Do Smart TVs Have Built-In WIFI?

Do Smart TVs Have Built-In WIFI?

Last updated on June 4th, 2021

With technologies advancing and developing faster than most of us can keep up with, it is completely normal to be a little lost when it comes to the newer gadgets or tech capabilities, so if that is the case for you then you’re reading the right article! 

Smart TVs in particular have become incredibly popular, and they are now practically the standard for every home, with normal TVs becoming outdated. Basically, with a smart TV, you can watch tv channels as usual, but you can also connect to the internet and browse through interactive apps and websites.

This means that with a smart TV you can stream music and videos, and you can use popular apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, and many more so that you can watch the content directly on your TV instead of having to connect through a computer or smartphone. 

Essentially, a smart TV is a TV that can connect to the internet, and therefore you can do way more things with it and stream content directly from the internet, on your TV screen! 

But how does that work? If they connect to the internet, does that mean that all smart TVs have built-in WIFI? The answer is yes. As in, all smart TVs have the built-in capability to connect to the WIFI of a nearby router.

The smart TV won’t inherently have an internet connection by itself, but it can connect to the WIFI of your home, or could even connect to the data of your smartphone if you decide to hotspot and share it as a WIFI connection. 

How to connect your smart TV to the internet: 

As soon as your smart TV is connected to your home’s WIFI, it has full access to the internet and can use the streaming platforms and various web apps in order to provide you with limitless entertainment! (So you no longer depend on having to watch whatever the TV channels are showing, because you can browse and pick from other platforms!) 

But how exactly does this WIFI connection work, and how do you do it? Well, if you’re trying to connect the built-in WIFI of your smart TV to the WIFI router you have installed in your house, there are two main ways of going about it: 

Forming a wireless connection: 

As smart TVs have a built-in WIFI capability, so they all come with a wireless adapter which will allow them to find and connect to the WIFI signal of nearby routers, in order to access the internet. This is by far the easiest way to connect your smart TV to the internet, and making use of the built-in WIFI is very simple and very fast to set up. 

Each smart TV might have a slightly different process and way of going about the WIFI connection, but on average, these are the general steps that you should follow in order to complete the wireless connection: 

  1. Go to the menu on your smart TV. Usually, there will be a menu button on the remote control, so you can press this and it will take you there. 
  2. Go to the network settings, and choose the option to set up a wireless connection or to connect to the WIFI. 
  3. Select the appropriate WIFI connection. If there is more than one available, make sure you are choosing the one belonging to your home. (You might be able to identify it by the name you chose for it, but otherwise check the bottom of the router box for the unique code name that it comes with!) 
  4. After you’ve selected the right WIFI signal, it will ask for the password. Insert the password you established for your WIFI, or check the assigned password on the bottom of the router box. 

Plugging into your WIFI router: 

If you’re having trouble connecting your smart TV to the WIFI through a wireless connection, or you simply want to establish a more reliable and stronger connection, then the other option is to connect your smart TV directly to the WIFI router, through the use of an Ethernet cable. 

If you do this, the connection will be a lot faster than the wireless option, so it’s quite common for gamers or for those that stream a lot of content to use this method! Here is how you should connect the smart TV to the router: 

  1. Start by identifying the Ethernet cable port on your smart TV. Usually, the port will be placed on the back, on the side, or underneath. 
  2. Next, use an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the smart TV. For this, the router will likely have to be placed quite near the TV, to make things easier. You should also try to place the cable so that it is hidden, and so that nobody is going to trip over it or accidentally pull on it. 
  3. Once the cable is connected and sorted, go to the menu on your smart TV. You should be able to easily access the menu by pressing a menu button on the remote control. 
  4. Go to the network settings and press the option to enable wired internet. 
  5. It will automatically show that your TV is connected to the router, but it will probably ask you for the WIFI password, so insert that! 

How do I pair my iPhone with my Smart TV? 

Another possibility with smart TVs is to pair your iPhone (or another type of phone) so that you can visualize the phone’s screen, and whatever you are playing on it, on the TV screen. 

To do this, there are two different methods: 

Through cable:

This is a fairly simple method, as you simply have to use the right type of cable to connect your iPhone to the HDMI port on your smart TV! If your iPhone is relatively new, you might need an adaptor in order to use a cable. 

Wireless pairing: 

This is the most convenient method. Make sure both your smart TV and your iPhone are connected to the same WIFI network. Then, simply press the AirPlay button on your phone in order to share the screen, and you will now see your phone’s content on the TV screen!