The essentials for a working women – These tools will assist you

These tools will keep your mind at ease and your kids busy throughout the day

Is your mind always wondering what your kid is doing while you’re at work? Are you worried that your kids are spending way too much time on the devices?

Your worries and insecurities are justified. You want the best for your kid and while you’re working you can’t pay full attention to your child.

There are different ways that you can go about it. Different situations will require different solution but the ultimate goal of all these tools is to assist the working women in the long run.

We have incorporated essential tools for kids of all ages, see below:

1. Surveillance

This was obviously going to be on are list. This is the first and foremost tool that any working women requires.

Being a young mom can be extremely troublesome and if you’re a working woman with the responsibilities of the house on your head, it’s even worse. Keeping an eye on your kids no matter what age they are in, is extremely significant. You keep your eyes off them for a minute and here comes trouble to greet you! We realize how important the best baby monitor must be in your life. Moreover, if you have multiple children in your house, you’ll definitely be in need of the best baby monitor for two rooms.

You can read all about baby monitors for two rooms right here.

The best one so far that has amazing feedback is Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

This product comes with amazing features like: wide angled lens, long battery and displays sharp images.

2. Play Mat

One of the most important and basic accessory for an infant is the best baby foam play mat. Baby foam play mats perform multiple functions. Baby mats / rugs keep your child safe from any sort of harmful substances usually found on the floor.

It also provides crawling space free of any kind of hazards of bruising. Baby mats also improve various skills thanks to their intricate details and color schemes. There is variety of baby foam play mats that the market has to offer.

Read up to get to know about the best play mats available in the market.

3. Trampolines

When your baby turns into a toddler they get more energized and curious about the world and they need more space and activities to do. Enclosed trampoline for toddlers is your best bet to have your toddler enjoy and discover themselves more.

Instead of having them fixed on devices all throughout the day you, can install a trampoline and get them busy.

Our top picks for small trampoline for toddlers are at your disposal.

We would recommend purchasing Monxter XT9

This trampoline has about a 3 inches diameter made of thick walls and can accommodate weight up to 420lbs.

4. Creativity

The best way to enhance your kids mental skills while indulging them in healthy activities is to get them involved in tools that develop their skills.

We have shortlisted two devices that are loved by kids all over the world.

Currently the most popular musical instrument in the world is an electric guitar. We will give you a list of the top trending and reviews of the best electric guitars under 300 that are available in the market right here.

On top of the list we have Fender FA 125CE.

This is one of the easiest electric guitars to play. And what’s more is that it comes with an instructional video with guitar lessons. You also get hands-on exercises and learning paths for your preferences and skills.

So by the end of the summer your kid would be playing some tunes on the electric guitar.

Another device that you can gift your kid is a DSLR camera. With the internet filled with tutorials for taking good pictures and editing them your kid will have mastered the DSLR in no time.

In case you have no idea where to look for a good camera you can read this article. DSLR Camera with Flip Screen Out of all the options Canon EOS 4000D

will surely appeal your kid.

You can also get your kid a camcorder that they can use to recorder special moments. As budget is vital components thus we have some options for you to choice from. You can make a selection according to the price range that suits you the most:

  1. 4K Camcorder Under $500
  2. Camcorder Under $300

As a working mom you might feel like you aren’t always there for your kid but it isn’t ideal to guilt trap yourself. You have your reason for working and if you use the right set of tools your work might get cut out for.

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