Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero gravity chair in nature

Last updated on February 18th, 2021

Zero gravity chairs have been specially designed to reduce pressure on ribcage and spine as well as alleviate muscle tension and stress.

They have received this nomenclature as they can mimic gravity defying dynamics for providing best relaxing comfort.

These chairs are constructed by following a special mechanism which assist with equal distribution of body weight so that no pressure gets built-in any particular region.

This in turn causes a feeling of weightlessness which is necessary for experiencing relaxation and comfort in a stress-free manner.

Zero gravity recliners can impart adequate comfort to your neck, back as well as entire body while improving the level of blood circulation.

Thus, you can very well understand the role of gravity defying chairs not only for guaranteeing fun and comfort but also for catering to your health metrics.

Today, we are going to take a look at top ten zero gravity chairs as well as the things to consider before purchasing the same.

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You need to enquire whether the zero-gravity chair purchased by you can be folded and carried around. This can prove to be especially helpful if you wish to relax inside your house or by the pool.

This attribute can also keep your back while you hit the beach or go camping as a heavy chair can’t help you much in being moved around singlehandedly.

You also need to enquire whether a case or carrying cart will be required to move it around.


While some people like to spread out their arms while relaxing, others might have different preferences.

You need to understand which category you fall under and that will determine the type of armrest you need in your zero-gravity chair.

If having an armrest becomes an absolute must for you, then it becomes necessary to further enquire about the models which have padded armrests as well as the ones which don’t.

At the end of the day this depends completely on your personal preference which needs to be aligned with your purchase decision for reaping most benefits out of the same.


You can enhance the oomph factor of your indoor as well as outdoor environment by bringing home aesthetically appealing chairs.

Whether the recliner design is simple or elegant is completely your prerogative and in most of the cases determined by the fabric.

However, in this case you will have to consider whether you can maintain the same easily by ensuring that it does not soak water or absorb much heat when kept outdoors.

Otherwise it might succumb to mildew attack or fading colors causing the recliner to get lacklustre within a span of just few days.


While deciding on the recliner model, you need to enquire whether you wish to bring home an adjustable model or not.

A variety of locking mechanisms and reclining positions are provided by adjustable chairs having adjustable headrests.

The ideal zero gravity chair will provide you with the option of choosing its end functionality so that you get to experience the best of comfort as well as versatility at one go.


Chair budget serves as one of the most important considerations while searching for a zero-gravity recliner.

Since the prices of these chairs vary across models, brand and manufacturer, it becomes imperative to consider the end features which you are getting in return of the money spent.

Usually chairs having additional features are costlier than the ones having standard features.

Cheaper chairs also rank below the pricey ones in the department of durability and can further accentuate your back and muscle problems over time.


The sturdiness of the chair is determined by its frame.

While the end selection depends on your particular taste, people usually prefer steel since they can be adjusted easily while ushering in the required degree of portability.

However, a plethora of other frames are also available in the market and you need to take the purchase call after considering the outdoor and indoor décor as well as your personal preference.

Use Frequency

If you are thinking of using this chair on a daily basis, then you need to go ahead with a sturdy and ergonomic model.

However, you also need to have a clear notion about the availability of spare parts if the requirement for the same arises.


The level of your comfort as well as the end experience is determined to a great extent by the size of the zero-gravity chair.

Most of the recliners are deigned to suffice people above 5’7 frames making them ideal for average heighted people.

However, if you are extremely tall, short or bulky, then you need to carry out adequate research before zeroing on the model which can cater to your requirements.

This is extremely important as an uncomfortable chair can cause you more harm than good both in the short and long run.

Headrest & Cushion

When the question of comfort arises, headrest and cushion serve as the foremost points of discussion.

Thus, you need to check the cushion and headrest quality before bringing home a zero-gravity recliner.


This feature becomes an absolute must for zero gravity chairs meant for outdoor use so that you can fold it easily while travelling.


Zero gravity chairs are supplied by most of the manufacturers in a diverse array of color and style options.

While a tan and wood number can render a suave and sophisticated look for taking your lounge decoration a notch higher, the traditional white, plain black or silver recliner can usher in greater functionality in comparison to style.

Color can serve as a focal point of your decision making especially if you wish to match the exterior and interior décor with the chairs.

1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Recliner 

Camping can serve as a great means of enjoying outdoor activities without having to necessarily sacrifice on the comfort factor.

And even if you are not in the mood for camping, you can utilise this outdoor adjustable chair for making the most of the natural world outdoors.

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity lounge chair can offer you with a comfortable resting place while keeping you off the cold and damp ground while you bask in the serenity of mother nature.

Whether you are telling stories around the campfire or waiting for a fish to take your bait, this patio lounge chair can keep you well supported at all times.

Weight Capacity

While searching for an extra wide zero gravity lounger we wish to bring home a model which can cater to all our requirements with its stellar capacity and size.

Wider seating area is a common feature of the extra-large zero gravity chairs which are a class apart in comparison to the standard models.

The padded chair from Timber Ridge Zero Gravity can sustain the maximum weight capacity of 350 pound which surely comes in as a pleasant surprise given the fact that most of its peers can cater to a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a sturdy and strong extra wide zero gravity chair, then the Timber Ridge model can serve as your ideal pick especially when compared to its peer XL variations having lesser weight capacities.

It is imperative to note here that while the Blue and Earth variations of the chair can sustain maximum 350 pounds of weight, the camouflage version can cater to a maximum weight retention of 300 pounds.


While most oversized chairs are being made available in the same old shade of black, this contemporary model is bound to catch your eye from the very first instance.

The multi tonal design helps this patio lounge chair in standing out from its peers.

Its padded seating area and wooden armrests also come in as a delightful addition since this feature is not very popular amongst its peer models.

Coupled with such attributes, the comfort provided by this zero-gravity recliner is much superior that the one provided by its peer Textilene style outdoor zero gravity loungers.

Main Features

The adjustable reclining position of this chair ensures its proper leveling thus making it the ideal option for being used outdoors.

The steel tube which goes into its construction imparts adequate durability to the Timber Ridge beauty while the polyester fabric ensures that it can stand the test of time in a hassle-free manner.

The foldable chair having a seat width of 21.5 inches can be carried around easily while its compact sizes help in fitting the same in your vehicle.

A large cup holder can be attached to its right side using two small clamps which aids in positioning the locks into place.

The unique ergonomics of the patio lounge chair ensures that you can lay down comfortably on the same without succumbing to body aches.

Compared to the other outdoor chairs available in the market, the backrest height of the Timber Ridge recliner comes in as a delightful surprise as it wraps up people of all age and build in the arms of plush luxury.

Both the arm and backrest can be adjusted to different positions for filling up your comfort meter.


  • Extra seat padding provides exceptional comfort.
  • Strong and sturdy design can sustain up to 350 pounds of weight.
  • Large seat is perfect for taller or wider people looking out for some extra space to stretch their limbs while relaxing in the sun.
  • Wooden armrest and stylish seat design comes in as a welcoming change in comparison to the same old models. While the wooden armrests add extra personality, the accompanying cup holder offers a pleasant differentiation than most of the available products.
  • Well-padded chair to provide neck muscle massage and adequate back comfort.
  • Zero gravity chair can recline to a level which most of its users find suitable.


  • Needs to be folded up and stored indoors during bad weather conditions.

2. AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Chair

Have you ever wondered what your posture would be like if you didn’t have any weight or what can be the most neutral position for your legs, arms, neck and spine? Well you can find an answer to all these queries once you bring home the zero-gravity chair by AmazonBasics which stands out as a brilliant example of the top-notch branding strategy of Amazon.

They have come up with the bombastic combination of a popular product, reliable manufacturer and some unique features without crossing over the affordability threshold for winning the hearts of millions of users worldwide.


Whether you wish to spend some quality time lounging during outdoor and indoor events, this anti-gravity chair by AmazonBasics can keep your back at all times.

You can go for tailgating, camping and road trips while this dynamic chair which caters to all your requirements like an absolute pro.

One of the best things about this recliner is its portable build which makes it easy to be carried around.

You can also bid adieu to all concerns regarding its storage as this chair can be folded into a small and compact size for taking along to all your travel expeditions.

Weighing at just 16.5 pounds, this zero-gravity chair can be transported from one location to another effortlessly.


Weather resistant textilene fabric which goes into its composition helps in adding to the longevity of this dynamic model so that you can keep on using the same without having to undertake frequent replacements.

Apart from standing up to outdoor elements, the chair’s fabric does not retain heat and offers comfortable breathability which can serve you well on a hot summer morning.

You can relax without having to worry about the seating surface sticking to your skin even when the rising Celsius makes you sweat profusely.

You can take your pick amongst the three color options of black, burgundy, blue or beige to cater to your individual tastes and preferences.

Whether you are sitting upright or reclining, this zero gravity chair functions perfectly at all times making it the ideal option for being used at pool parties or while lounging outdoors.


You can now enjoy the feeling of absolute weightlessness and at any position or angle of your choice coupled with its zero-gravity mechanism.

This chair can also blend in easily with your patio lounge thus making its placement easy at anyplace in your house or even outdoors.

Its lightweight yet sturdy powder-coated steel frame imparts optimum durability to the AmazonBasics recliner which also features a double bungee support system running up from one side and down from the other to connect the fabric securely with the frame.

This chair can thus cater to people weighing up to 300 pounds without showing any signs of distress.

Maximum support and comfort is ensured by its gently contoured arm rests and padded headrest which can deliver you unbelievable comfort while gazing at the sunset on a winter afternoon.


  • Made using high grade Textilene fabric and powder coated steel frame which adds to its aesthetics as well as durability.
  • Can render support up to 300 pounds of weight making it the ideal choice for well-built men.
  • Comes in varying color shades for the user to take his pick.
  • Reclines to an almost horizontal position in a smooth fashion for the ultimate zero gravity experience.
  • Padded head rest helps with extra relaxation if you ever decide to take a short nap while breathing in fresh outdoor air.


  • It cannot be considered as a true premium model in comparison to its zero gravity peers.

3. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

If you are on the lookout for an affordable recliner having a simple design, then the Caravan can serve as the straightforward solution to all your outdoor reclining penchants.

At the end of the day, no one likes spending on a chair which is not adequately comfortable and cannot sustain the test of time.

You can however be completely assured about both these two factors while using the Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair.


The bungee cord which attaches the seat to the frame ensures that you can make the most out of those relaxing sessions.

You can even customize your experience coupled with its removable and adjustable lumbar support bar and headrest.

Breathable mesh material which goes into the construction of the chair’s back and seat guarantees an enticing experience every time you decide to take naps in the sun.

However, it is imperative to note here that the Caravan zero gravity chair has been specially designed to cater to the requirements of average and below average heighted people.

Thus, people above 5ft 11” might find it difficult to recline in this chair as their feet is bound to hang beyond the footrest bar. In such a scenario, they will be required to either bend their knees for reclining or undergo the painful sensation of the metal bar digging into their Achilles while trying to relax.

Portability& Durability

In spite of weighing 22 pounds, the oversized chair can be folded and transported easily to the barbeque, beach or a game area wherein you can just sit back and relax while basking in supreme comfort.

While being seated on this chair, you can recline to the desired position by placing your feet on the foot rest.

Once you have achieved the desired spot, you need to place a finger in the ring lock for pulling it down towards the ground.

The chair can again be unlocked by pulling the finger lock up towards the armrest.

The durable textilene fabric which is suspended on the powder coated steel frame by the double bungee system can sustain heavy-duty usage without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Set Up

Setting up the Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair seems like an absolute cakewalk since it operates more like a traditional metal folding chair.

You just need to pull both its sides apart and you are good to enjoy your leisure time under the sun.

Thus, if you are on the lookout for a chair which allows you to recline and take a nap, then the Caravan model can serve as your best bet.


  • Oversized recliner which can support up to 330 pounds of weight making it the ideal choice for people on the lookout for more relaxing room.
  • New and improved fingertip locking system features rings which can be pulled down conveniently without having to fiddle with levers and knobs.
  • Crafted using Textilene fabric which is derived from PVC and polyester fibres. This premium material is resistant to the harmful UV rays and can thus be used for long without chances of falling apart or fading away easily.
  • Accompanied with a 60-day warranty against all manufacturing defects.
  • This versatile chair reduces back pressure and elevates legs for stimulating the feel of a gravity-free environment experienced by space astronauts.
  • Adjustable headrest providing additional comfort can also be used for imparting adequate lumbar support. You will just have to slide the padded pillow along its frame back for identifying the position which can cater to your requirements in the best possible manner.


  • Accessory tray has to be purchased separately.

4. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

The Best Choice Products brand never fails to delight us with its premium grade offerings and the latest zero gravity chair also stands true to this general consensus.

This recliner can provide portable comfort without crossing over the affordability threshold.

You can make use of this recliner during camping trips, backyard parties, at reflexology offices and salons as they emulate the experience of weightlessness while rendering full body support.

With endless usage possibilities, this zero-gravity chair by Best Choice Products has evolved into a top-rated product amongst the outdoor options.


The ergonomically designed chair made using replaceable and heavy-duty elastic cords which is held together by a double bungee suspension system helps in imparting adequate durability to the Best Choice Products patio chair.

The unique design conforms to your body shape for providing adequate comfort.

Its textilene fabric further adds to its lucrativeness as you can subject this versatile chair to heavy-duty usage round the clock without having to worry about any wear and tear.

You can glide easily to the zero gravity position from an upright one using its innovative seating dynamics which ushers in wellness benefits by mimicking gravity defying characteristics.

Both improvement in blood circulation and relaxation of muscles can be expected by reclining the backrest and elevating your legs which surely is one of the healthiest means of lounging.


Gone are the days when you had to get up every now and then from your relaxing posture for availing your newspapers, sunglasses or even a cup of hot coffee as the accompanying accessory tray can keep your back regarding the same seamlessly.

The detachable tray has been specially designed to feature a phone holder, two drink holders and a slot which is perfect for storing tablets, magazines as well as books.

You can take your pick amongst two different non-offensive color options which can easily blend in with your existing home aesthetics.

Its effortless folding mechanism further aids in its transportation and storage after usage.

The replaceable elastic cords and lockable reclining mechanism can adjust to your body shape and prevent violent jerks once you set the position and make the most of those laidback summer afternoons.


The all-weather compatible textilene fabric provides comfortable seating by reducing heat transfer even at the midst of summer.

This versatile fabric has been specially designed for eliminating mildew build-up as well as fading in its texture.

The UV resistant textilene fabric can render up to 80% protection against sun rays thus adding to its stellar durability.

Its coated steel frame can render fantastic support in spite of coming off as too heavy.

You can thus move it around easily to your destination spot and back under the storage shed without having to break a sweat.

This dynamic chair can cater to the maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds for catering to the requirements of well-built men.

It also comes in a pack of two which can help you in enjoying the blissful outdoor scenery in the company of your beloved friend.

These well-padded chairs feature an adjustable and removable headrest which further adds to its comfort meter.


  • Does not require any assembly.
  • Foldable and lightweight chair ranking highin the department of portability.
  • Offers adjustable comfort for lounging with its easy reclining mechanism as the elastic cord fits various body sizes.
  • Added convenience provided by detachable cup holder tray for holding magazines, drinks, phones, books, tablets and many more.
  • Dual chairs having a sturdy steel frame and crafted using UV-resistant mesh offers supreme durability.


  • Footrest distance might come off as too short for tall people.
  • The operational mechanism of cords cause them to slacken with time creating the requirement of frequent replacement.
  • Chair might get lacklustre when kept outdoors for long in rainy conditions.

5. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair

Bringing home the ideal zero gravity chair can prove to be an extremely tiresome affair as you need to strike the right cord of harmony between durability, strength and style.

At the end of a hectic day at work, our bodies yearn for relaxation to rejuvenate the tired and sore muscles and alleviating tension and stress.

A zero-gravity chair can serve as a resource-saving means of offering complete relaxation in such a scenario as it has been built to cater to your comfort requirements whether at home or in an outdoor location.

The reflexology chair by Ever Advanced has already garnered a niche for itself in the market of recliners with its dynamic functionalities.


This oversized recliner is crafted using high-end textilene fabric which can offer long lasting value for money.

You can keep the chair outdoors and carry on heavy-duty usage without having to worry about the reclining getting lacklustre soon enough.

The durable fabric doesn’t soak water so that you can stay all dry even after a splashing session by the pool.

It can also keep you cool on a scorching summer noon as the UV resistant fabric does not absorb heat which would otherwise have caused it to stick to your skin.

The powder coated steel frame of this oversized recliner from Ever Advanced is resistant to rust thus making it an ideal choice for being used at the poolside.

It can also render support to 350 pounds of weight for catering to people belonging to diverse height and weight segments.


Adjustable padded pillow offers complete head and neck support especially when you are thinking of taking a short nap.

You can also use the same for benefitting out of lumbar support if you wish to experience the feeling of weightlessness with this gravity defying chair.

Its breathable mesh area is accompanied with a replaceable elastic cord so that the chair can adapt easily with your body shape.

When full reclined, the chair length is 72” which can easily suffice big and tall structured men of up to 6’2” height.

The comfort meter further gets accentuated by the foldable side table which can help you in storing your drinks as well as books so that you can bask in the beauty of nature and read your favorite novels without having to get up time and again for fetching the same.


The fact that the chair does not require any assembly further adds up to its lure amongst users who can get the fun started whether by the poolside or next to the indoor fireplace exactly after bringing it home.

The locking mechanism of this recliner can be adjusted between different positions ranging from 0-170 degrees in accordance with your preference.

Dual fingertip design of the locking system further adds to its ease of use.

Once you are done using the same, you can fold the lounger easily for being stored in your garage or at the back of your car especially while returning from a camping trip.


  • Powder coated and weather-resistant steel frame adds to its durability even when left at the patio or by the poolside.
  • Can be folded and stored easily from one venue to another.
  • Dual fingertip locking mechanism helps in reclining the chair to a position which can suit your specific needs.
  • Adjustable headrest can be either used for head support or slid down for lumbar support.
  • Ergonomically designed to cater to big and tall men.


  • Might seem to be a little heavy for being transported single-handedly.

6. BestMassage Zero Gravity Chair

If you are a hard-core romantic whose day just doesn’t end without taking long walks in the beach by holding hands or engaging in candlelight dinner dates by your indoor fireplace, then you need to bring home a zero-gravity chair which can bring you as well as your partner closer and make you both feel more connected.

The BestMassage recliner comes in a pack of two and can serve your bill on those days whether you both wish to sit outside and watch the marvellous beauty of sunset or simply under an open sky counting the stars.

This can also serve as the ideal option for being used on those days when your partner is unwell and yearning for your constant company.


This bestselling reclining patio features a lockable mechanism which helps in adjusting your recline posture in accordance with your requirement.

This sturdy zero gravity recliner can cater to the maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds without metal straining or warping.

The premium weather resistant fabric which goes into the construction of this chair makes it ideal for being used in outdoor conditions.

Its highly-porous nature improves durability by minimizing sweating even when the mercury starts rising rhetorically.

The powder coated steel frame of this recliner can easily resist rust even when kept next to the poolside for long stretches of time.

In spite of ranking high in the department of durability, this recliner doesn’t come off as a bulky one. You can thus transport it easily from your home to the beach side.


It’s well-padded armrests and headrests can wrap you up in plush comfort as you stretch back and relax whether at the campsite or after a hectic day at work.

The fact that these black beauties can be expanded and folded in accordance with your requirements further add up to its allure.

The chair has been designed in such a way that it can adjust to various body shapes and sizes automatically coupled with the elastic cords.

A comfortable pillow which accompanies the chair can be adjusted via its back straps for rendering support to your neck or lumbar.

It can also be removed if you are on the lookout for more space.


The dual black recliners from BestMassage comes off as uber stylish and can blend in seamlessly with your backyard, poolside, garden or even patio.

While its steel tubular frames impart adequate level of sturdiness, the highly durable mesh body dries off quickly even when you crash on the same after an enjoyable pool session.

These recliners are extremely space efficient and can be stored in the garage or the back of your car once you are done with its usage.


  • Designed to usher in ultimate comfort for its users coupled with its adjustable head cushion
  • You do not get thrown back since enough pressure is given by this zero-gravity patio to keep your posture locked in to a place you prefer.
  • They come fully assembled so that you can get on with your relaxation drive exactly after unpacking these beauties.
  • Crafted with UV resistant materials which do not get lacklustre even when exposed to sunlight for long.
  • Easy to fold and carry around for stress-free transportation and storage.
  • Back deck makes it ideal for being used at the poolside.


  • Might come off as fairly narrow for people having broad shoulders or large hips.

7. Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

Can anything be more relaxing that crushing into the arms of plush comfort of a zero-gravity recliner for catering to your neck and back muscle problems after a hectic day at work! We guess not and that is why we recommend the Sunjoy recliner which can cater to all your comfort requirements like an absolute pro.

This outdoor lounge chair can provide you with a wonderful place to sit and rejuvenate whether on the back deck, by the poolside or at the patio.


This zero-gravity chair by Sunjoy is made of UV resistant fabric which can adjust to your body posture and weight for rendering maximum comfort and support.

This water-resilient and highly breathable fabric further adds to the longevity of the recliner as it does not develop mildew or get discoloured even when left outdoors for long.

You can thus make the most out of those laidback summers without having to worry about your skin sticking to the mesh fabric even when the Celsius level starts scorching.

Powder coated steel frame which goes into the construction of the Sunjoy recliner keeps the fabric secured through its bungee support which can be set up within a matter of just few seconds.

At just 11 pounds, this chair can be transported easily while catering to maximum 300 pounds of weight.


The adjustable padded pillows can offer adequate level of comfort to your neck as well as lumbar so that you can even take a nap while resting on the same.

Expandable cords in this recliner can render adequate comfort irrespective of body styles.


In spite of being constructed using heavy-duty steel, you can fold up and store the recliner once you are done using the same.

The transition time required for toggling between recline positions are also comparatively less than its peers.

You can thus change your posture seamlessly to full zero gravity recline from a straight upright position.

The water-resistant fabric also makes it an extremely easy task to keep the chair clean at all times.


  • Constructed using UV-resistant fabric which can cater to your requirements irrespective of the weather outside.
  • Lockable reclining mechanism helps the chair in adjusting comfortably with your body posture.
  • Does not require any assembly thus adding to your time savings after bringing this beauty home.
  • Becomes easy to transport and store coupled with its effortless folding mechanism.
  • Features an adjustable headrest for greater comfort.


  • Cannot fold back into a full horizontal extension.
  • Recline locks are not strong enough.

8. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair

The zero-gravity chair by Best Choice Products packs in features to usher in supreme comfort without crossing over the affordability threshold.

The top-notch design quality of the sunshade lounge chair can render a soothing experience even during outdoor usage.

You can be seated in a full-out relaxing posture or upright mode on this recliner by adjusting the sunshade canopy either backward or forward depending upon the time of the day.


The chair manufacturers have taken special interest in catering to the requirements of users through a shade top which can serve as a crucial addition especially if you are thinking of enjoying those laidback summer afternoons.

The shade can be adjusted for providing cover and being removed if the sunrays ever seem to bother you.

You can also rest your head on a soothing place courtesy the comfortable pillow which accompanies the chair.

The pillow can even be adjusted for suiting your position of preference as you hold it to a particular place by strapping it accordingly.

In this manner, you can prevent the comfortable pillow from sliding or falling off.

The detachable cup holders also come in as a helpful addition as you get to place your drinks and magazineswithin hand’s reach without having to get up time and again or worrying about chances of spillage.

The tray also provides adequate space for storing your smartphone so that you don’t have to come out of your comfort zone for receiving or making a call.


The chair is crafted using high quality breathable mesh which ensures that it doesn’t trap in much heat so that you can stay comfortable even while relaxing under the bright sun.

The versatile design of the chair helps in leaning it backward for supporting your body weight.

While not in use, the Canopy chair can be folded in just one easy step for being carried to another room and stored with ease.

This adds to the portability factor of the recliner thus making it the ideal choice for being tagged along to your camping and beachside trips.

The easily manoeuvrable chair features a foot bar for resting your feet while you recline in the arms of plush comfort.

The mesh fabric provides perfect back support while the firm and wide armrests ensure that you can relax by spreading out your hands and make the most of the holiday season.


You can easily glide to a reclined zero gravity posture from the upright one using this innovative recliner which ushers in wellness benefits by mimicking gravity defying antics.

Body stressors get eliminated, blood circulation is improved and muscles get relaxed by elevating your legs when the backrest of the Best Choice chair is reclined which is also the best possible wat to sit and lounge as revealed by health experts.

The lightweight steel material which supports the seat ushers in adequate level of durability while the replaceable elastic cords and double bungee suspension system holds together the textilene fabric and frame in place so that the chair conforms perfectly to your natural body posture.

The chair can recline further than most of the traditional models available in the market why rendering complete support to 250 pounds of body weight at varying angles.


  • High-grade textilene fabric provides comfortable seating even during scorching summer months by reducing heat transfer. It can also resist mildew building by rendering up to 80% protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Backrest pillow can be removed and adjusted easily for providing adequate support to your neck, head and lower back.
  • Detachable tray is perfect for holding magazines, drinks, phones, books and tablets.
  • Effortless folding mechanism helps in hassle-free transportation and storage when not in use.


  • Lacks adequate padding apart from the headrest.
  • The canopy bar might appear to be slightly bent.

9. Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chairs

The zero-gravity chair by GoPlus can definitely be regarded as one of the best recliners which can cater to versatile functionalities although their very design make them best suited for outdoor uses.

The amazingly built chair can suffice your diverse requirements be it at the yard, beach or even your home.


Optimum durability gets imparted by its steel frame thus allowing the Goplus recliner to withstand a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The chair base is constructed of aluminium while its frame is made of steel to impart greater durability.

Coating on the steel frame further adds to its dust resistance and makes it waterproof for being used round the year.

The highly flexible textilene fabric also adds to the comfort meter during summer season while providing maximum support.

The wide back of the chair ushers in optimum ergonomic support which embraces the body in a comfortable manner.


Its adjustable pillow coupled with an elastic band helps in its easy placement while the smooth recline function locks in your desired position by simply flipping the knobs on both the side.

Cleaning and maintenance becomes an extremely easy affair as you get to remove the headrest completely for a good wash whenever it starts showing signs of stains.

This premium quality zero gravity chair comes with all the bells and whistles which are required to suffice your outdoor lounging appetite.

Its comfortable armrests further add up to the product’s lucrativeness.

You can thus store it easily in your garage or at the back of your car for being accessed easily and with minimal disturbance.


You can now sip on your favorite cocktails and read those thriller novels whenever you fancy without having to get up time and again as the lounge chair comes with a magazine and cup holder.

The highly versatile recliner can be stacked and stored easily as you get to fold it into one third.

Its lightweight build also makes it easier to carry along the recliner from one room to another.

You can use this versatile chair for a plethora of reasons be it a chilled-out entertainment session or while relaxing around the pool.

Zero gravity chairs as we all know can usher in a feel of weightlessness thus relieving pressure exerted on our body by the force of gravity.

This in turn can alleviate health complications which are associated with poor sitting posture making it the ideal choice for being used in offices, massage parlours, salons, poolside, patios and similar areas.


  • High grade construction which can last the test of time while catering to the requirement of various users.
  • Foam filled pillow ushers in greater comfort to its users.
  • Can be folded up in a hassle-free manner for easy transport and storage.
  • Can cater to maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds which can easily suffice tall and well-built men.
  • Reasonably priced recliner offering optimum value for money
  • Crafted using stain resistant fabric which keeps it safe from messy hands or accidents.
  • Durable construction can easily withstand strong weather elements throughout the year.
  • Buckles on both the sides of the chair make it easy to carry around.


  • Does not support full body length when reclined completely.

10. Ollieroo Zero Gravity Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair 

Don’t we all love soaking up the sun rays on a summer weekend while relaxing in a comfortable recliner! The Ollieroo lounge chair can serve as your perfect pick in such a scenario by striking the right blend in between sturdy build, durable construction and comfortable design.

The sitting posture of this zero-gravity chair can help you in reclining to the fullest extent possible which is imperative for boosting up blood circulation and alleviating muscle tension.


This outdoor patio chair can sustain the maximum weight limit of 300 pounds thus making it ideal for both tall and well-built men.

The UV resistant and breathable mesh fabric which goes into the construction of this recliner keeps you comfortable even when the mercury level raises up outside.


The dual fingertip locking system of the Ollieroo lounge chair helps in securing its position so that you don’t have to experience violent jerks.

In this way, you can maintain your balance and bask in the beauty of nature at the same time.

You can adjust the canopy level if the sun rays seem to cause any disturbance. It also becomes possible to adjust the sunshade depending upon its positioning.

The powder coated steel frame keeps the recliner free from chances of rusting and also makes it easily foldable for being stored away easily.


The utility tray which accompanies the lounge chair features a cup holder as well as a spot for storing your smartphones and books within easy reach.

In this way, you can enjoy the beauty of nature without having to worry about chances of spillage.


  • Ergonomically designed chair which can reduce muscle tension and other back problems.
  • Lightweight model can be folded and stored away easily post usage.
  • Made using UV-resistant mesh which can render adequate protection against the sun rays so that the fabric doesn’t fade even when kept outdoors for long.
  • Thickly padded arm and headrests to provide you with premium comfort.
  • Sun shading feature adds to the comfort level while being used during summer season.
  • Can recline fully for allowing its users to enjoy a zero-gravity posture coupled with its smart dual fingertip locking mechanism.
  • Support can be rendered to 300 pounds of weight.
  • Accompanying tray can be used for storing book, cup or plate for being accessed whenever required without having to get up every time.


  • Users above 6’ height might find their feet hanging a little over the edge.
  • Some have reported about pinching fingers in the armrests while sliding back and forth in the chair.


It becomes impossible to decide on the comfort level of zero gravity chairs unless you sit on the same.

However, if you feel that it would be cumbersome to physically visit departmental stores and try out each model, then you can gauge its effectivity through our expert recommendations which have been lined up after carefully examining the specifications in details.

While some of these models go fully flat, it cannot be considered as a standard feature for all the ones available.

Weight inflicted on the adjustable locking system might come off as excessive for a standard chair.

This is why some models have been designed specifically for this purpose and can be seen in plenty at the beaches.

Certain leather models can also go fully flat. It is imperative to enquire the same with the manufacturer prior to making the purchase.

In most cases, the zero gravity chairs come fully assembled or might require just a few simple tasks for securing them completely.

While different chairs can render support to different weights, it is imperative to opt for a model which can support greater than your weight for ensuring adequate safety.

The standard models can usually cater to 200-250 pounds of weight whereas the extra-large and over-sized ones feature higher weight ranges.