Best Rack Mount UPS 2021

Smart UPS for electricity safety

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS can be of considerable help in protecting connected equipment from power surges while providing adequate battery backup during the same.

Till the time of seamless electricity flow, utility power is passed by the UPS system to its connected outlet devices which in turn keeps the internal battery fully charged.

This battery is utilized during abnormal voltages and surges so that you can properly shut down your equipment and stay abreast of data loss hazards.

Noise filtering and built-in surge protection shield connected equipment from electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) line noise and destructive transient voltages.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) provided by line-interactive UPS systems can detect input voltage fluctuations for correcting the same without making use of battery power.

Double-conversion technology is used by on-line UPS system for ushering in the highest power protection level so that incoming AC power gets converted continually into filtered DC power and re synthesized into AC power through a pure sine wave.

Enough said let us now take a look at five of the best rack mount UPS which money can buy. However, first we are going to conduct a brief analysis of the UPS buying guide.

Image Name Price Check Price
APC Smart-UPS RM SMT1500RM2U  $$$
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Tripp Lite 1500VA Sine Wave UPS (SMC15002URM)  $$
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Tripp Lite 1500VA Smart UPS (SMART1500LCD) $
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APC UPS 3000VA Smart-UPS (SMT3000RM2UC)  $$$4
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CyberPower OR2200LCDRT2U Smart App LCD UPS System $$$
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  • When it comes to power requirement, you need to ensure that your UPS can handle the cumulative electrical load of all the equipment you wish to hook up with the same. You can easily estimate the holistic power capacity requirements by adding individual device wattage. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to opt for an UPS having 20-25% higher output watt capacity that the comprehensive wattage of devices you wish to connect.
  • Runtime is inversely proportional to power capacity. Thus, you need to select an UPS system which accepts external battery packs for extending its runtime on the eve of blackouts.
  • While deciding on the number of receptacles, you need to make sure that you have more outlets compared to the number you require for ensuring enough room for future growth. A Power Distribution Unit is required by most rack mount UPS applications for accommodating extra equipment plugs.
  • Certain devices such as computers havingactive Power Factor Correction (PFC) power supplies require Pure Sine Wave power which is imperative to prevent system malfunctioning and overheating.

1. APC Smart-UPS RM SMT1500RM2U

The APC Smart-UPS can keep your electronic equipment buffered from surges, brownouts, blackouts and similar power disturbances.

A generous runtime is provided by this efficient UPS so that you can cater to your work requirements even during the medium-length power outages.

One switchable outlet group allows individual control which is distinct from the UPS for ushering in greater efficiency. It thus allows rebooting of hung devices, non-critical load shedding and program sequenced on and off of equipment.

Both high and low voltages ae adjusted to a safe level through automatic voltage regulation for preserving the battery life and ensuring reliable power of your equipment at all times.

Power consumption gets drastically reduced by the green mode which conserves energy without making any sacrifices in terms of protection.

Its performance also gets maximized through intelligent battery management which regulates charge voltage in accordance with the battery temperature.

You can quickly view the UPS utility status from its bright LCD interface which makes settings configuration an extremely easy affair coupled with intuitive navigation keys.

It is also possible to remotely control and manage the UPS by using a network management card.



  • Solidly constructed device which can take on everyday usage.
  • Accompanied with requisite hardware and racks for rack-mount installation.
  • Usage of a network management card becomes easy through its SmartSlot.
  • Power consumption gets reduced through the green mode whereas smart battery management adds to its longevity.



  • Pretty bulky build which restricts its smooth portability.

2. Tripp Lite 1500VA Sine Wave UPS (SMC15002URM)

Be it aging electrical grid, severe weather or hazards lurking inside your very own walls, nothing can match up to the protection rendered by a robust UPS such as the Tripp LiteSMC15002URM.

You can thus unleash the fullest potential of your electronic gadgets without having to worry about momentary power surge causing hardware damage or irreplaceable data loss.

Open files are saved following which the computer shuts down gracefully at the time of extended blackouts courtesy the stellar battery backup of this 1000watt UPS.

Be it service and network equipment or high-performance workstations and PCs the SMC15002URM can cater to all of them like an absolute pro.

A waveform of its AC output is generated by the UPS system while operating from battery power.

The SMC15002URM UPS generates pure sine wave power which ultimately paves the path for superior compatibility with sensitive equipment and active PFC power supplies. 50% load is supported by this UPS system at 500 watts for 17.7 minutes so that you can cater to your unfinished businesses without having to undergo an abrupt halt.

It is also possible to replace the internal batteries without turning off the UPS system and disturbing the operational metrics of connected equipment.

Your devices also stands buffered from electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) line noise and destructive transient voltages with its built-in noise filtering and surge protection feature.



  • You can access detailed UPS settings from the illuminated LCD in an easy manner.
  • The free of cost PowerAlert software rings in numerous advantages such as event notification, automatic file saves, advanced device control and many more.
  • Environmentally responsible design shrinks your carbon footprint by producing less heat and reducing annual operating costs.
  • RoHS compliant UPS limits the usage of adverse substances in its manufacturing.



  • Can prove out to be extremely loud.

3. Tripp Lite 1500VA Smart UPS (SMART1500LCD)

It is now possible to work round the clock without having to worry about power surges damaging your electronic equipment coupled with the SMART1500LCD UPS from Tripp Lite.

As we all know, a brief loss of power can adversely affect both hardware and data which is why it becomes essential to warranty its safety by installing this versatile UPS.

It can provide enough battery backup for saving the open files and shutting down your computers while monitoring all incoming AC power so that you do not end up becoming incapacitated during extended blackouts.

For managing this UPS system you can either seek out the help of its LCD screen, built-in power management features of your computer coupled with the HID compliant USB port or the free of cost PowerAlert software which provides advanced features such as event notification, logging, automatic file saves etc.

A variety of useful data pertaining to battery capacity, battery status, power status, input voltage and AVR status is displayed by its illuminated LCD screen.

You can even adjust its level of backlight brightness and rotate it for syncing with the UPS system’s orientation.



  • Battery capacity, input voltage and operating status is displayed in its LCD display screen.
  • Overvoltage and power sags are corrected by its Automatic Voltage Regulation feature which in turn enhances its life span.
  • Comes with 3 years’ warranty and a hefty insurance amount in case of defects.
  • Can be used for rendering protection to 8 different outlets such as audio/video components, external hard drive, network workstation, media center etc.



  • LCD screen is not up to the mark.

4. APC UPS 3000VA Smart-UPS (SMT3000RM2UC)

It is now possible to protect your switches, servers, networking devices and routers with the Smart-UPS SMT3000RM2UC featuring APC SmartConnect thus making it the foremost cloud-enabled UPS which is being distributed amongst IT professionals.

The cloud monitoring feature can be accessed from all internet connected devices thus maximizing the performance and life of your UPS.

Life cycle recommendations and proactive advice provided by its customer care executives help in monitoring power infrastructure on a remote basis.

Deploying this highly adaptable UPS also becomes easier than before as you get to view its status from a secure web portal.

You can also receive automatic notifications, advanced support and firmware updates from its intuitive remote management interface which brings in greater peace of mind.

Proactive alerts received for device maintenance, firmware upgrade and warranty protection also helps in maximising the life span of this efficient UPS while its built-in Ethernet port ushers in greater cost effectiveness in its online monitoring.

Both non-tech users and system administrators can benefit out of its simple web interface which sends clear notifications in an easy to understand language.

Its temperature-compensated charging paves the path for intelligent battery management as the 1000-watt UPS caters to the various requirements of both small and medium sized business houses.



  • Features an LED-lit control panel which provides information regarding battery status.
  • Battery disconnect notifications to keep you abreast of its operational metrics at all times.
  • Stellar power capacity of 1000-watts.
  • Cloud monitoring feature can be accessed without any extra fee from all internet connected devices.



  • Does not allow plugging in of extended batteries for enhancing its run time.

5. CyberPower OR2200LCDRT2U Smart App LCD UPS System

You can benefit out of an impressive computing performance on the go coupled with the CyberPower OR2200LCDRT2U UPS system featuring a state-of-art interactive topology.

Be it surge protection, power protection or battery backup, this versatile UPS can cater to all of it for your telecom installations, network devices, storage appliances, department servers and even corporate servers.

Its Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature helps in extending battery life by correcting minor power fluctuations so that you don’t have to switch over to battery power every now and then.

This feature becomes an absolute lifesaver in areas experiencing frequent power fluctuations as that might ultimately lead to hardware damage and data loss.

Sufficient emergency run time is provided by the battery backup unit for allowing proper shut down of electronics on the occurrence of an outage and safe closure of open files.

Adequate protection is also rendered from power surges which occur in the aftermath of storms, turning on and off of high-powered equipment and other activity on the power grid.

Heat buildup and energy consumption gets reduced substantially by its Bypass circuitry which ultimately adds to its longevity and also aids in reducing electric bills.



  • Comes with a 3 years’ warranty to keep you covered from technical woes.
  • Energy Star qualified model.
  • Accompanied with a rack which attaches at the front of the unit.
  • Features built-in Sine-Wave protection for monitoring all incoming electrical signals and modulation them to provide correct and constant voltage to your electronic gadgets.
  • Reacts pretty quickly in the event of a power failure.



  • Lacks supportive brackets for the rear end.
  • Stands are not strong enough to withstand its bulky stature.
  • Power cord is designed only for a 20amp outlet.


You can ring in mammoth savings in energy coupled with eco-friendly UPS models which can also delight you by decreasing your associated costs.

Automatic unattended shutdown and efficient power management is enabled by UPS systems featuring built-in USB or contact closure communication ports.

It also becomes easy to access advanced features if your UPS features an intuitive LCD screen.

You can keep a tab on useful information such as battery capacity and input voltage from the LCD panel which in most of the cases feature a backlight.

While using the UPS system in a darkened room, it is advisable to dim the backlight for minimizing distractions.