading the text messages coming in your smartphone inbox and replying to the same directly from your wrist.

Various functionalities of your Android smartphone such as phone calls, phone book, music playing, time and date etc. get synchronized automatically with this unique smartwatch. This high-quality model comes backed with a 12-month warranty for keeping you buffered from all chances of manufacturing defects which might arise during the same.


  • Anti-lost alarm function activates whenever a certain distance parameter between the synced smartphone and your watch is breached.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery keeps the smartwatch running for long for keeping you connected to everything from social media to work appointments seamlessly.
  • Supports Turkce, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Portugues, Czech, Deutsch, Hungarian and Dutch language.
  • Has talk time of 3 hours and standby time of 160 hours.
  • Features a capacitive 1.54” touch screen for easily accessing different menus.
  • It is accompanied by a detailed instruction manual.


  • You cannot download the Bluetooth notification application on an iOS device.

3. Goldt1 Smart Watch

Goldt1 Smart Watch

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If you are on the lookout for the best smartwatch under 50 that can keep you a step ahead of your peers in terms of its health and fitness metrics without drilling a deep hole in your wallet, then you can definitely go ahead with the Topffy model. This multifunction smartwatch packs in a plethora of features such as sedentary reminders, Bluetooth, message reminders, sleep monitoring, music players and camera controllers so that you stay connected with home and work even while out on an early morning run.

Your life is bound to become more convenient with this versatile smartwatch which has already garnered a massive fan following with its long-lasting battery life. This smartwatch can be charged up within a span of just half an hour following which it can provide a standby time of 10 days. Its magnetic absorption charging method increases the charging efficiency to 80%.

This, in turn, can hike up the endurance level and capacity of the Topffy smartwatch so that you can enjoy a wonderful experience on the go. The Bluetooth v4.0 technology helps in hooking up this smartwatch over a range of 33 feet with minimal signal delay. You can also connect the smartwatch with an array of phone models belonging to both iOS and Android platforms such as ZTE, Google Pixel, LG, HTC, Nexus, Huawei, XIAOMI, OPPO, Motorola etc. for enjoying greater versatility.


  • Nano TPU85 material watch strap makes it extremely comfortable to wear this smartwatch.
  • Waterproof design makes it ideal for undertaking an outdoor activity.
  • Clear voice quality helps in placing calls with zero interference.


  • Strap cannot be changed for being matched with your outfits.

4.  Aeifond Touch Screen Smartwatch

Aeifond Touch Screen Smartwatch

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Bring a smile to the face of your friends and loved ones by gifting them the Aeifond smartwatch which features an impressive touch screen to take you through your daily routine whether it is for the morning alarm or sedentary reminder. Suitable for people of all age groups, this versatile watch has a soft and comfortable strap that can be adjusted so that you don’t feel any strain on your hands.

Coupled with a lifetime warranty provided by its manufacturers, you can keep on using this smart device for long spans of time without worrying about the same succumbing to technical errors. You can use the watch by either connecting it with your smartphone over Bluetooth or by inserting a GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card after which you will be able to place and answer phone calls directly as well as respond to text messages.

While all the functionalities of this watch such as sedentary remind, pedometer, remote photos, sleep monitoring, two-way anti lost remind, alarm clock, multi-time zone, voice recorder, push notifications from social media accounts etc. can be used over the Android platform, you can unleash just a part of its potential on connecting it with an iOS device.


  • It comes with a stylish and branded look.
  • Fast processor enhances its performance.
  • Sensitive to touch.
  • Robust battery life.
  • It provides optimum value for money.
  • Soft and comfortable belt having an adjustable strap.


  • It doesn’t have a swipe feature.
  • The anti-glare feature makes the text a little less crisp to read.

5.321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch

321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch

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The 321OU smartwatch works seamlessly with both iOS and Android smartphones as you establish connectivity in between the two via Bluetooth for dialing and answering calls, viewing and replying to text messages as well as staying abreast of all your social media notifications. As an alternative, you can also insert a GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM card in the smartwatch for benefitting out of the features listed above and many more even without the requirement of any Bluetooth connection.

Its Nano TPU85 material strap features an anti-sweat matte design that can guarantee optimum comfort even when you are sweating it out in the racing track or at the gym. The softness of the strap coupled with the watch’s convex design ensures greater comfort on the go. You can download and install the compatible application by simply connecting your smartwatch with the phone via Bluetooth following which you can make the most out of Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook push notifications.

Both date and time will also get synchronized automatically on doing the same. This versatile smartwatch supports an array of functionalities such as sound recorder, music player, image viewer, remote capture, calendar, alarm clock, two-way anti-lost, sedentary remind, exercise mileage counter, calories counter etc.


  • Adjustable strap which can fit different people.
  • Stellar battery life.
  • Intuitive touchscreen.
  • Can receive phone calls and click good pictures.


  • Cannot record videos.

6.BLUEBONE Smart Watch

BLUEBONE Smart Watch

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This multi-function best smartwatch under 50 can act as a remote camera, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, pedometer, alarm clock, audio player, calendar, lost reminder and many more for providing you with greater possibilities on the go. Your life is bound to become more convenient and enjoyable with this versatile beauty strapped around your wrist. Coupled with Bluetooth 3.0 technology, this smartwatch can be connected with Android 4.3 and up smartphones.

While you can enjoy its fullest potential on hooking up the smartwatch with an Android phone, the options get limited on connecting it with an iOS model. You can thus use its camera, pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, clock, music player and phone book although the options get restricted with vibration mode, camera control application and SMS.

On inserting a GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card, you can use this smartwatch both for dialing and answering calls as well as playing music, sending messages and many more. Its soft strap and ergonomic design make the smartwatch an ideal pick for being worn for long stretches of time. It also becomes easy to browse through its menus in the super bright 1.54” TFT LCD touchscreen having a resolution of 240*240 pixels.


  • It allows you to keep a tab on the calories burned through its Pedometer function.
  • Watch is accompanied by a charger cord.
  • Its adjustable wrist band makes it ideal for being used by people belonging to different age groups.
  • Its water-resistant dynamics aids in using the watch while washing your hands, walking in the rain or during those sweaty exercise sessions.
  • Simple and fast to set up.
  • Battery life is bound to suffice your expectations.


  • The band of this smartwatch is not changeable.

7. MSRM Smart Watch

MSRM Smart Watch

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It is time for you to jump on to the smart bandwagon coupled with the uber-stylish watch from MSRMUS. Its adjustable band can fit an array of hand sizes while the skin-friendly material ensures that your skin feels comfortable even after long spans of usage.

You can also browse through its supported applications on the capacitive touch screen which offers an easy learning curve thus making it a perfect choice for people of all age groups. On inserting a SIM card you can place calls directly from the watch. As an alternative, you can also connect it with your smartphone over Bluetooth.

Whether you are going for your morning jog or working tirelessly at the office, this intelligent watch can keep a track of your steps taken for aligning you with your ultimate health aims. Its built-in music player can also keep your entertainment meter filled at all times while the calendar assists you in keeping track over all your appointments and obligations.


  • Features an OGS capacitive touchscreen.
  • Sedentary remind function caters to your health metrics by ensuring that you keep on moving every now and then.
  • Can monitor your sleep for mapping you to an ideal routine.


  • A SIM card is required for placing calls in an independent fashion.

8. CNPGD Smartwatch

CNPGD Smartwatch

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You can stay connected with both your family and work obligations even while out for your morning jog courtesy the CNPGD smartwatch offering a wide range of compatibility across various segments of smartphones. While it becomes possible to enjoy the fullest functionality on hooking it up with Android phones such as LG, Sony, HTC, XIAOMI, OPPO, ZTE, HUAWEI, Google Pixel/ Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy s8, s8 plus, s7, Note 5 and many more, the functionality gets limited on establishing connectivity with iOS devices such as iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 5, 5s etc.

You can either insert a GSM SIM card for using the smartwatch as an independent cell phone and placing a call directly from the device as well as answering the same. Alternatively, you can connect it over Bluetooth with your smartphone although in this case, you need to carry your smartphone along or preside at a stipulated distance from the same so that the Bluetooth signals do not get disrupted.

This unique smartwatch has been specially designed for being charged through a computer USB port. Usage of incorrect chargers might even damage its battery and reduce its longevity.


  • Easy to use features.
  • Comes packed in a static-free bag with battery and back-piece accompanying the same.
  • The watchband is made of an anti-sweat soft material that feels comfortable on the skin even after wearing it for long spans of time.
  • Excellent battery life makes it the perfect choice for being worn on your adventure trips where you might not get frequent charging sockets.
  • It offers more than 10 different languages thus adding to its versatility.


  • The band lacks adequate holes.
  • Limited support for iOS devices.

9.Bravet Smart Watch

Bravet Smart Watch

Buy on Amazon

This easy to use smartwatch can cater to the requirements of people belonging to different age groups with its versatile dynamics. You can either use it as an Android phone by installing a GSM 2G/2.5G network Sim card and placing phone calls directly from the same or connecting the watch with your smartphone over Bluetooth.

While most of the Android functionalities are supported by this smartwatch, its potential gets limited to being hooked up with an iOS device. Some of the most talked-about features of this smartwatch are alarm clock, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind, voice recording, multi-language and multi-time zone support push notifications from twitter, Facebook etc.

Lifetime warranty is offered by its manufacturers to keep you abreast of all worries regarding the smartwatch. There is also an option for a free return within a span of 90 days if you are not fully satisfied with its qualities.


  • Offers four different modes of General, Meeting, Silent and Outdoor for catering to your diverse set of requirements.
  • Supports text and email notifications for iOS and Android phones.
  • Watch camera can be used independently on installing an SD card into the same.
  • Accompanied with a USB cord which is used for charging the watch.
  • Its waterproof nature makes it the perfect choice for being used outdoors especially while undertaking adventure activities and exercising.
  • Watch has an estimated battery life of 24 hours.


  • It does not have a separate stopwatch feature, however, you can utilize the stopwatch feature in its Pedometer.

10. Lintelek Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Buy on Amazon

The super sleek fitness tracker from Lintelek features 14 different sports modes so that you can make the most out of various activity sessions such as dancing, climbing, spinning, hiking, running, riding, walking, doing treadmill, yoga, playing tennis, badminton, football or just simple fitness exercising. The IP67 waterproof tracker retains its efficiency even if you get caught up in the rain. Coupled with stellar battery life, the Lintelek tracker can keep up with 1-2 hours of continuous usage while a standby time of 5-7 days is provided when it is operating with full power.

The 24-hour real-time heart rate monitor keeps a tab on your health with optimum effectiveness and accuracy while the sleep quality analysis feature ensures that you do not end up over or undersleeping. Once you have installed the compatible application as listed out by the manufacturers, you will get instant call notifications and messages.

You can even create an activity route for yourself through the connected GPS function which will map out your route. Heart pace, distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned as well as time duration is collated by its built-in pedometer so that you can stay in sync with your health goals.


  • It does not require an extra cord for the charger.
  • It comes with a heart rate monitor.
  • Can be synced with your smartphone to keep track of your weekly progress.
  • Quick and easy to setup.
  • Much more affordable than its peers.


  • Extremely high sensitivity.
  • It does not count steps accurately.

Things To Remember Before Purchasing A Smartwatch

  • Device compatibility has a big role to play since most of the smartwatches are designed to serve as the ideal companion of your smartphone. Thus, it is essential to have a clear understanding about the supporting operating system. An apple watch, for example, works only with an iPhone and not others. Thus, purchasing it to establish connectivity with your Samsung smartphone will be an utter waste of money.
  • Since you will be accessing most of the functionality of your smartphone through the watch, its display needs to be of stellar quality. Most of the smartwatches of modern times come with an LCD screen which allows us to view photos, messages and emails seamlessly. Although bright displays are infamous for reducing battery life, big brands are gearing up to overcome this loophole and provide customers with the best of both worlds.
  • Smartphones having touch screens are easier to navigate. Earlier people use to opt for smartwatches having a button. But navigating through the same proved to be extremely tedious.
  • Some smartwatches allow users to customize the same so that unwanted applications can be removed. Some brands even allow customers to select their desired color and material. However, it is imperative to note here that the comfort parameter needs to be gauged before jumping on to the style bandwagon as you might be wearing the smartwatch for considerably long stretches of time.
  • It is usual for a smartwatch to send a notification for messages, calls and emails received. But you need to see whether social media notifications are also being displayed by your smartphone. The modern-day watches come with a notification bar enabling you to take a glance at all the alerts.

Advantages of Smartwatch

The trend of technology is to get more and more connectivity in the form of smaller packages. Smartwatches are a new trend in today’s world. It can do more than your old analog watch, which was only capable to tell time, and can provide functions that even your smartphone can’t provide. You can use all sorts of apps on it from checking your Facebook notifications to watching videos on YouTube. Many smartwatches have a touchscreen and can be used to call or message someone through it. Not only this but you can also keep track on your fitness.

What kind of advantages smartwatch are offering over smartphones that make them worth a purchase? Let’s take a look at the advantages this tiny device is offering.

1. They do more than just tell time

Nowadays the use of wristwatches is decreasing due to the popularity of smartphones. What is the use of a watch when the phone is there to tell you time and date? It is a valid point, and because of this reason in the last few years with the increase in the sales of smartphone on one side, there is a significant decrease in the sales of watches on the other side. But this problem is solved by smartwatches as they offer a lot more. In addition to the basic watch features, they do a lot more things that even smartphones can’t do.

You either wear a watch because of its functional ability i.e. telling time or you wear it as a fashion accessory. Whatever the purpose is behind your wearing it, you can multiply that by using a smartwatch instead of a regular analog watch. Smartwatch not only provides more benefits than a simple analog watch, but it also catches the eye of other people because of its elegant design. Some of the smart features they offer are:

  • Answer incoming calls –you can answer your incoming calls through smartwatches if it is connected to your smartphone.
  • Notifications – you can get notifications from calendars and from all the social media apps on smartwatches. Some watches only provide notifications while with others you can fully interact with these social apps. Apart from getting notifications from apps, you can also block unnecessary or useless notifications in it.
  • Reminders – in some watches like in Apple Watch by using the virtual assistant Siri you can set reminders very easily. And those reminders will sync across all devices.
  • Find my Phone –losing your phone is a very disturbing experience but now you don’t have to worry about it anymore. As through smartwatch you just have to click a button and this will make your phone ring even when it’s on silent mode.
  • Contactless Payment – you can even pay for your purchases through watches now by mobile payment systems like Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin, Pay, Android Pay, or Apple pay. So, now you don’t need your phone or credit cards to pay for your purchases.

2. A travel guide

You don’t have to buy maps or to ask directions from people if you’re going to some new place, as the smartwatch can help you to arrive at your destination easily. For instance, with Apple Watch you don’t have to look again and again at your watches as they can form different kinds of vibration to your wrist to guide you if you should turn left or right. With this feature, you can enjoy your scenery instead of looking at maps all the time.

3. Fitness tracker

Who doesn’t like to keep themselves fit? So instead of buying a fitness tracker to keep a check on your fitness, you should buy a smartwatch. As Smartwatches can work as a fitness tracker also, it can provide all the Health-related benefits i.e. to count the distance, speed, heart-rate, sleep, calories.

  1. Sleep Quality – smartwatches can detect sleep quality, quantity and duration as they contain an accelerometer, gyroscope and a heart-rate monitor. Different watches use different ways to detect sleep. So, consider those watches that can detect accurately when you fall asleep and wake up as they are better than others.
  2. Heart-rate monitor – another important feature for your fitness tracker is a heart- rate monitor. Measuring heart rate has many benefits, as continuous display of heart rate can help you to detect any form of abnormal rhythm and also, for efficient workout you need a continuous display of heart rate as it will help you to keep your heart rate in a targeted range because too high or too low heart rate both are dangerous for health. Even your resting rate of the heart can also display an image of your fitness. So, wearing a smartwatch can help you to keep an eye on your fitness all the time.
  3. Blood Pressure measurement –this feature is recently introduced in smartwatches. Omron HeartGuide is the first smartwatch that introduced this feature in 2019. Its blood pressure measurement also received clearance of FDA.
  4. Fall Detection–in some smartwatches like in Apple Watch you can detect fall with the help of accelerometer and gyroscope that is installed in it. This is useful in emergency conditions as the watch will notify your emergency contacts for assistance.
  5. Barometric altimeter, Compass, and Thermometer –if you’re fond of running and hiking this feature might catch your interest as this barometric altimeter combined with the compass and thermometer will help you to detect your raising temperature.
  6. ECG or electrocardiogram – this new feature is starting to be available in some smartwatches recently. If you’ve studied medical you must know about the function of ECG but if not don’t worry, it is not as technical as it sounds. ECG basically gives a more accurate measurement of heart rate, in addition to this, it is capable of detecting some heart-related problems also.
  7. Accelerometer – it can help you to count your steps. Also, the accelerometer is used in detecting sleep quality.

4. Playing music

Playing music is not only limited to phones now, as this feature is recently introduced in smartwatches. And it is a huge advantage for people who want to spend some time without their phone when going for a workout. You can utilize this feature in two ways, you can either control your smartphone music player through it or you can listen to music directly from it by pairing it with your headset or can stream radio. In short, your entertainment is on your wrist.

5. Reply to messages or receive calls

You can receive calls and messages through smartwatches now. This is beneficial mostly when you’re working out. Some watches also have voice support and you just have to give a command to your wrist.

LTE smartwatches are becoming very common nowadays. Many big companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and Garmin started developing LTE watches as they provide better communication. It just has one drawback that is short battery life, as connectivity with cellular networks drains a lot of battery. No doubt that using smartwatches instead of smartphones for this purpose is a little complicated to use. But it can prove valuable when carrying a phone is a little awkward.

6. Lasts longer than your Smartphone

 What is the point of having a smartwatch if you already have a smartphone? The answer to this question is simple. Not only they provide additional features that your smartphone can’t provide, but also, they have battery power longer than your phone. Smartphones have short battery life and the fear of being out of battery is always there in the back of our mind. So, having a smartwatch can put your mind at ease as you can use them in the case of an emergency. Also. there are some smartwatches that have a battery life of more than seven days

7. Customization

If you tend to get bored by wearing the same design of watch every day this feature might interest you. Some smartwatches have a feature of changing their display. Now, you can change the display of your smartwatch according to your mood.  You can give your watch a stylish display on weekends and professional classy look during your office time.

8. You are even connected while doing activities

Using smartphones during running, cycling, swimming or when doing any other form of workout is awkward and disturbing. And sometimes you’re not able to use phones during some activities like swimming. Here is when smartwatches become really useful as you can check call, message and notifications through it.

Also, some new smartwatches like Apple series 4 watches are waterproof, and it got a rating of 50 meters underwater. So, this feature provides a great advantage during swimming. Plus waterproof smartwatches are in high demand nowadays. As you don’t have to worry about getting it on and off every time you wash your hand or go for a swim. Basically, for swimmers, these are of great importance as they can detect their distance and heart rate through it while swimming.

Disadvantages of Smartwatch

Smartwatches offer a number of advantages but it has its disadvantages as well. One disadvantage is that if you’re the type of person who likes to wear watch all the time, you will have to face the constant buzzing of the watch. Well, for this you can silence the watch or can block the unwanted notifications to keep yourself away from the interference. Here are some of the disadvantages of a smartwatch in my opinion which you should consider before buying it.

1. Short battery life

As our lives are constantly revolving around technologies, we can hardly do any work without them. And a minute without our gadgets seems like a week or even longer sometimes. Because of this people want long battery life in any of their tech products even smartwatches.

Unfortunately, in the case of smartwatches, they have very limited battery life. Most smartwatches have a battery life of only 1 to 2 days. For people like me who like to wear watches almost all the time, this is a big issue.

Also, as the smartwatches offer sleep detecting feature, so it will be quite annoying if you wake up with a dead watch. So, a battery life of 6 to 7 days will help you to detect all the activities you’re doing, and you can easily charge the watch during your free time on the weekend. So always check the battery life the smartwatch is offering before buying them, as it might become a hazard for you later on.

2. Small screen size

Always consider first what you’re going to do with the watch later on. As far as making and receiving calls and messages and getting a notification is concerned small screen doesn’t bother much. But, using social apps on your watch might sound fancy but it is so annoying to use on such a small screen. The small screen doesn’t bother always, but sometimes and for some applications, it becomes really annoying.

3. Electronics get outdated

Because of the continuous and rapid development in technologies, people tend to upgrade their technologies after two to three years. Just like smartphones, smartwatches also tend to get outdated after some years. Also, the cost of a new smartwatch is almost as much as the cost of a new smartphone. So before buying a smartwatch consider what your budget is and for how long you think you’re going to use it. Don’t exceed your budget as you’re not going to use it for 10 years or even more years like your analog watch.

4. Devices get damaged

Because you’re wearing smartwatches almost all of the time, the chances of wear and tear in them are high. So, your smartwatch should be splash free at least if you can’t afford a waterproof watch and it must have high durability. As in some smartwatches because of sweat or water splashes, there is a chance of wear and tear and eventually breaking off the bands. This issue is not that common but still, it’s better to check reviews before making a purchase.


What is the best selling smartwatch?

The best selling smartwatch under 50$ in 2021 is Yamay Smartwatch Fitness Tracker. With over 6.000 positive reviews in Amazon, this smartwatch will offer you all the typical smartwatch features plus it will accurately track your sleep, last you for 7-8 days and it is IP68 waterproof for your water adventures.

Are Chinese smart watches any good?

There are many Chinese smartwatches in the market and although the quality of some of them is questionable, there are certain Brands such as Huawei which have an excellent performance and quality track record. Our top choice in budget Chinese smartwatches is AmazFit Bip Fitness which has an impressive 45 days battery life, an accurate health tracker plus a modern and lightweight design.

What is the best inexpensive smart watch?

If you are on a tight budget and you are looking for a cheap smartwatch under 50, our recommendation is the Yamay Smartwatch Fitness Tracker. Firstly, it has a very modern design, similar to the one of the Apple smartwatch. Additionally, it has a long lasting battery life of 7-8 days, health tracker, sleep tracker and a very clear display.

What is the cheapest smartwatch

The cheapest smartwatch currently in the market is the Padgene Bluetooth Smartwatch which has a sale price below 20$. You can use this smartwatch to make phone calls and receive texts and notifications through a micro SIM card. It also has health and sleep tracker functions and it works with both Android and iOS. Although it does not have the high quality build and functions that other high end smartwatches offer, for its low price tag it offers many features and it is great value for money.

Are smartwatches worth it?

If you’ve never used a smartwatch before, I advise you to give it a go. You’re living in an era of technology, and I’m sure after a list of all these advantages that this tiny device is offering you also want to invest in it. And who doesn’t like to be connected all the time?
Check the best smartwatch under 50 whose features and specifications suit you. Not everything is a perfect match for everyone.



The best thing about technology is that it brings us face to face with newer inventions that rank high on features without being too heavy on one’s wallet. There was a time when we could not imagine mobile communication and then came smartphones.

However, our desire for ultimate comfort led researchers to come up with smartwatches that can incorporate all the features of a smartphone and much more within is subtle build. Whether you wish to use it yourself or gift it to a loved one, a 50 dollar smartwatch can serve as the perfect option.

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