Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

Last updated on March 1st, 2019 at 11:31 am

Safety hard hats have been designed to bring electricians and construction workers under the wing of protection as they work tirelessly in the job site.

Given their risky nature of work, it is imperative to have the potent backing of a gadget which can buffer them from all possibilities of injury and even death in the worst scenarios.

There are also multiple chances of falling prey to electrical shocks, being injured by falling objects, burns and similar hazards in the working area which is why it becomes an absolute must to seek the assistance of carbon fiber hats.

Today we are going to take a look at five such hard hats which have been constructed to endure greatest quantum of pressure and make working a much more convenient affair.

ImageNameReal Carbon Fiber HatMaterialPriceCheck Price
Dax Carbon Fiber Hard HatYesCarbon Fiber$$$Check Price
Texas America Safety Company Actual Carbon Fiber Material Hard HatYesCarbon Fiber$$$Check Price
Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Graphite Pattern Full Brim Hard HatNoPolycarbonate$Check Price
Full Brim Hard Hat by Tuff AmericaNo(ABS) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene$Check Price
Fiberglass Hard HatNoPolyethylene HDPE$Check Price

Now, we are going to take a look at the point of importance which can shape your purchase decision of hard hats:

Buying Guide Of Hard Hats


The hard hat needs to ensure optimum protection against head injuries. You can take your pick amongst either Type 1 or Type 2 of the same. While Type 1 can cater to aerial safety only and surrounds the entire rim, Type 2 can look after both lateral and aerial safety coupled with its inner foam layer. However, the rim is located just at its front portion. Thus, Type 2 can serve as a better bet as it acts as a hard, generous and warm shield from all chances of danger.


Varying materials go into the construction of these hard hats. However, your end goal should be to choose one which feels light as the final pressure is going to be levied on your neck and ears. Opting for one-size fits all hats can also prove out to be helpful if you wish for all your workers to toggle with the same in between shifts.


This has a huge role to play for rendering adequate protection against impacts which gets spread all over the inner frame for reducing its effect. You can take your pick amongst three different types of suspension available in the market including four, six and eight-point suspension. The points refer to the connection in between the suspension and cap. Carbon fiber hard hats containing greater amount of suspension points rank higher in their ability of spreading the weight.


Class E is earmarked for electrical hard hats which can minimise your exposure to high voltages ranging up to 20000 volts. Class G can provide shield against 2200 volts and are mostly used in light electrical work. However, in both these two types, it is necessary to wear PPE since the protection level is not adequate for human body. Last but not the least Class C cannot render any protection from electrical conductors and only provide protection against impacts like the ones arising in a construction site.

1. Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

If you are on the lookout for an original carbon fiber hardhat, then the Dax Carbon Fiber Hardhat by LIFT Safety can serve as your ideal choice.

The premium build quality of this hardhat helps in using the same even in harsh weather conditions be it shivering cold or scorching heat.

You can also easily adjust its grip with the over-sized ratcheting filament dial even while wearing gloves for benefitting out of superior comfort.

Design & Build

The hard hat is constructed using fibreglass which imparts greater durability to the same. A headlamp can be attached to the rubber pieces on its front sides which also helps in placing pens or pencils without hurting the hardhat.

The one size fits all build of this hard hat can thus serve as your ideal pick if you are unsure about your head size or wish to share it with a colleague in between work shifts.

Its moisture-wicking foam backed microfiber liner helps in reducing the build-up of sweat thus making it a perfect pick for being used during summer months without having to feel any sharp pang of discomfort.

Superior impact protection stands guaranteed by its triple reinforced crown so that you can take up all your activities without having to worry much about accidents and injuries.

The exclusive design of this hardhat featuring Perforated Clarino® synthetic leather comfort dome along with moulded EVA foam inserts help with additional shock absorption.


This ANSI Z89.1 rated hard hat is compatible with a sweatband which is used in a regular ratchet suspension hardhat.


This Class G hat having lower exposure to low voltage conductors can render protection of up to 2200 volts. You are thus expected to wear PPE in a manner similar to a person wearing a Class E hat.



  • Extremely lightweight and thin.
  • 8-point suspension feels super comfortable.
  • Ensures a perfect fit for larger sized heads.
  • Durable construction offering enough room for a nice sweatband.


  • Flimsy suspension system whose parts have a tendency of disconnecting easily.

2. Texas America Safety Company Actual Carbon Fiber Material Hard Hat

TheDAX Carbon Fiber matte black hard hat has been developed by Texas America Safety Company in line with race inspired technology.

A handy hard hat tote accompanies each hat for storing it safely when not in use. The handmade carbon fiber shell imparts a unique appearance to this hard hat which has been crafted to meet ANSI Class C regulations.

Design & Build

Weighing at just 17 ounces, this super comfortable hard hat feels featherlight on your head so that you don’t feel strained even after using it for long spans of time.

However, it has a tendency of getting excessively heated up when used under direct sunlight for long spans of time thus making it an absolute no-no for construction workers working outdoors.

With three straps located at each side, the 6-point ratchet suspension dynamics of the DAX Carbon Fiber matte black hard hat ensures superior protection against blows coming from an off-center axis and even when the lateral side of the head comes in contact with something heavy.

You are thus more likely to walk away unscathed from the trauma courtesy greater number of straps which aid with distribution of force away from a person’s head.


This Class C hat has been specially crafted to protect the wearer from hard-hitting impacts which might take shape in the work field.

However, it is imperative to note here that this form of hat is not meant for rendering protection against electrical conductors.



  • Constructed using highest grade carbon fiber both on its outside finish and underside.
  • Extra grip is provided by the rim grip located at each side for maintaining cleanliness of the surface.
  • Additional cushioning is provided by the soft padded top and 6-point ratchet suspension.


  • Hat lacks cap mounts for ear cuffs. You will thus be required to drill into the same for benefitting out of similar mounting.

3. Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Graphite Pattern Full Brim Hard Hat

If you wish to sport a hard hat which is around 10 percent lighter than its peers manufactured using traditional materials, then the Pyramex Safety Ridgeline Graphic Pattern Full Brim Hard Hat can set the ball rolling in your court.

It has already won accolades amongst users with its tough and hard build as well as stellar electrical insulation properties.

Design & Build

This lightweight hard hat having a glossy finish is bound to usher in compliments as you sport it in your work place.

The comfortable fit ensured by this hat helps in wearing the same for long spans of time without experiencing any strain on your neck or ears.

However, the small plastic pins which help in attaching the band with rest of the support often pivots and allows putting the hat on just one way.

Apart from absorbing heavy impact, this versatile hard hat can also double up as a sunshade while its unvented design helps in using the same even in rainy weather conditions.

ABS thermoplastic resin which goes into the construction of this hard hat brings together the dual benefits of rigidity and strength.


More coverage is guaranteed by this low profile hard hat which sits lower on the crown of your head in stark comparison to a higher-profile sitting hard hat.

Comfort & Safety

You can easily adjust the harness backward, forward, up and down to benefit out of customized comfort using its 4-way adjustable harness points.

Greater security and comfort gets guaranteed by the padded swinging rear suspension, replaceable and washable sweatband and vented pressure pad.


Meeting ANSI Z89.1 standards, this Class C, G and E hard hat can minimise exposure to high voltages as well as save its wearer from high impacts.



  • Easy to stick stickers on its flat and smooth surface.
  • A knob is located at its back for aiding the users in tightening the suspension while wearing the hat.
  • Features a replaceable sweat band made of polyurethane foam for being worn round the clock.
  • Easily adjustable 4-point ratchet suspension which feels highly comfortable.


  • Lacks side slots for clipping ear muffs.

4. Full Brim Hard Hat by Tuff America

Design & Build

The Full Brim hard hat by Tuff America has been specially designed to cater to its users in hot and hazardous workplaces.

When it comes to working in uncomfortable environments such as steel mills, this hat can serve as your safe bet.

Its full brim style helps in guarding your head and neck both from the glares of sun as well as heavy downpour.

The graphite pattern on its body is guaranteed to attract complements from your fellow workers as you bring ahead the unique combination of style and safety under one shed.

ABS material which goes into its construction brings along adequate lightweight protection which does not feel strenuous even after sporting it for long spans of time.

It is also possible to replace the soft brow pad whenever requirement is felt for the same.

Ratchet Suspension

You can easily adjust the 4-point ratchet suspension in accordance with your personal preference. Superb coverage is provided on both the sides of head coupled with superior protection in the top and front.


ThisType 1 hard hat belonging to classes E, G and C can serve as the ideal pick for those who wish to stay abreast of all chances of injury which might get inflicted at the top of their helmet.



  • Features a highly comfortable sweat band.
  • The rubber piece located at the back helps with adjustment of size.
  • Suspension system is highly comfortable.
  • Dual combination of matte finish and patterned surface is bound to usher in complements.
  • Cooler than its peers.


  • Does not have a slot for earphones.

5. Fiberglass Hard Hat

Weighing at 1.1 pounds, the hard hat is perfect for being used in heavy industries such as steel mills where it is common to work under elevated temperature conditions.

Design & Build

The Polyethylene HDPE Material which goes into the construction of the hard hat assures maximum safety and protection against scorching heat.

You can also adjust it easily in accordance with your personal preference coupled with the Fast-track ratchet suspension.

The full brim styled hat can keep your neck dry while you are working tirelessly in the rain. The washable sweat band adds further to the durability of this one size fits all hat.

Putting on the straps also become a super easy affair so that you can get started with your work effortlessly. You can even remove the chin strap for greater comfort and flexibility.

However, it is imperative to note here that this hard helmet is not dot approved for being used while riding a bike or motorcycle and is completely categorised as a construction helmet.

Cooling Mechanism

Innovative technologies help the hard hat in being cooler than its peers. Heat can serve as a big issue in some places and wearing a hard hat just makes matters worse.

This extra heat can make people feel light headed and exhausted easily. This is why this hard hat has been specially designed with vents on both in sides to assist with easy air flow.


These conductive hard hats are not actually intended to render protection against electrical conductors. It features vented options which can both protect the wearer from impact as well as usher in increased breath-ability with its conductive material build.



  • Comfortable hat which is perfect for being used throughout the day.
  • Breathable holes in its side serve as a great addition.
  • Adjusting mechanism works very well.


  • Internal webbing is unimpressive.
  • Air passing through the vents located at the top of the hard hat might make it difficult to hear at times.


Although wearing safety hard hats cannot actually be termed as a convenient affair, its role in saving lives time and again cannot be undermined.

This is the main reason behind the growing popularity of hard hats amongst electricians who deal with high voltage electrical cables and get exposed to electrical conductors as well as construction workers who stand vulnerable to falling objects.

Just like the protection required by motorcycle riders, hard hats are an absolute must in workplace where a potential risk is present for head injury.