Top 7 Best Electric Guitars Under 300 – Buying Guide 2020

Electric Guitars Under 300

Last updated on February 10th, 2021

Music is the kind of passion you should never let petty issues, like money, get in the way of. And the most popular musical instrument in the world is a guitar. However, this article is primarily going to deal with electric guitars. We will give you a list of the top trending and reviews of the best electric guitars under 300 that are available in the market. Read on ahead to find out the best single coil guitars and the easiest electric guitar to play. We will share the specifications and uniqueness of each featured guitar along with the cheapest electric guitar ever just so you can get the best guitar for 300 dollars or below.

In order to distinguish which qualities to look for to get good guitars to buy, read out the specifications of each guitar we’ve mentioned below. You not need to go for a brand new guitar. You can also get the best used electric guitars because it might be the best electric guitar for the price. Read on ahead to find out our top seven picks for the best guitars under 300.

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Top 7 Best Electric Guitars Under 300

IMAGES Features RATINGS OUT OF 5 View Product On Amazon

Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar 
☞easy to carry

☞easy to use

☞texture and exterior
4.5 Check Price

Fender CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 
☞high-quality best strat

☞ow price electric guitars

☞brilliant playability.
4.5 Check Price

RockJam 6 ST Style Electric Guitar Super Pack with Amp, Gig Bag
☞3x single coil pickups

☞metal gear

☞basswood body
4.2 Check Price

Z ZTDM Full Size 39" Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar 
☞Rosewood Fingerboard

☞finest craftsmanship.

☞crystal-clear sound
4.8 Check Price

Sawtooth ST-ES-DBLP Daphne Blue Electric Guitar with Pearl White Pickguard
☞sycamore build

☞vintage vibe

☞three single-coil pickups provide a classic tone.
4.3 Check Price

Best Choice Products 30in Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit,
☞5 amp with a cable cord.

☞strap, replacement strings

☞ooden design and steel strings
3.7 Check Price

Spectrum AIL 78CFM Solid-Body Electric Guitar,
☞flamed maple body.

☞rosewood fingerboard

☞5-way selector switch
4.9 Check Price

1 .  Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

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This is one of the best electric guitar under $300 because it is big and bold sounding due to its dreadnought body. It has a prominent low end and warm mids to give you a deep and rich voice. Due to its all laminate construction you can be assured that it is strong and durable. This cool looking electric guitar is the best prs guitar for blues.

This is one of the best low price electric guitar because Fishman Electronics’ assures that its sound is true to the instruments original voice. The preamp design has a small footprint which delivers dependable performance and is also easy to use.

On top of that, this is one of the easiest electric guitars to play. And what’s more it comes with an instructional video with guitar lessons. You also get hands-on exercises and learning paths for your preferences and skills.

Customer Reviews

Most consumers have been very happy with this guitar. Beginners and travelers have liked it just the same because it is easy to carry and use. Most consumers were surprised to see it out of the bag because it was so neat and perfect in its finish. They’ve liked the texture and exterior of this guitar and are very pleased with the way it sounds. There hasn’t been a negative review on this guitar thus far which means it must be an excellent choice.


So before it runs out, you should click on either the image or the name and we will take you straight to this product’s link. You can buy the product after viewing further features, though we have covered all the main ones with you already, or compare it with other products and choose the one you like best for purchase.

2 . Fender CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 

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This is one of the cool looking electric guitars which has dreadnought body style. Its solid mahogany top is scalloped with “X”-bracing. It also has mahogany sides and an easy to play neck. It is one of the best electric guitars under 300 with its rolled fingerboard edges to give a chic appeal.

This is the ideal and one of the low price electric guitars you should invest in whether you’re a beginner or a professional. It is ideal for those guitarists who are looking for affordable, high-quality best strat style guitar for the money. It has an amazing tone and brilliant playability.

This product comes with a hardshell guitar case and guitar pick-up and straps. You will also get a digital clip-on guitar tuner and an extra set of guitar strings. Hence all in all, this onepackage deal is offering you a great guitar and a lot of convenient add-ons to make sure your music passion is never stopped or bothered by pesky little problems.

Customer Reviews

Customers have highly rated this product on various different forums, including amazon. They have liked it for its appeal and sound quality. Customers believe and recommend this as one of the best electric guitars under 300.  Some customers have used the words “beautiful guitar” and “outstanding guitar” to appreciate the deliverables they get form the consumption of this item.


Before this piece goes out of stock and you lose out on a great deal, use our image or link to go straight to the product page for a direct purchase. It is quite simple really. All you have to do is choose a guitar from our list that you like best (or multiple if that’s your preference). After shortlisting that, you can click on the picture or the name of the product, or products, you have liked best. This will take you to the amazon page where this product is up for sale. You click on the buy or add to cart option and it will be delivered to you in no time!

3 . RockJam 6 ST Style Electric Guitar Super Pack with Amp, Gig Bag, 

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Let’s put some rock back to rock and roll with the sheer coolness of this guitar! It comes in a sunburst color and is a full sized Rock Jam guitar. Its covered in black with sunburst shades covering the front.

It has a 10 watt amplifier and that’s something you should consider investing in. That is so because it will your guitar-playing a whole new level of experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Along with that it also has a headphone output and a guitar connector cable.

It has a 3x single coil pickups and will give you a one of a kind versatile playing experience. You can call it a whammy bar for those string bending licks that everyone’s so crazy about. It’s a full-sized electric guitar where we’ve paid attention to detail with no compromise on quality. It has a high gloss finish and ST design with a metal gear and basswood body. The combination of these would create a truly refined sound and give you guitar playing experiences you will be amazed to feel yourself.

Customer Reviews

Customers have been very happy with the deal they got according to the price they’ve received for this guitar. The amplifier was especially a bonus for a lot of the consumers. Most others have been astonished with the performance and sound quality. They cannot believe the price they paid for such an amazing musical instrument.


So, rather than wasting more time reading up and wasting your musical career, go ahead and click on the link or the image. You can buy this product for yourself through one simple click and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time!

 4 . Z ZTDM Full Size 39″ Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar 

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This Rosewood Fingerboard electric guitar has one of the most beautiful finish and one of the finest craftsmanship. Its cutaway frame design enables easier access to the upper frets. Along with that, it has an adjustable tremolo bridge for conventional innovations for your music artistry. On top of that, it also has an adjustable truss rod with reinforced bolt-on-neck. Additional features include the fact that you have one volume control and you also have two tone control knobs.

If you have a true love for music, then you deserve this simply beautiful, and natural style electric guitar. It has a very cool design plus amazing tone and exceptional feel. The rosewood fingerboard is extremely comfortable to use and the satin black finish is as smooth as it gets. Due to these features, it has a great humanized design and us very attractive.

Plus it’s also made from high quality material which makes it much more durable.  You can relish the crystal-clear sound on stage or in the studio and it will throw the same performance everywhere. You won’t regret the purchase of this rosewood fingerboard folk electric guitar.

Customer Reviews

Customers have given this guitar 4.8 out of 5 stars. They claim that according to the budget, it plays really well and have helped a lot of guitar enthusiasts get back to their music. They like its pick and how well it holds a tune and have recommended to others for use too.


In conclusion, you need to decide the most ideal guitar that works best for you and within your budget. This is an excellent guitar for this purpose and you should click on the image or the name and go directly to the page where you can make a direct purchase for it.

 5 . Sawtooth ST-ES-DBLP Daphne Blue Electric Guitar with Pearl White Pickguard

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The Sawtooth Daphne blue electric guitar is the perfect choice for all guitarists. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this guitar serves the purpose to all. It has a maple c-shape neck with a maple or rosewood fretboard. It offers you one of the best value in guitar design. These versatile guitars were crafted to give you a sleek looking guitar which is easy to play and gives a great sound.

This guitar also has some marvelous other features. It includes a sycamore build and a tremolo bridge for a rock solid tuning to give you the rockin’ vintage vibe while playing it. Along with that, the three single-coil pickups provide a classic tone.

Customer Reviews

Most customers have given this guitar a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. They’ve found it to have great pickups and a smooth natural feel. They’ve likes that the fret bars are cut well so there’s no scratching.


Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, once you pick this guitar up and start playing, you can’t put it down again. So what are you waiting for? Click on the image now and start jamming right away!

 6 . Best Choice Products 30in Beginner Electric Guitar Starter Kit,

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This electric guitar is the only pure beginner electric guitar we have recorded in this whole list. This electric guitar helps kids and beginners be a part of the musical part. It is a 30 inches electric guitar and helps develop finger strength, musical skills, hand-eye coordination and the love for music.

It has great quality craftsmanship with its all wooden design and steel strings. It is smooth with an attractive finish and syndicates style and durability.

This set includes a number of extra added products to compliment this product. You get a 5 amp with a cable cord. You get a carrying case along with a single purchase so your young guitarist can carry this electric guitar anywhere he or she wants. It also comes with a strap, replacement strings and guitar picks.

Customer Reviews

This product has got 3.7 out of 5 stars and most kids have found it to be a brilliant present and have been able to shape up their music sense with the help of this guitar.


If you’re looking for a guitar that’s suitable for kids, then click on this one.

 7 . Spectrum AIL 78CFM Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Buy on Amazon

This guitar has a high glossy cherry burst finish with a flamed maple body. It demonstrates a rosewood fingerboard with a maple neck and die cast tuning pegs with adjustable truss rods. If you purchase this item you will also get three single coil pickups with a 5-way selector switch, two controls and one volume. You also get a bonus mini amplifier, adjustable strap and picks.

Customer Reviews

Customers have rated this guitar 4.9 out of 5 stars. They call is a, exceptional find and great deliverance according to the price.


If you want to get this guitar for yourself, click on the image and buy it from amazon!


Some really good electric guitars have been mentioned above in our list with each detail and specifications shared. Do view them above for choosing cheap guitars that sound great and work best for you.
Electric guitars are only a little different than regular guitars. But even so,k if you’re a beginner then rather than going for the best looking electric guitars, read up on the best electric guitar reviews, especially by beginners. You will find a huge variety of options and according to the specifications required by you, you can opt for your next best stratocaster for the money.

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