Top 5 Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner – Buying Review 2021

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Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Having an above ground pool is like a dream comes true, but not without the necessarily ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner​. An above-ground pool provides just the right leisure time during summer, but only when it impurities free and crystal clear.

Best above ground pool robotic cleaner is the most progressive pool cleaning framework available. Not only do they totally wipe your pool by cleaning the floor and walls, vacuuming trash. Yet they likewise serve as an independent filtration system by disposing of tiny allergens and unmixed synthetic compounds from the pool water.

Given plenty of decisions accessible, it might appear challenging to work through all the offers. That is the reason we are pleased to offer you a rundown of the five ​best robotic pool cleaner reviews.

Regardless of whether you place more emphasis on performance, cost, or another part of cleaners, the objective of these reviews is to enable you to pick carefully.

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Dolphin Escape

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Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

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Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Check Price
Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark

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Top 5 Best above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

1.Dolphin Escape 

Our top pick of best above ground pool reviews is ​the dolphin pool cleaner.​ It is sleekly designed, making sure that your pool shines being impurities free, whether macro or micro. The dolphin pool cleaner offers deep cleansing performance giving you an incredible bang for the buck.

It’s protected HyperBrush™ cleaning mechanism twofold the speed of most contending brushes. Which implies that even the hardest dregs and particles don’t get away from its vacuuming power.

The bulldozer-like elastic tracks enable it to keep in touch with the surface consistently – a favorable position over customary wheel-based cleaners as far as footing, vitality proficiency, and climbing capacity.

The SmartNav 2.0 filtering framework advances  Dolphin Escape’s pool surface inclusion and cleaning time. Dolphin pool cleaner troubleshooting​          ​ is quick and advanced in its form.

Furthermore, filtration is guaranteed through the utilization of a larger than usual filter cartridge (instead of sacks) and narrow channels to snatch anything in sight.

The Dolphin pool cleaner​ Escape’s hi-tech highlights and cutting edge configuration are supported by a 1-year guarantee and 30-day  merchandise exchange.

The ​dolphin pool cleaner​ is among the ​best robotic pool cleaners​ and so our top pick for this rundown.


  • Highly reliable
  • Computer-controlled navigation and logic
  • Dual 24V DC motors up to 90% more efficient than AC-powered cleaners Simple “Plug and Play” installation


  • Need to purchase fine particle filters separately

2. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Our runner up as ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner ​is one of the versatile, ​above ground pool cleaners​, Aquabot APRVJR. The Pool rover Jr. comes with a 40-feet floating cable, along with a built-in 2-micron excellent reusable filter bag and a power supply transformer.

This above ground pool vacuum​      cleans any round, oval, or rectangular flat-surface in 1 hour or​     less without hoses. It comes with a 2-hour automatic shut off timer and is very efficient in performance.

This ​best robotic pool cleaner​ is has a 24-volt pump motor giving vacuum suction with pump and propulsion with jet-drive.  While it is strong enough but isn’t bulky at all being made majorly out of plastic. Thus, no issue whatsoever removing it into or from the above ground pool.

Additionally, this pool cleaner vacuum supports large wheels fit for moving over any interior. This is something to be thankful for because this can clear any kind of above ground pool.  The pool cleaner is fueled by a solitary pump motor giving it fly-drive impetus like its vacuum suction control.

In the interim, you will definitely cherish its 2-hour timer useful for absent-minded users. Those tend to forget their pool cleaners working diligently making pools immaculate and hiking their electricity bills all the while.

You can essentially power on this device without worrying about powering off at a particular time.. Such incredible features definitely make it legit add among the ​best robotic pool cleaners​.


  • Simple to operate robotic pool cleaner
  • Timer saves energy and makes preoccupied pool owners worry-free
  • Highly proficient robotic cleaner


  • Filter bag needs to be cleaned after every use to avert clogging/rotting

3. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Coming up with another ​dolphin pool cleaner​, we have the Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner as the next ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner. ​If we ​compare dolphin pool cleaners​, this dolphin pool cleaner is best for medium-sized above ground pools and small in-ground pools.

It is comparable to Escape for features like the fast water discharge, adequately fueled turning brush, SmartNav 2.0 navigation system, and top stacked channel container, etc.  And if you don’t count the color difference, it is pretty much an Escape with a couple of tweaks to the cleaning cycle.

The E10 has a marginally taller position and uses precisely the same HyperGrip elastic track as the Escape, alongside a comparative discharge framework for the top-mounted channel.

You can likewise buy a different fine channel which will trap little particles, for example, green growth; parasites, unmixed pool synthetic chemicals, and so forth. As a matter of course, the  Dolphin E10 accompanies a standard channel work intended to give a pleasant harmony between water stream rate and separating power.

The ​dolphin pool cleaner​ E10 accompanies a 2-year restricted guarantee, which is one more  than the warranty coverage of the Escape


  • Highlights a super-fast 1.5hr cleaning cycle
  • CleverClean active scanning system prevents from getting trapped on steps or drain covers
  • Actively powered PVC brush on the front to spin twice as fast as the drive wheels, removing persistent debris from the pool floor
  • Heavy loading basket style filter is super easy to clean-just pop it out and rinse it down
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Deficits the ability to scale walls
  • No full filter indicator

4. Hayward 900 Wanda The Whale Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Next among ​best robotic pool cleaners​ is Hayward. All pool owners need a vacuum cleaner that isn’t just producing. But on the other hand, easy to-utilize not requiring extra costs for supporter pumps for it to work.

In the Swim, this ​best above ground pool cleaner ​has Skimmer Filter Savers 5-Pack two Item Bundle ideal for work, winning it a position on this rundown.  Expelling bugs, sand, soil, and different garbage is not an issue for this as it’s particularly intending to consequently get for relegated and level floors.

This is conceivable by the licensed SmartDrive clearing design which furnishes the gadget with the consistent jet stream by means of its outfitting/turbine framework.  Calm yet proficient, this ​above ground pool vacuum​ can do a total suction pool clear in two hours being the ​best above ground pool filter​.

It accompanies reusable channel Saver nets which remove little bugs, leaves, dust, earth, and garbage which not only reduce the hours it takes to clean your pool yet, in addition, expand the gadget’s life expectancy.

The whole package incorporates 5-pack channel savers, skimmer cone and 32 feet of hose areas. The Aqua Critter is simple inducting taking only 10 minutes. It qualifies for ​the best robotic pool cleaner reviews.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Entertaining in working
  • Simple to use


  • May cause some issues working properly in the uneven bottom of the pool

5. Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark 

And lastly, our list of ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner​ has come up with the most eye-catching robotic pool cleaners​. This shark-like ​robotic pool cleaner​ is most attractive among ​top robotic pool cleaners​.

Pool Cleaner has been around for a long while however, this is the as good as ever model.  double band of fibers combined with the incredible vacuum, clear the flotsam and jetsam, giving it the capability to be incorporated into top robotic pool cleaners for 2021. 

The ​above ground pool vacuum​ makes a wide 10-inch way which guarantees that filtering a pool can be really fast. With increased clearing time, you’ll get the satisfaction to appreciate a crystal clear pool.

Even additionally stunning in its modified cleaning highlight, Lil Shark will clear all the soil. And dust away every impurity perfectly, not at all like other pool cleaners that abandon various missed places.

This ​best robotic pool cleaner​ is one intense unit on account of its straightforward structure with just a single part. Thus, working is exceptionally straightforward hence no congregation requires.

Critically speaking, the easy-peasy framework implies its sturdiness with a long life expectancy. This can reliably protect any pool against litter for a long time to come. Which isn’t the case with all pool cleaners out there.

This ​best above ground pool cleaner​ sums up our list of ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner ​and ​robotic pool cleaners reviews​.


  • Assembling  not require
  • Intex pools compatible
  • Perfect is congested pools


  • There are reviews about them getting stick close to the walls when cleaning

Things to Consider When Getting the Pool Robotic Cleaner

Not all pool cleaners are manufacture equivalent. Some will carry out the responsibility better than others under specific conditions. Along these lines, purchasing choices should consider some aspects before making the deal.

Pool Size

Clearly, the size of the pool is a considerable factor. There will consistently be confinements over the scope of the cleaning sphere for each automatic clean.

Purchasing a machine that cannot be dealt with the radius of your pool may imply that you will have to clean the skip areas by yourself, using ​self-cleaning above ground pool vacuum.

Cleaner Type

Not all ​above ground pool cleaners​ are the same. The major categories are robotics-based cleaners, suction-base cleaners i.e., ​above ground pool vacuum cleaners​ and turbulence-based cleaners that apply pressure to remove dirt and debris before filtering them out.

Power Consumption

Typically the power utilization of equipment and speed factors are at loggerhead with each other. If you need any pool cleared in the briefest time span conceivable. You will need to pick the power necessity of an automated pool cleaner.

With the end goal of continuing pool upkeep costs low, owners need to find some kind of harmony between power utilization.  For instance, robotic cleaners like ​the Dolphin pool cleaner​ and the Aquabot appraise at 180 watts which is reasonable given their sophisticated gadgets and programming.

Suction-based frameworks will ordinarily have a lower power rating, with the exchange of being longer cleaning cycles and, now and again, the presentation of a more grounded pumping system.

Ease of Use

Some cleaners require next to no manual contribution to complete a quality activity. For example, some have a timer on them so you can simply turn them and stay unbothered. For the most part, a robotic pool cleaner exceeds expectations around there.

Meanwhile, there are likewise vacuum cleaners that will in general stall out to edges, steps, and floor corners. So, in case you would prefer not to mediate a lot in the clearing procedure. Prefer perusing the reviews of vacuum and client encounters of these items.


Above ground pool vacuum robot cleaners​ range from ten to fifty pounds, influencing their performance and steadiness. In the end, you are looking for solid construction that can withstand reasonable wear and tear – regardless of weight.

Dirt and Debris to be cleared

You ought to consider what’s most problematic for you, leaves or fine particulates? If larger objects are your main issue. Then you’ll need a cleaner that is powerful and reliable enough for heavy use.  In this regard, ​the best robotic pool cleaners​ often favor. However, suction-based systems often shine when filtering out smaller elements.


We enlisted the top 5 ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner ​with Dolphin Escape being our top pick, while Hayward 9000 Wanda being best for the money.

We hope this guide enlightens you to get all the information you need to get your ​best above ground pool robotic cleaner. ​Remember to prioritize your needs and choose the model best suited to those needs and then evaluate the cost accordingly