Top 13 Best Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans- Buying Guide 2021

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Last updated on February 27th, 2021

There is no need for you to be limited indoors during the summers so beat the heat with the best rated outdoor ceiling fans.

We have gone through many options to bring you some of the best models that will cool you off. So without a further ado lets dive in.

Top 13 Best Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Image Name Check Price
Minka-Aire F753-WHF Check Price
Craftmade COL96ESP6 Colossus Check Price
Craftmade MND72BNK6 Mondo Check Price
Monte Carlo 3TF24WH Check Price
Craftmade CAV52ABZ5LK Cavalier Check Price
Casablanca 59527 Heritage Check Price
Fanimation Cancun Wet Check Price
Hunter Sea Wind Check Price
Matthews DG-TB-MTL Check Price
HURRICANE 736503 Classic Check Price
Minka-Aire Sundance Check Price
Savoy House 52-EOF-5MB-FB Check Price
Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne Check Price

1. Minka-Aire F753-WHF

Minka-Aire F753-WHF

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This curved blade ceiling fan is an ideal choice to contemplate on when you are out shopping for the best rated outdoor ceiling fans

As is it available in four different appearances you can select the one that appeals to you and complements outdoor furniture.

Being one of the outdoor ceiling fans with remote control, you can easily operate it. It has three-speed options plus a reverse function.

Being UL approved it is a wet location ceiling fan. Plus, it more than a 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan, it adds to the location by bringing a contemporary twist.

Its flat blades make it an ideal option for indoor and outdoor.

2. Craftmade COL96ESP6 Colossus

Craftmade COL96ESP6 Colossus

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This is the best rated outdoor ceiling fans in terms of the air that blows. Ranking 13.644 on CFM this is a must buy if you want to keep the outdoor area cool.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute in layman terms it refers to much air the fan can move.

Being one of the best outdoor ceiling fans it has a six 96” blade. Plus, it has a dc motor.

It is available in two superb finishes Espresso and Satin Nickel. With such finishes, you aren’t selecting a ceiling fan but instead a focal piece to enhance the decor of the room.

You can use the remote to manage the 6 levels of speed or rotate the fan in reverse.

3. Craftmade MND72BNK6 Mondo

Craftmade MND72BNK6 Mondo

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A lot of you will be interested in outdoor ceiling fans waterproof. As you can’t control the weather conditions but you can be prepared for it.

This UL Listed fan is resistant to damp conditions.

Plus, its enormous 72-inch blade gives a superb spin and keeps things cool for you even outside.

Being one of the glamorous outdoor porch ceiling fans, it has an amazing Espresso finish. Its made of durable silicon steel and will last you a long time.

Why should you settle for just any normal looking fan when you can get one of the large outdoor ceiling fans that have a contemporary and modern style.

4.Monte Carlo 3TF24WH
Monte Carlo 3TF24WH

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If you’re in search of small outdoor ceiling fans to revolutionize your small space, then this is just the product for you.

The 24-inch blades of this outdoor ceiling fans with metal blades, blow the right amount of air. This fan has a low hanging point as it hangs only 13 inches from the ceiling.

In short, this fan is best for your small patio or terrace.

Plus, its steel finish gives a contemporary touch. To customize the look of your outdoor space you can select a finish style form the three options available.

Unlike other ordinary small outdoor ceiling fans, this is ULC and UL approved.

5. Craftmade CAV52ABZ5LK Cavalier

Craftmade CAV52ABZ5LK Cavalier

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Some of you might be looking for the best outdoor ceiling fans with lights, as you intend to have cozy and cool evenings under the sky.

This particular project is one of the outside ceiling fans with lights, in order words, it’s a two in one deal.

The elegant artistry and the overall medieval design of this fan make it the centerpiece inside and out. It adds a level of sophistication and warmth to space.

This fan is made of five blades and a candelabrum which is enclosed in a hammered and clear glass.

This best outdoor ceiling fan is actually an outdoor ceiling fan with lights and remote.

Did I mention that the lights are dimmable?

6. Casablanca 59527 Heritage

Casablanca 59527 HeritageBuy on Amazon

Next up we have an outdoor ceiling fan no light, but this doesn’t affect the fact that this piece is a classic that it can add elegance to any space.

This antiqued styled fan is actually a waterproof ceiling fan. It has ELC wet listing.

Its esteemed five antique blades and bronze finish makes it the best choice for adding a traditional look to the outdoor space.

So hang it outdoor or indoor, this vintage piece will not disappoint you.

Unlike other outdoor ceiling fans with remote control, this one has a pull chain. you can increase the speed of the fan by pulling on the chain.

You can also reverse the fan from the switch manufactured on the motor.

7. Fanimation Cancun WetFanimation Cancun Wet

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One of the major buys in big outdoor ceiling fans is this product by Fanimation.

This 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan has bamboo blades that are woven and it has a bronze finish. Together these features make this ceiling fan like nonother.

As a member of the best rated outdoor ceiling fans, it has a wet-listing. This feature makes it suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments.

This is also one of the outdoor ceiling fans with lights. So you can use it to light up the room.

It is compatible with ceilings that are low and can be ordered in a white matte finish. Thus this isn’t any ordinary fan, this fan will glam up the outdoor space.

8. Hunter Sea WindHunter Sea Wind

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Not only is this one of the outdoor wet rated ceiling fans but is also a hugger.

Hugger term is actually used to refer to fans that mount flush to ceilings. Such fans are also referred to as low-profile fans.

They are ideal for spaces that have low ceilings, as it hangs only nine and a half inches from the ceilings.

This fan has been quite popular out of all outdoor metal ceiling fans. It has ETL approval for damp places.

The pull-chain on this best outdoor ceiling fan can speed up the fan up-to three levels.

So utilize this fan in any compact space and you will not be disappointed.

You can also check out hunter outdoor ceiling fans with light, online and get amazing deals.

9. Matthews DG-TB-MTL

Matthews DG-TB-MTL

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This double blade ceiling fan by Matthews will add an extra edge to any room.

Plus, this is one of the best outdoor ceiling fans with led lights. You can use it to brighten up any area.

When searching for outdoor fans with lights you will definitely encounter some products by Matthews. Thanks to their innovative engineering and artistic designs consumers have been getting the best indoor outdoor ceiling fans with lights.

This model comes with a variety of down rod sizes. So you can select the one that suits your needs.

Furthermore, Matthews produces the best outdoor ceiling fans with metal blades. This product is a perfect example of a quality fan with metal blades and light.

10. HURRICANE 736503 Classic 

HURRICANE 736503 Classic

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Continuing the streak of presenting different types of best outdoor ceiling fans we have one of the best outdoor plug in ceiling fans.

This product is a classic.

It has a 16-inch diameter and offers a full 90 degrees of oscillating angles.

You can use the two pull cords to control speed and rotation of this popular brand of outdoor plug in ceiling fans.

Plus, this model has a very durable neck support and a 60-inch long cord.

For those of you have are just in search of simple and cheap outdoor ceiling fans, this is the right call.

11. Minka-Aire F571-ORB Sundance

Minka-Aire F571-ORB Sundance


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One of the most popular outdoor wet rated ceiling fans is this fan by Minka-Aire. So if you have been in search of a fan for an area that is usually wet then this is the perfect product for you.

The dark oak on this wet location ceiling fan is all-weather resistant. Together with the bronze finish, the fan looks beautiful.

It would be an excellent addition to your patio, gazebo or porch.

In case you have a screened porch, this would be the perfect addition as it would complement the porch.

This fan has an amazing 3,428 CFM rating and a 42-inch blade span.

12. Savoy House 52-EOF-5MB-FB

Savoy House 52-EOF-5MB-FB

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One of the most prominent positions to install a fan outside is the carport.

This we have included a fan that would be a great match with any carport.

This 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan has a UL wet listing and a huge blade span. Together these features make it the perfect item.

With three available finish options available you can select anyone that you prefer.

13. Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne

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While there are a variety of fans available for all types of sunroom styles, this fan by Hunter is most certainly one of the top choices.

Not only does this fan have a UL damp rating, but also an amazing 6,239 CFM rating.

Plus, the light on this fan is lantern-style. This style further enhances the look of the fan.

It also has five pine blades and a weathered motor house.

All in all, it can beautify any sunroom.


The best fan, of course, is the one that will complement your needs and space. You can also check out lowes outdoor ceiling fans and go through some of the best fans available.
When selecting an item make sure that its UL Listed, this means that its water and weatherproof.


With such an amazing list at your disposal take the initiative and make the right call by the select one of these masterpieces.

These fans will not only keep the space breezy but also add to the decor.

So get purchasing.

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