Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Projectors Under $100

Last updated on January 19th, 2019 at 07:25 am

Bringing home a projector can enhance your viewing experience and add to the productivity level of your presentations.

Afterall, don’t we all love to gather around the big screen with a tub of popcorn and watch the season finale of our favorite TV show!

Giant screen TVs might bring along a hefty price tag making it difficult to be in line with your affordability in which case you can proceed with a Budget home theater projector which amplifies the viewing size while retaining the level of brightness and clarity much like the ones experienced in a movie hall.

Today we are going to discuss about ten best budget projectors under $100 which can get the ball rolling in your favor specially if you are running on a stringent budget.

PriceCheck Price
DBPOWER Mini Projector800x480
DR. J 2600Lumens Home Theater Mini Projector800x480
T TOPVISION 2400Lux Projector800x480
RAGU Z400 Mini Projector800x480
APEMAN Video Mini Portable Projector800x480
DracoLight Portable Projector800x480
Crenova XPE496800x480
WiMiUS Upgraded 2200 Lumens Mini Projector800x480
Crosstour Mini LED Video Projector800x480
DeepLee Mini Projector DP300320x240

Now, we shall start our discussion by taking a look at the most important factors to consider while purchasing a best cheap projector.

Home Projector Buying Guide

Clarity & Brightness

It is advisable to invest in a projector offering above-average clarity and picture brightness if you wish to project in a large and well-lit space. In this way, even large groups of audiences can clearly view the videos and images without squinting at the screen. Projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumens and higher levels of the same can put more light to the screen. However, brightness might not be equally important if you are planning to project in a completely darkened room with no ambient light which can wash out the picture.


Resolution as we all know refers to the quantum of data which can be displayed on the screen and surely is one of the most noteworthy aspects which will determine the effectivity of your projector purchase. Although projectors having higher resolutions stand out as the most obvious choice, the resolution of the connected device also has a great role to play in shaping the final picture.

Contrast Ratio

This refers to the ratio in between the brightest of whites and darkest of blacks. Your projector should have a high contrast ratio if you plan on using the same in a home theater room.


Your home theater projector needs to have at least one HDMI slot to fit in the modern world revolving around HD quality imagery. This in turn will ensure that you can establish connectivity of your projector with any HD-compatible device irrespective of your location. Most of the projectors even come with composite connections for video and computer usage.

Lamp Life

Choosing a projector having long-lasting lamp life can suffice the requirements of those who wish to use the same much more frequently in comparison to others. Coupled with a long lamp life, you can save yourself from the trouble of spending money constantly on replacements.

Ease Of Use

A projector needs to be user friendly for even the first timers to operate it by simply referring to the manual. The last thing you would want to encounter before getting your projector ready for the movie session is complicated settings and bulky cables.


We are long past the days of dragging around the old and bulky projector since the modern devices are all about being light weight and portable to the core. Extreme compactness has helped these projectors in reaching such a level that they often go unnoticed as you carry it around for picnic movie screenings after a sumptuous barbeque.

1. DBPOWER Mini Projector

Whether it’s the season finale of your favorite Amazon Prime show or the soccer cup, nothing can be compared to watching the same on a giant screen.

Although the latest television sets can grant you this wish in exchange of thousands of dollars, a projector serves as an inexpensive solution to this query.

The DBPOWER mini projector can offer a lot of value in spite of having a minuscule price tag. Its 6 high-precision and high-transmittance coating lenses accentuate projection transmission while preventing interference caused by stray light.

This ultimately leads to sharp and crystal clear images which can help you in making out even the smallest of details with optimum precision.

It supports a projection ranging from 32 to 176 inches over a distance of 1.3-5 meter although a projection distance of 2-2.5 meter is considered ideal for benefitting out of an optimum viewing experience.

Its dual cooling aspect ensures that the projector remains cool irrespective of being used over long stretches of time.

The extended LED lamp of this projector spanning over 50000 hours can keep you satiated for 15 years even after watching a 2-hour movie on a daily basis.

A surround sound style experience is guaranteed by its built-in stereo speakers which can deliver full spectrum sound even during outdoor usage.



  • Advanced cooling technology imparts greater durability to this projector.
  • Energy efficient bulb leads to a smaller environmental footprint and also massive savings as you don’t have to replace the same every now and then.
  • Can be connected withUSB drives,smartphones, laptops,tablets,Amazon Fire TV Stick, DVD players and Xbox for ushering in greater versatility in terms of its usage.
  • Comes backed with a three years’ warranty for buffering users from all technical defects.


  • HDMI adapter has to be purchased separately.

2. DR. J 2600Lumens Home Theater Mini Projector

Wont it be absolutely marvellous to enjoy big-screen viewing of your favorite TV shows, games and movies without actually having to shell out a fortune on costly television sets! Dr. J mini projector can assist you with the same with its five layers LCD lens which guarantees crystal clear resolution to every single frame.

It also prevents the emission of direct light from the lens which can harm the viewers’ eyes. This attribute makes this projector ideal for being used by people who tend to view the same over prolonged spans of time.

You can make the most out of video display image and set up the projector at your preferred position coupled with its ±15° Keystone button and adjustable focus wheel.

The first thing which is bound to impress you about the Dr. J projector is its solid plastic shell which can easily resist minor wear and tear thus adding to its longevity.

The stellar contrast ratio of 2000:1 helps the Dr. J projector in radiating 70% more brightness in comparison to standard projectors thus making it ideal for being used in outdoors and indoors.

The image also comes off as adequately crisp and devoid of any artifacts or blurring once you properly adjust its keystone and focus level.



  • Fitted with efficient and innovative cooling system which diminishes system noise so that you can enjoy an immersive audio-visual experience.
  • Offers multiple connectivity modes via USB, HDMI, VGA, TF Card and AV interface.
  • A color contrast of 2000:1 restores the vibrancy of images for taking the cinematic experience to a whole new level.
  • Dual fan cooling system paves the path for effective heat dispersion and prevents the projector from getting overheated in spite of being used for long stretches of time.


  • Does not support Dolby digital sound.

3. T TOPVISION 2400Lux Projector

Enjoy high fidelity images spread across a giant projection surface coupled with crystal clear audio of the TOPVISION projector which ushers in greater convenience of use at an affordable rate.

The impressive image adjustability of this 1080P projector allows in regulating the focus ring or ±15 keystone correction for managing the quality of image.

The innovative cooling system of this mini projector assists with effective heat dissipation and reduces the system noise drastically in comparison to other LED models available in the market.

The accompanying USB cable helps in connecting the projector with iOS smart devices provided you plug in the USB cable inside its Out 5v port.

The mirror display feature of this versatile projector is only supported over Android platform and not over iOS. However, it is required to download the EZCast App in Android smartphones for benefitting out of the same.

At just 3.1 pounds, this stylish white projector can enhance your room décor while adding to your entertainment avenues.



  • Projector lamp can sustain up to 50000 hours of usage thus safeguarding its users from the requirement of frequent replacement.
  • Tempered glass lens tag along greater thermal stability in stark contrast to glass lens.
  • It is compatible with smartphones, Amazon Fire TV Stick, tablets, TV, USB sticks laptop, DVD players and TF cards having maximum capacity of 32GB.
  • Built In Hi-Fi speakers paves the path for full spectrum sound making it the ideal choice for being used during movie nights with family and at parties.
  • It is accompanied with a remote control so that you can exercise its various attributes without having to get up from the comfortable posture of your couch.


  • Projector does not have a built-in battery making it necessary to hook it up to a power outlet at all times.

4. RAGU Z400 Mini Projector

The home projector from the house of RAGU can prepare you for a visual feast while being seated at the comfort of your house. Its upgraded LCD technology lightens up the screen by 85% more than traditional models so that the projected surface does not get dimmed even in the presence of ambient light.

Projector noise gets clearly reduced by advanced noise suppression technology so that you don’t get distracted while seeing your favorite movies. The color gamut of the RAGU Z400 projector is up to 90% of NTSC compared to its peer projectors.

This color correction paves the path for more vivid visuals which can take your cinematic experience to a whole new level.

The SRS Sound System of its built-in stereo speakers radiate premium grade sound which retains its clarity both during indoor and outdoor use.

Overheating also gets prevented by its dual-fan system which reduces projector noise drastically for allowing users to engage in an immersive audio-visual extravaganza.

The projector lamp can operate over a stretch of 50000 hours which can buffer you from the requirement of frequent lamp replacements which are infamous for adding to your expense and environmental footprint.



  • Ushers in 85% more brightness in comparison to the ordinary projectors available in the market.
  • Latest cooling system brings down the projector noise by 90% in comparison to the traditional models.
  • A contrast ratio of 3000:1 and latest LED light technology paves the path for crystal clear visuals.
  • Small and compact projector which can be carried around with ease.
  • Offers multiple input options in the form of USB, HDMI, SD and VGA slot.


  • Does not support Dolby sound.
  • At just 5 feet, the cable is not adequately lengthy making it necessary to opt for an extension cord at times.

5. APEMAN Video Mini Portable Projector

Make the most out of your home theatre experience with the APEMAN LC350 projector which can offer the unique blend of versatility and aesthetics without burning a hole in your wallet.

You can either mount this projector on the ceiling or place it on an external tripod in accordance with your requirements. A loud and clear acoustic effect is guaranteed by its dual audio speakers which supports wireless connectivity with dongle and Wificast.

With a projection size varying between 34” to 180” ranging over a distance of 3-12ft, the APEMAN can take your big screen experience to a completely new level.

The projector height can be easily adjusted through its foot pad for bringing it to a level which can suffice you in the best possible manner.

While the focus wheel can be toggled for adding clarity to the image, keystone correction can impart a rectangular flair to the same.

The compact projector can be set up easily and operated with its large variety of connectivity ports including VGA, HDMI, Micro SD, USB and AV interface.

The upgraded projector bulb can run over a span of 45000 hours to keep your back for 10 years with moderate usage on a daily basis.



  • Picture quality doesn’t get lacklustre even in the presence of ambient light thus making it the ideal choice for outdoor use.
  • Cooling fan does not emit much noise so that you don’t get disturbed midway while watching your favorite shows.
  • In-built speakers radiate crystal clear audio which does not get distorted even at highest volume.
  • Ultra-portable projector having a small size can easily fit in to the palm of your hand.
  • Can be easily hooked up with headphones or a sound bar for better sound.
  • Comes with a plethora of cables which assists in establishing connectivity with various peripherals.


  • Does not support WiFi or Bluetooth.

6. DracoLight Portable Projector

The DracoLight Portable projector has been specially designed for those who spend a lot of time ahead of the screen and thus stand vulnerable to retina troubles in the long run.

Its uniform illumination and eye-protective brightness can cater to your health metrics in such a case as you engage in gaming marathons or binge watch your favorite Netflix series during the weekend.

This affordable projector can serve as the ideal gifting option to friends or family who wish to bring home the extravaganza of big-screen entertainment but have been handicapped due to cost and space shortages.

Gone are the days when you had to take an occasional break from your favorite TV shows for allowing a cooling time to your projector.

The innovative cooling technology of the DracoLight model can prevent the device from getting overheated with next to none fan noise so that you don’t get disturbed while filling up your entertainment meter.

Dual stereo speakers pave the path for powerful audio which can easily fill up your living pad with sonic sound waves.

Its glass lens ranks high in the department of light transmission so that you can enjoy true-to-life colors and brighter visuals than ordinary projectors.

This aesthetically appealing projector in a pristine white hue can easily blend in with your existing room décor while accentuating its overall appeal and winning appreciation from all your house guests.



  • Features an earphone slot for being hooked on to external speakers if you wish to be enthralled by louder soundwaves.
  • This mini projector can be ceiling mounted and used for rear projection.
  • The dimensions of its visuals can be adjusted without having to physically change the distance of the projector from the screen.
  • Projector has sleep timer setting for preventing unnecessary electricity use.


  • It is not recommended for Power Point presentations.
  • Projector does not have built-in WiFi and thus cannot support screen mirroring.

7. Crenova XPE496 Video Projector

Enjoy the big picture in a small package with the Crenova 2018 projector which banks on the innovative square-pixel technology to bring along 80% more lumens and brightness compared to similar HDMI projectors available in the market.

You can expect crystal clear images having a sharpness of 1080p spread across the big screen for years to come as its 50000 hours of lamp life keeps the projector running and for long.

The vivid hues projected by the Crenova model retains its vivacity even in brightly-lit room thus posing as the ideal companion for all your home entertainment requirements.

Its newly-enhanced fan and cooling system generates the least amount of noise so that you do not miss out those minor details of the murder mystery movie.

You can easily connect the projector with a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone through a HDMI dongle and the DisplayPort with the HDMI Adapter.

It also supports SD, MHL and USB connectivity in case if you face any issues with the HDMI mode.

With a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and peak brightness of 2200 lumens, this powerful projector paves the way for radiant and crisp image devoid of jagged edges whether you are projecting on a sheet in your backyard or the wall of your drawing room.



  • Accompanied by a TV/AV and HDMI cable.
  • Picture remains bright and clear even in the presence of outside light.
  • Can be used on a full-sized tripod for perfect picture alignment.
  • Lumens are higher than average home projectors.
  • Lightweight projector ranking high in portability.
  • Low-voltage projector brings money saving benefits by using less energy.
  • Longer lifespan of its enhanced LED bulb eliminates the requirement of costly replacements every now and then.


  • Resolution is pixelated.
  • No means of changing the light.

8. WiMiUS Upgraded 2200 Lumens Mini Projector

The WiMiUSfull HD projector guarantees 70% clearer and sharper images with its 1080p of supported resolution and 2200 luminous efficiency making it the perfect choice for games, parties and home movies.

You can enjoy a screen having 32” to 176” of size at a projection distance of 3.2 ft. to 16.4 ft. although 6 ft. is considered to be the ideal viewing distance.

Coupled with VGA, HDMI, USB, AV and SD card port, the mini projector can easily be connected with your PC, Laptop, Amazon Fire TV Stick, TV Box, Tablets, Chromebook, USB Flash Drive, Blue-ray DVD player, media players and much more.

An external HDMI dongle might be required for connecting iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones. Its built-in LED can work for a stretch of 50000 hours thus ushering in much more efficiency in comparison to its peer projectors available in the market.

The advanced heat dissipation system of the TK1000 projector exhausts the heat timely thus adding to the longevity of the projector.

Its updated fan system cuts fan noise so that you can enjoy your movies in complete silence. However, for best results it is suggested not to put anything near the projector vents.



  • Clear picture with perfectly sized image having contrast ratio of 2000:1.
  • Extremely portable in nature making it the perfect pick for being carried along on vacations.
  • Competitively priced model.
  • Fan does not emit any disruptive noise.
  • Speaker sound is pretty well and rarely any lights comes out from its top.
  • It can be ceiling mounted.


  • Not suitable for business presentations.
  • Does not support Dolby related decode.
  • Does not support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Lens is not adjustable and the whole projector has to be moved for changing the picture size.

9. Crosstour Mini LED Video Projector

The mini design of the Crosstour P700 makes it the perfect choice for being carried along to your outdoor adventures as you place it in your backpack for keeping your entertainment meter filled whenever you wish for the same.

Its innovative cooling system teams up with an advanced noise suppression technology for cutting down the fan noise to an exact half while keeping the device cool even after prolonged usage.

The projector can be installed in accordance with your preference whether you wish to suspend it from the ceiling or place it directly on the ground.

The HDMI input slot of this multimedia projector aids in establishing hassle-free connectivity with cameras, PS3, television, laptops etc. Other connectivity options take the shape of TF card, USB, AV input and VGA input which further adds to its versatility.

Comprehensive protection of your projector lens gets assured by its protruding design which can keep you safe from all worries about the lens getting scratched.

Further assurance is provided by its stellar lamp life of 55000 hours which can keep the projector running for long.

In stark contrast to its peer projectors, the P700 ushers in 70% more brightness which couples up with a dynamic contrast ratio of 2000:1 and 1080p resolution to usher in true to life visuals.



  • Quiet fan does not cause any disturbance during audio or video playback.
  • Unit does not get excessively warm even after being used for long.
  • Radiates pretty good sound from its built-in speakers.
  • Offers wide spectrum of volume level adjustment.
  • Comes with an AV port for hooking up other speakers.
  • Focus can be adjusted for making the picture quality seem more crisp.


  • Buttons on the unit might prove out to be a bit difficult to press.
  • Lacks a lens cover and WiFi network port.

10. DeepLee Mini Projector DP300

This entry-level mini projector from Deeplee comes in a sleek and stylish design which will guarantee you complete portability on the go.

Whether it is the season finale of your favorite Netflix romcom, or the soccer match, your family and friends are bound to have a great time huddled around the projection screen.

This energy saving device running on 10-24W of power can be used for long spans of time without feeling any irritation or pain in the eyes.

Along with 30000 hours of lamp life, the DP300 LED projector can cater to your entertainment needs without having to break your head over frequent replacements.

You can connect your PC, Mac, Laptop, cable box, DVD and Hard drive/ U disk using its SD, AV, HDMI and USB slots. However, it is imperative to note here that the USB port is earmarked especially against the drive and U-Disk.

An HDMI adapter might be felt necessary for connecting a smartphone and needs to be purchased separately. You can make the most out of this projector by placing it at a distance of 2.5 meter as it conjures up images sized at 55 inches.



  • Crisp and clear output for optimum entertainment.
  • Comes with a cheaper price tag than its peers.
  • LED lamp life of 30000 hours.
  • Contrast ratio of 800:1.
  • Supports 360-degree image scaling.


  • Lacks Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Needs to bring considerable improvements on the resolution aspect for competing with the bigger LED projectors.


Thus, you can understand that quite a bit of information needs to be absorbed before you decide to bring home a brand-new projector. With a variety of models available in the market, you need to first decide on your end purpose and align your purchase accordingly.

Even after you have purchased the projector, you need to decide on its fittings. In a professional setup, the projection is usually made on screen since it offers a smoother projection coupled with high reflectance.

The experience will not be similar if you use a wall to project. But for benefitting the most out of it, the wall needs to be painted white and smooth in texture. Projection does not yield good result if done on a pinkish, yellow or colored wall.