Top 10 Best PS4 And Xbox One Gaming Headsets Under $100- Buying Guide 2021

PS4 headset for gamers

Last updated on March 17th, 2021

Gamers often find themselves pondering over whether or not to buy an exclusive gaming headset. At the end of the day the final decision boils down to striking the right balance between price paid and value received which makes the gamers doubtful over whether the headsets can surpass the benefits of traditional speakers.

Thus, if you are having similar thoughts, then you have arrived at the right places as today, we shall clear all your queries regarding gaming headsets for helping you in taking the final call.

So, let us start our discussion by taking a look at the very importance of gaming headsets which shall be followed by an expert recommendation of top 10 budget gaming headsets which can be connected seamlessly with your Xbox One, PS4 and similar gaming chairs and consoles.

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HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset $$$
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SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset $$
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BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset $
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HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset $$
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Razer Kraken Pro V2 $$
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Turtle Beach Recon 200 White Amplified Gaming Headset $$
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BlueFire Professional Gaming Headset $
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RUNMUS Gaming Headset $
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Beexcellent Gaming Headset $
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Top 10 Best PS4 And Xbox One Gaming Headsets Under $100

1. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

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Featuring a revamped USB sound card audio control box, the HyperX Cloud II is bound to stun all audiophiles by amplifying both voice and audio for ensuring an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience where you can hear even the smallest of details with utmost clarity.

Be it scuttle in a distant vent or the rustle of a camper’s booth, you can open up newer possibilities with this versatile headset which allows you to adjust the mic and sound volume easily.

By generating virtual 7.1 surround sound, this next-generation headset can enhance your movie, gaming or music experience as you get to pinpoint your opponents’ location and strike him down before he sees your coming.

The noise-canceling and digitally enhanced microphone of the HyperX Cloud II offers echo cancellation and automatic gain control functionality through the USB sound card thus resulting in reduced background noise and clearer voice quality which in turn optimizes in-game chat and team communication during intense battles.

The 53mm drivers of the Hi-Fi capable headset sets the stage for a superior audio performance by encompassing you in crystal clear mid, low and high tones coupled with enhanced bass.


  • Closed earcup design aids in noise cancellation.
  • Independent microphone volume and audio controls for added convenience.
  • Plug and play setup makes the requirement of drivers redundant.
  • Compatible with an array of chat engines such as Mumble, Skype and Ventrilo.
  • Interchangeable ear cups for making the most out of different texture options and varying sound profiles.
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories such as leatherette and velour ear cushions, an airplane adapter and a travel-friendly mesh bag.


  • Cord is a bit stiff and might get in your way at times.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset

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Your notion about gaming headsets is going to get drastically changed once you come across the unmatched clarity and improved comfort level of the Arctis 5 headphone.

Given the fact that its construction has drawn inspiration from athletic clothing, you can definitely expect high-end ergonomics out of the same.

The proprietary bidirectional design of its ClearCast microphone paves the path for background noise cancellation while delivering studio-quality voice clarity.

The detailed and balanced soundscape is produced by its S1 speaker drivers with ultra-low distortion levels for making the most out of your movies, music and games.

It is also possible to adjust the balance between chat and game volume in a hassle-free manner coupled with the detachable USB soundcard and the ChatMix.

Your areas remain cool and dry even after spending hours with the headset on courtesy its AirWeave ear cushions while the exclusive ski goggle suspension headband contours perfectly across your entire head to ensure comfortable distribution of weight and elimination of pressure points.

You can take your pick from 16.8 million hues, unique effects such as breathing and color-shift as well as separate configurations for left and right earcup.

It also becomes easy to access the microphone mute and volume coupled with the ergonomic on-ear controls.


  • You can personalize the Arctis audio from EQ to surround sound settings coupled with the SteelSeries Engine software.
  • Ergonomic ear cushions ensure optimum comfort even after prolonged spans of usage.
  • It has a superb bass level which can help you in making the most out of music, movies and even gameplay.
  • Background noise cancellation and stellar voice clarity delivered by the Exclusive ClearCast mic.


  • Game/Voice adapter is extremely easy to adjust and thus moves easily even when you accidentally bump into the same.



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This solid piece of the headset is crafted using premium glass fiber instilled in plastic for making it look and feel a lot like a metal-made model.

It features a high horizontal pivot in place of a vertical one which aids the headset in adjusting perfectly to various head sizes with optimum comfort and snugness. The grey company logo on its glossy black surface area doesn’t act as a fingerprint magnet like that of its peers and thus makes the maintenance drill seem a lot more hassle-free.

The closed-back cup can pivot up to 180° and while the left portion of the earpiece features the mic’s mute button and volume toggle option, the right side is left plain and devoid of any buttons.

The ear cups of the Corsair Void Pro Surround gaming headset are crafted using microfiber memory foam to usher in additional comfort which doesn’t feel bulky or strenuous even after continued usage.

Although its cord is not braided, it comes laminated with a silicon-like material imparting a soft and durable feel to the same while avoiding breakages and unnecessary bends.

The Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround USB dongle stands out as the USP of the Corsair Void Pro Surround headset as it aids in connecting it with your laptop through the 3.5mm jack inlet.

Dolby Labs have done an excellent job of tweaking the echo effects for making it seem like being emitted from behind and sides of your head.


  • Rugged and sturdy build quality which can stand the test of time.
  • Nice and large ear cups make sure that the audio waves encompass your ears fully.
  • Fully adjustable headband for fitting different head sizes.
  • Mic mutes automatically on being lifted up.
  • Ensures a snug fit over the ears.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.


  • Lacks supporting software for tweaking settings.
  • Awkward positioning of the power button.

4. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

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The G9000 gaming headset can illuminate the gaming hemisphere in a mesmeric manner especially on being used in a dark room. This over-ear headset features a flip boom microphone, inline volume control and non-customizable blue LED lights.

Its high precision 40mm drivers pack in a sonic punch with accurate bass so that you can make the most out of all gaming sounds whether it is of distant explosions or approaching footsteps of enemies.

The versatile headset is compatible with Nintendo 3DS, New Xbox One, PS4, iPad, tablet, PSP, Laptop, Mobile Phone and Computer although a separate Microsoft Adapter has to be purchased for connecting the same with the older Xbox One controller.

The splendid ambient noise isolation and acoustic positioning enhance speaker sensitivity which makes it a perfect choice for playing games such as Metal Gear Solid, Halo 5 Guardians, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft Legion, Overwatch etc.

High-quality communication is channeled through its integrated Omni-directional microphone which can pick up sounds with optimum sensitivity for helping out in receiving and delivering messages clearly while engaged in avid gameplay.

It also becomes easier to adjust the mic angle given its long and flexible design.


  • Multi-platform compatibility.
  • Omni-directional microphone which comes with a premium noise-canceling feature for picking up sounds with great sensitivity.
  • Ergonomically designed headset.
  • The gaming atmosphere gets highlighted with the glaring LED lights.
  • Anti-winding 49 inches long braided USB cable for taking on rough usage.


  • Made completely out of plastic.
  • You might experience a bit of static on using the same while recording.

5. HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset

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You can be guaranteed to benefit out of utmost clarity and audio distinction as the ground-breaking dual-chamber drivers of the HyperX Cloud Alpha takes audio to a whole new level of excellence by allowing optimal tuning and separating the bass from highs and mids.

While its durable aluminum frame helps in taking on heavy-duty usage, the premium red memory foam paves the path for round the clock comfort. Audio controls are situated conveniently on the right side of the detachable braided cable for hassle-free mic muting as well as volume adjustment.

You can expect topmost satisfaction while gaming as the ergonomically designed headset keeps you feeling comfortable even after prolonged usage.

Pliable leather covering the headband and ear pads impart an astonishing outlook to the same while the memory foam ear cushions reduce sweating and allow your skin to breathe.

The ultra-portable headset also ranks high in versatility courtesy its wide compatibility with an array of devices such as PS4, PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Mobile phones, Mac, VR sets, Nintendo Switch and all other platforms having a 3.5mm port.


  • The aluminum body imparts optimum stability and durability.
  • Detachable microphone and cable for added convenience.
  • Tight ear pads and closed-back design brings along exemplary satisfaction.
  • 53mm dual-chamber driver paves the path for distinctive audio devoid of any distortion.
  • 10ft long braided cable having an inline audio control system.


  • Slightly heavy built.
  • Stereotype sound might not serve you well while playing high-end games.

6. Razer Kraken Pro V2

Razer Kraken Pro V2

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The stereo headset from Razer can serve as the perfect pick for those gamers who are on the lookout for an easy-to-use solution for both voice chat and gaming audio at the same time.

It has been built with the perfect blend of materials which will surely ring in optimum value for money spent on the same. A leather-like material layers the top of the headset with the word “Razer” etched onto the same.

A comparatively shallow foam sheet lines its underside as it comes coated in cloth. Weighing at 12 ounces, the Kraken might feel relatively heavy but offers an array of modifications for accommodating various head sizes.

Coming to the lower sections of the headset, its sides are held together using a metal frame to impart greater support. The ear cup foam is much thicker in comparison to the one found on the headband and offers decent amount of physical movement.

Its retractable microphone can be tucked away neatly on the left side of the headset and provides complete flexibility when extended. A braided cable is also attached to the headset’s left side although it cannot be replaced by users on the event of cord failure.

This stereo headset is compatible with the newer PS4 consoles and Xbox One apart from PCs and all other devices having a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Coming to audio quality, an enjoyable listening experience is guaranteed by the Kraken Pro V2 across a diverse spectrum of applications.


  • Ergonomically designed headset.
  • Rich sound delivered by 50mm audio drivers.
  • Supreme durability and maximum comfort guaranteed by its unibody aluminum frame.
  • Full-ear coverage ensured by over-ear cushions making it perfect for being worn for long.
  • Fully-retractable microphone having in-line remote for propelling crystal clear communication.


  • The headset might feel heavy on your head after some time.
  • Earcup material might leave you feeling sweaty and hot during short gaming sessions.
  • Mid-range bass tones are completely absent.

7. Turtle Beach Recon 200 White Amplified Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Recon 200 White Amplified Gaming Headset

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In spite of carrying an affordable price tag, the Turtle Beach headset having subtle carbon-fiber stylings surely does seem like an enticing proposition.

The headset is compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and other mobile devices.

Its design radiates the same feel as that of its predecessors coupled with diagonal pivots on the cups and flip-to-mute fixed microphone.

The manufacturers have recently introduced a sexy carbon fiber-style two-tone finish which further hikes up its premium feel.

A strip of brushed metal that supports the interior portion of the headband complements the gunmetal accents and matte black tones running throughout its body.

Coming to the sound department, the Recon 200 does not disappoint as it delivers crisp sound effects and rich bass notes which further gets accentuated with surround software like the Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos.

Although the distinct tuning and clarity found in its expensive peers cannot be found in the Recon 200, it can surely provide you with complete value for money.

Although the quality of the mic is ideal for engaging in conversation, it might not help you much with content creation or podcasting.

After being powered on, the mic can be adjusted through the dial present on the headset.

The leatherette cups of this isolating headset help its users in listening to themselves while speaking which can buffer you from the embarrassment of unintentional yelling.


  • The high-sensitivity mic of Turtle Beach can easily pick up a clear and loud voice.
  • Voice volume can be adjusted inside the headset.
  • The headset is specially designed for PS4 and Xbox One but is also compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch and other mobile devices.
  • Delivers immersive Windows Sonic Surround sound.
  • Powerful amplified audio is ideal for playing games.


  • Does not have separate game and chat volume.

8. BlueFire Professional Gaming Headset

BlueFire Professional Gaming Headset

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You can now take your gaming experience to a whole new level both in terms of comfort and audio quality with the BlueFire gaming headset.

This lightweight beauty features a 40mm neodymium driver for ushering in crisp highs as well as thundering lows. You can also adjust the Mic Mute and Master Volume with the convenient in-line controls.

The versatile 3.5mm audio jacks make it easy to establish seamless connectivity with PS4 Pro, new Xbox One controller, PS4 consoles as well as Mac, PC and other compatible tablet or mobile devices.

You can make the most out of gaming comfort with the balanced and slim assembly of this dynamic headset which can serve as the perfect pick for those long-lasting marathons.

Its full-sized ear-cushions come wrapped in synthetic leather and can be folded in a flat manner when not in use. You can light up the gorgeous LED lights by connecting it using the USB interface which is bound to highlight the gaming atmosphere in a mesmeric manner.

Its long and braided cord measuring over 7 feet can provide you with maximum flexibility so that you can bid adieu to those uncomfortable days where you had to sit right in front of the gaming consoles for proceeding with the same.

There is also a small control on the cord which aids in turning the mic on and off as well as the volume up and down with utmost ease.


  • Perfect build quality.
  • The headset comes with a splitter cable for transferring the headset jack into separate headphone and microphone jacks.
  • The mic works fantastically.
  • Headphones feel comfortable to use even after long spans of time.
  • Durable ear-cups.
  • Extremely long headset cord aiding in cable management.


  • Wires might come out loose in the place where the cord edge connects with the mic on/off switch or volume dial.

9. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

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Quality simulated sound is delivered to perfection by the RUNMUS K8 which aids in setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience.

It highly responsive audio drivers aid in making out the sound direction such as enemy footsteps, gunfire and even scenario indicators so that you can gain a competitive advantage over your enemies in the game field.

The RUNMUS gaming headset is compatible with PSP, PS Vita, PS4, Nintendo Switch (audio), Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS XL/3DS (audio), Nintendo New 3DS XL/3DS (audio), Mac OS PC, Windows PC, Android and other iOS devices so that gamers can make the most out of a holistic gaming experience devoid of the platform.

Its over-ear design earmuffs ensure a snug fit and provide an excellent sound field with its superior 50mm audio driver.

The fantastic blue LED light lining both sides of the gaming headset sets the stage for an ultimate gaming scenario. You can expect maximum durability out of its black knitted audio cable in comparison to its plastic peers as it takes on heavy-duty usage like an absolute pro.

The lightweight build and ergonomic design of the RUNMUS K8 ensure all-day comfort as its soft memory foam ear cups and self-adjusting padded headband wraps up your ears and head in a plush manner so that you don’t feel any strain even after prolonged usage.


  • Anti-static microphone and noise-canceling microphone paves the path for crystal-clear communication by filtering out all environmental noise.
  • It comes with a 12 months’ warranty.
  • Multi-platform compatibility.
  • Feels comfortable on the ears.
  • Comes with both USB and 3.5mm connection port.


  • Audio cable is not removable.

10. Beexcellent Gaming Headset

Beexcellent Gaming Headset

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The 2017 version of the Beexcellent GM-3 gaming headset can take you to a whole new level of gaming coupled with more than 10 years of professional production experience as well as a strong technical force that strives to offer the best products to customers.

You can keep on wearing this headset for long spans of time without feeling any pressure as the skin-friendly leather helps your skin to breathe. The ergonomic headband can be adjusted to fit various head sizes so that you can keep the music flowing for long.

The noise-canceling microphone can be folded for reducing the distracting background noises so that you can clearly hear the sound of your teammates during a multi-player game.

The versatile headset is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, iPad, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, Smartphones, Laptops and all other devices featuring a 3.5MM compatible jack. Be it discreet footsteps or loud explosion, you can be guaranteed of never missing out any details.

An amazing gaming experience is guaranteed by the 40mm magnetic neodymium driver which brings along high precision to the table as you dive into the virtual world of death-defying aliens and unbridled car racing.

High-quality sound waves are transmitted by its Omni-directional microphone which comes with a premium noise-canceling feature.

Its metal lock and unique camouflage pattern join hands with glaring LED lights to create an extremely eye-catching look while the anti-winding braided cord having high tensile strength guards your back from heavy-duty usage.


  • It offers great quality for money.
  • Crystal clear sound which ensures that you never miss out anything.
  • Over emphasized bass works perfectly for conjuring a gaming atmosphere.
  • Mic folds flatly on the headset side so that you don’t get distracted with the same when not in use.
  • The extra-long cord which offers supreme portability.


  • Does not support USB connectivity

Advantages Of Owning A Gaming Headset

  • Can anything be more annoying than the external interferences while you are concentrating on the final gaming level? We bet not and that is where the ambient sound blocking most comfortable headphones come into play as they can help you out with gaming even when your sister is watching her favorite television series in the adjacent room. The noise-canceling feature offered by modern-day headsets make use of tiny microphones for studying the external noise surrounding you and canceling-out the same through its counter signal.
  • In comparison to traditional speakers, the headsets offer a much crisper and clear audio quality which can prove to be extremely essential for maintaining your top gaming rank. Modern-day games require accurate and precise movements mostly relying on audio queues continuously. You can react better to the movement of your enemies coupled with a gaming headset before they can predict your moves. Apart from stereo sound, some of the versatile headsets even offer surround sound for creating a hyper-realistic auditory experience as you get to hear sounds being emitted from different directions.
  • The built-in mic of gaming headsets helps in communicating with fellow players over the internet. This becomes extremely crucial while playing team-based games like Overwatch where you need to communicate constantly for reaching your team goals.

How to Select a Gaming Headset?

With there being a huge variety of headset available in the market it can get hard to make a final selection. The best way to go about is to select one characteristic at a time. On eliminating features that you aren’t interested in you can finally get a to the product that has everything that you were looking for.

Below we have listed the top features that you need to make a choice between. Make sure to keep your requirements in mind so that you don’t get distracted and end up buying something that you weren’t looking for.

1. Wired or Wireless

If you like to play games without having cables in your way, then wireless headphones are perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are on a budget then wired headphones will suit you more.

So the bottom line is that your budget and personal preference will contribute immensely towards what you select.

Wireless technology is more expensive to manufacture so you will require some reasonable cash if you are leaning towards wireless headphones. The major benefit of wireless headphones is that while wearing those you can move around without headphones wire getting plugged.

In case you are using the latest Xbox One controllers or DualShock 4 ones then you will not have to bother about unnecessary cables being all over the room. These controllers have a headset socket in them.

On using wireless headset not only will you get the freedom to move around but also surround sound of 5.1 or 7.1. As far as the downside is concerned, you will have to recharge the headset. Some headsets have a built-in battery while others have rechargeable batteries that can be changed over time.

So make sure you double-check the type of battery you are buying.

As far as wired headsets are concerned they offer better audio and less expensive.

2. 5.1 or 7.1

Next up you have to decide if you are interested in virtual surround sounds while playing. This mode can be easily switched off so if you are into virtual sounds currently you can turn it on and later when you get over this feature you wouldn’t have to buy a new pair of the headset instead you can just turn it off.

This feature is present in headsets that have 5.1, 7.1 or Dolby logo on them.

The benefits of this feature are somewhat dubious. Some gaming headsets are with virtual sound tend to crush the over sound quality. Plus, they make it hard for a gamer to getting an accurate idea about positional cues.

3. Cost

The ultimate question is that on spending a huge amount of money will you get a better headset?

The general principle is that on spending more money you will be able to purchase a better gaming headset, but is it reasonable to go all out for a pair of headset?

Obviously not! You can get premium features at a reasonable price as well. If you are brand conscious then we remember that sometimes companies only charge for the name and offer no features what so ever.

The shortlisted products offer amazing features at a very reasonable price so we recommend sticking to that.

We have already looked at products that offer remarkable sound quality and are super comfortable. So you don’t have to go through all this hassle. These products also have exceptional features like wireless and Bluetooth compatibility so you can expect to get the best.

Setting a budget is very important. After you have set a price range find products that are available in that range. This principle applies to every piece of technology that you intend to buy.

4. Driver size

With so many characteristics to look at don’t overlook the driver size. This is the best advice that anyone can ever give you.

What exactly is the driver size?

This is the size of the speaker or any electronic element responsible for generating sound.

Thou the size of the driver doesn’t always matter but the general principle is that the more the drivers diameter the more area it will have to generate audio. As a result, you will get to experience better sound.

While gaming sound quality makes all the difference so try to opt for a headset with a wider soundstage or bigger driver.

5. Noise-canceling microphone

In case you tend to play in noisy areas then this feature might be super helpful for you.

For example, if you play games while your siblings or housemates are around you then the microphone will only detect your voice and eliminate all other noises.

The result being that NO one will hear the embarrassing conversations going around you and listeners will get a better voice output of yours.

6. Licensed headphone

While looking for a headset for PS4 and Xbox gaming you will come across some licensed headsets.

These headsets only provide some extra functionalities, that you can also get from some cheaper headphones. For example, the licensed headphones come with a bundled adaptor which can be plugged into the controller.

We suggest that you over-look licensed products as they might cost more.

Reasons Why Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are Ideal for Gaming

Over the past few years, gaming has become quite a popular sport. Not only has there been an increase in gaming competitions but more people are also opting for casual gaming.

Gaming headphones were initially introduced in 1997 especially for multi-player gamers. Over the years headsets have become quite a common feature for gamers. Now it is regarded as a gaming tool without which a game is incomplete.

As a casual or professional player you would want something that you can easily work with. This is where wireless headphones with Bluetooth compatibility come in.

Listed below are a few advantages of wireless Bluetooth Headphones for PS4 and Xbox gaming.

1. Can be worn everywhere

These headsets have been designed especially for versatility. You can wear them while you are on the move. The fact that they can be used without cables adds to their value.

2. Are super stylish

These headsets are designed to add to your look. Wearing a gaming headset in the public will not make you look like a lost pilot.

To make them easier for daily usage they have been manufactured with added features like being water and dustproof. So you will not damage them while using them outside.

3. Have built-in microphones

Placing a separate mic in front while gaming or using an unwieldy mic is not worth the effort. They limit your movement and cost more.

Lucky wireless Bluetooth gaming headsets come with built-in mic. If you purchase a gaming headset with Qualcomm cVc technology 6.0 and above, then your voice will be heard clearly by the teammates and you will be able to function better as a team.

4. Comfort comes first

Wireless Bluetooth headsets are available in many styles and designs, so make sure you get a comfortable pair.

Cumbersome headsets will leave you tired after gaming. We recommend getting headsets with soft ear cups so that you can wear them for hours without having your ears hurt.

Make sure that the pair you select is adjustable so that you can alter it according to your head size.

5. Sound quality

For gaming, you require large-aperture drivers so that they can deliver deeper bass. Bass is important to understand what your teammates are saying while playing.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones have got this covered so look for drivers with 40mm.

6. Active Noise Cancellation Technology

The best part about wireless Bluetooth headsets is that they are equipped with the latest technology. The most important technology so far has been the Active Noise Cancelling technology that not only makes the audio better but also assists in focusing.

Furthermore, it also protects your ear.

With such advantages, you will become addicted to the Active Noise Cancelling Technology.

This technology can also be found in other headsets but they are huge in size. The size ruins the entire look of the headsets.

7. You wouldn’t get caught

Did you tell your flatmates that you would clean the kitchen or your significant other that you wouldn’t waste your time gaming but instead you spend the entire day playing on your Xbox and PS4?

Even if they catch you wearing the wireless Bluetooth headphones you can pretend that you were just listening to music. You wouldn’t have to clear the cable mess just in time as you can just switch off the game and straighten up.

Who would have thought that the wireless Bluetooth headset will be saving you?

Features to Consider in Gaming Headsets

As a passionate gamer, you would want to invest in a headset. You wouldn’t just want an ordinary headset but one that you eliminate all the distractions and get you immersed in the game.

To make your gaming experience better here are a few features that you should look into:

1. Compatibility

While playing games via Xbox One, PS4 or PC you would want a headset that is compatible. The majority of headsets are designed to be compatible with only one platform but they are able to function with others as well.

What you have to make sure is that the headset has an audio jack of 3.4mm. This jack will be able to work with PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

In case you only game on PC then you shouldn’t be concerned about jack and you just look for a headset that has a USB connection.

2. Comfortable

The main reason behind using a reasonable amount of cash for buying a gaming headset is so that you don’t hurt your ears while playing.

Gamers tend to play songs for hours at a time, so it is essential that your headset is comfy.

Ultra-lightweight headsets are ideal for gaming as they adjust snugly on your head. Cushioned ear cups will also eliminate any discomfort that you might feel while gaming.

3. Additional features of the microphone

As discussed earlier headsets are equipped with a microphone but the microphones come with different features.

For example, some microphones have a noise-cancelling feature that eliminates the noises coming from the background.  Noise-canceling feature help you focus entirely on the game.

Other microphones come with a detachable microphone. You can remove the microphone when you are playing alone and don’t require to communicate.

4. Sound quality

We know that it is hard to test any headset before purchasing it. So the ultimate way around is that you read what consumers have to say about the product.

You can go through the reviews online and in case the product you like has one negative feedback but many positive ones then it is likely to work well. On the other hand, if there are a majority of negative feedback then it’s likely that the headset isn’t worth buying.

5. Positional audio

Positional audio makes it feel like you are right there in the game that’s why this feature is getting quite popular.

So if you want to feel completely immersed in the game then purchase a headset with positional audio. On getting a good headset you will be able to pinpoint the precise location of the sound. Thus you will be able to hear a gunshot from your left and footsteps approaching you from the right.

With the audio telling you precisely where to respond to, your gaming skill will be enhanced greatly.

6. Stereo or surround sound

On getting a headset that has great surround sound you will be able to receive accurate positional audio. This means that each earpiece consists of many speakers that enable the detection of sound location.

In case you aren’t interested the sound experience you can get yourself headsets with stereo.

7. Force Feedback

If you’re interested in making the gaming experience realistic then you might want to look into force feedback.

Headsets that come with forced feedback feature have built-in motors. These are located in the ear cups and they buzz or vibrate to make whatever is happening on the screen seem more lifelike.

For example, they will buzz whenever the player will get shot.


Thus, you can very well understand the importance of a stellar headset if you wish to earn some brownie points over your enemies while engaged in realistic-looking battlefronts.

It becomes impossible to feel the real taste of the moment if your audio experience gets handicapped somehow. Whether you wish to detect the positioning of your opponents or communicate with fellow teammates over how to destroy the enemy troops, a gaming headset can keep you covered at all times. So, bring home a gaming headset today and make the most out of your exciting gaming sessions.

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