We at Sparrow Surf prioritize education, after all it’s the intellectual people that are driving the world. If we get to contribute in driving such passionate individuals then that for us is a win. To help those in need we have come up with an innovative idea to contribute. Students majoring in fields like interior designing, travel and tourism and other relevant technical fields can avail this once in a lifetime opportunity. What is the hype about? This scholarship is available for students of college and universities. Regardless of with ever state you are in or whichever institute you study in. We aren’t biased, thus you can approach us and we wouldn’t turn you down.

How to apply? In order to apply you will have to download the Sparrow Surf Scholarship (SSS) application. On filling the form you have to submit it along with other required documentation. List of documentation required:

How will a candidate be judged? We at Compare Get value caliber. To judge and help us decide we look at your; grades, financial status, potential and character. We are always here to handle any query that you might have, so feel free to contact us at: