Best Fountain Pen under $50 to have that classy & Elegant feel

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Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Since its creation back in 1884, fountain pens have come a long way as a viable tool for enhancing our writing.

These pens have maintained their stronghold in the market even in the face of growing competition from other advanced pen manufacturers who are coming up with super functional ballpoint pens and word processors.

You can blame in on the vintage aura these pens tag along, but one this is certain and that is these pens are here to stay for long.

Once you are done admiring the aesthetic beauty of these writing aids, you are bound to be mesmerized by its functional efficiency which imparts a great feel as you glide along smoothly.

These fountain pens also feature a variety of nib sizes for you to make you selection.

Image Name Price  
Scribe Sword Fountain Pen $$
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Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen $ Check Price
Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen $$
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Jinhao Rose Wood Fountain Pen $
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SPHTOEO Vintage Style Fountain Pen $
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Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen $$
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Designer Luxury Fountain Pens by Golden State Ink $
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Designer Luxury Handcrafted Fountain Pen $
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Explormate Fountain Pen $
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Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen $
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  • Efficiency serves as the foremost factor while choosing a fountain pen.
  • The fountain pens come with fine, medium and broad tip size. They also have varying shapes meant for italics or broad handwriting. Such things need to be kept in mind while bringing home a fountain pen which shall usher in maximum convenience.
  • While taking your pick between a wet or dry nib, it is imperative to remember that the fluidity and grace of your writing gets enhanced while using a wet nib pen. However, it suffers from the obvious drawback of major ink leakage which makes it almost impossible to flip to the next page of the notepad during meetings. Dry nib pens on the other hand offers quickly drying actions and long lasting ink but loses out on the smooth appeal.
  • Ink sac can have a significant role to play in determining your pen’s efficiency since it diminishes the requirement of frequent refills due to its large ink holding capacity. However larger ink sacs might cause your pen to have a bigger body which might be extremely cumbersome to handle especially if you have smaller hands.
  • Nibs having high flexibility offers users with varying level of thickness. The flexibility levels are flex, flexi, semi-flexi, flexible and wet noodle nibs with every stage providing enhanced control over your writing style. If you are on the lookout for a practical writing tool, then it is advisable to go ahead with a fountain pen having harder tip.
  • The material constituency of the nib also holds tremendous importance. Steel is one of the most popular material when it comes to nib composition given its inexpensive and global nature. However, users sometimes complain about the scratching noise which the steel nibs create thus paving the demand for gold as a viable alternative. Platinum can also serve as a potent nib material option by providing a firm writing experience although it is not as rough as steel.
  • Fountain pens usually make use of converters and cartridges which are pretty easy to fill in. Some even use eyedroppers. Ensure that the fountain pen you have chosen can be filled in easily.

1. Scribe Sword Fountain Pen 

Designed to guarantee the optimum writing experience, this stylish fountain pen combines modern look and advanced style under its high-quality metal body.

You can enjoy varying works of art using the Scribe Sword Fountain Pen which comes with 50 years of solid work experience. Paired with consistent ink flow and optimum weight balance, this fine writing instrument can take your calligraphy game a notch higher.

Perfect line thickness is ensured by its medium nib which comes packaged in a fine stitched black box. This elegant pen can be your perfect gifting option for impressing your colleague or artist friends.

A detailed instruction set is emailed on purchase of this pen providing a guideline regarding its proper usage without meddling with the sophisticated and sleek design. It also comes with a box of six international size ink cartridges which deliver a holistic writing experience.

The manufacturers of this fountain pen provide a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the product which also comes with a lifetime warranty.



  • Luxury designer gift set.
  • Easy to set up and awesome case.
  • Accompanied with a refillable ink container.
  • Suitable for both amateurs and professionals.
  • Ranks high on ergonomics.
  • The cap fits snugly to the barrel and nib.
  • Pen does not require much pressure for writing.
  • Superb detailing on the nib complementing the pen’s overall classic look.



  • Expensive model.
  • Vulnerable to leaks and ink blotches.
  • Pen might clog when ink dries at the tip.

2. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

This sleek yet easy to grip fountain pen can pave the way for some exceptional writing quality coupled with its medium-fine nib which promotes clean calligraphy.

Crafted specially to provide long-lasting quality, the Pilot 91111 blends the best of pure sophistication and refined style under its polished exterior with both glossy and matte finish.

The durable brass barrel and stainless steel nib which goes in its construction radiates a robust feel which is bound to promise optimum reliability. Available in gold, black and silver shades, this fountain pen can serve as the perfect pocket companion of that top executive who likes to dress in style.

One Pilot black ink cartridge and one Pilot Press Plate converter is shipped along with every purchase made. It’s hard plastic grip might be a little difficult to hold especially if you wish to use the Pilot 91111 for continuous writing but you are bound to fall in love with its contoured body and well-balanced writing.

The squeeze type converter can hold good amount of ink which comes as a significant improvement over its peers.



  • Well-designed and stylish fountain pen.
  • Comes with a beautiful plastic case making it the perfect option for gifting to your peers.
  • Nib can be changed as per requirement.
  • High quality build.
  • Clean and smooth writing.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Additional converter and cartridge which makes the writing job easier.
  • The pen cap snaps snugly in its place.
  • Does not scratch the paper.
  • Helpful manual containing instructions for usage.
  • The entire pen can be easily disassembled for cleaning purposes.



  • Plastic grip might develop a hairline crack after a few bad drops.
  • Heavier than its plastic contemporaries.

3. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

Enhance your writing creativity with this well-designed pen which can cater to both your personal and professional requirements. The classic product evokes a plush aura from its nib to the barrel which merges the best of functionality and designer aesthetics.

This durable writing aid does not feel overtly heavy to begin with. Setting a high standard for its peers to follow, the Dryden Luxury fountain pen does not leak at all even after repeated usage and its medium tip paves the way for fine flow of ink which is sure to grab you some brownie points for that stellar handwriting.

The state-of-art ergo comfort technology guarantees hours of seamless writing without causing any strain on your hand or wrist. Its delicate weight to comfort ratio makes the Dryden model the perfect pick for both right and left handed writers alike.

The lifetime money back guarantee ushers in much confidence amongst consumers who are bound to feel pampered by the 5 star after sales service quality of the product manufacturers.



  • Smooth movement over the page without bleeding, blotching or skipping.
  • Suited for both left and right handed righters with its delicate weight ratio.
  • Comes with an ink refill converter.
  • Exceptionally affordable price.
  • Lifetime money back warranty.
  • Comes with an attractive pouch.
  • Does not scratch the paper.
  • Ink disbursed evenly over the paper.



  • Slippery surface.
  • Does not come with ink.
  • Barrel does not stay tightly screwed to the nib.

4. Jinhao Rose Wood Fountain Pen

Inspired by the splendid traditional culture and long history of China, the Jinhao Pen brings to us the best of design concept and fine artistic elements which come curated with world-leading techniques in the department of processing and finish.

This fountain pen emerges as a clear winner when it comes to flow and smoothness. The gorgeous abalone on the barrel is bound to mesmerise you as you make a significant addition to your pen collection coupled with this mighty writing aid.

The firmly snapping cap does not come off as too tight. Prior to putting the converter on, it is essential to submerge the nib in a cup of lukewarm water with few drops of Dawn and run soapy water through the same for about five to six times.

You can follow up this procedure using clear water to get rid of machine oils which are infamous for blocking proper ink flow. In spite of having a fine nib, the final impression is comparatively bolder than its contemporaries.

The pen pouch also comes as a nice addition which can save you from the hassles of gift wrapping if you are planning to present it as a Teacher’s Day token.



  • Well balanced.
  • Ink does not dry out between usage.
  • Responses well to pressure.
  • Exceptional quality at affordable price.
  • Rose wood body imparts added durability.



  • Nib is a bit scratchy.

5. SPHTOEO Vintage Style Red Rosewood Fountain Pen 0.7mm Nib

You are bound to fall in love with the SPHTOEO Vintage Style Red Rosewood fountain pen since the very first time you hold this beauty and feel its unparalleled heft, look, balance, construction, smooth action and ergonomics.

If you face any issues after filling in ink, then scribble on some scratch paper with increased pressure on the nib coupled with a bit of flexing. This is bound to return back the pen to its flawless working condition so that you can write with very little pressure.

Inking the pen using the converter did not pose any problem as a fairly nice medium line of ink was laid after priming the feed. It won’t be a problem to have the pen posted if your hands are larger. However, it is advisable to keep the pen uncapped if you have smaller hands.

The fitting around the cap bottom is embossed with the Jinhao logo. The springy clip makes it easy to attach the fountain pen to a shirt pocket. The cap top portrays a unique design with an attractive chrome fitting surrounding the black button-like piece.

Devoid of any sharp edges, this solid plastic pen exterior is both easy to handle and comfortable to write with.



  • Premium look and feel.
  • Light weight pen.
  • Well fitted ink plunger and tight lid.
  • Attractive rosewood barrel.
  • Little rubber fins inside the cap prevent the nib from drying out in between uses.



  • Does not come with ink.
  • Scratchy nib and inconsistent ink flow.

6. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

If you are on the lookout for a fountain pen which can serve as a potent gifting option to your favourite professor, then your search is bound to come to an end once you stumble upon the Pilot Metropolitan 911008 fountain pen.

With its perfect plastic casing, smooth writing, great design and fine nib, this sleek pen can be your ideal writing companion. Designed especially for those who wish to benefit from an exceptional writing experience, the Pilot pen is crafted using premium materials right from its nib to the end of barrel.

You can either fill the converter using your favourite ink or go for the pre-filled cartridge which is shipped with the fountain pen. It is imperative to note here that Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen ink is recommended by Pilot to unleash its optimum writing potential.

The premium metal body of the Pilot pen comes as a big surprise given its affordable price tag. The clean and austere finish of the pen radiates a modern aura without being too gaudy. It does feel enough durable without coming off as too heavy.



  • Made using high quality material.
  • Nib can be changed as per requirement.
  • Comes with a lovely plastic case.
  • A pre-filled cartridge is shipped along with the fountain pen.
  • Ensures smooth writing.
  • Sturdy pocket clip.
  • Easy to pull off and secure the gap back again.
  • Easy to refill.



  • Extremely slender grip.
  • Medium fine nib which is not favoured by most writers.

7. Designer Luxury Fountain Pens by Golden State Ink

You can keep up with your calligraphy for hours without having to worry about smudging, bleeding or ink stoppage coupled with the Rosewood Red Cabernet fountain pen belonging to the “Napa Valley Collection” of Golden State Ink.

The pen comes enclosed in a beautiful engraved case making for a lovely gift to your favorite teacher or even friends.

You can even pamper yourself with this rave beauty as you pen down the best moments of your life for eternity.

The timeless pen radiates an aura of the style and beauty of Napa Valley Cabernet.

It has also been handcrafted to perfection with gold and silver accents set against the backdrop of a natural rosewood cap and body.

With the perfect confluence of sleek modern day design and vintage elegance, the designer fountain pen is bound to turn heads everywhere you go.

A perfect weight-comfort ratio has been ensured while manufacturing the pen which paves the path for smooth ink flow with the gentlest possible touch and also feels easy both on your hand and the paper.

Its medium German iridium nib imparts greater durability and strength to the handcrafted pen so that you can capture those creative ideas in a graceful fashion without faltering on the go.

Every single box is accompanied with a detailed instruction manual which aids in its usage.



  • Crafted using renewable and eco-friendly 100% natural rosewood.
  • Ensures perfect weight-comfort ratio so that you can keep on writing for hours.
  • Comes with a matching engraved case.
  • Bamboo brass fittings impart a sharp look to the pen.



  • Plastic barrel feels pretty cheap.

8. Designer Luxury Handcrafted Fountain Pen

This must-have luxury writing instrument comes with gold accents set against a handmade body and cap crafted using maple wood.

Sleek design combines with vintage elegance in this high-end fountain pen which can surely turn heads as you walk inside the classroom with the Designer Luxury pen pinned to your pocket.

The classic pen set comes with a matching black maple wood case which makes it an ideal gifting option to both friends and colleagues.

As a part of the limited-edition Napa Valley Collection, this luxury fountain pen embodies the class, beauty and style of Napa Valley effortlessly. The perfect weight-comfort ratio helps the fountain pen in delivering optimal performance as ink flows smoothly with the requirement of a gentle touch which feels easy both on the paper and your hand.

The medium German iridium nib helps in imparting more durability, strength and beauty to this writing aid which can help you in penning down that perfectly-worded phrase or capturing the creative idea without having to worry about any chances of skipping or smudging.

An instruction manual is included with each box containing usage tips. The pen works both with the standard short international size cartridges and standard universal ink converter.



  • Beautiful wooden design.
  • Extremely smooth ink flow devoid of blotting or streaking.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Easy to operate mechanism.
  • Nice and weighty construction.
  • Surprisingly well balanced given its economical price tag.



  • Scratches across paper.
  • Metallic plating imparts a cheap feel.

9. Explormate Fountain Pen

This exquisite fountain pen crafted using bamboo comes along with a protective designer case which can suffice as a storage option as well as ease out your gift-wrapping worries if you wish to surprise your artist friend with the same.

Its no-spill design imparts utmost balance while guaranteeing a consistent ink flow so that you can pen down those verses with zero lag. The efficient ink refill converter housed inside the fountain pen accepts universal ink cartridges so that your writing doesn’t stop even when you are travelling abroad.

This premium looking pen also feels pretty nice to hold as you engage in seamless writing and drawing. However, make sure that you use only Explormate ink as the Pilot ones might not suffice you well.

This eco-friendly pen comes equipped with a state-of-art wooden desk holder which aids in imparting requisite protection to its fine golden German nib.

The best thing about this pen is that it is extremely easy to change the ink which paves the way for professional handwriting time and again.



  • Ink flows out evenly from the nib.
  • Compatible with both cartridges and bottled ink.
  • Pen cap snaps on with authority.
  • Bamboo pen case serves as the perfect holder/protector.
  • Doesn’t dry out after a day’s non-usage.
  • Well balanced pen.



  • Narrow and slippery grip.

10. Pilot MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen

Usage of wax seals and fountain pen never fails to add a dash of elegance while writing letters in the old-school way.

Pilot has tried to usher in this nostalgic feeling in the form of a fountain pen which can cater to your writing needs while winning accolades from everyone around with its elegance.

This turquoise blue metal bodied fountain pen belonging to the Retro Pop collection of Pilot has been manufactured by adhering to the highest qualities of craftsmanship.

Whether you wish to use it yourself or gift it to a loved one, this stunner can definitely serve as a prized possession at all times.

The stainless-steel nib and brass barrel add to its plush feel while ensuring perfect flow of ink and an ergonomic grip.

Its beautifully patterned accent band further accentuates its pop feel by staying true to its product line nomenclature.

You will be provided with a pre-filled black ink cartridge and a squeeze converter on purchasing this fountain pen so that you can immediately start penning down your thoughts with the same.

The ink cartridge works in a manner similar to other calligraphy pens.

This small sealed tube filled with ink has to be pushed into its tip for allowing the ink to flow smoothly.

The converter on the other hand is a hollow tube which has been designed to suck in ink.

For using the same you will have to primarily hold the tip of the pen in an ink bottle and draw the ink into the converter.



  • Durable enough for daily use.
  • Comes packed in an elegant black gift box.
  • Stainless steel nib brings superiority in writing performance.
  • The line width is finer than its peer 0.5 rollerball pens.



  • Prone to getting scratched if you keep it inside your purse with other things.


The mechanism and construction of the fountain pens are such that it becomes easier to write using the same when compared to gel or ballpoint pens of modern times. As the ink flows easily over the paper, the fountain pens pave the way for smooth writing without the requirement of any additional pressure. These pens can be refilled thus bringing along an environment friendly tag. You can hence bid adieu to frequent pen changing worries which we can associate with the ballpoint and gel counterparts. Fountain pens can come toyour immediate rescue if you wish to write something with a stylish flair without losing out on the crisp and clean texture.