Top 5 best metal detector for coins – Buying Guide 2021

metal detector for coins

Last updated on February 27th, 2021

Do you like metal detecting? Whether it’s your profession or hobby. You must be looking for best metal detector for coins and metals. Like every other buyer, you must be confused with available options. There are plenty of best metal detector for coins available in the market with different features and price ranges.

We have compiled the list of top 5 best metal detector for coins after comprehensive research and on the basis of reviews by customers. To ease your problem the pros and of cons of the products are also discussed. So there is no need to waste time on searching on the internet or wondering in the market. All you need is to just go through this article and at the end you will be able to customize your decision.

Factors need to be considered:


Weight of the gadget plays important in metal detection. The heavier the detectors is, more quickly you will get tired. Adjustable ergonomics and hip mounted detectors are good for this purpose.

Coil size:

When the size of the coil is bigger or too small, it will affect the overall performance of the device. All you need is the medium sized coil for accurate results. Large size coils are only fruitful when you are looking for deeply metals like gold but in the case of coins, medium size coil is perfect.

Ground balance:

One of most feature of metal detectors is ground balance, without ground balance you won’t get desired results, Adjustable ground balancing will save your time and efforts by automatically sensing the type of ground.

Top 5 best metal detector for coins

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
☞Search coil is submersible

☞Multipurpose metal sensing

☞Affordable and durable
4.1 Check Price

☞Water resistant coil

☞Five modes of search

☞Scale of 1 to 100
4.7 Check Price

White's Spectra V3i HP Metal Detector
☞High contrast LCD

☞Affordable and durable

☞Specialized for coin detecting
4.7 Check Price

Fisher Labs F75 Metal Detector
☞Efficient ground balancing

☞Enhanced depth search

☞High resolution LCD screen
4.0 Check Price

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector


☞Light weight
4.5 Check Price

1. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

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Let’s start our review with a masterpiece by Garrett, the Garrett AT Pro comes with 11 inch search coil which is completely water resistant. The best coin metal detector is large in size hence covers more surface area to alert you about the coins.

You will get exceptional ground balancing with this best all round metal detector, because coins are dropped at variety of spots. It has dual options for automatic and manual settings to select, according to your requirement.

The best metal detector for gold and coins has target scale from 1 to 100 to facilitate you without worrying about digging. Garrett AT Pro enables you with the frequency of 15 kHz, which is standard of Garrett devices. To ignore tin foil it has coin detector filter which can be selected from 1 to 40 levels.

The dimensions of this best metal detectors for coins and jewelry are 21.3 x 14.4 x 8.7 inches and weight is only 3.4 lbs. The power supply is provided with 4 AA batteries so there is no need to worry about power. Due to these features AT pro is considered deepest metal detector for coins.


  • Comes with exceptional ground balancing
  • Search coil is submersible
  • Pre-loaded Garratt’s Pro-pointer AT
  • Multipurpose metal sensing
  • Provided with depth indicator and scale for target
  • Affordable and durable


  • Brightness is not enough to be used in bright sun
What customer says

Chris says: “excellent device. Works extraordinary. Simple to utilize once you get the sounds and tones down it makes things straightforward. I was down in Tennessee and found a few ancient respectful war bullets on my brothers arrive one of which was approximately 7 ” profound.”

2. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

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Let me show another extra ordinary product by Garrett, as they are familiar for quality devices, ACE 300 is another budget king metal detector. It is equally good for beginners and experts, and regarded as best metal detector on the market.

The measurements of this best metal detector for treasure hunting are 7x 10inches.,which are enough for depth search.

You will be provided five levels, 8 kHz frequency and adjustable settings to select, by just pressing a button you can turn on the search mode and enjoy your activity. The search mode includes jewelry, custom, relics, coins and iron which makes it best metal detector under 500.

The scale of 1 to 100 allows you to locate the target according to metal, the iron is low frequency metal so it’s at the lower level on the scale and coins are the middle way due to their frequency. The weight of best metal detector for the money is only 2.9 lbs. and measurements are 22x11x6 inches.


  • Five modes of search
  • Water resistant coil
  • Comes with Indicator for depth
  • Light in weight and affordable
  • Scale of 1 to 100


  • Quite simple features for expert detectors
  • Missing volume control
What customer says

Ambar says: “I acquired this as a gift for my life partner to supplant his broken Garrett Ace250. He cherishes this machine! Exceptionally simple to use/understand interface. Pleasant clean see. He says the handle/armrest is more comfortable than the Expert. This Fisher 22 encompasses a much superior volume control than the Pro. Tragically it does not have a illuminated screen but it gets 5 stars besides.”

3. White’s Spectra V3i HP Metal Detector

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Looking for coin specialist metal detector?

White’s Spectra V3i HP could be life saver for you in this case, it’s specially designed to find out the coins. It is one of the top rated metal detectors that comes with bundle of features to solve your problems let’s look at few of them.

The top of the line metal detector comes with LCD display screen with high contrast which will minimize the screen glare, you will get a lot of information about your target on the screen.

The depth indicators will help you to estimate the accurate depth of your target spot.

You can select any of frequency from low to high (according to metal) with this best metal detector for deep coins, like if you are looking or zinc coins, you can set the frequency level high and enjoy your operation.

The three preloaded frequency levels will also help, like you can select any of “2.6Hz for silver, 7.2Hz for normal use, and 21.2 Hz for gold”. White’s Spectra V3i HP provides you excellent ground balancing with “soil type select” feature.

This coin finder metal detectors also has 10” DD coil which is solid and can go extreme depth levels. You will be provided wireless headphones to hear “all metal” voice notes and other sounds. The operation of best metal detector for gold is quite simple and easy that’s why it is recommended by most of experts. Weight of White’s Spectra V3i HP is also perfect like it weighs only 4 lbs with automatic ergonomics and battery which can be easily charged.


  • Specialized for coin detecting
  • Ten pre-loaded modes for hunting
  • 3 levels of frequencies
  • High contrast LCD
  • Affordable and durable


  • Too difficult to operate for beginners
What customer says

Janice says:

“I’m a beginner and chosen this finder. Truly like all the highlights this device gives you for the cost, counting the essential embellishments. It’s a learning bend on the score separation settings, but like I said I’m a beginner. The built-in pinpoint include is brilliant and so distant, no require for an extra handheld pinpoint unit.”

4. Fisher Labs F75 Metal Detector

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Fisher Company is well known in the detectorist world and F75 is most favorite product of all the experts.

You will get five modes with this best metal detectors for beginners, which are “DE (default), JE (jewelry), BC (bottle cap) and PF (ploughed field), CI (cache locating) and BP which is sensitivity booster and specialized for depth search”.

The automatic ground balancing of best inexpensive metal detector make sure detection of every metal, you can select numeric target ranges from 0 to 99.

With three search modes, you can select any of coin, silver and gold with accurate search up to 14-16 inches using this best metal detector on the market. The weight of device is 4.8 pounds and it comes with 4 AA batteries.

In case you are looking for gold hoards, the “static metal mode” will help you, but the “all metal” mode is equally good for all types of metals and coins.


  • Efficient ground balancing
  • Enhanced depth search
  • High resolution LCD screen
  • Audio assistance to guide you
  • Affordable and inexpensive


  • Little bit tricky to operate
  • Heavier than other models
What customer says

“I am exceptionally satisfied with this F75! I’ve as it were got a couple of hours in running it, and am learning bend however, but as of now it is beating my other finders by distant! I’m getting clearer to get it signals on what is within the ground some time recently burrowing, indeed asign on how profound it likely is. I truly preferred the compact light weight of my Tesoro Vaquero, but my hearing is compounding and I’m lost a few of the prompts it gives through the sounds it makes, indeed with earphones.”

5. Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

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The last product of our list is price efficient product with plenty of features, Teknetics Delta 4000 comes with large coil of 11 inch to facilitate you with deeper search. You can select any of 8 sensitivity levels from four to eight according to your requirements.

The discrimination mode which avoids iron can give you specific result and if you want to ignore another metal, that’s also easy just like piece of cake.

You will be provided target ID number to show your findings and manual is needed to check the reference of metal. The maximum depth you can reach is 8 inches with precise results. You will get 9V battery and the weight of best coin metal detector is only 2.3 pounds.


  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Easy identification of target
  • Depth indication
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Light weight


  • Sometimes not enough to identify silver and gold
What customer says

John says: “I am in adore with this Locator way as well numerous highlights to conversation almost. In the event that you’re considering of buying a finder halt looking this one is the finest on the advertise nowadays”


As you have studied comprehensive review on best metal detector for coins, we choosed these products on the basis of their weight, depth modes, ground balancing, price and reviews by customer. As a buyer all the necessary details including pros and cons are enough to make decision. Now all you need is to look at your requirements and order your device. So stop waiting and place your order to get discounted prices!


All of the above devices are perfect for metal detection but according to customer’s reviews Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector is considered best.
The depth indication, weight and search modes are the parameters which makes a good metal detector.
White's Spectra V3i HP Metal Detector is considered the best metal detectors for finding coins due extraordinary features and excellent performance.
Garrett AT PRO Metal Detector is multipurpose device and regarded as the best metal detector for coins and jewelry.
Yes metal detectors can find coins, every metal detector from $40 to 12000$ is able to detect metals without digging the ground.
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector has best depth than the competitors moreover the results are more accurate than other metal detectors.

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