Best Women’s Ice Skates For Beginners 2021

women ice skates for beginners

Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Skating has for long been accredited with curing muscle and joint pain as it enhances flexibility and improves our balance. There was a time when skating was considered wholly to be a man’s activity and much options were not available in the women’s skate department.

But things have changed considerably since then with more and more women opening up to the idea of skating. This has caused manufacturers to come up with a whole new range of women-specific skates.

Today we are going to take a look at five of the best ice skates which can suffice the requirements of amateur women.

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Jackson Ultima Mystique Series / Figure Ice Skates for Women, Girls, Men, Boys Check Price
Riedell Skates - 118 Sparkle - Beginner Soft Figure Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Spiral Blade Check Price
Jackson Ultima Excel Series JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294 Women's and Girls Figure Ice Skates Check Price
Riedell Skates - 625 Soar - Recreational Soft Beginner Figure Ice Skates Check Price
Lake Placid Everest Women's Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate Check Price

1. Jackson Ultima Mystique Series / Figure Ice Skates for Women, Girls, Men, Boys

If you are on the lookout for an ice skate which can strike the right balance between superior comfort and light support, then the Mystique Series by Jackson Ultima can serve as your perfect choice.

This ice skater comes in as a significant improvement over its predecessor Excel series in the form of greater cushioning and more enhanced comfort due to thick internal padding.

You can be guaranteed about benefitting out of maximum stability on ice coupled with its split design and foam backed mesh/vinyl material construction imparting adequate thickness to the tongue.

Addition of a flex notch also helps in hiking up the flexibility meter of the Jackson Ultima Mystique Series ice skates. Extra padding on the ankle region leads to better ankle support so that you can skate with comfort and have a fun time while doing the same.

An all-purpose Mark II blade crafted using chrome comes attached with screws to the sole. Maintaining this ice skate also becomes childsplay with its durable leather coated upper part. The boot collar however focusses completely on comfort and thus has a softer build.


  • Has a foam backed mesh/ vinyl comfort tongue.
  • Maintenance becomes easy with its stylized PVC exterior.
  • Extra ankle and full quarter padding.
  • Jackson all-purpose chrome blade is attached with screws to guarantee robust durability.

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2. Riedell Skates – 118 Sparkle – Beginner Soft Figure Ice Skates with Stainless Steel Spiral Blade

This entry-level women’s figure skates from the house of Riedell guarantees enhanced stability on ice with its ground-breaking split-tongue design. It’s simple lacing system and comfortable design can keep your feet happy for long as you engage in carefree skating.

They were designed by considering the maximum safety of their wearers and thus feature extra padded linings for creating a cushioning effect. Its PVC outsole ranks high in the department of durability and can even be maintained pretty easily and in a cost-effective manner.

Interior lining and foam padded quarter delivers exceptional cushioning to your feet by keeping them warm as you engage in those ice-bound antics. With adequate amount of support, this recreational ice boots for women can beautifully serve an amateur as well as casual skater.

The stainless-steel spiral blades attached to these ice shoes offer a smooth glide which can guard your back especially while skating at full speed.


  • Beginner skates providing its users with superior support and soft boot comfort.
  • Split tongue design guarantees greater stability on the ice.
  • Stainless steel spiral blade imparts a smooth edge.
  • Maintenance free PVC sole can keep your feet dry and well insulated at all times.

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3. Jackson Ultima Excel Series JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294 Women’s and Girls Figure Ice Skates

Why would you rent a skate if you can easily buy one and that too at affordable rates! The Jackson Ultima Excel Series comprising of models JS1290, JS1291, and JS1294 can cater to the requirements of amateur skaters with its snug fit and high comfort quotient.

They deliver supreme ankle support and come with adequately oiled and sharpened blades which can make your skating episodes even more fun. The fit of your skates is extremely important while engaging in figure skating and that is where the Jackson Ultima Excel Series wins hearts with its supreme versatility.

These boots offer light and excellent balance which can hugely help a rookie skater in learning the tricks of trade while enhancing their skill level with constant practice. Its uppers are crafted using coated vinyl whereas synthetic lining can be traced on the inside.

While the PVC outsole adds to the durability of the ice skates, its foam backed mesh/ vinyl tongue keeps it warm and relaxing round the clock.


  • They come with the Ultima’s Mark II blades which are attached with screws to the sole.
  • Has a super stylish PVC outsole which can be cleaned pretty easily.
  • Synthetic lining on its vinyl coated upper.

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4. Riedell Skates – 625 Soar – Recreational Soft Beginner Figure Ice Skates

You can now blend in style with comfort in this recreational skater which has already evolved into the favorite of women around the globe. The simple lacing system of these skaters can keep your feet feeling fresh for long while its foam-backed velvet lining ensures that you can engage in carefree skating without worrying much about the durability of these beautiful skates.

The light support imparted by the Riedell skates can keep you stable on the ice and that too without restricting freedom of movement. It has earned a support rating of 20 in a scale of 1-100 coupled with its split tongue design.

The designers have also imparted optimum importance to the safety of these ice skates and have thus added extra padded linings which can cushion your feet from violent twists and turns which otherwise might prove to be pretty painful.


  • Maintenance becomes easy with its lightweight PVC soles.
  • Does not restrict your movement on the ice.
  • Offers the right level of support which can keep your ankle safe at all times.
  • Has simple lacing system which adds up to your comfort meter.
  • Can keep your feet dry even after hours of use.
  • Offers equally good performance whether on a pond or a rink.
  • Stainless steel blades are extremely good at handling speed.

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5. Lake Placid Everest Women’s Soft Boot Figure Ice Skate

You can now glide away in style and comfort with the Lake Placid Everest Women’s ice skate featuring soft Nu Buck boot design for offering higher level of insulation.

You can expect higher stability while honing your skills on ice coupled with its reinforced ankle support and woven soft touch lining.

The adequately padded ankle strap helps in keeping your feet in place while the carbon steel blade having hardened edge helps you in making the most out of your gliding experience.


  • Highly padded ice skates which can keep your feet warm and dry even after being used for long.
  • Has adequate foam around the ankle.
  • Velcro strap at its top prevents the laces of the ice skates from un-tying and also assists with cinching the shoe.
  • Strikes the right balance between stiffness and flexibility which can help you skate backwards and perform other cool tricks without causing any discomfort.
  • Adequate padding can hardly make you feel the blade beneath the sole.

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