Power Line Adapters

Power Line Adapters

Last updated on June 4th, 2021

Powerline adapters can be good for gaming. In all honesty, the answer is – it depends. The reason for this is because you first need to consider what problem or issue you are aiming to solve with a powerline adapter. It may be that a powerline adapter is the best choice for your needs, or it may work out that a powerline adapter will not really be of much use for what you need to deal with. 

A powerline adapter is especially good for providing a better ‘throughput’ as well as ensuring there is less latency. It will also be less prone to interference and provides a more stable performance when compared with that of other options such as Wi-Fi In terms of gaming, this can certainly be very attractive as you will obviously want a stable connection that does not get interrupted or slow down whilst in use. 

It is worth noting that you may well find other fixes that will work better, and so you may want to try these first before you invest in a powerline adapter. For example, the fix may even be as simple as moving your router.

If you are in an apartment or a palace where it can be difficult for connection to travel (think thick walls and lots of corners) then you may find that the router struggles to reach rooms that are far away. Consider moving your router, or even moving your console or laptop to be nearer the router. 

If you still decide that a powerline adapter is the best option for you, then we highly recommend that you do some research into what sort of powerline adapter would be best suited for your needs these needs may vary depending on your internet speed and how bad the issue is).

We recommend buying the best powerline adapter that you can afford. This is not the time for scrimping and saving, especially since they are so cost effective in terms of electric usage!

Are Powerline adapters better than Ethernet?

The answer to whether powerline adapters are better than ethernet truly depends on a number of factors. For example, they are far easier to install since all they require is plugging in. This is in comparison to an ethernet set up which can be a costly and time consuming installation, especially if you live in a home that is particularly difficult in terms of structure. 

By this, we mean that brick walls, hard plaster, and cinder blocks can all be difficult to install ethernet in. This is especially true if you are in a rental property since you will likely not have the budget or be allowed to install ethernet. 

In terms of how well they both work, you will likely find that both are competent in dealing with your needs. However, this may depend on what exactly the issue is and why you want a boost in the first place. In truth, our best advice would be to research exactly what would be best for your needs, since they can vary greatly from person to person. 

Do Powerline adapters use a lot of electricity?

No! We are happy to report that powerline adapters do not use a lot of electricity. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They use an impressively low amount of electricity, making them a very attractive option for homeowners looking to cut down their electricity bill! 

The fact that they use such little electricity can, of course, have a dramatic effect on how much electricity you will use in your home and the overall cost of this electricity. It’s pretty simple; the less electricity you use, the less it will cost you. Likewise, the more electricity that you are using, the more you will have to pay your electricity company! 

In terms of figures, it is thought that a powerline adapter can use as little as 2 watts (W) of electricity to run. This means that the estimated cost to run the powerline adapter per day can be as little as $0.0027. Over a year, this works out as just under $1! Crazy, right? Improving your connectivity does not have to be expensive, by any means, and the cost of a powerline adapter just proves that!

Of course, these figures are just an average and may depend on your particular electrical company or provider, as well as the powerline adapter that you are using (some may need more electricity to power them than others). 

Do Powerline adapters reduce ping?

A powerline adapter is certainly capable of reducing ping. That being said, this does depend on a number of external factors within your home or office. How well they perform in terms of reducing ping will depend on the structure of the home, where inside the home the electric wiring is located, and also how good the quality of this electric wiring is. 

You may well find that a powerline adapter gives amazing results, lowering ping whilst also improving the connection. It can be as fast as plugging your gaming console or laptop directly into the wifi router. However, other users may find the opposite. The reason for this is because of those external factors we discussed. 

It is also worth noting that you cannot expect to buy the cheapest powerline adapter on the market and get good results. It is worth investing in a good brand to ensure you get the results you desire. 

You may also want to consider other factors that can be affecting your pings such as your location, the speed at which your internet runs, the bandwidth, and any issues with the provider. With this in mind, whilst a powerline adapter is certainly capable of reducing ping, you should also seek out other issues that may be interfering.

As well as this, you should also bear in mind that a reduced ping is not guaranteed, no matter how good of a power line adapter you buy.