Top 8 Best Value Folding Hand Cart – Buying Guide

Folding Hand Cart

Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Folding Hand cart with wheels are a blessing in itself. These innovative tools let you handle a very hefty task in an effortless way. Whether you have a whole lot of heavy boxes to load and shift or just some hand carriages that you got to take along at once.

A folding hand cart is there for everything. The best thing is that these valuable tools can be adjusted anywhere. You can easily fold them up and just put them in your car or truck and carry along.

These are also known as a hand truck, dolly cart or luggage carriers. So, no matter you are at a grocery shop with so many shopping bags or a station with a lot of luggage, a fold up dolly hand truck is your ultimate solution.

The best portable dolly comes in different forms, brands, and price ranges. So, deciding what to choose can be a challenging task. But not when we are at your service with our best research as always.

We are here with the top 8 best foldable hand truck at your service, to let you have the best experience. So, go through the article and pick your choice without any confusion anymore.

What is a Hand Truck?

Before starting our list of the best value folding hand cart, allow us to begin with the basics. We will first tell you what is a hand truck?

Well! Hand trucks, otherwise called two-wheeled dollies, are utilized to move substantial or massive things, particularly in business item dissemination and conveyance.

Hand trucks are L-formed, with handles at the primary, two wheels at the base, and a little stage that contacts the ground when the truck is upstanding. A heap set on the stage, and the truck is tilted back, adjusting the weight over the wheels.

Powered hand trucks have a stage that lifts the heap, or drops it down, to decrease manual effort. Some hand trucks might be convertible to stage trucks for moving huge or unwieldy burdens ‚ÄĒ others crease level for capacity.

Now, Onto the Hand Carts!

Image Name Price
Cosco Shifter Check Price
FCH Folding Hand Truck Check Price
Magna Cart Personal Check Price
Magna Cart Flatform Check Price
Welcome MC2S Magna Cart Elite Check Price
Wesco 220649 Steel Maxi Mover Check Price
Harper Trucks Check Price
Mecete Enhanced Stair Climbing Cart Check Price

Top 8 Best Value Folding Hand Cart

1. Cosco Shifter

Cosco Shifter

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Our top pick for the best folding dolly is the very nifty Cosco Shifter. This 4 wheel hand truck dolly comes in a robust steel frame with a weight of only fifteen pounds, so you can easily carry it anywhere.

This fold up dolly hand truck can carry weight up to 300lbs, which is fantastic. You can carry luggage around your home or in an office or anywhere you want with this best lightweight folding luggage cart.

Move larger than usual things of all shapes around the home or office with the collapsible folding cart with wheels Cosco Shifter Hand Truck. Regardless of whether you’re moving boxes or emptying the vehicle, this lightweight hand truck does all the hard work.

Its multi-position configuration changes the Shifter into a two-wheel upstanding hand truck or a four-wheel truck in seconds without the utilization of pins or apparatuses. It is really simple to use, and when the work is done, fold up this fold up dolly hand truck in the simplest way.

You actually do not need any nails or pins as additional accessories for folding up. As simple, this 4 wheel hand truck dolly is to use as it is to pack up. This item is by far one of the best portable folding carts with wheels.


  • Quick Conversion
  • Weight capacity up to 300lbs
  • Heavy Duty durable steel
  • Flat-free tires
  • Industrial

2. FCH Folding Hand Truck


FCH Folding Hand Truck

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Our runner up in the best value folding hand truck reviews is yet another versatile and robust two wheel hand truck dolly. Although this model comes with two wheels, but do not underestimate its power to load heavy weight quickly.

This is a heavy duty folding hand truck that comes with a telescoping handle that can extend up to 28 to 30 inches. Owing to its light weight, this collapsible folding cart with wheels can be easily maneuvered, and you can quickly load anything you need.

This collapsible folding cart with wheels is made in convenient style; you can utilize them when you are shopping, voyaging, moving boxes, or capacity holders. It very well may be used as a vehicle seat bearer or gear truck.

This best heavy duty hand truck is all around constituting sturdy and rust-proof aluminum composite and quality wheels. It is durable enough to hold as much as 165 pounds of load and empowering smooth& calm development.

Moreover, it has a stylish framework and comes in different colors. So you can easily use this best hand truck for moving, while shopping, traveling or anywhere you want. Also, it can fold up into a very small size, so this best lightweight folding luggage cart is highly portable.

Don’t miss out on this best cart among portable folding carts with wheels.


  • Easy usage
  • Portable
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Rust-Proof

3. Magna Cart Personal

Magna Cart Personal

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Moving on, we have a very flexible Magna Cart as our next best value folding hand cart. Magnacart Material Handling is perfect for explorers, home improvement, exchange exhibitors, and any individual who needs to convey containers or whatever else.

With this heavy duty foldable hand truck, you can without much of a stretch vehicle up to 135 kg at once. Yet additionally, lower amounts or littler items can be moved effectively with the coordinating crate.

This folding hand truck and cart, in addition to other things, is perfect for the vehicle of devices, DIY materials, or moving containers. Yet in addition, in and around the house, the nursery, during the occasion, or when visiting a celebration.

With the durable elastic wheels the hand truck is fit for practically any floor, regardless of whether it is stone, rug or tile. After usage, the trucks can just collapse up, which makes them simple to convey or to store.

Moreover, this folding hand truck and cart feature foldable plastic wheels. So this model is highly compact and flexible and can be taken along anywhere in any vehicle quickly.

This fold up dolly hand truck is one of the best portable folding carts with wheels.


  • Weighing capability up to 150lbs
  • Durable
  • Foldable wheels
  • Compact
  • Telescoping handle

4. Magna Cart Flatform

Magna Cart Flatform

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Next, we have another model from the well-known brand Magna Carta, the Magna Carta Flatform, as the next best foldable hand cart. As the name suggests, this heavy duty convertible hand truck is able to fold flat into a low thickness density so as not to become much weighty.

The 4 wheel hand truck dolly can be taken and kept anywhere you want. This masterpiece cart for hauling heavy things can bear the weight of up to 300lbs. This best lightweight folding luggage cart comes with a telescoping extendable handle, which can extend up to 36 inches.

This best hand truck for moving is the ideal 4 wheel hand truck dolly to effectively move overwhelming or cumbersome things around the cellar, carport, distribution center, shop, office, or home.

The dependable elastic wheels are non-defacing to help ensure various sorts of the ground surface. The elastic likewise take into account a cover rides up unpleasant surfaces.

Another extraordinary thing about the wheels is that they are strong, and require no air, so you don’t need to stress over punctured tires. The wheels are plastic and can rotate at a 360-degree angle.

You sure do not want to miss this best lightweight folding luggage cart, which can be used in homes, stores, offices, or even in libraries.


  • 300lbs weighing capacity
  • Compact
  • Rotating wheels
  • Fold-Flat
  • Robust

5. Welcome MC2S Magna Cart Elite

Welcome MC2S Magna Cart Elite

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Next, we have a heavy duty folding cart with wheels, the Magna Carta Elite, as our next top value folding hand cart. This heavy duty folding cart with wheels is thirty-nine inches tall and can fold up to a compact form of twenty-eight inches.

This best hand truck for moving is made up of sturdy aluminum and steel material and can carry weight up to 200lbs. This hand truck with big tires of seven inches each, made of rubber, is very versatile and easy to use.

The Magna Carta Elite is light in weight, weighing only ten pounds, but still strong enough for heavy duty work. With this best hand truck for moving, using a dolly to move furniture has never been more fun and easy.

This work zone extendable aluminum trolley is best for traders, frequent travelers, and minor businesses. Owing to its lightweight and compact design, this work zone aluminum extendable trolley can easily be stored anywhere and placed in any vehicle to carry along.

This power hand truck for sale comes in a certified, stress-free packaging and is one of the best convertible hand trucks for sale.


  • 200lbs Weighing capacity
  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • Elastic wheels
  • Portable

6. Wesco 220649 Steel Maxi Mover

Wesco 220649 Steel Maxi Mover

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The Wesco 220649 heavy duty folding cart with wheels is a compact steel collapsing hand truck which can be utilized for moving overwhelming burdens up to 275 lb. in an assortment of settings.

It is form of steel for quality and strength, and it very well may be collapsed for versatility or space-sparing stockpiling.

For the substantial client who wants reliable and robust hardware with load support, this is the hand truck for you. Steel is the most grounded and sturdiest metal used to develop hand trucks.

This work zone aluminum extendable trolley has two 7 inches non-stamping elastic wheels for mobility and has worked in flexible lashes for verifying the heap. This versatile steel collapsing hand truck is appropriate for use in an assortment of material dealing with applications.

Moreover, this truck folds to the slimmest thickness and generally has little extra room prerequisites. Thus, it is portable enough and is user-friendly. This two wheel hand truck dolly weighs only twelve pounds and, therefore, can be taken anywhere easily.

You will not regret getting this best hand truck for moving. So go on and grab one for yourself.


  • 19 x 19 x 42
  • Weight capacity up to 275 lbs
  • Portable
  • Flat Rubber tires
  • Industrial

7. Harper Trucks

Harper Trucks

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Now, we have Harper Trucks cart for hauling heavy things as the best heavy duty hand truck. This heavy duty convertible hand truck has the capability to load weight up to 800lbs, which extraordinary impressive.

This best heavy duty hand truck is formed to load large and heavy luggage, with it being sixty inches tall and twenty-four inches wide. Its sturdy and robust framework constitutes welded powder-coated tubular steel, which protects this best heavy duty hand truck from rusting.

This model has made using a dolly to move furniture a stress-free task. This heavy duty folding hand cart features a high-quality glass-filled nylon continuous belt stair crawlers for easy moving up or downstairs and curbs.

The Harper heavy duty foldable hand truck comes with thermoplastic, non-scratching wheels, as to avoid any damage to floor or luggage. This folding hand cart has the largest weighing capacity among the convertible hand trucks for sale.

This masterpiece constitutes offset belt tightener in order to secure the luggage. The full base plate design of this best heavy duty hand truck is made to accommodate large appliances.

This heavy duty hand truck is a must-add on our list of best folding hand trucks. It is a power hand truck for sale and would be a wise choice to buy.


  • 800lbs weight capacity
  • Thermoplastic wheels
  • Two poly belts for luggage security
  • Tall with a wide base
  • Strong and tough

8. Mecete Enhanced Stair Climbing Cart

Mecete Enhanced Stair Climbing Cart

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And then, we have the Mecete ladder cart convertible hand truck as the best hand truck for stairs. This ladder cart convertible hand truck comes with a load capacity of 460lbs and is very strong and durable.

This is a heavy duty stair climbing cart that comes in shining black varnish surface. With rock-solid edge, it is ideal for conveying goods, baggage, and clothing all over the stairs. In addition, this best hand truck for stairs has 3 shafts of handles, which will build the strained and limit.

It has been on trial that both level floor and stairs, this best hand truck for stairs truck has 460 lbs’ ability. The stair climbing wheels are of great elastic tires for smooth rolling and less clamor.

This heavy duty stair climbing cart has an accommodating structure of little hold handle underneath the skeleton. You can without much of a stretch, transform this ascension truck into the apparatus to group lift, on the off chance that the heaviness of freight is unreasonably overwhelming for one individual.

In order to expand the quality and assurance administration life of this heavy duty stair climbing cart, manufacturers explicitly plan the dismantling handle to be sufficiently tight to avoid it going amiss from the casing an excessive amount of while conveying substantial stuff.

With such incredible features, this heavy duty stair climbing cart is indeed the best hand truck for stairs and should be taken as a prior choice in case you people are looking for a ladder cart convertible hand truck to carry heavy luggage.


  • 460lbs weighing capacity
  • 5.2 feet bungee cord
  • High-quality rubber tires
  • Dual handles
  • Sturdy


Where to buy folding hand trucks?

You might find a few folding hand trucks in your local supermarket but if you are looking for higher quality or heavy duty hand carts, your best bet is to buy them online on Amazon, Walmart or ebay.

What is a folding hand truck?

A hand truck is a handcart that has handles on one side, wheels on the other side and a surface to place objects on it. It is used to carry around various items, especially heavy ones. Certain hand trucks are foldable and this makes it easy to store them in your house, garage or car.

What is the best folding hand truck?

There are a number of features to consider when searching for the best folding hand truck:

  • Weight capacity: the weight capacity of a folding hand truck varies from 50 lbs to 800 lbs. So you need to choose according to the weight of the items you plan to carry. One thing to consider is that the hand trucks that have higher weight capacity, are also less portable and heavier to carry. If you are looking for the most heavy duty folding hand truck, then check Harper Truck which can transfer up to 800 lbs of weight.
  • Truck Size and portability: if your priority is a compact, lightweight, folding hand truck that you can even carry in your backpack, then we recommend Wesco 220649 which weighs only 12 pounds and can carry up to 275 lbs of weight.
  • Truck shape: if you are looking to carry objects that have a large shape such as big boxes, then check the folding hand trucks that can easily convert from 2 wheels to 4 wheels. Our choice is Cosco Shifter 300 which works in multiple positions and has weight capacity of 300 lbs.

How to Inflate Hand Truck Tires?

You can inflate a hand truck tire using the following simple tips:

  • First off, clean off any debris in the tire rim seal.
  • Then, tie the zipper tie surrounding the tire.
  • Make sure the zip tie is appropriately set, use a new zip tie in case needed.
  • Using an air pump inflate the tire.
  • Then, establish the seal.
  • Establishing the seal properly releases the air pump.
  • Your tire is ready to go.



So, we have done our job presenting you with the top best folding hand carts with wheels for your convenience and ease. Now it is up to you to select the best folding hand cart from the list.

All the folding hand carts with wheels given in the list come in different price ranges with varying features. We have mid-range hand carts, and we also have inexpensive portable folding carts with wheels, depending on the features they offer.

What you need to keep in mind while buying the best hand truck for home use or fold up dolly hand truck for any use are the certain essential features like weight, folding, structure, wheels, and strength.

In case you need the best hand truck for home use, an inexpensive fold up dolly hand truck offering the basic features. But if you need a hand cart for heavy loading, you may require to move from mid-range to expensive models.

We hope that our review guide has been beneficial to you in providing you all the information you needed about hand carts or hand trucks. Hoping that you will now be able to choose your best value folding hand cart, we sign off here with best regards.