Best Dry Cabinets For Camera and Lenses

Dry cabinet for camera protection

Last updated on March 18th, 2021

If you are on the lookout for a camera dehumidifying dry cabinet, then you have arrived at the right destination.

Today we are going to take a look at look at some of the best cabinets which can cater to your photography accessories as well as other valuables like jewellery, leather, medicine etc. by regulating its ambient moisture level.

You can keep your belongings free from corrosion and fungus by storing the same in these cabinets.

If your camera ever gets exposed to dust or mold, then cleaning the same can prove to be an extremely tasking affair.

The whole thing gets riskier as the cleaning drive can adversely impact the functionality of your lenses.

Enough said, let’s take a look at the best dehumidifying cabinet and the things to keep in mind while buying the same.

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Image Name Price Check Price
FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet 8W 100L $$$$
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FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet |8W 80L $$$
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HFS 88L Digital Dehumidify Dry Cabinet Box $$$
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T.A.P 88L Digital Control Dehumidify Dry Cabinet Box Storage $$
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FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet |8W 30L $
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Points To Consider While Purchasing A Camera Dehumidifier Dry Cabinet


Whether you are a hobbyist or professional photographer, you need to take care of the following factors while deciding on your dehumidifying cabinet:


Even though cameras serve as your focal point of importance, it won’t hurt to bring home a cabinet which can also be used for preserving items like stamps, paintings, leather old books, paper money, tobacco, tea, musical instrument, electrical components, precious metals, jewellery and similar stuff.


A smaller cabinet can surely get the ball rolling in your court if you wish to store small items like lenses. However, you need to get yourself a larger model for storing several photography instruments under one roof. Although the smaller ones are comparatively cheaper, you shouldn’t let its price shape your entire purchase call if it does not sync with your requirements.


Opting for a camera which can be carried around easily is bound to usher in advantages to your kitty. If you have a habit of travelling frequently on photography assignments, then a smaller cabinet can serve as your ideal option. Several dry cabinets are designed like briefcases to serve you best. You just need to ensure their water and dust proof nature for making the most out of it.


The durability of your cabinet depends directly on its material construction. For benefitting the most out of its longevity, you need to opt for the ones crafted from aluminium or steel.

1. FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet 8W 100L

You can now keep your photography gears secured from mold and fungus caused by excessive moisture coupled with the FORSPARK dehumidifying dry cabinet.

This dynamic device ensures stable humidity condition by detecting whenever humidity crosses over the setting value.

Rapid Operation

The quiet, quick and heatless thermoelectric cooling technology of the FORSPARK cabinet can render adequate protection to all your belongings from moth, moisture, dust, mildew, oxidation, fungus, warping, rust, mold etc.

Accurate Humidity Control

Optimum accuracy in humidity control can be expected out of its built-in hygrometer which allows you to manipulate the humidity level within the range of 25-60% inside this dry cabinet.

Wide Usage

You can use this dry box for preserving a plethora of items such as paper money, paintings, old books, stamps, antiques, leather, musical instrument, teas, cameras, camera lenses, jewellery, precious metals, electrical components etc.

All you need to do is place your valuables inside the cabinet and set it to the correct humidity level.



  • Ensures humidity control with optimum accuracy with its in-built sensor.
  • Features adjustable shelves to assist with both storage and retrieval.
  • Can be used for preserving a plethora of items.
  • Each shelve can hold about 30 pounds of weight.
  • 4 shelves in the box can accommodate up to four cameras at the bottom and up to 16 lenses if you have a tidy discharge.
  • Ranks high in durability and is also extremely easy to use.
  • Easy to set up dry cabinet offering complete value for money.



  • Cannot run without electricity.

2. FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet |8W 80L

You can now store all your camera gears and other sensitive belongings in a moisture free environment coupled with the FORSPARK dehumidifying dry cabinet.

You can also be completely assured about the safety of your valuables courtesy the wielded steel exterior and tempered glass door.


You can now bid adieu to all chances of fire hazard and leakage risks coupled with the safe direct current input of this camera lens storage.

It is also possible to place the same in your bedroom or baby room without worrying much about harmful radiation.

Easy To Use

This dehumidification cabinet box jumps into operation exactly from the time you plug it inside the socket.

It also becomes easy to both store and retrieve your belongings coupled with its adjustable shelves. You can also turn the LED light display on or off in accordance with your individual preference.

Complete Value For Money

This affordable dry cabinet comes with a built-in hygrometer which can assist in monitoring humidity with extreme accuracy.

You can also calibrate your hygrometer if requirement for the same is felt. The level of relative humidity inside the storage box can be controlled within the range of 25% to 60%.

Its thermoelectric cooling technology keeps doing all the hard work in the background without emitting any noise or radiating any heat.



  • Does not emit any noise while running.
  • Can easily hold 6-7 lenses, 2 camera bodies and about 4 speed lights in a hassle-free manner.
  • The door feels pretty sturdy and the intuitive LED display can help you gauge the humidity of the cabinet easily.
  • Offers optimum value for money paid.
  • Its shelves are adjustable and you can even add an additional shelf if required.
  • Comes with PSE safety certification.



  • Shelf assembly does not come with any instruction making the installation drive a bit tough.

3. HFS 88L Digital Dehumidify Dry Cabinet Box

This effective cabinet from Hardware Factory Store can serve as your ideal bet if you wish to keep your valuables dry and moisture free at all times.

Its clever engineering can significantly reduce the quantum of moisture and humidity which can get inside your camera gears.

Working Mechanism

You will just have to set the correct humidity level after placing your items within the cabinet following which the process of dehumidification is initiated automatically by the storage box whenever the level of humidity increases.

In this way, your camera lenses stay free from fungus allowing you to click crystal clear frames time and again.

Storage Solution

You can store tobacco, teas, cameras, musical instrument, antiques, old books, leather, paper money, stamps, paintings, ammunition, firearms, medicines and similar stuffs by regulating the level of its ambient humidity.

The padded shelving inside the cabinet constructed using durable steel can keep you safe from all worries about your stored belongings.

Clear Display

You can exactly gauge the humidity percentage through its digital humidity read-out as the cabinet monitors the moisture level automatically to keep it within 3 percent of your selected value.

You can also view your valuables clearly without having to open the cabinet door time and again coupled with its built-in LED lighting which operates with similar effectivity both during day and night.



  • Features two sliding shelves and the bottom one is fixed.
  • Sturdy construction which adds to its longevity.
  • Its door opens and closes in a smooth fashion.
  • The glass-front door of the cabinet having a small lock operates smoothly for preventing casual onlookers from poking inside.



  • Instruction manual is not up to the mark.

4. T.A.P 88L Digital Control Dehumidify Dry Cabinet Box Storage

Moisture can prove out to be extremely harmful for your camera as it allows the growth of mold. Hence you can bring home the versatile dehumidifying cabinet from T.A.P and impart greater longevity to your photography gadgets.

Versatile Storage Solution

The basic instruction manual which accompanies the T.A.P cabinet can assist you in adjusting the three shelves inside for storing your equipment’s easily.

The 14” wide shelves can easily hold two medium sized lenses in each row or one large sized one.

The foam inserts on each shelf can be detached if you wish to change or remove them completely. They also help in securing your lenses in place to prohibit them from rolling around even while pulling out the drawer.

Easy Operation

You can set the dehumidifier to the desired humidity level in a hassle-free manner.

The door lock also imparts additional security to your belongings by prohibiting unwanted people from accessing the same.

You are also bound to get delighted with the two keys which accompany the cabinet to keep your back at all times even if you accidentally misplace one.

Durable Build

This pocket-sized powerhouse made of heavy-duty metal can easily resist minor scratches dents. It runs in a silent fashion so that you don’t ever get distracted by the same.



  • Soft magnet around the door ensures a perfect fit when closed.
  • Shelves can be pulled out and adjusted easily for height.
  • The box maintains constant relative humidity even while holding an array of lenses.
  • Easy to set the humidity level.
  • Easy to control the temperature and lights display.
  • Foam shelves does not leave any marks on the lens housing.



  • LED lights run only along one side and does not properly light up the interior.
  • Power plug sticks out of its back making it difficult to push the unit all the way against the wall.

5. FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet |8W 30L

All it takes to keep your prized belongings free from moisture is just 8 watts of electricity as the FORSPARK dry cabinet having flexible shelves caters to all your storage woes in a super-efficient manner.

Economical Model

This storage box can definitely be termed as one of the safest option available in the market with its direct current input mechanism which prevents all chances of potential fire hazard and leakage risks.

It is also possible to place this dry box easily in your baby room or bedroom without having to worry about chances of radiation as you make the most out of this power efficient storage solution.

Easy Learning Curve

This dehumidification cabinet starts its operation exactly from the time when you plug in it the power supply.

The LED light display which can be switched either on or off will not dazzle your eyes even while using the same at night.

You can also expect the magnetic cabinet door to be tightly sealed courtesy its durable toughened glass.

Rapid Action

The thermoelectric cooling technology of the FORSPARK cabinet can protect your belongings in a quick, heatless and quiet manner from fungus, rust, moisture, warping, oxidation etc. without disrupting your normal life.



  • Dry cabinet starts working instantaneously once it is connected to the power supply.
  • Risk of fire breakout or leakage gets minimised by its safe direct current input.
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology can render adequate protection to your items from dust, rust, warping, oxidation etc.
  • Internal temperature can be monitored through its large LCD display.



  • The light inside is pretty dim and focuses only on the unit’s right side.


While dry boxes can cater to your storage woes in the short time, the real problem begins as you fail to exercise control over its humidity level in the long term.

If your sensitive camera equipment comes in contact with extremely dry climate over a long stretch of time, then its lubrication and rubber might start deteriorating at a rapid scale.

Hence it becomes imperative to store your camera equipment at a relative humidity of 40% approximately and the five dehumidifiers listed out above can help you in doing the same with utmost precision without burning a hole in your wallet.

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