Best Canister for Planted Tank – Review Guide 2021

Canister for Planted Tank

Last updated on February 26th, 2021

For those hobbyists fondly keen of aquarium keeping, superb filtration is top of mind for keeping the best fish only and best canister filter for your planted tank frameworks. Filtration is vital to keep up any aquarium’s wellbeing and appearance.

Planted tanks regularly require explicit lighting and water conditions for the inhabitant plants to flourish. Legitimate filtration is key in making and keeping up these water conditions.

Canister filters have developed in notoriety, and a more prominent number of individuals than any time in recent memory are currently utilizing them.

This is on the grounds that the best canister filters accompany prevalent mechanical, synthetic, and organic filtration capacities.

These filters can be utilized for saltwater tanks, fresh water tanks, for reef tanks, or notwithstanding for turtle tanks – and they will simply work fine in every one of them.

With all the gear options out there an objectively good aquarium canister filter choice via comparison can be maddening for the newcomer.

There are numerous canister filters through available so it’s hard to figure out what are the best canister filters available. This blog entry covers all the real competitors and ideally in the wake of perusing this you can choose the best canister filter for your planted tank.

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Eheim Classic Canister Filter

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Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

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Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

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Fluval External Filter

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6 Best Canister Filters for Planted Tank-Rundown 2021

1- Aqueon Quiet Flow Canister Filter

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Our primary pick for best canister filter for planted tank is AQUEON. This is a really strong unit that sports a 3 phase filtration process with a lot of media space.

It’s first stage utilizes a wipe rather than filter floss or a channel sheet, which will set aside your cash over the long haul on mechanical filtration since you can clean the sponge in a bucket as opposed to discarding it.

It fits aquariums up to 155 gallons. Aqueon QuietFlow Canister Filters are designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums holds two biological media chambers with media incorporated that gives you extra bioload limit.

The Aqueon QuietFlow Canister Flow has quick disconnect valves that are adjustable for easy clean and flow adjustment. It comes completely with multiple outlet options. You can either use the spray bar, water director or connect it to the included water polishing unit.

The water cleaning unit has basically an Aquaeon Power Filter that holds tight the back of the tank. You would utilize the mechanical filtration packs to clean water.

The canister filter also only comes with a 12 month warranty. Its is the top best canister filter 2021.

2 – Eheim Classic Canister Filter

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Our runner up on the list of best canister filter for planted tank is Eheim Classic.

Eheim has been making canister filters for quite a while. The Eheim Classic is accessible in different sizes to suit numerous aquariums, and takes into consideration a canister to be utilized in a genuinely small setting.

It gives the advantages of a canister filter referenced above and accompanies a shower bar, taking out the requirement for additional frill. It is exceptionally peaceful and vitality proficient.

The Classic can be utilized with filter pads or loaded up with free channel media based on your personal preference.

A few clients observed it to be hard to prime yet in every other viewpoint it is an incredible decision for a canister filter and will carry out the responsibility of keeping up your planted aquarium.

It has permo-elastic silicon sealing ring fixed on the pump head for easy and safe closing after cleaning. It comes complete with filter media.

3 – Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

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Moving on we have Penn Plax Cascade Canister aquarium filter as our next best pick. Penn Plax has the reputation of offering hard core canister filters and this one isn’t any extraordinary.

With this model, you get a multi-organize filter, which implies that all the soil is evacuated in every possible way.

At last, your fish will appreciate a shining clean condition because of the filtration capacity of this channel. It is made to be multipurpose, so you can utilize it for either saltwater or freshwater aquariums. This implies it very well may be ideal for goldfish who might love a spotless domain.

With regards to limit, it brags of taking care of more water than huge numbers of its rivals, and can even be utilized for 200-gallon hot water tanks.

With regards to establishment, it ought to be extremely simple. The producer furnishes you with all the vital parts so you don’t need to spend any additional cash to introduce the channel on your tank.

You get flow rate control valves, which are all important to prevent any leaks while doing maintenance. The large filter trays used on this model will last a long time before there will be any need to think about replacing them.

Changing the media should not be hard, as it comes with an easy-lift clamp that gives access to the filtration media and other parts that require maintenance.

4 – Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

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Next we have a hydro canister filter on the list of best canister filters for planted tank.The Hydor Professional External Canister Filter is another fine choice for your planted tank.

It comes total with a shower bar to control water stream and is accessible for use in aquariums up to 150 gallons.

The hydro professional 250 aquaria external 225gph filter is a complete eco-system in a box.

All the biological, mechanical and chemical filtration that any requires for a healthy and long-lived aquatic experience from the easy priming feature to the telescopic intake tubes, everything had been made easy.

It is anything but difficult to utilize and set up highlighting a simple preparing system. The filter fabricates to run quietly with little vibration and takes into account different blends of filter media.

It is somewhat more costly than some other canister filters however it’s remarkable quality balances that cost.

The square structure makes it a space saver too. This pick is a brilliant decision in a canister filter for your tank.

5 – Fluval External Filter

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This new model is remarkable among the canister filters for having astonishing features clients will love. This model accompanies unrivaled filtration capacities that make it appropriate for a wide range of aquariums.

You can utilize it with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and it will be similarly compelling with either.

The propelled engine ensures that there is a solid stream rate kept up in the aquarium notwithstanding during the upkeep.

You may have encountered different filters making clamor during the filtration procedure. This one designed to limit the vibrations and the general vibrations created when in the activity.

This makes it suitable for saltwater, freshwater, reef, and discus fish tanks, as the fish often do not like the vibrations.

The multistage filtration process is important for this model, as it ensures that there is minimum maintenance is needed and maximum versatility supplied.

The filtration stages incorporate the mechanical stage, chemical stage, and biological stage.

The maker has outfitted this model with aquastop valves that will prevent the water from streaming without needing to separate the hoses; this ought to take out any leaks and overall maintenance mess.

Due to its design, you can use this filter with up to 100-gallon tanks with ease.

6 – Cobalt Aquatics Ext External Canister Filter

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Last but not the least the Cobalt Aquatics EXT Canister Filter is the most exceptionally planned canister channel on this best of the rundown. There are a few highlights that make truly love this unit.

To start with, the canister intends to power water through every one of the 4 phases independently. With other canister filters, the watercourses through the unit on one side and out the other which can prompt debris separating into different stages.

The Cobalt canister filter pushes water one phase at a time bringing about cleaner chemical and biological media.

Second, the canister filter equippe with an inline pump. Most canister filter pumps are inside the canister, which makes it messy to clean and more prone to clogging.

This also gives it the incredible feature of being about to fully move water while the canister itself is being maintained.

This makes the unit very easy to open and quick to maintain and also easier to replace if the pump ever breaks. The flow on the unit easily adjusts with a dial at the top of the unit.

Third, is the saunter media space. The all-out canister volume here is 1.85 gallons, however, they are a truly legit organization and they offer an extraordinary three-year guarantee.

How does a Canister Filter Work?

The question of how a canister filter works is a common one many people wish to ask. This is important so that they can know how best to utilize them, and also for maintenance too.

You may have seen that canister filters mount on the outside of the tank, with one piece inside the aquarium relying upon how it functions.

It will have bay and outlet fittings which will take into consideration the water to stream all through your filter. These cylinders are movable with the goal that they can fit effectively to the filter and back to the tank.

These filters have an in-tank pump, which is indispensable for pushing the water into the canister for filtration. Different models may have mounted engines and will depend on gravity to begin the framework.

When the canister filter loads up with water, the inward pump will at that point power the water out of the channel again into the tank.

This entire time, the water will go through the different filtration layers inside the canister. The films will trap all the garbage and different microorganisms, enabling just clean water to return to the tank.

As you can see, a canister filter requires regular maintenance. This maintenance process is often straightforward, as you simply need to disconnect the valves and open the unit.

You can clean the internal components based on the directions given by the manufacturer.

Benefits of Using a Canister Filter

1. High Flow Rates

The canister filters have better flow rates. Some can even go up to 320 gallons per hour. This means that the whole filtration process for your aquarium should take less time, which saves you time and energy.

2. Flexible Media Selection

Best canister filters hold a large amount of media space, you have the freedom to add multiple types of media in the canister filter.

Most people prefer carbon. There are other media options available too which includes additional biological media, Chemi-pure, phosphate removers, and ammonia remover.

3. Easy Setup Processes

Setting up a canister is seen to be comparatively easier as a concern to the process of setting up other types of filters.

Many of the best canister filters we have listed here have features that make it painless to perform cleans and easy to prime again.

4. Quiet Operation

This is the enormous separator between hold tight the back power filters and canister filters. The best canister filters are peaceful and you dodge the vibration noise from a hang on the back unit.

The vibration from the filter and the glass on your aquarium causes the greater part of the clamor.

On the off chance that you need a tranquil zone or rest light, a canister filter ought to be on the highest priority on your rundown for thought.

5. Easy to Clean

Cleaning canister filters is simple when you have the correct manual and all the right tools. The vast majority of them intend to be dismantled effectively.  The major purpose of dismantling is that it ensures the cleaning of all the interior parts.

The producer manuals are difficult to peruse. The goal is that you can plainly see how to play out the upkeep.

When the filter is cleaned, you would now be able to assemble the segments back and mount it once more.


We have listed down the best canister filters to give a perfect look and overawed maintenance to your planted tanks.

What would be the super best? Well! Every machinery has some minor drawbacks, considering this rundown we chose all the best picks. You can easily pick one according to your requirements and comprehension.