The Best Gaming Chair Under 100 Dollars That Got Your back!

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Last updated on February 10th, 2021

If gaming is one of your favorite pastimes, then bringing home a comfortable gaming chair is an absolute must. Seating in an uncomfortable posture for hours in front of the game station or PC might cause you to develop severe back aches.

Couches might look inviting but usher in negative impacts on your anatomy in the long run. This has led to the development of an entire market focused on gaming chairs to ease out your sessions ahead of the laptop.

However, choosing the right gaming chair might seem like a pretty daunting task given the wide array of options existing in the market each having its own set of features and design.

Keeping such things in mind, we shall take you through ten of the best gaming chair under 100 available in the marketplace especially if you are running on a stringent budget.

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Image Name Material
Load Capacity
360 Swivel Price  
BestMassage Office Desk Gaming Chair Faux Leather
250 lbs
Yes $
Check Price
Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair PU Leather
280 lbs
Yes $
Check Price
Homall Gaming Chair PU Leather
300 lbs
Yes $$

Check Price
Vitesse Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Leather High Back Racing Style Carbon Fiber PU Leather
300 lbs
Yes $$
Check Price
BestOffice Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Chair PU Leather
250 lbs
Yes $
Check Price
BestMassage Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Swivel Chair PU Leather
250 lbs
Yes $$
Check Price
BestMassage Racing Office Chair PU Leather
250 lbs
Yes $
Check Price
Merax Racing Gaming Style Task Chair PU Leather 225 lbs
Yes $$
Check Price
BestMassage Executive Recliner Gaming Chair PU Leather
250 lbs
Yes $$
Check Price
Polar Aurora Gaming Chair PU Leather
400 lbs
Yes $$
Check Price

If you are interested in simply buying a bean bag chair then that might also solve your needs.

It becomes imperative for a hard-core gamer to bring home an ergonomically designed chair which will blend the best of support and comfort since large chunks of time shall be spent resting on the same.


Your chair needs to be compatible with the gaming console if you wish to earmark it specifically against the gaming room of your house. But if you wish for a versatile application which does much more than just playing games then you need to opt for a design which is compatible with CD, DVD, home theatres and MP3. Some models even allow users to listen to music through their iPod by simply connecting the headphones.


Lack of floor area is one of the biggest factors bugging modern day houses and the same should be kept in mind while purchasing a gaming chair as the last thing you would want is to have a stellar chair which cannot unleash its fullest potential due to the lack of floor area. An ideal design will fit perfectly in your space while providing you with ample area to place other items and walk around.

Weight support

A perfect gaming chair will render all requisite support to your body weight without cracking under the pressure as that would be the last thing you would want from a brand-new purchase. Thus, you need to examine the gas strut’s weight rating along with the quality of materials which have been used for building the wheelbase.

Height factor

Human beings vary in height. Thus, the gaming chair needs to be such that its height can be adjusted accordingly. Maintaining a proper height while using the desk is very important to stray abreast of back and shoulder problems. You can ensure the correct height by placing your hand on the lap and lifting up the chair until it brushes against your desk’s underside.


Certain gaming chairs come with a built-in vibration button which can be of great help in playing games such as COD, FIFA, GTA, BF etc. You are bound to be teleported to a completely different world whenever a bullet drives past in COD/BF or your shots hit the bar post in FIFA. Also, remember that the chair should allow you to toggle between various vibration levels.

1. BestMassage Office Desk Gaming Chair

Get an upper hand over your peers at every game you play with the BestMassage gaming chair which sports a sleek race car design.

Be it your game pad at the cosy corner of your house or office desk, this chair can enhance your functionality like none other.

The high back rest of this ergonomic chair ushers in extra comfort while the heavy-duty metal base swivels 360 degrees for enhancing your mobility.

This easy to install chair supports rocking mechanism, thus helping you in resting your tired nerves after a hectic presentation as you doze off to a short power nap.

All it takes is just a matter of 10-15 minutes for assembling the gaming chair with all the tools which accompany the package.

You can keep the chair upright for long with its locking back mechanism while the adjustable height feature caters to the requirement of people having different statures.

The flip up design of its padded arms can be customized in accordance with your requirements.

The comfortable posture promoted by this chair can prove to be exceptionally helpful while being seated at your desk or ahead of the computer for prolonged stretches of time.



  • Armrests can be moved to an upright position.
  • Can handle up to 250 pounds of weight.
  • Can be assembled easily by following the accompanying instructions.
  • Accompanying pillow can be used for taking a short nap.



  • Faux leather parts tend to become sticky during humid season.

2. Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

The cost-effective and comfortable gaming chair from Furmax can serve as the perfect option for those on the lookout for gaming room or home office furniture.

The first thing which is bound to delight you about this gaming chair is its mesh and PU leather upholstery which makes cleaning an extremely easy affair.

While the faux leatherushers in compliments from all your guests, the mesh construction reduces the amount of sweat by improving airflow during those intense gaming marathons.

The high-grade casters come coated with PU rubber to prevent scratch marks on hard flooring without losing their functionality as they glide along carpets.

You can also adjust the seat height and use its tilt feature for reclining up to 30°. However, it is imperative to note here that this gaming chair lacks any locking mechanism.

Hence if you were planning on taking a short nap by reclining on the same, then it’s better to reconsider your decision.

This chair has been dynamically designed by combining the best of office elements with that of a racing car style.

Although some assembly is required, you can get it done within a matter of just ten minutes coupled with the tools which come along with the gaming chair.

A six-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee can keep your back in the case of manufacturing defects.



  • 360-degree swivel wheels and 5-star base help the chair in running smoothly on the floor.
  • Ergonomic design help to relax after a hectic work day.
  • Padded armrests and bucket seat for extra comfort.
  • Racing car seat design makes it ideal for people who spend long time seated in the same.
  • PU casters safeguard the floor from getting scratched.
  • The height level can be adjusted to your preference using the pneumatic gas lift.



  • Mesh sitting area is the least padded portion thus making you feel uncomfortable after sometime.

3. Homall Gaming Chair

The ergonomic racing style chair from the house of Homall has been specially designed to contour to your body shape while catering to the level of comfort.

The lumbar support pillow and removable headrest blends in with the dual-color chair which can serve as your ultimate ally as you immerse yourself in hours of studying, gaming and even office work.

The multi-function seat back of the Homall chair can be locked in an upright fashion while engaging in gaming marathons, fully reclined during resting episodes and even set into a rocking function to help you relax.

This versatile chair can effectively counter all sorts of abnormal balance during reclining which serves as an extremely impressive feature.

Its tilt function substitutes a rocking mechanism and can definitely have your back as you rest your tired nerves on those laidback weekends with your favorite novel for company.

The chair comes neatly packed with all its smaller parts stored in organized pouches to help out with the assembly.

You can even gift it to your male friends or relatives without worrying about the same succumbing under the weight as the chair renders support to about 300 pounds of body weight.



  • Comes with all the accompanying instructions making its assembly seem like a cakewalk.
  • Freely adjustable head pillow and lumbar support pillow.
  • Affordably priced chair which does not trigger any back pain even after being seated on the same for long.
  • Solid and heavy frame which buffers it from tipping over.
  • Can cater to 300 pounds of weight.
  • Color caster wheels make it extremely easy to be moved around.
  • Crafted using comfortable PU leather which feels soft against the skin and also does not trigger any sort of irritations.



  • Armrests are not adjustable.
  • Tall chair might not fit in well with smaller desks.

4. Vitesse Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Leather High Back Racing Style

The high back racing chair by Vitesse can ease your work or play routine with its intelligent ergonomics which contours to the natural curves of your body.

It comes upholstered in premium carbon fiber PU leather which imparts a classic look and a racing style passionate feel.

The adjustable backrest can be toggled between 90°-180° safety angle and allows you greater versatility as you choose your ideal posture.

360 degrees’ swivel is also supported by this gaming chair allowing you to glide easily across the room for fetching stationary and even gaming CDs.

The premium rolling casters prevent the floor from getting scratched and also do not create a ruckus while you glide along.

This ergonomically designed chair has three support points for catering to your head, spine and lumbar.

The adjustable seat having bucket style design can support the maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds to suffice your tall and heavily built friends and colleagues if they ever wish to give your chair a try.

High quality foam enhances the resiliency of the chair thus adding to its service life.



  • A clean look is imparted by its carbon fiber accents and impressive soft leather.
  • Double quality plastic of the casters ensures a smooth glide.
  • Has an adjustable lumbar pillow support and head rest pillow.
  • Chair is accompanied with easy to follow instructions.



  • Arms might seem a bit wobbly and are not adjustable.

5. BestOffice Racing Style Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This multi-purpose office chair from the house of BestOffice features a thickly cushioned body which ensures optimum comfort as you engage in intense gaming marathons.

It comes neatly packed with all the essential tools and hardware which makes setting up the same seem like an absolute cakewalk.

All you will have to do is follow the accompanying instructions as you can get the chair ready within a span of just 10-15 minutes.

This versatile chair can also cater to the requirements of big and tall men as it easily supports up to 250 pounds of weight.

The breathable PU leather which runs through the length of the chair feels extremely plush against the skin.

The adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar support provides adequate support to your neck and spine so that you don’t succumb to any sort of pain even after being seated for long spans of time.

You can easily lock you position between the safe angle of 90-155 degrees and make the most of this ergonomic experience.

The heavy-duty metal base of the BestOffice chair coupled with nylon smooth-rolling casters and 360-degree swivel ensures its mobility and stability over a long tenure of time.



  • Unique looking thickly cushioned chair.
  • Ergonomically designed back and armrest which ensures that you don’t feel tired even after being seated for a long span of time.
  • Backrest can be adjusted with a safety angle of 90°-155°.
  • Premium PU leather joins hands with high-density sponge cushion to render optimum comfort.
  • Sturdy construction which can easily cater to the maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Swivels up to 360 degrees to offer multi-tasking convenience and smooth-rolling mobility.



  • Hydraulic lift function tends to wear out pretty fast.

6. BestMassage Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Swivel Chair

This visually stunning gaming chair sports an ergonomic design thus serving as a perfect addition to your gaming room.

Its high back chair comes thickly cushioned to guarantee optimum comfort as you slog for hours ahead of the computer.

The chair comes with all the necessary tools and hardware which makes its installation seem like a cakewalk.

All you need to do is simply follow the gaming chair instructions and you can set it up easily within just 10-15 minutes.

The plush headrest pillow helps in preventing neck and spine injuries while the adjustable lumbar support helps in toggling between various postures until you find the one which ensures optimal comfort.

The gaming chair has a sturdy metal base apart from 360-degree swivel functionality and smooth-rolling casters.

You can thus exercise greater mobility coupled with this ergonomically designed BestMassage chair.

It actually seems like a bed when you recline it completely 180 degree backwards.

You can easily adjust the lock-tilt angle to serve your comfort meter whether you are reclining back and resting your tired nerves or stooping front to concentrate on some facts and figures.



  • Crafted using premium PU leather which feels great on the skin.
  • Ushers in greater flexibility with its 360-degree swivel wheel.
  • Striking design makes it ideal for being placed at a conference room or even your gaming den.
  • Bucket seats provides extra comfort during those gruelling sessions ahead of the computer.
  • Can be installed in a breeze.



  • Swivel function cannot be locked in.
  • Armrests are not adjustable.

7. BestMassage Racing Office Chair

Blend in style and comfort with the ultra-luxurious swivel rolling chair from BestMassage which ensures an easy set up with the accompanying tools and hardware.

All it takes is just 15 minutes for installing this computer chair which can support up to 250 pounds of body weight.

The chair has been specially crafted for confirming to your natural body shape while providing optimum lumbar support.

You can either sit forward or lean back until 130º by pulling out the control handle. Whether you are trying to finish the office presentation or simply taking a power nap in between two hectic meetings, this leather office chair can suffice you extremely well.

The utter softness of its adjustable pillow can help in relaxing your neck while reducing the chance of cervical spondylosis.

Its heavy-duty metal base ushers in increased mobility and stability so that you can keep your concentration focused on the game ahead or maybe mathematical figures without having to worry about the chair crushing under your weight.

This versatile chair having a high back ushers in multitasking convenience coupled with its 360-degree swivel.

Its durable casters also provide smooth-rolling mobility allowing you to glide you way around the room without having to get up time and again for maybe fetching water or simply a file.

Soft PU leather upholstery of this computer chair gets the backing of ample padding to wrap you up in the arms of plush comfort.

Cleaning the chair also seems to be a cakewalk given its water and stain resistant attributes.



  • Has padded flip-up arms for being customized in accordance with needs.
  • High quality gas lift aids in toggling the chair height without feeling the jerk.
  • Wide backrest and seat surface guarantees holistic comfort.
  • Lumbar pad is removable.
  • Does not stain easily and can be cleaned up in a hassle-free manner.



  • Lacks massaging ability.

8. Merax Racing Gaming Style Task Chair

Merax chairs have been created by keeping contemporary style and practicality in mind and this latest gaming chair also stands true to the general consensus courtesy its versatile functionalities.

In spite of sporting state-of-art designs, these chairs never fail to win brownie points with the supreme comfort offered by them.

PU leather and mesh which goes into the construction of this chair’s upholstery ushers in greater comfort while promoting stability.

You can thus relax in this chair for prolonged spans of time without feeling any skin discomfort. Superb degree of stability stands guaranteed by its sturdy base which join hands with multi-direction wheels for gliding silently across the floor without scratching the same.

Customizable height adjuster and thick padded armrests further add up to the comfort meter of the Merax racing gaming style task chair thus allowing you to focus completely on your end work without having to worry about pangs of sharp pain shooting down your neck or spine.

360-degree swivel is supported by its multi-directional wheels so that you can glide across the room for fetching your required stationeries without having to get up time and again.



  • Leisure rocking function can be height adjusted in accordance to your specific preference.
  • Can sustain the maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds with its big and sturdy base.
  • Multi-direction wheels’ glide smoothly across carpets and floors.
  • Crafted using breathable PU leather which imparts optimum comfort even after sitting on the same for prolonged span of time.



  • Lacks adjustable head rest.

9. BestMassage Executive Recliner Gaming Chair

The high back gaming chair from BestMassage can guarantee your maximum comfort as you slog for hours’ ahead of the office desktop or your home gaming console.

Its plush PU leather upholstery feels extremely premium against the skin and can enhance the aesthetics of your office or home environment drastically.

This chair is accompanied with all the hardware and tools which assist in its installation within a span of just 10-15 minutes.

The multipurpose office chair can also protect your spine and neck from succumbing to injuries coupled with its headrest pillow and adjustable lumbar support.

You can also exercise precision while choosing your desired angle as the chair offers backward movement ranging from 90-180 degree for catering to your comfort meter.

So, just recline back and destress like a boss whether at home or work in between hectic sessions before taking up new projects.

The chair casters glide smoothly along the floor without emitting any loud noise or scratching the surface.

This surely comes in as a pleasant surprise given its budget price tag. Its bucket seats guarantee greater comfort which becomes an absolute must during those gruelling work sessions.

The back design of this racing chair moulds seamlessly to the natural posture of your body thus alleviating all pain issues.



  • Can be installed very easily.
  • 360-degree swivel further adds to its flexibility in workstations.
  • Crafted using high density shaping foam and breathable premium PU leather.
  • Optimal protection is rendered to your neck and spine with its headrest pillow and adjustable lumbar support.



  • It is not a rocking chair.

10. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Coming to the market of gaming chairs, it becomes pretty tasking to find out an affordable model which packs in all the necessary features under one roof.

However, the Polar Aurora gaming chair can delight you with its state-of-art features which guarantee complete comfort without actually burning a deep hole in your wallet.

Featuring 360 degrees of swivel, this chair ranks pretty high in the department of versatility as it allows its users to glide along and rotate while being seated to grab on necessary stationaries.

Its multi-directional castors do not create any disturbance while being moved along the floor and also prevents scratching which is otherwise very common with budget models.

PU leather which goes into the construction of this ergonomic chair imparts optimum longevity and feels very premium against the skin.

A proper back alignment also gets guaranteed by its optimum lumbar support as well as high backrest.

You can even take a short nap in between gaming marathons by reclining the chair up to 180 degrees.

The headrest can be removed if necessary to guarantee you a relaxing and comfortable experience whether during work or play.

You can easily conform to the height of your workstation coupled with the pneumatic seat height adjustment which can go a long way in preventing neck pain.



  • Can support up to 400 pounds of weight.
  • Sturdy support is rendered by its five-star base.
  • Ergonomically designed chair having fully adjustable lumbar support.
  • Smooth leather upholstery feels very premium against the skin.
  • Adjustable pillows provide adequate support to neck and back whenever required.



  • Arm rests feel flimsy.


PC gaming chairs can be segregated into three sub-divisions. The racing chairs are designed specifically for racing games along with pedals and steering wheels.

You can even change gears using the shifter and accelerate the game to a whole new level seated on these chairs which are compatible with almost all forms of gaming consoles.

Memory foam gaming chairs are constructed using comfortable yet firm foams which can guarantee absolute relaxation to your kids round the clock. The bean-bag model is also designed specifically for the kids using polystyrene beans.

These chairs can be stored easily courtesy their foldable nature. Available in an array of colors, these water-resistant chairs can sustain a lot of pressure which comes as a direct result of gaming throughout the day.