Top 10 Best Pinball Machine under $1000 dollars Reviews 2018

In the world of Indoor games, Pinball makes an amazing fun time for ages from 8 to 80. It is a very good collectible when you have a bunch of enthusiastic people around. A great time killer since ages a pinball machine is available both new as well as used in the market online and offline. It could be a daunting task and a heavy pressure on your pocket while you move to purchase one for you.

Check this list of top 10 Pinball machines less than a budget of $1000 and at the end, you would find yourself a more contended buyer in every respect.

1. STAR WARS Space Battle Free Standing Pinball

This thrilling STAR WARS Space Battle Free Standing Pinball is sure to give you an out of the world intergalactic experience just with the launch of a silver ball in it. With the zooming electric sound effects, brightly flashing lights and LCD display it is overall a super exciting time that you would spend playing with it. Some exciting features are:

  • Electronic scoring for players’ up to 5 people.
  • Electronic sound effects from Star Wars movie.
  • Graphics of movie themes.
  • Lighted electronic Pinball action.

2. Stern Aerosmith Pinball MOD Package

Complete entertainment and thrilling experience are all that you can expect for this particular model of pinball machine which is the Stern Aerosmith Pinball MOD Package. Well within your budget you get this package with a mixed bag of great surprising features.

  • Interesting and attractive body design to enhance the thrill of gaming.
  • Upper plastic protector set and Pop Bumper.
  • Slime covered toy chest MOD with Fluorescent green light.

3. Rogue One Free Standing Pinball

Having some time for yourself and willing to spend with good fun, here is the Rogue One Free Standing Pinball. Launch your ball and watch it cross every bumper and obstacles in the super exciting way. More excitement is added with these out of the box features.

  • Quite efficient LCD scoreboard with recording capacity for up to 5 players.
  • Electronically sound effects and tune to gear up the excitement.
  • Lit-up pinball action

4. Free Standing Pinball Electronic Games

Attracting the kids to a particular game is very difficult but the unique and shining design with minions on it makes them fall in love for it. The standing mode of this particular model allows better coverage and comfort ability while playing.

  • LCD scoring, lights, and electronic sound effects create excitement.
  • Keep racking points on the LCD score board which allows recording for max 5 people.
  • Play alone or gather friends to face and win challenges.

5. The Force Awakens Free Standing Pinball Game


Simply attractive in design and outlook this The Force Awakens Free Standing Pinball Game brings a bright smile on everyone’s face. Can’t stop yourself? Go through the unique features to become more confident about your selection.

  • The unique black and red design combination give a spark to every corner.
  • Scoring is electronic that enhances the gaming thrill.
  • Pinball lights up with every hit.
  • Battery less operation, this pinball weighs 200lbs in total.
  • Uses 115V of current for operation.

6. Avengers Tabletop Pinball Game


Play alone or challenge your buddies on this pinball game, both ways its brilliant to win hearts. With the Avengers Tabletop Pinball Game, you are sure to get a new way to enjoy with your super heroes.

  • Electronic lights, LCD display, and sound effects make everything live and thrilling.
  • A very easy to navigate machine.
  • Bright lights, sound effects, and LCD display contribute to an excellent experience as a whole.



A product straight from the house of the great comic book company Marvel understands the best what thrill and excitement mean in a game. So are the features that make this particular pinball machine a must consider one when you are looking for something different in the market.

  • Operates on 2”C” batteries.
  • Very portable device with extra ordinary lighting and sound effects creating unique gaming experience.
  • Ultimate colorful Spiderman graphics made to simply mesmerize young hearts.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Totally Turtles Tabletop Pinball


You would love to see that smile on your kid’s face while playing and loving this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Totally Turtles Tabletop Pinball. The only reason this unit from Moose Mountain features the best of gaming experience in the market.

  • Electronic scoreboard helps easy recording and marking of points.
  • This game comes with Star wars sound effects and electronic lighting style for an extra ordinary thrill.
  • 3 balls per game supported by TMNT pinball machine.
  • Bumpers and obstacles are exclusively meant to enhance the gaming the thrill to the fullest.

9. Little Treasures Pinball Game


An amazing piece of pinball soccer game for table top could be nothing better than this Little Treasures Pinball Game by Little Treasures. A very light weight and portable unit which is easy to place on any flat surface and start gaming instantly. This piece features a number of unique points like:

  • The coolest every soccer style theme adds extra mileage to the gaming experience.
  • The cool semi 3D glasses make the ball ping up adding extra fun to the game.
  • The unit is placed on green turf which imparts a real feel of the soccer ground.
  • The jet black paint with metallic designs is what you would like to flaunt on.

10. The Force Awakens Tabletop Pinball Game

Star Wars has always been a great point of attraction not only for young ones but for any age. The same is sure to happen with this particular piece of Pinball machine The Force Awakens Tabletop Pinball Game. As you play alone or with your friends you would have great fun enjoying the arcade right on your table top.

  • Dancing lights and superb sound effects make the game most happening in every aspect.
  • Accurate game play and scoring by LCD display.
  • Total 3 balls per game help you score and rack up more.


It is very easy to play and enjoy a pinball game, but the task of selecting the best one within your set budget is equally tough. So, consider all the products and get to know about it thoroughly before deciding and finalizing your piece.