Top 10 Best Holographic Sight For The Money – Buying Guide 2020

Holographic Sight

EOTech is known to be the first brand that launched holographic sights but are their holographic sights actually the best holographic sights for the money?

Absolutely not! That’s because their holographic sights require you to invest a lot of money as compared to other holographic sights available in the market.

Lets say, you are a person who has just sparked an interest in the field of shooting and you want to keep it on a budget.

These prices might be a bit of a headache for you. Similarly, if you are an army personnel you’d want to opt for the best things possible.

Now obviously you won’t be able to get all the specs that you get with EOTech with other brands. There’s still a bright side to this as you’ll be making a purchase under a budget.

Some holographic sights include a mount so you can easily just mount the sight to your gun and get going. Now how would you locate a holographic sight with these major specifications under a budget?

Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Have a look at our review guide for some good and cheap top 10 holographic sights under a budget.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex SightCheck Price
Vortex Optics Razor Holographic SightCheck Price
EOTECH 512 holographic Weapon SightCheck Price
EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon SightCheck Price
Dagger Defense DDHB Red DotCheck Price
Luger Riflescope Tactical Reflex 4Check Price
WINFREE Rifle ScopeCheck Price
Hauska Tactical Red Green Dot SightCheck Price
ANZQHUWAI Fibre red dot SightCheck Price
Trijicon RMR LED SightCheck Price

Top 10 Best Holographic Sights For The Money

1. Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight


Only under the price range of $48, Sightmark’s holographic sight with laser technology is teeming with excellent specifications.

This best holographic sight for shotgun so if you are a shooting enthusiastic, this is your best choice.
This is an ultra-shot reflex sight with an Interlok internal locking system.

Furthermore, along the major device further complimentary items are also provided in the packaging. These items are a neoprene cover, adjustment tools and batteries.

It actually depends upon you what you want to choose between a red dot and holographic sights, so no pressure.
As the batteries are provided in the packaging by the brand this is the best holographic sight under 200. This is one of the cheapest products present on this review guide as it is extremely economical and truly a lifesaver.

Now you don’t have to waste extra money in purchasing a battery separately. In addition to all that it also has an 11 mm mount.
Moreover, it also features a wide field of view for your ease and the body of this holographic sight is extremely firm and strong.

  • Interlok locking system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Neoprene cover
  • Reticle brightness variations
  • Complimentary adjustment tools and battery
  • Dove tail mount

2. Vortex Optics Razor Holographic Sight


This might be a bit expensive but specifications prove it to be the best holographic sight for the money you’ll be paying.
This best value holographic sight utilises fusion hologram technology with Quantum Well Light Control. A mount is also provided in the packaging of this best holographic sight for shotgun.

Furthermore this holographic sight is extremely durable as the lenses are scratch free and extremely high quality. Scratch free lenses ensure that you can use this holographic sight during harsh condition, without worrying much about the device.

You’ll also have access to windage and elevation adjustments. So, you can decide the optimal variations for yourself.
Another amazing quality of this night vision holographic sight is how it is manufactured the design is extremely intelligent. All the sensitive parts of the sight are protected in the base of the body. Also, the night vision quality make it an excellent choice for hunting during night.

  • XR plus coated windows
  • Scratchproof lenses
  • Advanced design and body
  • Integrated mount
  • Armortek protection
  • Long battery life
  • USB port for charging
  • Black colour
  • Weight: 1.15 Pounds

3. EOTECH 512 holographic Weapon Sight


EOTECH is a renowned brand when it comes to holographic sights.
This might not be the best holographic sight for the money under a budget but it does the job in the best way possible.

This holo red dot sight has 20 brightness settings so you can adjust the variables according to your target.
Buying a good cheap holographic sight seems to be a great idea.

But if you’re being presented with extraordinary specifications. Then, spending a bit over-the-top doesn’t sound bad.
This also features a mount with 1” weaver or a MIL-STD-1913 rail.
Furthermore, this best budget holographic sight has no night vision compatibility. So if you are looking for a holographic sight with night vision compatibility you should not consider this device.

This holographic sight also features two recharged 1.5 V AA batteries. Moreover it is water resistant and weighs only around 11.5 oz. (325 g).

Do it is very light we can easily carry this holographic sight around which makes it extremely portable.

The main buttons on this holographic sight are located on the rear. Consequently, access to these buttons won’t be a problem whether you are a left handed person or a right handed person.

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Durable
  • Sleek body design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Warranty
  • 20 brightness settings
  • Water resistant

4. EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight


This is the second product by EOTECH mentioned on our list of top 10 holographic sights.
This best pistol reflex sight for the money where is only around 9.0 oz. (255 g) which makes it very portable.

Now you can easily carry it around in your bag or along your weapons because it would take up much space or place much weight on you. Moreover this holographic sight has a mount with 1” Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rail.

In addition to all this holographic sight has 20 brightness settings. This product doesn’t offer night vision compatibility so you cannot use it during night or in the dark. Consequently you cannot go hunting at night while caring this around for precision.

As the name indicates this reflex sight without battery specifically designed for weapons.

This best holographic sight for the money over budget might ne the best choice for professional shooters or army officials. As this has been specifically engineered for that very purpose.

  • No night vision compatibility
  • 1″ Weaver on mount
  • Colour: black
  • Portable
  • 10 year warranty
  • 20 brightness settings
  • Length/Width/Height (97 x 54 x 64 mm)

5. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot


This device by Dagger Defense is always mentioned in various holographic pistol sight reviews. One of the reasons why its so praised is because of its aircraft grade aluminium construction material.

Moreover, this is the best holographic sight for the money under a budget. It won’t be harsh on your pockets and comes with a sleek black finish.

This good cheap holographic sight has an aperture, with the length of 33mm and 291g in terms of weight.
In addition to all this best holographic red dot sight has lots of space to adjust other complimentary additions.

With the help of the rotary knob you can adjust the brightness, and select the reticle colour according to your wish. Also, on the device there’s a battery compartment for the powerful CR2032 battery.

  • Solid quality
  • Colour: black
  • 33mm aperture
  • Length: 82mm
  • Weight: 291g
  • Field of view: 15.8m@100m
  • Economical price

6. Luger Riflescope Tactical Reflex 4


The multi coated lens on Luger’s best holographic sight for the money make it fit for our top 10 countdown.
This night vision holographic sight has a attractive matte black finish.

Furthermore this holographic sight with laser is around 3.125 inch and has 1x magnification power.

In addition to all this, this is the ideal holographic sight for pistol.
It also features rheostat settings variations and a picatinny style rail. Presence of a standard weaver on this best holographic sight under 200, make it very easy to handle.

The aluminium alloy material used in its construction make it very portable and also very lightweight.

It also has built in mount for standard bases also which keeps sensitive parts extremely safe.

Its one of the most durable holographic sights available in the market. There is also a very powerful lithium CR2032 battery provided in the packaging of this holographic sight.

  • Multi Coated Lens
  • Multiple reticles
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful batteries
  • Economical
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Matte black finish

7. WINFREE Rifle Scope


This best holographic red dot sight appears to be very heavy on the first side but it is extremely portable. Consequently, you can easily carry it around in a back without worrying about the weight.
The complimentary items provided in the packaging make it the best holographic sight for the money. The packaging also includes a Mil Dot riflescope, a red sight and a red dot sight.
This good cheap holographic sight can easily be mounted on the rail that is provided in the packaging. Furthermore this is water resistant and waterproof holographic sight for pistols.
The presence of O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling make it water resistant even in an extremely you made environment.
This best value holographic sight has been manufactured with aerospace aluminium alloy which ensures its longevity and durability.

  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Mil Dot riflescope
  • Red sight
  • Red dot sight
  • O-ring sealing
  • Nitrogen filling
  • 4 reticle patterns

8. Hauska Tactical Red Green Dot Sight Reflex Holographic Scope


This best value holographic sight has been manufactured with aluminium alloy & ABS plastic. The aluminium alloy is aircraft grade which means that the durability of this holographic sight is insured.

Moreover this best holographic sight for the money is fog proof waterproof and has 6 months warranty. The warranty ensures that you can replace it or get it fixed which is a great opportunity offered by the brand.

In addition to all this you can use A screw wrench to adjust this best holographic sight under 200.
Moreover, this night vision holographic sight offers complementary items such as a wrench, cleaning cloth, and a gun sight.

This holographic sight also features a red and green reticle and 1.1″/28mm objective aperture.
Lastly the weight of the item is around 9.7oz/275g making at extremely ideal for hunting.

  • Colour: matte black.
  • High quality aluminium alloy
  • Weight: 9.7oz/275g
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • 6 months warranty
  • Red and Green Dot sight
  • Water and fog proof
  • Complementary wrench and cleaning cloth

9. ANZQHUWAI Fibre red dot Sight


The brands tagline introduces it as the ideal holographic sight for hunting purposes. Furthermore this holographic sight can also be extremely beneficial for army officials and shooting aficionados as it is the best pistol reflex sight for the money.

Obviously none of us want to spend extra money on anything and we want to avail the best opportunity that is also light on our pockets as well.

Well here you go that opportunity has been provided to you in the form of this best budget holographic sight
This holo red dot sight has fully coated lens and it is also water resistant.

It also features green fibre point sight and unlimited field of view.
If you are looking for a reflex sight without batteries this is your answer.
The body is manufactured with high quality aluminium which and hold the durability of this holographic sight. The width of the sight rod is around 5 to 10 mm and this sight is available in green colour.

  • Colour: green
  • Infinite field of vision
  • 28mm objective lens
  • Compact
  • Cheap
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for professional shooters and army officials

10. Trijicon RMR LED Sight


This good cheap holographic sight is extremely lightweight which provide you the opportunity to situated in various things as quickly as possible under complex situations.

This best holographic sight for the money has two adjustable LEDs. Moreover the company also offers a warranty. Trijicon’s holographic sight can be powered by a usual CR2032 battery.

Trijicon’s best budget holographic sight features 8 available brightness settings and a manually adjustable reticle.

This holo Red Dot sight box amazingly even under extreme temperatures and humidity conditions.

  • Temperature resistant
  • CR2032 battery
  • 8 adjustable brightness settings
  • Adjustable LEDs
  • Military grade aluminium alloy body

Difference Between Red Dot And Holographic Sight

In case of a red dot or a reflex sight the LED light used is very weak as compared to the high power laser that is used in case of holographic sight

The battery life in both cases varies as well. Moreover holographic sights have less battery life as compared to Red dot and reflex sights.

That’s because the laser diode used in holographic sights take some more battery but on the other hand reflex sights use LEDs.

Moreover, holographic sights are actually more expensive as compared to Red dot that’s because they provide more position. Furthermore, they are more advanced in terms of specs.


Lastly, before buying a holographic sight there are certain specifications that you are supposed to make sure of. These specifications matter a lot as you’re investing a lot of money in buying a product that is very important.

Make sure that the lens are double coated so that the picture is more sharp and crisp. The sharper the picture is the more precision you’ll be getting while shooting.

Another thing that you should be making sure of is the waterproof nature of your lens. Before purchasing the device read the cautionary measures and specifications no matter what. The construction material of your holographic sight matters a lot more than it appears.

Military and aircraft grade materials are extremely strong and ensure the durability of the holographic sight.

Lightweight construction material can be of great advantage as it to be easy to switch between things while using them and they mount easily as well.

Waterproof and water resistant lens are more prone to survive under humid conditions.
Under humid conditions, fog or moist air can tend to blur out your lenses. Which is why it is very important that you buy holographic sights with water resistant lenses.
Battery life is another factor that should be taken under consideration before buying a red dot or holographic sight for your gun. A Blurred lens can cause various accidents even in the battlefield and other contexts.

As we have explained earlier that red dot sights have more battery life as compared to holographic. Now, it actually depends upon your choice.

Whether you want to opt for something that offers more precision or something that offers more battery life.

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