Is x470 Motherboard Better Than b450?

x470 Motherboard

Last updated on February 27th, 2021

Now, for the commonplace computer user, whether the X470 is better than the B450 is not something that is going to keep you awake at night. However, for a hard-core user or dedicated gamer, this will be a burning question and a buying choice that you really want to get right.


In order to understand what we are talking about here, it’s not so much the actual motherboard itself but what is called a chipset. Chipsets are the components that determine functionality and therefore any mobo that has either X470 or B450 will contain that specific chipset and therefore possess the functionalities connected with those chipsets.

In terms of which mobo is better is a question which is rather more complex than it appears to be. The reality is, you should ask yourself what it really is that you will be using it for, the rate of usage and what you need the mobo to do. As mentioned, it is the chipset that determines the functionality as opposed to the actual casing.

Because each chipset can do different things and is for a different purpose, the motherboard casing will reflect those differing capacities


For dedicated gamers, you know that you will be seriously looking to overclock. For those unfamiliar with this term, this means that the user looks to increase the clock rate over and above the manufacturing spec. 

The practice of overclocking greatly increases the speed and therefore is highly desirable. If this is something you know you want or need to do, a X470 is definitely the chipset for you and therefore the mobo you should get. If you are reading this and have no idea what overclocking is then the X470 is almost certainly not for you. 


For gamers considering an X470 over a more expensive board, the extra multi-GPU support available for the X470 is excellent.  This is certainly not available for the B450 so if this is a feature you need, the B450 should not be amongst the mobos you are considering buying.

Additional Features

Also, in terms of additional USB ports, the X470 offers far more than the B450 so buying a B450 could leave you seriously frustrated. The X470 also has higher VRM, multiple fan heads, and numerous SATA slots. It is a fabulous option, there are a great range of options and will probably fit right into your price range for what you expect to get functionality wise. For an insight into the best X470 mobos available,
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Back to the B450. These boards can be great if you do not need all the options for the functionality mentioned above. If you just need a board to do its mobo job, the B450 is usually a little cheaper than the X470, and let’s face it, there is no point paying for functionality and features you are never going to have.

That said, you may not want all of those things but beware of the teenagers in your house! If you have a super-duper computer they have their eyes on and you are discussing new motherboards casually over dinner one night, they may try to persuade you that you have no choice other than to buy an X470 motherboard. Now that you have read this article, you will now what they are up to!